Yonex EZONE Xi 100 Racquets (Kirilenko) Customer feedback

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Comments: I decided to get this raquet after deciding my RDIS 200 is a bit too heavy for me. I liked this raquet because it performed pretty well in all areas but I have decided to go back to my RDIS 200 because the EZONE didn't have the same plow through -- I felt like like my shots would sit up a bit and found it difficult to put away shots at the net. Overall, I would recommend it to someone who mainly plays from the baseline and can generate a lot of raquet head speed.
From: Isaac, 6/15

Comments: I was using the Volkl Organix V1 Mid+ for almost 2 years before buying this racquet. The Volkl did me good and was comfortable with decent amount of power and control but it became a bit light for my play. I liked the balance and the weight of this Yonex racquet once I grabbed it out of the box, it was just right. I got the needed power with almost the same comfort but with more confidence when serving and in groundstrokes. I just need to get used to the weight when volleying. I installed my favorite Gamma HI-TECH replacement grip and strung with Volkl Powerfiber II at 57 lbs. Overall, I'm satisfied and thinking of getting a second one.
From: Bilal, 12/14

Comments: Absolutely love it! I used to use a vCore Xi Lite due to its relatively low stiffness (arm pain). It's kind of too light and even after I added lead tapes on the frame and handle, the shots were still kind of lack authority. I bought the EZONE on sale and immediately felt the power, pop, in all areas: groundstroke, volley, serve and return. There is no doubt all shots are more affirmative. In fact, I have to tame my groundstrokes a bit as they go long in the beginning. But I play doubles so the pop in volley is definitely welcoming. It is good on defense too as the quick reflex shots back are more authoritative. A keeper!
From: Jack, 11/14

Comments: The Yonex EZONE Xi 100 racquet is about touch and feel with 4.0/4.5 hacker power. Easier on the arm than Pure Drives and other 70 RA racquets. Played with the 2011 Wilson BLX PRO OPEN for 3 years. An excellent racquet, less harsh than the Surge, but the EZONE Xi 100 has a slightly lower RA, softer feel, and is easier on the arm with no loss in power. Tennis Warehouse power mapping shows both racquets almost identical in power. Demo it!
From: Jose, 3/14

Comments: So it took me playing with another racquet to realize how comfortable this racquet truely is. I have been called out about how this is a "girl's" racquet, but I'm beating them so whatever. Was thinking about getting more of a players type racquet, but why change what is working so well.
From: Tom, 2/14

Comments: Very good raquet. Until a mounth ago, I was playing with a Babolat Pure Drive, but now I understand that I was loosing my talent with this raquet. Yonex is much better for hard, flat strokes and spin. Probably even for serve.
From: Dragos, 10/13

Comments: I am a 3.5-4.0 male. I used to play with a Yonex RDS 003 and wanted an upgrade. I really like this racquet. I string it at max tension with Big Banger Power Rough and use it with a Yonex dampener. I think it is great with baseline shots and serves. It has a large sweet spot, which is consistent with other Yonex racquets that I have used. It has huge top spin potential, which is an upgrade from the RDS 003. The only downside is that it is a bit unstable for volleys, which I think it is probably due to its light weight.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: I was playing with a Wilson Juice 100. Over time, it started to bother my elbow. So being a Wilson person, I decided to look for another Wilson. But I could not find one with the combination of head size, string pattern and flex. So I demoed the EZone Xi. Great racquet! It had good power and is comfortable to use! Still getting used to it, but is very impressive!
From: Ed, 6/13

Comments: I bought this racquet after demoing the APDGT, APD Team, Head Speed, Prince Tour, Prince Tour Team and many others. This racquet feels solid and has an unparalleled combination of power and control. You can really place the ball very accurately with this stick and have huge power on your serve and backhand. It is also very comfortable (not as soft as the Prince racquets, but close), reliable at the net and very well constructed. What else could you ask for? I would demo this racquet before buying anything else in this weight range.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I bought this racquet after demo'ing. I loved the feel, spin, control and easy power. I left my AeroPro Drive GT because its stiffness and strange feel. I've been a Babolat guy, but I'm so glad I tried this Yonex. By the way, it's made in Japan. This racquet improved my game in all aspects. It's a great 'tweener racquet, with great feel, huge sweetspot, good spin, easy power and stability. I love this racquet.
From: Max, 1/13

