Yonex SHT-307 White/Gold Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: These are excellent shoes! They are very light and soft to play on hard courts!
From: Fabio, 8/12

Comments: Best shoe for me, all time. I have worn Asics, Nike, Prince, New Balance, Diadora, Fila, and Yonex has them all beat with this shoe. Comfortable, light-weight, great traction on hard courts, durable soles. Great shoe!
From: Joe, 7/12

Comments: I agree with Michelle, buy a 1/2 size bigger than you normally would when ordering. All of my adult life I've worn a size 8 but this one was tight all over. I've recently returned them for an 8.5 and am really hoping that they fit because the cushion and looks were awesome!!!!
From: Joe, 6/12

Comments: I have feet that are 9 1/2" in length and 3 3/4" in width. That is why even though I'm a woman, I opted to buy the men's shoes. According to the size chart, I should wear men's 6.5, so that's what I ordered originally. They were too tight - too tight all over. I exchanged it with 7.0 and they are perfect! They are like gloves! They are super-light and there is absolutely no need for break-ins. I wore them in a match last night on the har-tru court and my kids thought I was faster on the court. In fact, there were at least 2 shots that I didn't think I could get to, but I did and was able to return shots. I also ordered a pair for my 15-year old son and he loves them. He has feet with 10" in length and 4" in width. I ordered 9.5 since he's still growing. It feels slightly too big for him all around, but he'll grow into it. I highly recommend these shoes.
From: Michelle, 4/12

Comments: If you loved the 304, 305 and could not wear the 306 because they were too narrow, you will love the 307! It has the roomy fit of the 305 in the toes while being snug and supportive in the midfoot and heel. But these are so comfortable they worth absorbing some sneers and stares!
From: Squirrel, 4/12

Comments: These shoes make you look like a Power Ranger and or someone who should be running away from Godzilla. The pictures on line don't quiet do all the silver justice. Are silver and blue shoes more obnoxious than the Yellow or Orange of Addidas and Asics? Only you can decide. All I'm saying is that this product is very competitive in the strange looks department. I think I might take the trouble to spray paint these babies black actually. Overwhelming question: "Are these shoes good enough to warrant looking like an Action Hero from far away country?" Answer: "Yes". These moon boots feature a medium sized toe box (like the Addidas Barricade 5), a soft heal that does give you a springy response, a mid soul rigid shank, and an attached tongue (much like Nike product) that helps the shoe conform to your foot when you're pivoting or sprinting off your toes. I found out of box comfort with these shoes. Further, these shoes feel really light and offer above average traction. I might add that the traction coupled with the springy heal can conspire to make this shoe feel a little sticky on certain cuts or pivots. I think the sticky feel is a good thing but it might pose problems for some with loose knee or ankle joints. Net net: I love these silly looking shoes. I tried on the updated version at a Yonex promotion booth and can report it has a similar feel and fit but with less obnoxious colors and perhaps even less weight. I've have maybe five hours of play on them but so can't report on durability but I feel like they're going to hold up well. All systems go. Great Product!
From: Pete, 3/12

Comments: Amazing shoe. They felt a little tight on the sides for the first week or two, but conformed to my foot nicely and are ridiculously comfortable; they feel extremely supportive. The colors are a little shocking when they arrive, as the silver is rather bright and they have a slight moon-boot look to them, however, once you start wearing them you will be very happy and the look seems to get better (or at least you get used to it).
From: Jason, 2/12

Comments: These are better fit than 306. They offer excellent support, great stability and protection. My feet pronate and the sole stabilizers keep my feet stable, also the snug-fit inserts help keep my feet in place. I don't suffer from twisting my ankle any more since use these shoes. Older models use rough feet inserts that took a long time to break in. The model is an improvement and they look great too.
From: Pat, 9/11

Comments: This is a new pair of shoes and a new brand for me. At first, I was apprehensive about the height of the heel, but playing on the hard courts 4-5 days a week they are comfortable. That said, I do feel that the heel width and height have slowed my court speed. Also, I have had to adjust how I move. The big positive in addition to cushioning is stability for ground strokes. I will try another pair of these shoes as the fit, comfort, and cushioning are worth it. Besides the feeling of reduced speed, there are two issues. First, the sole under the balls are wearing quickly. Second, during a match at the end of the second of the three sets, I got a feeling on my right pinky toe. It felt like there was a dime in my shoe and after I had a chance to inspect, it was revealed that a tab on the insert had bent over to be wedged between my pinky knuckle (on the side) and the insert. The result was a distracting pain (not too bad) while playing and a quarter sized bruise on that pinky knuckle. All in all, I will buy another pair because of comfort and I will accept the lack of sole durability for the comfort and grip this material provides.
From: Trey, 7/11

Comments: These shoe are very comfortable, have great support, are really light, and have good traction. I am already on my second pair because the sole wore out after only three months! I have a major concern over the durability of the sole. I gave them a second chance because of all the positives, but the sole is already going smooth after 6 weeks.
From: Ken, 7/11

Comments: I have been wearing these shoes for 1 month now and have found that they are really comfortable and light weight. I normally only play with Nike shoes and I think with these Yonex, I won't look back.
From: Edwin, 7/11

Comments: Best shoe ever! It gives me more stability and more balance on the court! Great design and color also!
From: Pablo. 7/11

Comments: Love these shoes! I am a quick, run everything down type of player and have tried a lot of shoes from top brands. I feel these shoes give me the response I crave and the cushion my body wants. The drawback is ugly colors.
From: Anthony. 7/11

