Donnay X-P Dual Lite Black 102 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: It is a surprising racquet, a beautiful and truly elegant frame with a unique feeling; I have played with all possible Donnay racquets from a personal collection of over 45 models and it's been a sheer pleasure to go into games with this racket. Often, I think it is a better racquet than the X-Dual Red 99 or the Pro One 97. I bought it because of severe arm pain which at the end as I came to realise was the result of using Poly or co-poly strings. It slices the ball with easiness and sends the ball flying at low attitude just above the net, surprising opponents, I play a flat strong forehand and I never face any difficulty returning quick shots from powerful hitters; I tried the Donnay kit adding the 5 and 10 grams butt and the added weights at 9 and 3 o`clock, only to return the racket in its original state, it is as if Donnay came up with the perfect balance. I often go back to my Pro One 18x20 or the powerful Donnay Academy Pro but I end up finishing my tennis plays with the X-P Dual lite Black. As I said, it is also an extremely elegant racquet with an almost perfect design.
From: Lambros, 9/14

Comments: Now that I've played a year with this racquet, I can finally comment. If you play poorly with this, don't go blaming the racquet. Previously, I used the Babolat Pure Drive for years, but it was too harsh on my arm and started feeling heavy at the end of a long match. I used a friend's Ti9 and found it fun, but too light to be stable and way too stiff, but loved the power. After a lot of research, I came across this stick. It's light enough, ultra-stable, and really soft on the arm. I was dubious of its headweight, but adjusted it with their customization kit. Great serves, solid spin access, and impressive follow-through, especially given its light weight. I found it very precise and it raised my game. Those with arm or shoulder issues should give this a go. I'm a 3.5 about to turn fifty and won't be looking for another racquet anytime soon.
From: Eric, 10/13

Comments: The big picture here is positive for the X-P Dual Lite Black 102. Good power, decent control, nice feel, good spin. I replaced the standard handle cap with a 5g cap from the customization kit to tip the racquet towards even/head light. It's still a fairly stable racquet. I find it plays close to a Prince Tour Team 100 or the Volkl Team Tour. Both those sticks are less expensive than the X-P Dual Lite. Why raise this point?. Because at these prices the devil is in the details. And unfortunately my experience with Donnay X-P Dual Lite and X-P Dual racquets suggests to me someone isn't paying attention to the details as evidenced by smaller than listed grips (in fact two 4 1/2's were slightly different) and, in my opinion, a flawed design for the stock head guard grommet piece that leaves the distal portion of the plastic sticking up off the frame on one end after stringing. This has happened to three racquets (2 lites, 1 xp dual) all strung either by competent TW stringers or a pro stringer that used to string at Wimbledon. And the higher the string tension the worse it rides up off the frame. Interestingly, the replacement head guard (for both the lite and xp dual) is of a different design. One could speculate this is the fix to the stock ones on a new frame. Yet the replacement is so difficult to fit and seems small and so unreasonably tight that a couple grommets don't even make it completely through the frame. So while I admire this racquet for its big picture items, I keep going back to the Prince Tour Team 100.
From: Tim, 10/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Multi Feel @ 55lbs

Comments: I'm a 4.5 senior (63 years old) playing competitive USTA and country club tennis. I play almost every day. I've been using the Head TI Fire strung with Signum Pro Hyperion. My TI Fire is a great racquet for a serve and volleyer like me, but doesn't have the pop to put away overheads. Since my Head is discontinued and consider a "Low Power" racquet by TW I'm always in search of a stick that allows me to volley and pop. This Donnay may be the one. Volleys were very crisp and controlled. Overheads are much better and so was my serving. Not sure about the stiffness; must play some more with it and see how it affects my arm. Only used it once, but very impressed with the lack of vibration that the stick offers. Thought Head was the king of that. Very pleasantly surprised.
From: Allan, 6/12

Comments: Very nice racquet. Lots of control on ground strokes I can hit all the spots I'm aiming at. Serves with this thing are beast lots of power and pop to propel the ball. Returns are also great with this stick, it's so stable it's very easy to block back a ball deep and get ahead in the point. I suffer from tennis elbow and after using this it's gone! I can play for hours at a time and feel no pain at all. You can hear and feel the ionic/kinetic technology in the racquet sounds like sand but whatever it is works great! Eliminates shock completely. Very impressed with this stick and it is definitely my racquet of choice.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Started hitting with this racket three weeks ago and very impressed. Sold feel and to me hits much heavier than the 10.4 rated weight. But what I really like is the thinner profile instead of the thicker frames that seems to have take over the market the last 5-8 years. Frame is super comfortable. No pain in my shoulder that I received from the Yonnex RDIS 100 that I tried to play with. My son who is a ranked junior is also has fallen for the Donnay and is going to set aside his Prince Black and play with this for the 2012 season. Great all-court racket.
From: Jeff, 1/12

Comments: I've been demoing this racquet for about the last 3-4 weeks, testing it against a few Head Radical racquets and the Head TiS6 (a little too light, but very nice for a fun, back up stick). Of all these racquets, the Donnay has the best feel, combining just the right amount of power and ability to spin. In comparison, the Head radicals are solid racquets (a bit heavier) but don't have the same "zing" as the Donnay X-P Dual Lite. I added .5 grams in the butt of the racquet and also added weight strips at 3 and 9 on the racquet head (using Donnay's custom weight kit), and the racquet now feels just right. Just the right amount of "pop" and control for a player at my level. I would definitely recommend this racquet to 3.5+ players with solid strokes, looking for a good all around racquet with a lot of maneuverability.
From: Andy, 12/11
String type and tension: Donnay Strings/55lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is great I have been using it since October. With the serve, I can generate more power. Same with the forehand, backhand and all strokes. This generates great spin and control when you hit the ball you feel it well. The racquet makes you work so don't think it's easy. Overall, this racquet deserves 9.5 out of 10.
From: Brennan 12/11

Comments: I was playing with Babolat racquets and decided to switch and try out this Donnay racquet and the new technology I was reading about with the Dual Cores. I am glad I switched! My shoulder no longer hurts after playing and this racquet has plenty of power. My serve has increased speed and accuracy. Spin is awesome! I am still getting a little use to the racquet and the power I can generate. At the net, this racquet is as good as I have ever used. When you hit a shot in the sweet spot it feels so smooth. I definitely recommend this racquet if you are a 3.5 or higher player.
From: Chris, 10/11
String type and tension: Gamma Zo Twist at 58 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 3.5 / 4.0

Comments: This is without a doubt one of the best frames available from Donnay. Do not be fooled this is 100% a player's frame, the 102 from Donnay measures out to be about 100. The X-P Dual Black 102 is very soft and buttery from all areas of the court yet still has that punch when you need to flatten out that forehand inside out or plaster the backhand down the line. Surprising power generated from frame itself despite the fact the frame is so flexible.
From: Jason, 10/11
String type and tension: Donnay Poly/Donnay Multi
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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