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Yonex EZONE Ai 98 Racquets (Ivanovic) Customer feedback

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Comments: I loved the Yonex EZONE Ai 98 from all areas of the court but it's the only racquet that has ever made my shoulder sore when serving. I set it aside to heal; playing with my Head Extreme Pro during recovery. No problems. Picked up the Ai 98 and it happened again. Too bad because it really has a great balance between conrol and power.
From: Hank, 3/15

Comments: Very good stick. Plenty of short swing power and good for net pickups and strong serves. Strung with RPM at 50 and 53 lbs. Great racquet.
From: Jack, 3/15

Comments: I purchased this racquet after I have been playing with the AeroPro Drive for a 1 1/2 years and having major arm and wrist problems. To the point where I had to stop playing for 2 weeks and I strung the racquet with gut to try and eliminate the prob. But that didn't help. So I tried the Ai 98. It is similar to the APD but softer much better control you have to generate your own power -- it has good feel, especially against hard hitters. The racquet is very stable and offers good plow through. Great at the net and like I said for baseline rallies you have to generate the power! But the ball goes where you want it too -- great control ! I guess if you put the strings at a lower tension you would get more power. The racquet does what I want it to. I'm a 4.5 player and play 4 times a week. Strung with a hybrid at 57-55 lbs. I'm going to buy another one.
From: M, 2/15

Comments: I bought this racquet (3 of them actually) and used them for 3 months. I liked the feel and control I got from it. But after about 3 months, I developed a bad case of tennis elbow and the weight (11.8 ounces strung with overgrip and dampner) became a factor. I was really surprised because this is supposed to be one of the arm friendly racquets. So I had to stop using this one. I am moving on to something a little light and really proven to be arm-friendly.
From: VS, 2/15

Comments: Very nice frame. I could definitely feel more flex in the frame than some other modern frames. It had a bit of a traditional feel in certain respects. Racquet had decent pop but certainly less than an Aeropro Drive. A quiet ride, very comfortable frame to hit with. Muted. I felt some unpleasant vibration when I missed the sweetspot in the upper hoop. Swingweight was manageable but again the frame was less quick through the air than an Aeropro Drive. Nice paint job. Grip seemed to run a bit large. I liked the racquet enough to make the switch. Feels good with Solinco Tour Bite. Going to try RPM Blast next. Something to firm it up a bit.
From: Jeff, 1/15

Comments: Feels great in the hand, and easy/maneuverable to swing. Once I started hitting balls, I found the same pros and cons as an old Pro Staff. Soft and flexible, precise and good feel. But it took a lot of work to get pace and spin. I was hoping for a little more pop, given the glowing TW review. The demo was strung with Wilson Sensation, so I can't blame a poly string for the feel of the racquet.
From: Phil, 1/15

Comments: This was a very nice all-around racquet with nice qualities but could be slightly better in some areas. I liked the beam width and how it swung through the air, although I do prefer a bit more weight (that could be fixed with lead tape). I was digging the specs and the feel. The one item did do not like is the grip, they feel flimsy compared to other manufacturers. It always seems that I have to change them, that could be improved. Nice base racquet that I would have to customize to get the most out of.
From: John, 12/14

Comments: I can't agree more with what Brett (4 comments below) said regarding the string sensitivity of the Ai 98. I am a former Ezone Xi 98 user and these racquets are indeed different, not merely the same mold with a new paint job slapped on and some new marketing. I normally string my Ezone Xi 98 at 58 lbs, going as high as 63 lbs, for a while with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125. I had no problem with that. I decided to string up 2 Ai 98s at 60 lbs and 58 lbs and boy was that a mistake -- after one hit with the 60 lbs I had to put it down and say no way! The racquet felt like a board -- no string movement whatsoever! Moving to the 2nd racquet at 58 lbs was not much better. I have my third racquet being strung at 50 lbs, and though slightly lower than I usually string, the new and (smaller headsize than the Xi 98) makes the string bed tighter I would say. Hopefully a lower tension will result in a more livelier feel off this speedy racquet! Now about the racquet itself. As Brett also noted, the Ai family has a more round head shape! Holding the Xi 98 up in comparison to the Ai 98, it is quite evident that the Ai 98 is rounder and therefore a little more aerodynamic. This racquet is very fast through the air! Almost comparable to a thinner beamed 20mm straight beam like my old Kblade Tour 93. This racquet has more spin potential than its previous incarnation but less power, something easily augmented by a lower string tension customization ect. Volleys were crisp, however with a lower tension, albeit softer string bed, they will probably feel better. Serves and placement were excellent as well. I could kick my serve short and on the edge on the ad- side, pulling my opponent off the court while slicing out wide on the deuce. All in all, a great fast racquet which can do deadly damage. I am happy to extend my Yonex loyalty! IF ANYTHING, be cognoscente of the string sensitivity of this racquet! Even with a poly like Poly Tour Pro, string in the high 50s will result in little feel from the racquet.
From: TDT, 12/14