Comments: Best shoe out there and I have tried them all (Nike, Adidas, Babolat, Asics, etc.). This shoe offers comfort, excellent lateral support, low to the ground feel, and is lightweight. Mine needed a couple of hours for break-in, and then they were good to go. The soles work on hard courts or clay. I cannot comment yet on the durability. Give them a try. They are a solid choice and worth the money. I will be purchasing more of these.
From: KMC, Florida, 7/11

Comments: They kind of look like space boots but they are super comfy. No break in needed and wide enough for my toes and skinny enough for my heel.
From: MC. 6/11

Comments: Agree with the previous comments that this shoe is probably the best currently available on the market. Have tried most of the other most famous shoes over the past few years (Barricade, Asics, Head, Nike) and this one is really standing above. Very comfortable, no break-in time needed, light weight, excellent stability with a good feel of security. The shock absorption is great but without being detrimental to the dynamic. Just can't comment yet on the durability as only played with them for two weeks. Definitely a very solid choice and a must try.
From: Paul. 6/11

Comments: I used to always wear the Nikes that the pros wear. I thought I would try Yonex for once. Guess what, these are the best tennis shoes for my flat feet that I have ever worn. Light as a feather and I'm more confident in my movement on court. Japanese technology & craftsmanship.
From: MP. 6/11

Comments: My son trains at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida, and got these shoes some two weeks ago. He says the shoes are very comfortable on the clay and hard courts there and makes his movements much easier than before.
From: Eric. 5/11

Comments: These are far the best shoes on the market, not even a question. I have worn in just the last year Adidas Barricade 6, Nike Lunar Vapor and the SHT 307. The SHT 307 is the best, it has good durability (better than the Nike), very comfortable, quick and easy to move around, change directions, your feet don't get soaked and don't move inside. For the past reviews from other users were spot on that is why I bought them to try.The 306 is still a little better than the 307 and both much better than the other brands.
From: Brian. 5/11

Comments: Great shoe. Good follow up to the 307's. My only complaint is that Yonex should diversify with the cosmetic scheme of their shoes. For instance, they should create a shoe that is the same design as the 304 white...but with green and blue backgrounds. I wish Yonex would expand on the cosmetics of their tennis shoe line collection. Maybe make the claycourt shoe cosmetics with hardcourt soles as optional would be nice.
From: Ron, Anchorage, AK, USA, 03/11

Comments: Nice shoes. I bought these shoes after reading a review about how this shoe offered good cushioning. My first impression when I put these shoes after receiving them was that the arch felt high in contrast to my Asics or Prince and the sole felt slightly thicker and a bit higher off the ground so I questioned how stable they'd be on the court. Shoe fit is true to size. The toe box and width are good for my wide feet. I will note that the tongue of the shoe is attached to a wide elastic strap that wraps around along the inside of the shoe so they may initially feel a bit snug at the start. However, I appreciate this design as the tongue stays put and does not move around. After playing I can say that these shoes offer very good stability and cushioning. They are comfortable and lightweight. While I am not overly keen on their looks, it's more about the comfortable, stability, and wear on the court that really counts. All in all I am pleased with this shoe.
From: Mike, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 12/10

Comments: Have had for three weeks, I play very aggressive and the shoes feel good. I like the extra cushioning and the fit is true to size. I definitely would purchase again.
From: Bill, Springfield, MA, USA, 11/10

Comments: So far so good; It's been two weeks and it has good fit and isn't very heavy. I move well in these shoes. I will see how they perform over time.
From: Subbu, Tumwater, WA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I've worn these shoes since the 305's and they used to be awesome. I bought two pairs and I had the same problem as Debby's son. Both seams came apart on both shoes because they made these with little holes on the side that are defective. I'm trying to send them back, so I'll see what happens. But, I guess its time to switch.
From: Matt, Valencia, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I bought the Yonex SHT-307 Nvy/Silver Men 11.5 for my son who played tennis on May 16, 2010 and on June 30, 2010, the seam on the topside of the right shoe broke open while he was walking home from playing tennis. I took a picture of his shoe. Nothing else on the shoe is worn much at all. Help! I paid good money for these shoes and after a month and a half, they have a big hole in them. He is really disappointed as he has had many pairs of Yonex shoes before and this is the first time a pair has not lasted him at least a year. I am surprised too and wondering if this is a defective seam.
Debby, if you read this please give our customer service a call and they can help if it is a defective shoe. - TW Staff -
From: Debby, Conyngham, PA, USA. 07/10

Comments: I bought these shoes about a month ago. I wanted a stylish update to my tennis shoes and I certainly found it. I tried on several other brands at the shop and many of them felt like bricks on my feet. This shoe was comfortable with a beefed-up sole, but not so much to make it bulky and rigid. That said, this shoe is more on the comfort side on the comfort- durability spectrum, but that's just fine with me since I'm light on my feet and tend to go pretty easy on my footwear. If this is the case for you, then I certainly recommend this shoe.
From: Neil, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. 06/10

Comments: I have worn the Yonex shoe for some time now and I have a pair of the 307's and I didn't really like them. They changed the fit and the material on the 307's and they just don't work. They are now larger in the toe box area and they went from a leather shoe to some other "new" material. I probably wont go back to their shoes unless they change the fit of the shoe.

Comments: Easily the best shoe I have worn. It combines light weight with high comfort. The fit is snug but not tight and almost has a slipper feel except the support is excellent. Tennis Magazine almost always skips this shoe in reviews but misses a true find. The only downside is durability if you hit the courts hard. But let's be honest, any shoe with 6 month guarantees will clump and clod you around the place until you can't wait to wear a hole that won't come soon enough.
From: Ben, PA, USA. 5/10

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