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Comments: It took me some time to adjust to this racquet. I had a couple mishits for a week. Adjusted my tension from 51 lbs to 45 lbs (hoping to get a bigger sweet spot). That did the trick. This is a very good racquet for doubles junkies like myself. Very maneuverable, awesome feel for volleys and returns. And my serve and overhead felt two times better. If you get this racquet, I suggest you change your tension if it doesnt feel right. Strung at 45 lbs. I'm a 5.0 NTRP player.
From: Bac, 12/15

Comments: This one gave me tennis elbow. Too light for me. I settled with a much heavier racquet (Yonex RDiS 200). But my wife liked this one.
From: Ivo, 6/15

Comments: I usually play with sticks in the 12 oz/340g range. Tested this one for my wife. And was quite surprised with how good this one is for me. It has a quite soft, comfy response, but is surprisingly stable, nothing wobbles or twists. Even with natural gut at 22kg, this is not a powerful stick; for fast balls, you have to get the racquet head going; it retains good directional and length control even with full and fast swings. Good, but not extreme topspin, surprisingly good slice with such a light/low swingweight racquet. Serve get aggressive by massive spin. It is, as if modern technique was applied to generate a sort of light player's racquet for someone who uses full and powerful swings; not one for minimal movements, so not a "game improvement" stick. I'll keep it, just now at least for doubles. But who knows. This stick really grows on you.
From: Andrew, 2/14

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