Comments: As a former touring pro now turned lawyer, I was looking for a racquet that sat somewhere in between a Head Graphene Prestige Midplus (my current frame) and a Babolat Aeropro Drive, as the Prestige didn't have enough pop for someone who only gets to hit once a week and the APD having a little too much pop and lacking all around feel. The Yonex Ezone Ai 98 is perfect. Stability against heavy balls and enough pop when pulled out of position. Not as much feel as the Prestige on volleys, but the serve kicks much harder and heavier. Currently strung up with Yonex Poly Tour Pro at 45 lbs. I couldn't be happier. Playing main draw doubles and qualies singles in the 2015 Maui Challenger in January and looking forward to sporting this Yonex frame.
From: Anon, 12/14

Comments: Rarely does the hype match the results. However, I have to say I am super impressed with this racquet. I put it through a demo with TW and really liked it. I expected the honeymoon period to wear off. Well, it has not. I have it strung with Volkl V-Pro 16G and love the comfort and feel. I am going to try with Syn Gut crosses (Gosen OGSM) to give it a little more feel for volleys and droppers as full poly lacks feel. However, I expect it to perform very well. I bought one from TW and a few more to follow. Is there anything better than controllable power? This racquet has it!
From: Mesa, 12/14

Comments: Amazing racquet! I have switched from Wilson PS95/95S (I love those sticks) to this one and I am very much please with the all around performance of this stick. Slices are smooth, forehand, back hand and serves are much accurate compared to my previous ones. I strung hybrid with Signum Pro Tornado (51 lbs) and MVS focus Hex (49 lbs). I should say the Tornado is an amazing discovery and the strings bite the ball like insane and the power is awesome. I am very impressed with this racquet. I would expect 5-7 grams heavy than the current weight which would make it more deadly.
From: Prabhakar, 12/14

Comments: An amazing racquet as I purchased two. The only knock I have and it's a minor one is, the racquet seems very string sensitive. It can be very harsh on the arm if you're stringing with a full bed of poly over 50 lbs. It seems to be at its best with a hybrid or a multi-filament but this racket has precision control and ample power. I'm also impressed with Yonex rounding out the square head shape of their frames lately, in favor of a more traditional looking frame.
From: Brett, 12/14

Comments: I loed this all-around racquet. It has helped improved my game since I bought it.
From: Felipe, 11/14

Comments: Just bought this racquet. It is amazing! I've been using player's racquets since I was a teenager and when I took this for the first ride I really got shocked. I have never seen before a racquet that does everything well. Normally racquets are good for baseline game or serve and volley. This one is "all around" -- serving is pleasant, groundstrokes are easy and deep, volleys are precise. I am really surprised with this fantastic job of Yonex. Wery well done Yonex! And besides all that, the cosmetics are superb. I am 5.5 player and very happy with this new discovery.
From: Pablo, 11/14

