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Yonex Super Grap 12 Pack Overgrip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: In terms of feel and wear, I see no difference between this Yonex Super Grap and Wilson Pro overgrips. The overgrip feels tacky right from the start; thins out over time and due to use; worn out in places. The only difference is that Yonex pack produces more waste than Wilson (so +1 for Wilson Pro overgrip): transparent plastic layer and hollow plastic cylinder around which 3 overgrips are wrapped around.
From: Parv, 12/14

Comments: This is the best overgrip I have ever tried. Durable, absorbent, and just enough tack. It is a little on the thick side, but absorbs sweat as good as if not better than tourna, but way easier to put on the racquet. My all time favorite! I only wish they were a little cheaper!
From: CF, 11/14

Comments: The best overgrip, hands down!
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: Perfect for long handled racquets! I have a AeroPro Drive Plus with a 4 1/2 handle. Very few grips make it to the top of the handle. This grip does so, very easily. I like thin grips, and this is tolerable at 0.6mm (I prefer around 0.45).
From: Long, 10/14

Comments: Along with the Wilson Pro Overgrips, Yonex Super Grap has raised the bar and set the standard for other overgrips. They're the perfect mix of tackiness and absorbency. Also, the feel and comfort are great, and the durability is consistently impressive.
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: Great overgrip. Never slips out of my hand and is absorbent to everything. I've been using Yonex equipment since I was a teenager, and I definitely love the overgrip. It has a great moisture and sweat never stays on it. You can use this same kind of overgrip for months and you really cant tell whether its new or not. I re-grip my racquets after every tournament. Lastly, the tape is very sticky, and it will never peel off no matter how much time you use the grip. I use the grips in white, and I have used them ever since they released.
From: Alexandra. 4/14

Comments: This is a quality overgrip. Just the right combination of tackiness and moisture absorption. The starting end is tapered with a small piece of tape at the beginning which is helpful to get it started. The tacky side is protected with a piece of plastic film that peels off fairly easily. It has some stretch to it, so you can pull it tight like I do to make it thinner. It is plenty long. I have tried the white and the black. In my opinion, the white is a little better. It seems to last longer and seems to be slightly more tacky. My only gripe is the way Yonex packages the individually wrapped grips. They use the finishing tape to bind the overgrip and I find it a bit difficult to remove the finish tape since they use a tiny piece of really sticky tape to hold it all closed. It is especially difficult if I am wearing contact lenses in (can's see close up with them in) and I need to change one during a match. If you buy the larger pack 30 pack, the grips are packaged different and this is not an issue.
From: BDINPGH, 4/13

Comments: Awesome grip! My hands sweat a lot when I play and I've tried almost all the popular absorbent grips out there. Those grips either feel too ashy and dry or is too wet after only a day of play. This grip has excellent feel and comfort and stays dry even after a few days of play. If you're a heavy sweater and looking for a grip with great feel and absorbency, I highly recommend this grip.
From: Ian, 12/13

Comments: This is the best grip ever! I used to use Wilson grips but switched to Yonex and in my opinion, this is one of the best tennis products I have ever used.
From: Bill, 4/13

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