Comments: I tried and demo'ed at least 15 racquets after doing months of research. The reviews on many racquets didn't correlate with my playing experience when tested. My racquets tested include: Head Youtek Instinct IG and S, new Extreme Pro 2.0 and MP, Radical, Wilson BLX Juice 100, Pro Open, Prince EX03 Warrior 100 Yonex V Core 100S, Volkl Organix V1, Babolat AeroPro Drive GT, Pure Drive and many others. I played with this EZONE Xi for 4 hours and immediately bought two of them. There was a big difference in the comfort and control compared to the other racquet. The other racquets were good at one thing or another, but for me to switch racquets it had to do many things much better. This EZONE was good at just about everything. Not too heavy or light, very solid (played like a heavier racquet) generated a lot of spin with ease and felt I could place my volleys anywhere with the amount of touch/feel this racquet had. It is a very powerful racquet but at the same time great touch, you would think you would be giving one up for the other, but not the case with this racquet. I have a heavy kick serve which is now more consistent because of the amount of spin generated, I had to adjust some since my balls were landing shorter in the box, but fewer of them are getting returned. Huge sweet spot. My only complaint is that I let my wife hit with them and now she won't pick up the racquets I bought her last year. Until I buy her one, I'm having to get them after her matches and rushing to my matches. Amazing racquets!
From: Kurt, 11/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite 16L @ 60 lbs

Comments: I only tested this racquet for 2 hours before deciding to buy. The demo felt great, giving me the added power and pop that I was looking for. I've been a Wilson user all my tennis life (20+ years), but I cannot find a midplus Wilson racquet that suits my game. I've always played with a 98 size frame and would have preferred to stay with the same size in the Yonex Ezone, but it was a bit heavy for me. This Ezone Xi 100 took a bit of getting used to as others mentioned. My baseline shots sailed long, but since I always string at 1-2 lbs above mid tension for more control, I felt that my shots would be fine once I got my own strings. I used Gamma Professional 17, strung at 54 pounds and played a doubles match with my new racquet last night. I could not be happier with the results. My shots from the baseline were deep and mostly accurate. The bigger and higher sweetspot really helped whenever I had to reach. My serves were livelier than my old Wilson Blade Lite 98. I thought the extra Isometric is just another gimmick or marketing ploy, but from my experience, it actually does make a difference. I'm definitely happy I made the switch.
From: Jocelyn, 10/12
String type and tension: Gamma Professional 17g @ 54lbs

Comments: I playtested a long list of racquets in the search for the perfect fit. I tried the Pure Storm, Pure Storm Team, Blx Blade Team, Pacific Comp, Pro Open 11 & 12, Donnay X-P Dual, and IG Instinct. I knew from the first hit that this one was solid and stable with great feel on volleys and touch shots. My two-hand backhand returns are sick with this thing and my forehand has plenty of controlled power and spin. Several of my hitting partners have tried it and have enjoyed hitting with the Ezone XI. I think some don't give it a serious look because they are hung up on the squarish oval frame construction. I know from hitting with it though that the Isometric square shape really stabilizes the sweetspot. It is a 67 on the stiffness rating, but it is still comfortable with a multi strung at mid tension (I have experienced some arm and shoulder issues so I'm playing with a multi now, but it also played great with a poly hybrid). If you aren't afraid to try something new and different, go for the Yonex Xi and forget all that crap about Yonex being too square or for girls!
From: Kris, 8/12

Comments: I played with the EZone 100 for a couple of years and agree totally with Pancho below regarding the EZone Xi. It is a different racquet even though the specs are about the same and took me a few times to get used to it. Great pop on the serve and the volleys. Groundstrokes took the most adjustment, but I am hitting shots that as an older former tournament player I didn't think I could hit anymore. Great on the arm, almost no vibration, and with arm friendly string like I use a very comfortable play. While at first I didn't know, now I do- a great frame.
From: Tony, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS NaturalThermoGut Touch (Mains), Babolat Xcel (Crosses), 58 lbs