Comments: I love the grip shape on Yonex racquets and this one is no exception. The way this racquet swings through the air is just perfect (for me anyway) however I found the stock version to be lacking in plow through and a bit unstable/hollow feeling against heavier balls. Adding lead tape provided more plow but really changed the feel and swing characteristics in a bad way. If this racquet had a strung weight around 11.9 ounces instead of 11.5 it would have been perfect (for me anyway). I hope Yonex comes out with a racquet who's specs are between this and the Vcore Tour G.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: Greetings comrades -- this racquet is the bomb! It features excellent power, comfort, control, spin, and aesthetics. I responded to playtester Michelle's suggestion to use a poly string. I was disillusioned with the feel of the demo stick strung with a full bed of a decent multi-filament string at mid-range tension. TW strung my new AI 98 with Tech NRG2 16g in the mains at 51 lbs and Volkl Cyclone 17g at 49 lbs in the crosses. It feels crisp while offering an excellent balance of power, comfort, and control. I have played with the Yonex VCore Tour 97 for three years which I enjoy but I have wanted more pop from it, particularly on my serve. Lowering the string tension was helpful but didn't achieve my desired amount of power. The Ai 98 is an awesome upgrade while honoring my loyalty to Yonex. The Tour 97 gave my tennis mates more of an opportunity to tease me due to Angelique Kerber being the only prominent professional tour player playing with it. Thank you, Nick Krygios, for winning with the Ai 98 while complimenting Babes Ana and Maria K. I am happy and feeling quite manly making my transition to the Ai 98. Thank you Yonex and TW. You rock.
From: Robert, 10/14

Comments: To start off, I am a 3.5-4.0 player. I was trying to choose between the RF 97A, Ai 98, Tour G (310), Wilson Blades (etc.). After demoing almost every 98 square inch racquet on the market, I fell in love with this one. This racquet is really amazing, I no longer have arm issues! It has tons of control due to the flexibility of the fame. It's an incredibly solid racquet at the net. On groundstrokes, you can really feel the flex when your going for a winner. All that flex is what gives it the great control/ball pocketing once you get used to it. The sweetspot is crazy insane, feeling like if you at least hit the strings you know its going over with good pace. Yeah, it's that forgiving! Though, I would maybe add a bit of lead tape at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions to give more power at the top. The top flutters a bit. I string this racquet with a co-poly called GoldenSet Snake Bite 17 at 53 lbs, great inexpensive string! I say if you like flexible arm-friendly racquets this one better be in your next demo order!
From: Sammy, 9/14

Comments: Love this racquet, as it seems almost everybody here dies. I used Yonex before for two years (the David Nalbandian racquet, the RDIS MP), which I loved as well. Than I passed one year using Wilson (Philipp Kohlschreiber racquet, the Wilson Six.One 95 16x18), because I wanted a heavy racquet. And then I figured how I could play so good before, because Wilson was so much better! The extra weight came with a much large sweetspot. But because of its weight, and I am a teacher too, so I needed to feed so many balls, and was looking for something lighter. After a lot of research here on Tennis Warehouse, I decided to return to Yonex, with this Ana Ivanovic racquet. And I can tell you, it's the best racquet I have ever put my hands on. Wonderful to play and to feed with. Wonderful sweetspot, light, excelent feeling and control. My serves are a little slow (because of the lighter weight compared to my Wilson 6.1), but all inside the court with a lot of spin. Because of that, my American Twist serves are simply amazing, and are the easiest serve I can hit with this racquet (who could imagine this?). Forehands and backhands, I can put exactly where I want them. Slices and drop shots are simply perfect (although I needed some time to adjust them). Smashes are very good as well. And the racquet is very good looking. My students and colleagues are looking to switch to this racquet also. So, I am now a Yonex user again, and I appreciate it very much! Try it for a week, I think you will love it as well!
From: David, 9/14

Comments: Love this racquet. I used to play with a Wilson PS 95 and found I needed some more power but of course wanted to keep the accuracy. So I demoed the Wilson Blade 98 (18x20 and 16x19), Head instinct MP, AeroPro and a PS 100L which I weighted up to suit mt specs. Then I looked into Yonex as I conscious consumer and want to support companies that don't make everything in China. So I tried the Ezone 98 and Vcore 97. I found the Ezone to have a great blend of power, spin and control. not as much spin as an aeropro, but not far off. More control than a Blade 16 x 19. And a softer feel off the sweetspot than my old PS95.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: Impressive racquet that does everything well except for slices and it is not that maneuverable at net. Racquet is able to generate power for you even without you taking a full swing. It is able to return heavy serves fairly easy due to it being rock solid and stable. Shape of the racquet and paintwork is impressive. I like this racquet but for the moment, it will remain part of my arsenal of weapons (racquets) because I prefer a control racquet more than a power racquet. Just my preference although I can understand why so many people love this racquet. Strung with Topspin Cyber Flash 17 at 55 pounds. I am a 4.0 to 4.5 player who loves to slice the ball and hit the ball with spin. Current racquets that I am using more often are my Wilson Pro Staff 95S and Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95. 87 out of a 100 marks is what I would give to the Yonex Ezone Ai 98.
From: Vic, 7/14

