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Comments: After Prince changed the manufacturing location for there T22s, which I had worn for years (which are now made to narrow for my foot), I thought I'd give these a try. These have been a excellent replacement, and I'm on my 2nd pair. The durability seems to be about twice as good as the current T22s, just starting to wear after 3 weeks, and I am a big time toe dragger. They are comfortable and fit true to size. I hope they keep this design for awhile.
From: Glen, 8/15

Comments: Just started wearing this shoe this week. By far one of the best shoes I have ever had. The shoe fits true to size, is very comfortable and has great traction as well. I'm truly surprised more players don't wear this shoe!
From: William, 7/15

Comments: Wow! After K-Swiss retired the Ultrascendor that I had been wearing for years, I struggled to find something that fit my foot comfortably and lasted. This is the shoe! They fit like a glove and required no break-in. I have a high in-step and need good arch support, this shoe seems to fit the bill. I play singles 3-4 times a week and have had these for 3 weeks now and durability seems excellent so far. This is the most comfortable shoe I've ever played in and I hope that they don't get retired too soon! (I've already ordered two more pairs just in case!)
From: Jeff, 6/15

Comments: Loved the previous version of the Power Cushion shoe, but this is not quite up to the same standard of excellence. Probably the most significant change is the outsole is noticeably wider, particularly around the forefoot area. I suppose this is intended to increase stability, but the down side is I sometimes catch the edge and worry about stumbling when I am split-stepping or going for a quick change of direction. The overall fit doesn't feel quite as cushioned, and I am surprised that the I have worn the outsole out almost completely flat around the ball of my foot in less than 20 hours of play. Not a bad shoe, but definitely makes me miss the prior version.
From: John, 6/15

Comments: I have a hard time finding comfortable tennis shoes. I gave these a try due to the more spacious toe box, and after wearing them around the house a couple hours the shoes felt great. I have played 3 times in them and they still felt comfortable. Traction is very good too! I would buy another pair. I'm a recreational doubles player.
From: Pete, 5/15

Comments: Wow! What a great shoe. I tried these after reading other reviews and I couldn't be more pleased. A long time Vapor wearer because of the great fit and low profile. The Vapors really lacked in durable cushioning; lasting about one month. Still because of the nice feel and light weight, they were my shoe of choice. These Power Cushion Pros have just as nice a low profile fit and are very plush compared to the Vapors. The durability after a month is better than new Vapors. If anything, more like the Nike Breath Free model from a few years ago.
From: dblsplayer, 3/15

Comments: Switched to these from Nike. They are the most stable and comfortable tennis shoes I have ever had the pleasure to wear.
From: Ron, 3/15

Comments: Very solid shoe. Nice cushioning. Good stability. Good fit, even the heel for me (yes, I read the TW review and was paying close attention to that aspect). No post-play pain. I took a chance on these, as I usually purchase shoes with a durability guarantee, and still don't know about wear, but they show zero wear after the first session. I feel quicker in them than in the Barricade 7 and 8, and my toenails enjoyed them much more as they didn't ram into the tips of the shoes and get bruised. That said, as I get older I just find shoes with insufficient cushioning painful (pretty much all adidas for me now). These are just as stable for me and less painful on all fronts. For what it's worth, I have narrow feet with high arches. I also liked the Lotto Raptor IV (but the traction on the PCPs seems better) and the Babolat Propulse III (but not the total lack of forefoot rigidity and cushioning).
From: Kurt, 1/15

Comments: I love these shoes! I have been a long-time wearer of adidas Barricades, but my feet have some minor problems and I wanted to find something better. I have also tried Nike Vapor 9, Nike Ballistec and Asics Gel Res 3, but none of those worked well for me. These Yonex Cushion Pros seem to be much better for the minor problem with my big toe. They are very comfortable, fit extremely well and provide great stability. The cushioning and arch support seem perfect for my foot. Although as some have noted, these may be slightly high off the court, but I am sensitive to that issue and these do not feel too high to me. I was hesitant about trying Yonex shoes, but I am so glad I did. (Thanks, TW and fellow TW reviewers for the good info on these). If you have any doubts about your current shoes, give these a try.
From: Bryan, 12/14

