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Comments: As a 4.5 level junior I found this racquet to be great for my game, but it definitely would not suit everyone. I switched from a Pure Drive Plus to this frame (although Aero Pro was my preferred frame) and found it suited my extreme western forehand and high heavy topspin game brilliantly, but flattening out the ball especially on serves (strung with Volkl Cyclone at 60 lbs) was extremely difficult, but it was great for kickers and slice serves. As an ambidextrous player (left handed serve, right handed groundstrokes) I would struggle to swap the racquet between hands with frames any heavier than 300 grams, so this weight was perfect for me, but I will be adding weight over the next few years as I graduate high school. Overall it is the best frame for kick and topspin of the court and great for slice backhands and serves, but flat hitters will struggle to keep it flat but will still be hitting deep, quality balls.
From: Sam, 3/14

Comments: Great racquet with a whole lot of pop and topspin! The only downside I found is that it can't absorb some of the harder shots my friends like to hit at me. A wonderful racquet for anyone around the high school level, but after that, I, personally, would move for a one with a little more weight to it.
From: Kevin, 8/13

Comments: I tested this racquet along with a Babolat AeroPro GT Plus, with the same strings and tension. Here are the results...The power on the forehand and backhand were similar in both racquets, but on serve I got a little more power from the Babolat. I got a little more control from the Babolat, but better tough and feel from Prince. Volleys were way better with the Prince, as it moves faster and pockets the ball better. Both were the same on off-center shots. The Prince feels softer, and I could get more spin with it too. The strings moved a little bit more in the Prince, but I think the strings and tension needed to be adjusted. My friend who is petite and fast appreciated the Prince a lot more than the Babolat. I am strong and hit hard, and also would choose the Prince over the Babolat. In conclusion, if you want a racquet that is softer, better on volleys, better feel, more arm friendly, and has a high spin and power potential, go with this one! The power levels are very similar between the two though.
From: Peter, 11/12
String type and tension: Prince Premier 17g @ 57 lbs

Comments: I flippin' love this racquet! I recently switched from a Babolat Y 118 to this. Wow, this was so much better.
From: Bre, 10/12

Comments: I recently purchased this racquet as my first 27-inch racquet. As a player who utilizes topspin on almost every shot, this racquet amazed me. I'm an intermediate level player beginning to get more serious about tennis, and I feel that my game has radically improved. Players that originally gave me difficulty I can now handily beat. The light weight of this stick allows me to generate considerable racquet-head speed, and serve has increased dramatically in power and consistency. As a player who likes to take an aggressive position at the net after a fast-paced approach shot, I found that each and every volley and overhead was precise and uncompromisingly powerful. Although this racquet is more powerful than my old BLX Six.One, I think it is very easy to use and place my shots accurately and easily. Overall, a great stepping stone for the intermediate junior or adult player looking to progress to the next level.
From: Samuel, 8/12

Comments: This racquet really should be for intermediate and advanced level players looking for spin. I used a full bed of poly (Prince Beast XP 17) at 58lbs. At first I was hitting it kind of short which annoyed me a bit. I put 2.5 grams of lead at the 2, 10, 3, and 9 positions of the racquet. I also put 8 grams of lead on the handle. 2 days after the tension dropped, I was playing much better. I was getting more power and my shots were consistently landing on the baseline. Occasionally, the ball would have so much spin that after it bounced, it had the characteristics of a kick serve, jumping more than 5ft and a half into the air. But tension went down further and I started to hit long and had to shorten my swing a tad to keep it in. At net the racquet wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I did experience some stability issues. I'll put more lead tape at 3 and 9 to fix that. Serving was great. My serves had a ton of spin. They kicked up a good 6 ft. Flat serves weren't as great but they were still better than average. I'll bump up my tension to 60 lbs next time. I'll use Solinco Tour Bite for even more spin. I might hybrid it with Solinco Revolution.
From: Reyhum, 8/12
String type and tension: Prince Beast XP 17g @ 58 lbs

Comments: The amount of spin this racquet produces is amazing. I was able to hit some productive slice shots, especially from the backhand. The performance of this racquet at net is outstanding. I experienced very controlled play at the net. If you play a lot of topspin, this racquet is for you. I was able to hit deep and effective top spin shots. Overall a very good racquet for an intermediate player who is looking to improve his/her game in terms of controlled baseline shots, Top spin and volley.
From: Prith, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 58 lbs

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