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Comments: When I started with this racquet, I found it a bit wobbly especially with my backhand. However, with a bit of usage and getting used to, I realized it was way stabler. Also it gives you an extra pop to your service. Recommend it especially for players who are not naturally muscular with their strokes.
From: Prabhu, 1/12

Comments: I've been playing with Prince Original Graphite Oversize for the last 10 years. I bought a Babolat Y 112 LTD around six weeks ago and played doubles around 8 times (on hard courts and soft courts) and singles around 4 (soft courts). The Y 112 LTD is a great stick:

1. It volleys much better than the Prince Original Graphite Oversize. It is easier to get around, more pop, and good touch.

2. Groundstrokes are (for me) better than the Prince Original Graphite Oversize. It is much easier to keep the ball deep. I was surprised that for a light racquet that my groundstrokes were as solid

3. Overheads are much better than the Prince Original Graphite Oversize. Since it is lighter, I can "snap" the overheads and keep them in the court. With the Prince Original Graphite Oversize it was hard to keep some overheads in.

4. Drop shots: The Prince Original Graphite Oversize has been much better so far. I think that because the Prince Original Graphite Oversize was "deader" than the Y 112 LTD that I will have to use a much softer wrist on drop shots.

5. Serves: I like the Y 112 LTD better than the Prince Original Graphite Oversize, although I can serve fairly well with both when my serve is working. However, I can get a bit more pop with the Y 112 LTD.

Summary: If you are looking to replace a Prince Original Graphite Oversize check out the Y 112 LTD. With almost the same stroke style I get better pop, better depth, and surprisingly better control (for me). Please note that although I'm and old guy I play lacrosse each week so I still get around (at least for the first set) as good as I did 20 years ago. So the Y 112 LTD is a a good choice for folks with a "physical" style of play as well as a laid back one. Please note I had Tennis Warehouse string it at 62 pounds and even though it loosened up it still seems to play pretty much the same.
From: Berto, 9/11
String type and tension: Gossen Micro Sheep 17g at 62 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

Comments: Bought the Y-112 LTD. middle of 2009. Didn't get it strung until a few months later. Then started hitting with this stick and initially didn't like the feel much. Then the more I hit with it, the more I liked it. Great stick! Stiffness and weight makes it stable and controllable. Only quip I have with mine is I had it strung too high. I'll have it re-strung at a much lower tension next. I'll be playing mostly with this stick from now, and move away from my Wilson K-5 which is too light and too flexible.
From: Dudeman, Hong Kong 01/10
String type and tension: Luxi Big Banger Blue 56 pounds.
Headsize: 112

Comments: Okay here's the deal with this racquet: I'm 56 years old and was once rated 4.5 NTRP 20 years ago. Now, I'm probably about a 3.5 -4.0 (I'm dealing with it). Age is a bummer,and its effects are real (loss of flexibility, strength, aerobic condition, & balance). I've played tennis for over 30 years. I've won over 100 local tournaments in Florida (different levels and USTA). I started with wood racquets, went to steel, then aluminum, and then graphite. For years I played with the Prince Graphite 110. Then, for the last several years I played with the Babolat Roddick Pure Drive + - I REALLY liked it for its power from the ground and for serves but not volleys. For those of you looking for a technological compensation for age related decline it probably doesn't exist and I tried lots of racquets including the regular Y112 (I didn't like that one. Way too light); however, I like this racquet (Y112 Ltd) and it helps. It's not a fountain of youth but it will restore some of your game. Here's how: From the specs. you will see that the Y112 Ltd is LIGHTER and almost as stiff as the Pure Drive. It's more head heavy than the Pure Drive and, of course, the head of the 112 Ltd is lots BIGGER - even bigger than the Prince 110! So, with age, as our strength declines (unless you are a training fanatic) and our aerobic capacity dwindles (unless you are a training fanatic), the Y112 Ltd is easier (read lighter) to swing! If you're a power player with a big swing string it tight, or you'll be in the fence! This racquet has inherent power and great spin potential! At the net, well here's the improvement over the Pure Drive this racquet is made to volley it maneuvers easily and has good punch. You'll love it for doubles and that occasional saunder to the net in singles. On serves it is easily swung and possesses real power with a deliberate motion however, the Y112 Ltd is not as powerful on serves as the Pure Drive on flat serves but it's close enough. I have noticed much greater spin on kick serves with the Y112 maybe because of the larger face? Anyway it's a lot easier to swing. Vibration is an issue but if you are familiar with the Pure Drive then you already know vibration. String the Y112 Ltd with VS Team. If you're a hard hitter, string this racquet tight and do not flip your wrist - the ball will go out - instead lock your wrist and swing through the ball - you will be impressed. You'll be pleased. And, happy. And, if you live in Florida, and you are about my age, don't buy this racquet. I don't want to play you. Good Luck!
From: anon. 10/09

Comments: Best racquet I've ever had and I've had plenty. I like trying new gear but this will be in my bag for a long time. Power, control, big sweetspot, highly maneuverable and great topsin. Nothing lacking here.
From: Marty, Charlotte, NC. 7/09
String type and tension:Klip Natural Gut 17 @ 63 pounds
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I have to agree with the previous review, I love this racquet. It makes me want to play tennis even more, because it lets me play a more comfortable game. I love the sweet spot and the precision I get. The marketing hoopla is no joke, this racquet can make a difference for your game!
From: Chris, Charlotte, NC, USA. 04/09

Comments: In my 52 years I have never tried a oversize racquet like the Y112 Ltd. It is Fabulosa! It has power, control and excellent balance. After hitting more than 600 balls with the ball machine at different speeds and height, I felt that this is the racquet that anyone can use; amateur or pro. Don't kid yourself, this racquet will make a bigger impact than the Prince Graphite when it came out at the beginning. Babolat did it again.
From: Lazar, Newton, MA. 3/09
String type and tension: VS at 55lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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