Comments: As a former #1 Pac-10 player I love this racquet. I'm not 25 any more, but this racquet strung with a softer string that's strung at 56 lbs works great. It's easy on the arm/elbow. It's definitely a step up from the EZone 100. It has great pop on the serve and volley. If you use topspin on your ground strokes you'll be just fine. I would highly recommend this racquet to someone who wants a "tweener" racquet that will serve them well.
From: Pancho, 7/12
String type: Tecnifibre X-1 Biphase

Comments: I tried this racquet with a not-too-powerful poly (strung above mid-range) and still had a great deal of trouble keeping the ball in the court. Simply too much pop for players with a full swing. Felt light for its weight, not very stable, but very comfortable for a racquet a bit on the stiff side. In this weight class, I found racquets like the Wilson Pro Open and Prince Warrior 100 to offer more controllable pop. Beautifully finished but Yonex seems to use the thinnest and frailest grips available; the bottom of the grip was actually starting to fray a bit just from handling the racquet in my home, before I had ever played with it.
From: Mike, 6/12

Comments: Great one! Try using an hybrid setup (Wilson Ultimate Duo), great control and spin. The muted feel disappears and is very arm friendly.
From: Oscar, 6/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power, 50lbs / NXT tour 52lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Nice stick, but lost out to Yonex VCORE 100 S for me. Felt less stable and less solid on contact, a bit too much power, a bit less feel, excessive power from the ground and on volleys being the biggest limitations. The kick serve is sick with this racquet though.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: I have played with this demo for a few days and while I have served well with it, I cannot say the same about my groundstrokes. While this racket is very fast through the swing, it does not have the mass of my trusty RD7 and as a result, it does not hit a very 'heavy' ball. Plus, if I hit the ball without tempering my swing, it will sail long.
From: Pat, 5/12

Comments: This racquet has remarkable power and control. The feel and touch is there as well. Serves seem to truly take off and accelerate. I concur with the other remarks on sailing, long balls - this can be reigned in by an adjustment to add the topspin on forehands, underspin and driving movement on backhands and downward motion on volleys. Very comfortable - a nice stick to play several times comfortably throughout the day.
From: Matthew, 4/12
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut / Volkl, 55 lbs

Comments: I LOVE this racquet! I had been playing with the Yonex RDiS 300 and found that racquet allowed me to hit the shots I wanted -- topspin, slice, etc. when I wanted. But, this racquet is such a huge improvement, my coach said it was like night and day. It is much more powerful and allows me to swing much faster, creating more spin. It also feels much softer than the RDiS, even though it is rated as a stiffer racquet. I have it strung with all Babolat RPM Blast, while the RDiS was strung with a RPM Blast Hybrid (with natural gut), yet this racquet allows for much more touch on both volleys and drop shots. I do agree with one of the other reviewers and noticed that balls can fly long much easier with this racquet if I don't put a lot of topspin on my groundstrokes, under spin on my slice, and hit down on my volleys, but it's an adjustment I'll live with for the added power. This racquet is AMAZING.
From: Jennie, 4/12
String type and tension: RPM Blast 56 lbs
Headsize: 100 sq. in
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Just demoed this for two days. First of all, this is a very comfortable feeling frame given it's rather high stiffness rating. My demo was strung with a very good multi at probably just above mid tension. With the multi I found the power a little too much for ground strokes, and had a few flyers. However I think a poly at about mid would help reign this one in just enough, and it would still offer a very confortable hit. This frame felt very solid on all shots, with no flutter at all. And mishits were almost zero given the seemingly huge sweet spot. The weight and balance made it very maneuverable from everywhere, and yet the stability was also exceptional. Volleys were great as touch was there in spades. If I have one minor nitpick, it's the grip shape. I prefer the Prince more rounded-off shape, and this one felt more like a Head or even Volkl. Overall though, this offering from Yonex is really good. It delivers an excellent balance of elements that would likely assist anyone's game from about the 3.5 level on up. Absolutely worth a demo if you have never hit with a Yonex before.
From: Tom, 4/12

Comments: I was getting arm pain with the Babolat pure storm so I decided to go back to Yonex, this racquet is very forgiving on my one handed backhand and slice which is great as it gives me confidence. The kick serve is awesome with massive spin. The only problem I find is my forehand needs a lot of spin to prevent the ball from sailing. I tried putting lead tape at the handle and raising my string tension all the way to 60lbs and kind of worked.
From: Carlos, 3/12

