Yonex Poly Tour Pro 120 17 Yellow String Customer feedback

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Comments: Good all around, muted and control-oriented poly with a a little bit of extra pocketing compared to ALU Power or Tour Bite. Plays firm, but comfortable on off-center hits, therefore not overly harsh. Feel is muted, but not so much that I feel disconnected from my shots. Spin is good, but not exceptional. Feels like it takes some power off incoming balls as you feel the string pocket the ball. Playability duration is very good, as I didn't notice much a a drop off in performance over 5-8 hours. Tried 3 times between 48-51 pounds on Yonex RDiS 100 and 200 MP. I compare the feel to a more durable, firmer version of Signum Pro Poly Plasma Hextreme with a little less spin and power. I'm a 4.0 all-court player with heavy spin.
From: Jaron, 11/16

Comments: I really enjoyed these strings. They are very arm friendly and when the tension dropped they actually felt nicer. I might add that I also strung them lower -- my common sense was telling me too (48 lbs). But I actually preferred them once they dropped in tension to probably low 40s. I have always been a multi string guy at 58, so this was a surprise to me. They feel comfortable and have heaps of control in my Ezone DR 98 which gives me the confidence when I rip the ohbh down the line. Will use again for sure.
From: Tristan, 7/16

Comments: This is one of my top 3 favorite strings among Prince Premiere Touch, and Technifibre Multi-feel. These are very crisp strings that have it all. They have touch, spin, crisp feel, very arm friendly, and they absorb power great. My returns with these strings are tremendous. I will warn that if strung high, they take a few hours to break in. At first they feel stiff and non-forgiving with no power. Then when they break in they are sweet. I did try to lower my tension by 3-4 lbs and they felt much better from the start. Definitely a string that will be popular for years to come.
From: Brian, 10/15

Comments: I bought this string for my son who is 14 and plays USTA juniors. He is a lefty and hits pretty big with spin. His feedback was that the string is soft on the arm and has good power. The string's biggest drawback is that it doesn't last. He goes to clinics 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. Before using Yonex, he was using Tourna Big hitter, Kirschbaum and Lux Savage. While using this Yonex string, he breaks one every day. I don't mind stringing racquets, but not every day.
From: Teh, 2/15

Comments: Yonex Poly Tour Pro 120 compares very nicely to the acclaimed Poly Tour Pro 125 - which was Stringforum's Newcomer Sring of 2012 and was rated amount the top three strings overall among all strings based on on their year end Tester's Poll. This same string was rated first in overall performance and Performance Value Ratio by their playtester's in 2012. Yonex PTP 120 feels slightly lower powered than the 125 with slightly more feel and more spin potential. If you loved the 125 - as I did - and want something soft and comfortable with a bit more bite, this is the string for you. I would but this string at the top of my all-time best Poly list right along side of the PTP 125. Keep it up Yonex!
From: Mark, 7/13

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