Comments: Awesome racquet. I've tried a lot of Yonex racquets in the past and I must say, this is the best one I've ever tried. A great blend of power and control. It has a slight deadened feel compared to most Yonex racquet but the swing speed is still great so it doesn't matter all that much. The feel of the racquet will come down to what string set up you have with it. Just before this racquet I used the Yonex Vcore 95D and although I love that racquet for again both the blend of power and control, the racquet was much too stiff. The Ai has the great blend but it's soft enough for hard flat hitting.
From: Theo, 7/14

Comments: Still in love with this racquet! Great feel, precision, blend of power and control. Fast and maneuverable, just does everything well. Strung at 52 lbs with Ytex Quadro Twist is just beautiful. Heavy topspin is effortless!
From: Shereef, 7/14

Comments: I've never used Yonex racquets before but decided to buy this online due to the reviews I read. I have been using the Head Intelligence i.Radical MP since 1999 and needed an upgrade. I decided to try this one to see if it improves my game or makes it easier! I used to play at the national level as a junior but then took a long break once I started uni and work. The i.Radical has an 18x20 string pattern and gives me very good control but lacks power. The Ezone Ai98 is significantly heavier and is closer to a players racquet but I found it quite difficult to maneuver. I couldn't get used to the groundstrokes at all especially my one handed backhand. The frame also feels little more flexier than the i.Radical. The areas where it helped a lot was on my serves and volleys. My serves had more zip and the volleys felt very crisp and punchy giving good depth. All in all, a modern frame that might suit players who are used this this kind of racquet, but for me, I still prefer the classic feel and prefer control over power. I'll try it with the poly strings and update you later. Or might try the Graphene Radicals and stay with Head.
From: Ken, 6/14

Comments: Tried a few racquets before settling with this one. Previously on the list was Head Graphene Speed Pro, and the Babolat Pure Strike 18x20. I decided to look for a 16x19 string pattern racquet and purchased the Ezone Ai 98 and now I am having a field day whenever I am playing. Monstrous two handed backhands and whipping forehands while it is strung with Babolat RPM Blast 17 at 50 pounds. Very stable and I can impose my will on the court. Serving was fun with controlling my opponents with first flat or slice serves and using a nice topspin serve for my second. Compared to the Babolat APD has ever so less spin but more stable hitting.
From: James, 6/14

Comments: Very controllable power from this racquet when taking advantage of its excellent spin potential. Tip of racquet comes around fast which helps when going for angles and kick serves or recovering when caught out of position. Large sweet spot. Solid feel. Arm friendly. Been playing with this racquet for about two months in competition singles and social doubles and I am playing better with this than anything previous racquet. Love the head shape. Recommend stringing at lower tensions. Having it strung at 56 pounds using 4G Rough was a mistake. The result was boardy feel at the net. Once the tension dropped it really came to life. Need full swing to get most out of it as on medium swings it feels low powered but explodes on long strokes with good follow through. Angle of departure from string bed is not high or floaty like many whippy racquets I have tried before which means that even with good amount of top spin it does not bounce up into the opponents strike zone for an easy put away. Similarly, slice stays nice and low. Have not used Yonex prior to this racquet but now I am a complete convert.
From: Sean, 4/14

Comments: Wow! I can't believe I'm leaving my Head Youtek IG Prestige MP, but I'm converted. Fast swinging, easy access to spin, generous sweet spot. Control seems to get better the harder you hit the ball. This racquet is a lighter spec than my previous -- easier to swing and I found my serve and one-handed backhand are improved. The only downside is that volleys seem less solid. 4.5 player. Strung with Babolat RPM Blast 17 at 53 lbs.
From: Royce, 4/14

