Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25 16L Blue String Customer feedback

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Comments: Good sring. Very low power, rather stiff, great grip on the ball, good control. It gives confidence to hit hard every shot. Prefect for matches, not for comfort. Use it at a low tension. And it really does last a while. I need to test the "Fire" string from Yonex. I play with a Pure Drive Tour and string it at 48 lbs.
From: Anonymous, 12/16

Comments: I have tried about 50 string set-ups over the last twenty years and I would say the reviews on this poly are spot on. No explosive power or crazy spin like in Babolat RPM Blast, but enough for consistent, controlled, aggressive ball striking. The great 'feel' and connection with the ball inspires extra confidence to help raise your game.
From: Jon, 12/16

Comments: I just found my new string. Far better than Solinco Hyper-G. Only that one lasts longer, but I tested the dynamic tension and it dropped 5 pounds after 6 sets! With Solinco Hyper G or Tour Bite it cannot be tested after 6 sets because it has already died. Great job Yonex! Will try to buy a reel for myself as a Christmas present. 53 lbs is the best tension for my Babolat Pure Drive.
From: Jack, 10/16

Comments: This has to be the best string. It is low powered, which is a good thing for me. I hit hard and this string doesnt let the ball float long. Getting topspin on balls was never a problem for me, but the tons of extra spin it gives is a real bonus. But word of caution, it is quite stiff, so, a) do not string this with a stiff racquet to avoid injury. If you do, string at lower tension, like less than 50 lbs; b) do not string with this racquet if you cannot generate your own power. My NTRP is 5.0. My style of play is aggressive baseliner, with semi western grip on forehand and single handed backhand.
From: Dash, 4/16

Comments: One of my favorite strings which is due to the feel I get. I find it to be crisp, enabling me to feel the ball more. With any gear for me it is the feel that I find to be the determining factor. I like gut as well for the same reasons.
From: Tyko, 3/16

Comments: I bought this string just based on the reviews. I bought a reel, because I break a string every 5 hours or so. It turns out to be very expensive and time consuming, having to restring every week. So I thought I'll give this string a try, and I got blown away. I won the national championship right away, and I'm continuing climbing up the rankings with it. It offers heaps of control, spin and durability. I believe that this is the best string on the market!
From: Christian, 2/16

Comments: Phenomenal string in terms of durability, tension maintenance, and spin and control. Like others have said, this is a rather dead feeling string. At first I didn't like it as the power was so low. But now, I whack the ball hard and brush it to generate massive spin. Way more spin than Solinco Tourbite. I use a Wilson RF and string it at around 45 lbs to get some extra power. The sharp edges of the string wear out around 4-5 hours, causing some loss of spin. Also, notching occurs at the same time limiting string movement. However, all polys do this. Solinco Tourbite seemed to lose tension a lot faster than this string.
From: Tom, 9/15

Comments: This string has very good durability and tension maintenance. Its been two weeks and no tension loss yet. But, for me, this string is very low powered. I am a 4.5 level player and I confess that I am not very strong. With this string, I had lot of trouble hitting winners from baseline which is my bread and butter. My first serves lost some sting and second serves were weak as well. To access the good spin potential, I had to hit very hard and with perfect technique (may be thats a good thing while practicing, but not for matches). It felt stiff as well, though I didnt have noticeable arm problems. I strung my Wilson Juice 100 BLX with this string at 53 lbs. May be this tension is too high for yonex pts but thats where I generally string my racquet. I thought the low power feature of this string will help me control the power of my BLX Juice but it was so low that it completely supressed the advantages of tweener racquet.
From: Vish, 12/14

Comments: Had been stringing a hybrid with gut mains and poly crosses. Still a little too much power. After reading about stringing very low, I put a full bed of this in at 30 lbs. Took a set to get used to it, but now I have 3 sticks with the same set-up. Great spin potential, and can really pull the ball in on the serve. Did take a little more time to get a good feel with volleys.
From: Bob, 9/14

Comments: The Yonex Poly Tour Spin string is definitely the best string I have used in my entire life. I used to play with Luxilon ALU Power ice version, but once this string came out, I had to try it. I am an aggressive power player who likes to hit big balls, and the Poly Tour Spin had all of the features that fitted me. It offered a great amount of spin, as I was able to hit consistent topspin all the time, which I couldn't quite do with my ALU powers. It also felt good when I played, as I string it at 57 lbs, and it is lastly a good control string, as I am able to control with both my racquet and my strings especially, on what type of shots that I will hit. I use these strings on my Yonex EZONE Xi 98 racquet.
From: Alexandra, 4/14

