Yonex Power Cushion 308 Wh/Blue Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Do not get this shoe if you don't have a high in-step. I read all the reviews but no one mentioned this. I was eagerly waiting for the package to come in. As soon as I wore them, I knew there was no way. It's sad since I loved the design.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I like them for every day wear now, but they are not the performance shoe I hoped. They are soft out of the box but become to mushy and not too supportive, My heel started hurting because they have no arch support and insoles are bad. I needed to buy good inserts just so I could ware them without pain. They are good for wide feet and lightweight for a good cushioned shoe. I found the best performance shoe in the Asics Gel Resolusion 5, which is wider now and has great arch support and wraps your foot for that good locked in feel.
From: Ged, 1/14

Comments: I'm on my 3rd pair of these 308s and will continue to use them. Before these I wore Barricades and Gel Resolutions. Best fit I've ever had. They feel like comfortable running shoes and grip the court well so getting a little more speed, too. Quality is great throughout. Have gone through the soles somewhat quicker than some others but if you prefer to perform well versus merely seeing what shoe will last the longest, I can't see going wrong with these.
From: Eliot, 12/13

Comments: Initially purchased the adidas Barricade 7.0, but didn't like them, so I exchanged for Barricade 8, which I still did not like. I was completely disappointed with the adidas shoes, because I have been playing with them over the last 2-3 years. I had initially switched from Yonex to adidas because of the cost, durability and 6 month warranty. Exchanged the adidas for old trusty Yonex shows and wow! Right out of the box they fit like a glove! More importantly, they are light with excellent support. I purchased 2 more pairs now that they're on sale. Amazing stability and support on the court, so happy to be back with Yonex!
From: Armand, 11/13

Comments: I got these as a replacement for my Asics GR3s because of the reviews about cushioning. I thought the GR3s had more cushioning and overall better "comfort" in a straight line but were too narrow for me. After time, the tops stretched and my foot would start to hang over the side on hard lateral movement (I'm a little heavier at 225lbs than in days past). While the 308s, to me, are not quite as cushioned and don't have as much arch support, they are very close. Overall, I like them better than the GR3s all things considered. The width is better and they feel really stable side to side. The sole has deeper tread and is more durable. The sole comes up a little on the outside so no more hanging 5 on hard cuts. They were comfortable right out of the box and do fit like a glove as mentioned in a previous post. I put a lightweight insole from a running shoe in them and am really happy with shoe.
From: Brandan, 10/13

Comments: I was stunned at how much I liked playing in these shoes, I have always played adidas but I gave these a try, and I love them. My movement is important to my game and I feel like I can fly around the court (I'm mostly a hard court player). The grip is incredible, almost too good. I was not used to stopping that fast at first, but love the fact that the shoe does what I want it to. It is also comfortable. This is as good as any shoe I have ever played and I have been playing for 40 years.
From: Greg, 7/13

Comments: I also purchased these shoes and will give them a 9 out of 10. I found the higher arch support in the shoes took a little while to get used to. I already knew before purchasing them they had higher arch supports. It just took me a number of games to break them in. I find that I have great lateral movement and support in these shoes. Very comfortable shoe. I certainly would buy them again.
From: Jim, 4/13

Comments: I'm a racquetball player so I was skeptical on buying any type of tennis shoe since most tennis shoes are a bit heavier than indoor court shoes. I must say that these shoes are a hit. No break in period, very durable and they provide stability and support. They are wider so it's perfect for the lateral movement and abrupt stops.
From: James, 3/13

Comments: My friend recommended trying Yonex 308 shoes and I am glad he did. Love these shoes! They fit like a glove and provide plenty of cushioning. I played 4 hours of doubles today and no pain whatsoever. I have a new favorite shoe.
From: Henry, 3/13

Comments: Love these shoes. Very comfortable, durable, the stability and support are great, no break in period. I could not ask for anything else.
From: Mauricio, 2/13

Comments: I'm not a fan of these shoes at all. They feel like heavy basketball shoes, the lateral movement is terrible, and blisters are forming on the bottom of my feet. I've never gotten blisters on my feet and I've been playing tennis for over 20 years. I sometimes have to take big choppy steps to avoid tripping over my feet, and I'm a great mover. The soles protrude too far out on the sides, so be careful of one shoe grazing the other. Heavy, cumbersome, awkward, and poorly ventilated. I wanted to try a new brand and this was a giant miss.
From: Nik, 1/13

Comments: Excellent! I've never worn a better shoe than this one. Adidas is far way, I didn't try Nike, but anyhow I'm not thinking about other shoes. Well done Yonex!
From: Rafael, 12/12

Comments: By far the best shoe I have used over the past 3 years. Having tried Asics, Adidas and Nike while suffering with Plantar Fasciatis, I was trying every different shoe but the pain never got better. These exceeded my expectations and I'm relatively pain free. I highly recommend this shoe.
From: Tommy, 12/12

Comments: These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have had. They are very light and look sweet. If you can afford them, they are great.
From: Mike, 11/12

Comments: Wow, these have it all over Nike and Adidas shoes. Far superior in build quality to Nike, more comfortable and supportive than Nike or Adidas. I will be buying more before they are gone.
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: Great shoe! This is my third pair of Yonex and they have all been excellent in terms of comfort, wear, and weight. Get 'em!
From: Joe, 10/12

Comments: I am a female 4.0 tennis player and long time devotee, now ex-devotee, of the bestselling Nike Max Breathe. I was fortunate to try on these shoes at a Yonex corporate display at the 2012 SAP tourney. They look fabulous, have great support and stability, have excellent arch support, a wider toebox, and are ready to go out of the box (no break in). I should note that these shoes do ride like the adidas Barricades (which I could never bring myself to purchase), but they feel lighter and more flexible, so that I do not feel like my speed is compromised (ie, a low riding, stable, running shoe). The durability is a bit better than the Nike Max Breathe. As I told the Yonex representative, I do not understand why, they (and many other companies) have a tendency to offer the women white tennis shoes---and variations of pink, baby blue and violet. I wear size 9 women's which translated to 6.5M in this shoe.
From: Jan, 9/12

Comments: This is a great shoe, with good support with comfort. Although the traction is superb on hard courts, the durability is average. I hope Yonex makes an improved outsole with a guarantee. This would then be the perfect shoe. I'm sold on these shoes (from an ex-barricade wearer).
From: Johnny, 9/12

Comments: Love these shoes. I've been through several pairs of Nike 2K10,11,12, but this is my new shoe. It fits my foot perfect (medium width, above average arch support). No break-in required. These put me forward on the balls of my feet, more so than the 2k12 which leave me more flat footed. The Power Cushion is very comfortable. I also tried the KSwiss Big Shot which had low arch support, and it was not a good fit for me.
From: Royce, 7/12

Comments: Wow! This is the best shoes I have ever worn, a mix of the best of 306 and 307, together on 308. Fantastic shoes, very comfortable, very quick, light, maneuverable and the looks are far the best I have seen, the orange line and the tongue logo makes it beautiful. No nikes or adidas come close to this.
From: Mark, 4/12

Comments: These are amazing shoes. More comfortable and durable than other shoes I have recently tried.
From: Bruce, 3/12

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