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Comments: The Active Back Pack Bag is simple looking but extremely functional. Even though you can fit 2-3 racquets in the racquet compartment, I generally do the reverse and use the main compartment to fit 4-6 racquets and use the racquet compartment for accessories like towels, balls, grips, hats and wristbands. In addition, there is a top pocket to store your cell phone, wallet and car keys. There is also a large front pocket to keep a few other things. Two other neat things are that the racquets can be completely zipped in and it stores very compactly. Overall an excellent buy !
From: R.N.Y., 8/12

Comments: I've never felt comfortable showing up with the standard 3 or 6-pack tennis bags at my level (3.5), because they seem to imply that you really know what you're doing, not still working on mastering the basics as I am. In any case, having used a non-tennis backpack for a while, I was looking for a bit of an upgrade - something a little bigger, and with zippers that would hold racquets in place and not unzip easily. This backpack fits the ticket nicely - it easily holds 3 racquets in the racquet compartment, the backpack's tall enough that the handles don't stick out, and there's a large compartment for clothes and shoes. It's also very unassuming, without branding all over the place (plain straps) and is built solidly. Basically it's one step between a backpack and a 3-pack bag - it has the look and feel of a backpack, albeit a tall one, but with more interior space than a 3-pack tennis bag (and much more comfortable to carry).
From: Roger, 4/12

Comments: This Yonex Tournament Active Back Pack Bag Black is a cool little bag. I can fit three 98 square inch rackets in the primary compartment. The secondary compartment can hold a pair of shoes, 4 cans of balls with room to spare. The remaining compartment has marginal width so is good for maybe one can of balls and wristbands or maybe an extra shirt or something. There is also a reasonably good size pocket for personal affects located on at the top end of the bag. I find this bag functions best when you hang it vertically from a fence . The only negative I find is that none of the pockets are vented. So, I store the bag with the racket compartment partially unzipped and this seems to work really well for letting my grips dry out. Important to me is that the bag is more narrow than my shoulders and hangs low on my back making it a good solution for when I'm traveling via motorcycle. The bag has a nice clean look to it and might be used for non tennis functions. All straps and seams are well manufactured. Verdict: Solid Product and nice option for those of us that don't carry every racket we ever owned to every match.
From: Pete, 3/12

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