Comments: Feels like a forgiving classic player's racquet. Very easy to maneuver, excellent at the net, softish feel but still lots of control. Could have a little more spin maybe but you can get that back with the right strings. You will also feel how this racquet is flexible (which may take a little getting used to if you played with stiff frames before, but I came to appreciate it now). Demo'd for a while with the Babolat APD before that and I liked the stability on that racquet a lot, but didn't like how it felt less maneuverable especially when preparing for a single handed backhand. Then tested the EZONE Ai100 because it had the same specs as the APD but liked the slightly heavier version (98) more. I am 40 years old and play at a 4.0 level, all-round player. Using it with Yonex Poly Tour Pro. Strung at 53 pounds. Very happy with this and switched from my Prince to this.
From: Ken, 3/14

Comments: This is a very nice racquet. The spec is solidly within my range. I am a older player with traditional strokes and have played with several players sticks. As others playtesters have mentioned, it is string sensitive. If you are not a polyester user you are going to have to go through some testing to get it dialed in. More on that later. The racquet is very fast through the air as suggested. It is powerful and has an enormous sweetspot. The grip shape is perfect. I had trouble getting serves in as they just exploded off the string-bed. Had to tone down and use slice and topspin. Slice and topspin groundies are very accessible. Feel is excellent. Nice flex, but plays stiffer than the 63 RA suggests. Fast and stable at net. Serious put-away power from all parts of the court. I'm really hesitant to endorse this racquet to people who prefer a traditional players frame strung with gut or multifilament. You'll hear the TW playtesters refer to this as a modern frame. My current setup is multi mains with gut crosses at 56 lbs. I believe I am going to have to go up to around 60 lbs or more to get a bit more control. I need accuracy over power. I would appreciate hearing from other traditional players using this racquet as to their string setup.
From: Mark, 3/14

Comments: Perhaps one of the best racquets I have played with. Much better than previous models. It is more maneuverable and has more control. Still very stable and decent power. Traditional and swing volleys are much more solid. My serve is much better with this racquet compared to Xi 98. I do think this racquet is very string sensitive. I use a good multi in the mains with a poly cross. First I tried NXT Power (57 lbs) in the mains with Babolat RPM (52 lbs) in the crosses and hated the setup. I switched the poly to Luxilon 4g 16 at 52 lbs and it was so much better. This one is a keeper.
From: Barrett, 2/14

Comments: Great racquet! I mostly play doubles and was looking for as racquet that's a little quicker at the net than my trusty Prince O3 White. I must have demoed close to 20 racquets, all within the 11oz to 11.5oz, 3pts. to 7 pts. HL, and swing speed in the low 300s to 322. In the past, I hadn't given Yonex racquets a second thought but I figured that didn't have anything to lose. After demoing a few Yonex racquets, I finally boiled it down to the Yonex Ezone Xi 100 but as I continued to demo the racquet, I began to realize that the TW review regarding too much power and mishits due to the head shape were spot on. So, I decided to give the Yonex VCORE XI 98 a whirl since the specs were exactly what I was looking for and I must say that the racquet did not disappoint. The racquet was quick at the net, ground strokes were smooth, serves had plenty of kick, and I could easily pick my spots. Although the racquet has a 69 stiffness rating, it was very comfortable. The one area that the VCORE XI 98 didn't impress was during volleys, just didn't seem to have that solid punch, put away feel. Even though I wasn't 100 percent satisfied with my volleys with this racquet, I was willing to compromise since I was doubtful that I would ever find a racquet that met all of my requirements. My local pro shop finally got a demo of the Ezone AI 98 and I decided to give this a try before making my final decision and I'm glad that I did. The AI 98 excels in all areas and again, I would have to say that the TW review was spot on. The one area where I felt the most noticeable difference was with my volleys as they seemed much more crisp and they now had that solid put away feel. The racquet is very comfortable and although the specs are very similar to the Prince O3 White, the AI 98 is feels much quicker which is very noticeable at net, during ground stokes, and while I'm serving. Also, the frame shape is less like the traditional Yonex frames of old and so far, I haven't had any frame mishits. If you look at the TW review categories (ground strokes, serve, comfort, etc.) I would have to say that the AI 98 performed better in every category when compared to the VCORE XI 98. With that said, I decided to purchase the AI 98 and have no regrets. For reference, I've been using the Head FXP Tour 16g, strung at 58 lbs. The FXP is a great string (easy on the arm, good pocketing, durable, comfortable, affordable) and the higher string tensions gives me more control. However, when these strings are ready to be cut out, I •˙m planning to combine the Solinco Tour Bite Soft and the FXP Tour for a hybrid set-up. This will bring tame the power a bit while providing more access to spin.
From: Eddie, 2/14

