Donnay X-P Dual Black 102 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I have gone back and forth with wanting to make this my racquet of choice for the last few months, and I have now decided that it feels too good not to give it a serious trial period. The racquet, while a bit light, is definitely solid -- it does not feel flimsy. If your strokes are solid and consistent, you will be able to take advantage of the racquet's maneuverability, and you will also enjoy the racquet's control and power. I have been using the Prince Rebel 98 to minimize elbow pain and flareups, and it is still one of my favorite racquets ever, but the X-P Dual definitely has something going for it. I should also mention that it also does a good job of minimizing vibrations that can aggravate the elbow. Generally, my groundstrokes (both forehand and backhand) are more powerful with this racquet, as is my serve, but, this is only when my form and timing are right. If I'm at all off, the racquet loses its magic feel. If you're a strong 4.0 or 4.5 player, and are looking for a lighter magic wand, you'll probably like this racquet. In any event, it's definitely worth a demo.
From: Andy, 12/14

Comments: This is my racquet of choice for two years now and still, I am very impressed and satisfied. It is crisp yet supple, controllable yet powerful, stable yet easy to maneuver. I highly recommend Donnay's customization kit, to get the most out of this racquet -- I use weight at the 3 and 9 positions -- 3 grams each and added 8 grams to the end cap. Strung with MSV Focus-HEX Plus and I use an overgrip and dampener.
From: Rene, 6/14

Comments: This is a very good all court racquet. It gives you solid control and a lot of power. I never had elbow problems with it, and I play about 6-9 hours each week. The only problem is that I have with this racquet is that the strings break way faster compared to my old Babolat Pure Storm. I used to get 3 months between restringing with Babolat (Addiction strings), and now it is down to three weeks. I had to resort to Kevlar or poly hybrids instead of my usual multifilaments, and that requires me to change my game a lot -- hard hitting, less of a touch shots etc.
From: Bob, 1/14

Comments: I was looking for a flexible frame, and this is it, it might even be too flexible. It has a plush and comfortable muted feel, forgiving response, maybe a little unstable, I wish there was more mass towards the head, but I guess that can be fixed with lead tape as others mentioned. I did not have time to fully get used to the extreme head light balance that makes it a great doubles racquet. So my friend took it out of my hand one day to try it and never gave it back -- he said this is the most comfortable frame and it improved his game as well, true! Now I'm off to find another Donnay for myself, I'd probably go with the Silver 99 for more stability.
From: Pete, 6/13

Comments: This racquet has good feel and is very comfortable on the arm. My issue with it is hitting balls long. If you like to hit out, then this is not for you. The X-P Dual would be great for an older player that needs just a bit more power from a comfy, flexible frame.
From: Justin, 4/13

Comments: My son's coach highly recommended this racquet for me to use due to a bad elbow problem. Unfortunately it didn't match my style of hitting. I find it too wobbly with a flat forehand (however my buddy that's a spinner loved it). I added weights to the 3 and 9 o'clock positions and also in the butt cap, and that helps but I still felt a slight wobble for me. It also made it a little too heavy in my opinion. It did help me play pain free, but my arm gets really tired hours after playing, I guess due to the overall weight of the racquet. I gave it 3 months to get use to the weight and the wobbliness, but I still don't like it. Long story short, I ended up trading it in for a Donnay Platinum 99.
From: Phil, 12/12

Comments: I recently got the opportunity to get my hands on one in almost perfect condition, 295/318/67. When using a new racquet, I prefer to string fairly low. If required, tensions moves up till I get the best feel from the racquet and string. That first one, I strung Gosen Sidewinder 17g black at 47.3/45.1 lbs; 3gr weights installed at 3 & 9 position, + 5gr butt cap. The head shape reminds me off Head i.tour. I have to confess, I did not like the feel from the stringbed very much with 3gr customization weights in the racquet head. It felt not really harsh but not as comfortable as expected. I also own a X-Red 99 preferred without any added weight, and this offers a VERY plush feel versus X-P Dual + 3gr. Logically, I removed the head weights and immediately it felt much better. Still kind of more crispness compared to the Red, however; nearly everything worked well, impressive ball trajectory, stable feel against heavy opponent hits, directional control without issues. Looking forward I strung up a Co-Poly prototype which I already tried in another racquet, Gamma T-7. The crisp yet soft feeling string reminds me of Solinco Tour Bite, just a little better all around. By the way, Donnay X-P Dual without customization in the racquet head offers a softer and bit more power over the T-7. Not that much, but enough to realize. Bottom line, I am impressed with the racquet so far.
From: Rene, 10/12