Comments: I have always used Nike tennis shoes. Just love the brand and its history. My last models were: Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour, Nike Vapor Court, Nike Cage Court. The basic models started to give me heel pain. It turns out I have plantar fasciitis. I am a huge Nike fan, however, after visiting the doctor, he recommended to change shoes and recommended Yonex. I was going to buy the Asics Gel Res 5 model, but doctor's orders are orders. I ended up buying this Yonex model and they feel great. The heel cushioning is superb. It has more heel support and cushioning than Asics (the Gel Res 5 feels much lighter than this model). Unfortunately, Nike doesn't even come close in terms of heel support. I didn't feel any heel pain throughout my games. The feet seem to stand a bit higher than other models. But so far, I really liked the shoes because it is doing a great job in protecting and healing my feet. Highly recommend for people looking for heel comfort and especially whoever has plantar fasciitis. Maybe when I get better, I will go back to Nike, otherwise, I might have to change my entire brand outfit from head to toe. Cheers and happy feet!
From: Peter, 9/14

Comments: I have exclusively worn Yonex shoes for years. This model feels like it runs about a 1/2 size larger than previous models. I'm not sure what happened but the snug, form fitting feel previous Yonex shoes have had is not the same with this one. Like others here who have worn Yonex before, this is a far cry from the quality and fit that I'm used to from Yonex. Still a very good shoe but no where near what they have been previously.
From: Doug, 8/14

Comments: Very dissappointed with this model compared to the previous Yonex shoe, which I loved. The arch support and lateral support are lacking for those with high arch, the heel is too wide, the cushioning is not as good as the previous shoe. Can't believe Yonex ruined a great shoe, they lost my business for sure.
From: Jack, 8/14

Comments: I love these shoes. Purchased a pair about a month ago after reading an article in Tennis Magazine. This shoe received the highest rating by far from a Doctor, men and women participants. I have tried Barricades, Propulse 4 and many others. I play 3 to 4 times a week on hard surfaces. I can not see any signs of wear. Typically the soles of my shoes go first. I like the wider fit and the traction is amazing.
From: Clarence, 7/14

Comments: I just received my new Yonex Power Cushion Pro shoes. The logo is done in a very elegant manner that I have not seen in all the brands of tennis shoes I have used before: adidas, Nike, Babolat. This is my third pair of Yonex shoes. This one feels different to the previous version of this shoe. The one thing that I noticed as soon as I put the shoe on, was that the toe box on this Orange model is roomier than in the previous model. My foot does not feel that snug anymore. The previous version was very snug (not painful or unconfortable). To compare the Yonex shoes with other brands, I will mention that I used to play with Babolat Propulse before switching to Yonex. I had 10 pairs of Babolats. I always thought they were great for moving on the court because they were light, but being over 50 years old, I noticed that my aggressive movement was making my feet hurt a lot. In my opinion, the Babolats were not cushioned enough for me. I am 4.5 player, that always takes the ball on the rise, and plays aggressively. I switched to the Yonex because I was looking for a light shoe that would not compromise my style and movement, but was a little bit softer and better at protecting my feet. Your priorities change with age..don't worry..you will understand sooner or later. We are all aging, and hopefully when your time comes, when you still feel young in your mind, but your body is starting to feel the effects of all the fun you are having on the court, Yonex will be there with the solution to your problem. This shoe has extended my fun. The shoe looks youthful yet sophisticated, with the colors on the right place. It is soft. It has cushion, yet it is light enough for a 4.5 player of 55 years to hit his shots, run after every ball, play serve and volley, come to the net, and impress his fellow players with some good plays here and there. Thanks Yonex for keeping the fun alive. If you haven't realized by now, I highly recommend this shoe.
From: Enrique, 7/14

