Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 16L Black String Customer feedback

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Comments: I agree with all the comments below -- this is a great string. It has great feel and spin but do not try and get more than a month out of this string, when it dies it's done. The ball flies on every shot and it gets a little brassy outside of the sweet spot. I use it at 53 lbs on my Yonex Duel G97 330, I have tried using it a lower tensions as everyone has mentioned but I haven't had luck, the ball tends to fly on me when I go below 50 lbs.
From: Dave, 11/16

Comments: Good string, arm friendly for a poly. More powerful of a poly than TW review is suggesting in my opinion. Mid-age 5.0 baseliner with KPL2 as default string setup.
From: Anonymous, 11/16

Comments: This is a very nice, well balanced string overall. It is soft and comfortable, yet it has good control. It's difficult to find such combination of comfort and control. The ball grab and bite is a bit lesser than other soft strings such as Signum Pro Tornado, but that's acceptable given the amount of control I can get. I need to try the black one with hopes of getting more bite. My rating for it: spin:6 out of 10, comfort: 7 out of 10, control: 8 out of 10, power: 7 out of 10. For comparison, I will rate Yonex Poly Tour Spin as spin: 9 out of 10, comfort: 5 out of 10, control: 9 out of 10, power: 4 out of 10.
From: Vish, 8/16

Comments: This string offers outstanding performance at low tensions. Power, control, spin, comfort, tension maintenance, and durability. My son who plays futures uses it in a Head Prestige Pro at 36 lbs. Hands down best string on the market. I've tried them all.
From: Tony, 12/15

Comments: I think I'm missing something -- I put these in my Yonex Ai 100 and the first ball I hit at practice met the strings and went right in to the ground. The second ball hit the bottom of the net. I cannot emphasize enough how low powered the string is. I restrung it all away down to 45 pounds on my 100 square inch stiff frame and it didn't feel any different than 50 pounds. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just saying it was a lot less power than I expected and I wasn't expecting much to begin with. After playing two sets at 45 pounds, I'm still not finding the pocketing that I'm really looking for so I think I may retry it at 40 pounds, heck, maybe even 35 lbs. I will keep you posted. I'm a 4.0, heavy topspin player.
From: Chris, 9/15

Comments: I love this string! I've been playing with 4G in my Wilson BLX 90 for a while now. I loved that too, however, as much as I liked all of 4G's characteristics, it caused me shoulder pain. Which always happens with Lux for me. So I researched the Pro Poly Tour, liked what I heard and decided to give it a shot. Super, super happy I made the switch. Much more spin; much, much softer, better pocketing. Extra pop. Good control. Wish I would've gotten the 16 gauge though. Next time. I'm a 4.5 all court player with big strokes. Painted the baseline all night tonight. Huge on serves flat or slice. Hits heavy balls. You'll be very happy you tried this string. Oh yeah, it was the yellow one, maybe the black is even better.
From: PJS, 8/15

Comments: What is that yellow stuff you have in your racquet? I tell them it is Yonex Poly Tour string and they look confused. This is the first poly string that I have used that gave me the 'poly' difference. This yellow stuff that Yonex makes has been a game changer for me. The shape of the shot this string creates is amazing, good clearance and lots of spin. I've had players tell me that a lot of the shots I was hitting had some bite/kick to them. I used the strings and got away from them primarily only because of too high tensions. That is the key with the poly -- find a low tension in the 50s, or lower, that works and stick to it! Will I be trying out the string again? It's a no brainer.
From: John, 6/15

Comments: I was happily surprised with this Yonex string. This stuff is a lot easier on the arm than other polys I've used. Also has good power if strung at lower tension. Currently I string this up in my Yonex Ezone Ai 98 at 45 lbs. Great durability and enough feel to slice or carve drop volleys. Definitely recommended.
From: Anon, 12/14

Comments: It's true to its description at the back of the packaging , it's easy on your shoulder! So happy that I switched to this poly because it's really a control oriented one. You can take your biggest stroke and be not afraid that it will sail long. Spin is great so if you have flat strokes then it's perfect. Perfect lobs. I really like it. I use it with Sensation 16 as my crosses and string it at 50 lbs.
From: Jaq, 10/14

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