Comments: Best racquet I ever had !! Nice pop, great for volleys, amazing on serves. I'll buy a second one, and they will be in my bag for a long time. Nice job Yonex !!
From: POL, 3/12

Comments: It's my first Yonex ever and I must say although is a great stick is also difficult to work with. However on ground strokes and volleys is amazing. I just received my 2nd xi and I will use different string setup.
From: Manuel, 3/12

Comments: I agree with the consensus of all the other users. The new xi 100 is by far an improvement in all aspects over the old Ezone 100. The older Ezone is my racket (X1 BIPHASE) and I decided to demo both the 98 and 100 Xi models. The 100xi was more powerful and no loss in control with groundstrokes. When I contacted heavy balls I was not pushed around and could respond with equal pace. The best part for me was the decent ball return when I was forced into a desperate lunge at the ball. I made shots I could not with the old ezone. Touch and low volleys to sharp angles made me smile. I have just placed my order for the 100 xi. As for the 98 xi, I found the racket to have a deadened response. Even when adding racket head speed I felt the racket under deliver. I tried several times in the same demo session to see if I liked it and I never did. The playability for me between the 2 models is vastly different
From: Gerald, 2/12

Comments: I have hit with a lot of racquets, but never have I tried a racquet that is stiff and powerful yet SO comfortable and with so much control! Amazing technologies went into the xi series - no gimmicks here. The stability is phenomenal - my hitting partner's shots are usually heavy and with massive spin. But it's like the xi knows how to pull some Jiu Jitsu magic, off-setting that pace and spin and then let me hit the ball the way I want it. Of particular mention is the xi's sweet spot. I am not joking but it feels like practically the whole racquet face IS the sweet spot! "Off-center" hits on the xi are balls that actually hit the frame. I can't say enough good things about what Yonex has done with the xi series. I have gone through at least 15 different types of racquets in the last 3 years and it's been frustrating, to say the least. The search is finally over. I bought 2 xi 100 and they will be with me for a long time. I think the xi 100 or 107 would appeal to most players out there. Have an open mind, give Yonex a try.
From: DH, 2/12

Comments: Agree with both Matt and Kevin. This new ezone is a definite improvement on the old one not that that was bad. The frame does look a little less pronounce maybe it is the color Kevin. But the power and control appears to be vastly improved. Overall a great racquet and a purchase I am extremely satisfied with.
From: Craig, 2/12

Comments: This Yonex XI 100 has been hands- down my favorite first day with a frame ever. Great power but loads of forgiveness here. I really wanted a 100 in frame with a 16x18 string pattern, and after hitting the Wilson Juice 96 and 100, and the Wilson Prostaff BLX 95 and 100, this Yonex was the clear best for my game. The only thing that seemed a little off was the control on the serve, but that could be slightly attributed to the 16x18 string....or the fact that my serve is on and off regularly no matter what racquet I use. I found better directional control on ground strokes then I have seen in any previous racquet, and great maneuverability and control at the net as well. I used to own the EZone 100 from last year and never really got into a groove with that one and ended up selling it, but this one was far different. Once you see this racquet in person you immediately notice that the Isometric shape is more pronounced in the new XI then other Yonex frames, even compared to last year's EZone. However, it was not so square that it was off-putting while playing. I think the dull paint scheme helps with that fact....if this frame was brightly colored then the shape might be a little more distracting. Anyway, great frame that I will have in the bag for a long long time.
From: Kevin, 2/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Explosion 18g, 54lbs

Comments: I used the older model and was waiting for this new one.I have been using this racquet for 4 sessions now. Yonex ezone Xi 100 is a total different racquet and much better than the older one somehow they manage to do it. The feel is much,much better on ground strokes, the connection between all 3 elements is better. The power of this racquet comes easy, it is very, very maneuverable, very stable and solid like the older one, yet more comfortable. The swing spot seemed to be bigger as well. Awesome racquet that helped my weak one handed back hand. My second serves got better control and pace with this new racquet as well, I highly recommend it. I think it is better than VCORE 100S.
From: Matt, 1/12

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