Comments: I have worn several shoes, so far these are the best shoes I've purchased. They offer great cushioning without losing responsiveness on the court!
From: Joe, 6/14

Comments: 3 months later and this shoes has not seen much wear. I am surprised the outsole can last this long. Everything I said previously I still agree with. Perhaps one teeny tiny issue. The design is not hot. It reminds me of the Nike Breathe 2010, and Adidas Adizero Feather III. To be honest, in person, these shoes don't look too hot. Personally, I prefer the previous model. But nothing is perfect. This shoes still gets 4 out 5 stars (minus 1 star for recycled design) in my books.
From: GS, 5/14

Comments: I normally wear Prince T22s in a size 10. I ordered these in 10 to try. I haven't played in them yet, but as far as fit, they feel good. Definitely a lot of room in the toebox for wide feet. If you have trouble finding shoes with adequate room for your pinky toes, give these a try. They feel nice and cushy, but lighter than my T22s, which never exactly felt sporty. It's true, the Yonex shoes ride high on my bony inner ankles, yet the shoe does not seem stiff on that high collar, so fingers crossed it won't be uncomfortable. That has been a deal breaker with other shoes for me.
From: Charles, 5/14

Comments: Excellent shoe. Very comfortable straight out of the box. Great fit, no toe jamming! Excellent grip (HC) and stability. Feels very light and has just perfect couchioning. Feels wider up front, however, absolutely no issues with the foot movement (I have about medium width foot). Two concerns: ventilation and no 6-month outsole warranty. Will address those in a few weeks when the summer moves in to Texas and in a few months when the sole wears out. If it goes out in less than 4 months, will probably go back to the Barricades.
From: Dan, 5/14

Comments: The collar on the Yonex Power Cushion Pro shoe comes up much higher on the front my ankles than the collar on my Prince Light Speed shoe (which is no longer available). Simply walking in the Cushion Pro shoes irritated my ankles. If you have bony ankles like me, the Cushion Pro shoes may not be the best choice. You can see how much higher the collar is compared to the Fila Sentinel by using the View Large tool on the Tennis Warehouse website. I plan to exchange the Cushion Pro shoes that I purchased for the Fila Sentinels. As a final comment, I was surprised that May/June 2014 issue of Tennis did not address collar height in its ratings of tennis shoes.
From: Dennis, 5/14

Comments: Nice shoe, but the ventilation and arch support are better in the Asics Gel Resolution.
From: Chris, 4/14

Comments: My regular size was fine for this shoe. It is unusual that I praise a pair of tennis shoes. Past shoes I have worn have been the adidas Barricade 8, Asics Gel Resolution 5, Nike Ballistics 4.3, Nike Vapor 9. I found them all to be slightly flawed. The Barricade has the toe crashing in the toe box and is excessively roomy. Gel Resolution 5 has the soft upper construction that fails to resist lateral movement before warranty expires. The Nike Ballistics 4.3 with the high stiff outsole that promotes ankle rolling, and Vapor 9 with shoddy construction and lack of durability. Enter the Yonex Power Cushion Pro. Out of box comfort and fit. No break in required. Cushion has faster rebound and shock absorption, unlike the shoes mentioned above. The return energy from the cushion gives the player more endurance. Lateral construction is superb. Minus the warranty, this shoe is a contender among the best out there.
From: GS, 2/14

Comments: Everything about this shoe is great. It is Yonex's best shoe so far, and I have worn all of the past generations. It is lightweight, comfortable and ready to go out of the box. The stability is fantastic and the sole works on clay and hard courts. After wearing the shoe a few times, it molds to your foot. The toe box is slightly wider than the previous versions, which is a good thing. I play 4-5 times a week on hard and clay courts and this shoe is a winner. I cannot find anything I don't like about this shoe. It looks great too. Highly recommended. Ordering from Tennis Warehouse is easy and the shoes arrived in 48 hours.
From: KM, 2/14

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