Comments: The Yonex PTS is a great control string. Since I favor softer textured polys for control, spin and durability I had to try this string. It's also easy on the body. However, it is very low powered which I like. I did make some major tension adjustments. I went from 60 lbs of tension down to 51 lbs. 51 lbs was much better. I recommend starting at the lower tension range for your racquet. I did not have any problems stringing my racquets with Yonex PTS. This is a hidden treasure that's worth a try.
From: James, 3/14

Comments: Great string if your game needs maximum spin, great control and amazing tension maintenance. This string is very low-powered but has some sweetness in it (not too stiff). I gained a lot of confidence on my serves with it, I can really hit it with lots of spin and the drops in. The edges don't fade away like most strings. I just bought a reel and one of the major factor (beside spin) was that throughout my time with this string it barely lose any tension compared to others (and I have tested almost all the strings out there) and it has great durability as well. My setup is 52 lbs with some multi or syn gut at 54 lbs on the crosses for added power and softness.
From: Seb, 2/14

Comments: Quite low powered but offers lots of spin and control. Great pocketing and holds tension very well. Strung it in a Wilson KTour with the tension at 54/55 lbs. For me, it is a confortable string. More spin and less power than Yonex Poly Tour Pro.
From: Vincent, 1/14

Comments: Great string! Packed with control and feel. Great spin generation, tension maintenance and durability (I have yet to break them). Power is on the low side even for a poly, but that is kind of the point! I want to be able to have confidence when hitting hard powerful strokes.This is my go-to poly.
From: Jon, 11/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 singles player. I love testing out strings, and usually use either Lux, Blast, or Cyclone. This string is top notch. I don't want to say it's better this or that. But just picture this. I use an Aeropro and rely on spin to land my strokes. This string is the lowest powered, high spin rated string on the market. If you are someone who likes to have your stick or your string generate pace for you then stay away from this stuff. But if you have a powerful tweener stick like I do, and can generate your own power, then it would be a sin to not try out this string. I strung it at 52 lbs and it is still amazingly low powered. I would say to string it up at 50 lbs, allow for more ball pocketing, and let 'em rip -- you will not regret it. It's a must try. The most underrated string I have ever come across.
From: Dan, 8/13

Comments: Spin works well and holds tension very well. But the power is average. This spin string is not as good as the Yonex Tournament 80 Spin which was just $7.00. Yonex should go back and sell that popular string again.
From: Tagawa, 4/13

Comments: I like these strings and they work really well for me. I am a relatively strong guy and can generate my own pace pretty easily, so I generally look for control-oriented strings. The Yonex Spin fits the bill and provides excellent control/spin and nice power when using a full swing. I have played with it for about 6 hours now and I have not noticed any significant tension change. Perhaps, the most pleasing aspect of this string is how it feels like I am grabbing the ball and I can really hear the pop (like a cannon) when I get a clean hit. These remind me of the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour except the Yonex Spin seems to hold its tension better. As well, it is significantly cheaper than the PHT and my previous string, Luxilon ALU Power Rough. I recommend giving the Yonex Spin a try.
From: Anderson, 3/13

Comments: I could not wait for this string since I love the Yonex PTP 125 as one of top favorite polys, and have always wondered why they did not offer one that was shaped, or twisted. Ugh, what a total disappointment, it was the most difficult to string of any I have every one, if the string got "bent" it sort of creased and made it very difficult to pull the last several crosses through the mains. Onto the play though, as my hope were still high, but after 3 matches I now cannot wait to remove and restring with something different. No power and very stiff, which is too be expected , but there was no additional spin that I could notice compared to the Poly Tour Pro 125 yellow string that Yonex offers. I actually found this blue string to have less additional spin help then any other shaped poly that I have tried, and the list is about 12-13 deep. I love Yonex, but this was a major miss for me.
From: Kevin, 4/12

Comments: This is really the best polyester string in the market. I'm impressed how it holds the tension so well and its shape lasts very long as the company says. A little low powered and firm bringing the control to max as well as the ball bite. I would like to point out that I'm using this string at 54/51 on a Yonex RDiS 100 MP. Before this string, I used Luxilon Alu Power Spin, Big Banger Original Rough, Tecnifibre Black Code and Babolat RPM Blast. The Yonex Spin is cheaper and out performs all of these strings. I highly recommend it if you are a competitive player(5.0 and above) looking for a string for heavy spin, control, low power for lower tension use with excellent tension maintenance.
From: Mike, 3/12

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