Comments: Call me crazy, but I agree with Henry. I thought this racquet was going to be as solid as my X White 99 but it's not. It is stiff and unstable even with the weight added. I had no control when volleying or going for my shots. It was quite disappointing since I love and own some of the Donnay X series racquet, I have the White 99 (my favorite), the Orange 99, Blue 99 and Red 94.
From: Jose, 10/12

Comments: I have golfer's elbow (inside of elbow rather than outside) and this racquet definitely works to reduce tennis-related arm pain. Previously, the day after a match I would feel clear, sharp pain in the affected area and was also developing additional wrist issues. But after hitting with the XP Dual, all I feel the next day is a very, very mild ache that's no worse than any other part of my body after a good workout. So I believe it will give me many additional years of tennis playing. Well done Donnay! The flip side is that strung with whatever the factory puts in, at their recommended tension, the racquet does not generate much pop or power, and I personally don't find it a very precise or forgiving stick. On the one hand I am shanking a lot more balls, and on the other, when I do find the sweet spot I'm tending to hit the ball long and not feel a lot of control. I will continue using this for it's major benefit, but I will need to experiment with strings and also adapt my game to suit it, rather than it helping my game. Slices felt good, as I was able to produce a lot of hard, fizzing slices with plenty of depth. I had less precision on my volleys compared to my previous racquets. I'm a decent volleyer but I spray them more with the XP. Groundstrokes felt decent, but I needed to concentrate more than usual on form and targeting the ball, to avoid making contact anywhere outside the sweet spot. The racquet doesn't give me any power, and I need to generate it all myself. I had pretty good control on my serve, but it seems to have taken some power off of it as well. My racquet came with factory recommended (and I presume generic) strings.
From: Ray, 8/12

Comments: If you looking for an arm-friendly stick, this one is a must demo. After shredding my elbow with the Babolot AeroPro Drive GT and having to stop playing tourneys, I decided to punt the stiff racquet and go for a racquet with a lower stiffness rating. After trying 12 different racquets with varying degrees of success and comfort, I stumbled on this racquet. It was perfect from the get go. The demo had a hybrid string job that was ok. After I purchased, I went with multifilament at 55lbs and found more topspin and power than the AeroPro, more forgiving sweet spot and easier swing. The lighter swing weight took some getting used to with the two-handed backhand. Volleys are like silk. The solid core feels stable and absorbs a ton of vibration yet unlike the ProKennex, this racquet provides great feel. Bottom line, if you have arm issues, try this racquet.
From: Michel, 7/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG 16 @ 55 lbs

Comments: I was also puzzled by Henry's comments below about this being a stiff racquet (and by his suggestion to use a racquet other than your usual racquet for training purposes). Flexible, soft feel, yet fairly powerful with very good control. A great racquet for middle age players who still have some game, want a little help with pop but aren't ready for a granny stick.
From: Mike, 3/12

Comments: I like this frame a lot. I agree with most of the feedback here, but I disagree with the comments from Henry on 2/12. This is a flexible players frame that has a larger head size, 102 inches. I would say that many players above the 3.0 level could use the frame if they have full, well developed swings and are looking for control. It is a very, very good doubles racquet, as it is very head light and maneuverable. I put the 10 gram weight in the handle, and it plays around 11.6 ounces now and is very comfortable. If you are looking for a doubles or all court stick that has a larger head size to help with volleys and offer some extra forgiveness, this is an excellent choice - and one of the only choices with these specs (larger head size, thin beam, flexible frame). It's about the exact opposite of a Babolat.
From: Buck, 3/12