Comments: Just bought this racquet. I demoed it in November and enjoyed it very much, but wanted to try out a couple more, so I just gave it back. Easy access to depth from baseline, great spin potential, forgiving sweet spot, good at net etc. The next was a VCore 98Xi. That one said to be a bit more control oriented, but still on the "power-side" of the players racquet. It was pretty good description. I could be very offensive from the baseline, even it was okay when hitting angles from the middle of the court, but somehow it struggled at the net very much. It has some shock absorbing in the handle what makes somehow a bit too dampened the whole thing. Such a shame. Next one was the highly mentioned VCore Tour 97 310g. I had very high expectations on this one. Maybe that was the fault I just had a bit of a disappointment. Dont get me wrong, the racquet itself is great. Very manueverable, very solid, awesome at the net, but too low powered for me from the baseline. Forehands were almost acceptable even on defense, but the backhand side was non existent for me. I admit this is due to my style not fitting for this racquet not anything bad with that, but still. On the video review, TW also mentioned they had some trouble finding depth from the baseline. So after 2 weeks I brought this one back too. And bought this new Ezone AI98! I did not dare to buy it first, but after hitting trough some more "player-styled" fellow racquets I found that this stick adds the most to my game. It allows me to be offensive from every areas of the court. Not forgetting, that this has the best looking paint job also from the trio. I'm just a bit confused why it got "only" 84 points overall, when none of the testers really mentioned any drawbacks. Especially Jason's 8.2 score, who said this stick to early favourite of the year.
From: Bence, 2/14

Comments: Third time out hitting with this racquet. I have it strung with ALU power at 52 lbs. Loads of feel with the setup and a true delight at net. I switched from the VCORE 97 330 grams. The Ai is a much quicker frame for sure but the same crisp Yonex feel. This one provides a lot more feedback and can pretty much do anything extremely well. I am getting the hang of serving with this racquet and serving is precise with flat, spin and kick whatever you ask it to do. Frame is ultra comfortable with a very solid feel. Very excited about this frame as I get more used to it.
From: Shereef, 2/14

Comments: Such a great racquet. The feel is excellent, stability and pace are all well aligned. It is my first Yonex racquet, and I was drawn to it by the TW video review. I used to play with AeroPro Drive but the hollow feeling and too much power impaired my 4.5 game. Strung with Yonex Poly Tour Pro, it is a great combo.
From: Charlie, 2/14

Comments: Having bought my second frame, I can tell you the soft response and large sweetspot are awesome. The feel is great and everything clicks. My serves are not fully dialed in yet, but getting there.
From: Max, 2/14

Comments: The VCore 98 hurt my left forearm. Went back to Prince. Decided to give Yonex another chance as I really liked the feel and controlled-power. Glad I did. Been playing with AI 98 strung at 55 lbs with Head FXP Tour and it is butter- smooth. The TW video review is spot on: sits between AeroDrive and Blade 98. Yeah, it really is that good. Don't miss out on an exceptional frame: comfort, power, and control.
From: Stefan, 1/14