Comments: Following up on my comments below, this racquet with the customization package is even better, adding plow to its great performance. I swapped in the +5 gram buttcap and put 3 gram inserts at 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00 on the head. Still swings relatively easily but solid as a rock with nice plow (weight added is 14 grams, about a half ounce). Love playing with this thing.
From: Mark, 3/12

Comments: This racquet is for players who are elite 4.5 and above. The frame is stiff all around, but it will flex at contact of the ball. I felt the stiffness of the racquet as the ball makes contact. Its gets worse because as the racquet flex, it cause the ball to push the frame more and thus causes force against your shot. I had to grunt and do some really good foot work to move forward into the shot to get my shot off. Not a good doubles game racquet. I was floating returns for the opponent net guy to smack. On the flip side, use this racquet to train. You will develop strength and better preparation. I played with this racquet the first set and lost 0-6, I switched back to my regular racquet and won 6-2,6-3. I will probably choose the Donnay Formula 100. It has much more pop and power and easier on the arm.
From: Henry, 2/12

Comments: I just switched to this racquet after demo hits that blew me away. What surprised me was the blistering power this thing hits with, remarkable for a relatively flexy 11 ounce racquet. I expected comfort and control, and found those in abundance, but didn't expect so much pop. I found no shortcomings in this racquet. Serves are hard and accurate, perhaps as the racquet has a slightly teardrop shape, wide towards the top. The flexiness makes for accurate and very controlled volleys. I sometimes floated easy volleys a bit long with several prior racquets I'd used, have yet to see that happen with this one. Touch shots (drop, half-volley) are extraordinary, so much control there that I've been hitting a freaky number of half-volley winners, such is the tendency of this frame to hit hard yet keep the ball low and well controlled.
From: Mark, 2/12

Comments: Simply amazing racquet! Had no intention of looking for new racquets, as I had just switched last April, but borrowed my buddy's new X-P Dual recently. After spending several sessions with it, as well as the TW demo, and comparing with other Babolat, Head, etc. demos I can absolutely say I am a believer. Placed my order this morning. The X-P Dual feels solid like a heavier racquet, including good plow-through on groundstrokes, but it hits with such little effort and is easily whippable when required. Serves have extra pop, voleys are crisp with good touch. Groundstrokes are just amazing - even those ugly ones where you're completely on defense and can only manage to bunt the ball back. Those shots more often that not keep you in the rally with this racquet. The Xene-Core must be the wave of the future. It manages to make the racquet feel both dampened from shock, but also still yielding good feel. My shoulder has been killing me lately with my Head's. Played 6 matches in 27 hours this weekend and have no soreness, let alone pain. The matte black finish is nice and subtle. Players are often surprised when they finally catch a glimpse of the Donnay name inside the head. Feels and sorta looks like a thin-beam racquet, but is probably in between the current widebodys and something like Fed's Wilson lumber. Try one out, you might be amazed!
From: Douglas, 1/12

Comments: This is a phenomenal racquet. I have some experience playing with solid core racquets and I just couldn't figure out why this racquet felt terrible for my first playtest of it. Here's the thing about Donnay Racquets, you don't need to string high at all. As a matter of fact treat it like a box-beamed racquet. Stiff strings at high tensions will not play well in this frame at all. There is a lot of control from this frame and where the pop comes from is going lower on your string tensions. Feel free to laugh at how low I have strung mine up but try it once and you'll be shocked. I tried Dunlop Black Widow 16 @35lbs and it was way, way, way too stiff (coming from a player who likes stiff racquets and stiff strings at high tensions and considers himself to be able to still get good feel). That being said, I playtested this stick for about 40 hours before switching away from my Babolat Aero Pro Drive. If you're going to add lead add it to the lower portion of the hoop, somewhere between 4:00-5:00 or 6:00-7:00.
From: Anon, 12/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 18 at 39 lbs, Babolat RPM Blast 17/Premier LT 16 at 43 lbs or Dunlop Black Widow 16 at 25 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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