Comments: Never been a fan of the Ivanovic racquets but this is a must demo. Excellent choice for a combination of power and control, but I think I'll stay with my Yonex 97 tour 310gr which has a quicker racquet head swing weight . Go Yonex!
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I tested and bought a pair of Ai98s, my first ever Yonex. A radical change from the Prince Rebel 98 I played before. I found this frame to be a thorough difference from past Yonex frames I had tried. It may be lacking that "familiar" (like you had been playing with it all your life) feeling, but this one surely is sexier. If you like to whip and punch from the baseline, this is your gun. I have been playing with them for a month or so. Very easy to swing around, hits a very heavy ball, though if you want maximum speed, you need to generate it yourself. Very good on serve and counter-punching. Topspin ok, though not phenomenal. Love the flat hits. I strung mine with a modern poly (Starburn Vortex Turbo 6), 1.25 gauge, 22.5x21.5 kg, 4 knots. To be cut every 9 hours of play. Not for lazy players.
From: Stefano, 1/14

Comments: Awesome stick. I kept going back and forth from the Xi 98 and Xi 100. I ended up needing the Xi 100 because the weight was easier on an old wrist injury. The new Ai98 swings easier than the Xi version. Maybe a tad less power, but I really didn't notice it too much. Still gives huge spin and huge serves. Bought two Ai 98s and so far, I am loving them. Great blend of power and control. I strung them at 50 lbs with Vokyl Cyclone Tour 17G (Black). They look sharp! I'm an NRTP 4.5 rated player, am 41 years old and mainly play singles.
From: B. Burns, 11/13

Comments: I'm a collegiate player at a community college and I have just made my switch to this Yonex Ezone Ai 98. Boy was I happy with the switch that I made. My former racquet was the Head YouTek IG Instinct MP, and I was looking for something a little heavier with a litlle smaller head size. I'm extremely happy with the new cosmetics wear (looking at the neck of the racquet and cosmetics really reminds me of the Babolat AeroPro Drive), the specs really fit up my alley. This racquet is extremely fast and very suitable for player like myself who like to rip a flat forehand for a winner. The racquet gave me great stability and also offers a good maneuverability. I love returning serve with this racquet due to it fast frame. On serve, this racquet will give you a lot of variety, hitting slices and topspin serve were effortless, but if you want to flatten it out, it may take some adjustment. At net, the racquet has a good feel, I was able to take cuts at the ball at net or absorb pace to create a drop-volley easily. However, I do feel this racquet can be a bit string sensitive. I strung both my racquet with a monofilament (Gosen Polyquest 17) and a pentagon shaped poly (Yonex Poly Spin). I think the racquet performs better with the pentagon shaped string, so I think Head FXP or Solinco Tour Bite would be a great option too. Overrall, words to describe this new member of the Yonex Family is: fast, spin-friendly, and precise. I do reccomend this racquet to players who are looking for a fast-feeling racquet that offers great feel and precision on-court. I strung it with Poly Tour Spin at 54 lbs and Gosen Polyquest 17 at 56 lbs.
From: Hao, 11/13

Comments: I have been playing with Yonex racquets for 20 plus years and am a huge fan. For the past 4 years, I played with the RDS-001 Mid Plus and love that racquet. Since all of my racquets need to be replaced, the Yonex rep at the 2013 U.S. Open suggested I try the Ezone XI 98. Have been playing with this racquet the past couple of months and it has to much power for me and not enough control. I tried different strings and changing the tension and nothing worked. Have been playing with the AI 98 for the past week and found that it has less power and definitely more control. It's a keeper. My AI 98 is strung with X-One Biphase 17g at 60 pounds. The AI 98 head shape is more oval and not the normal Yonex square shape that I was used too. Give this new racquet a try, I think you will like it!!
From: Joe, 11/13

Comments: I've been a Yonex player for years, and am a tennis pro/trainer in Austria. I agree with Voja, the new AI 98 is simmilar to the former XI, but with less power and more maneuverability due to the smaller shape (23/24/19.5). The paint job is awsome.
From: Tom, 11/13

Comments: I got the Ai 98 (test model) from a Yonex rep (in Europe) on the 6th of November and played 8 hours with it! Played with XI98 for the past 3 months! Compared to the XI98, I found that these are similar but the AI98 is a little less stable and a bit less powerful but more maneuverable and a bit more controlled. I think this is due to different weight distribution on the AI98. Tension on the racket was 53 lbs with Yonex Poly Tour Pro.
From: Voja, 11/13

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