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Comments: I was having some soreness in my elbow and decided to switch to this racquet along with Babolat Tonic natural gut. What a great racquet especially from the baseline. I felt I could just let it go and rip solid forehands. Very easy racquet to maneuver, but I did have a little trouble with volleys. This racquet also has a great look with the black, silver and white. Tennis Warehouse was great! I called on a Friday morning to order and got it the next morning with free shipping. The only thing I was disappointed with was that I had requested them to stencil the racquet. The guy taking my order assured me that it wouldn't be a problem and put it on the order, but when I got the racquet, it was not stenciled.
From: DJ, 6/14

Comments: Great, under rated stick. Check out TW ratings on huge power map, power zones. Low RA yet lots of power. An oxymoron. Muted feel with juice. Demo it, buy it from TW. PRINCE has discontinued it. String it at mid range with any synthetic gut and go for it! I am a legit 4.5, 65 year old male. Player for 55 years. Have tried all the hackers racquets.
From: Jose, 5/14

Comments: Just demo'd this racquet with the Wilson Juice 100 and Steam 105S (thanks Tennis Warehouse!). I am 3.0 player with a 3.5 serve. I had a group 1.5 hours lesson and used each racquet for 30 minutes. My preference were 1. Warrior, 2. Juice, 3 Steam. Not sure of the string/tension but the Steam seemed dead in my hands, weird vibration on some volley drills. The Juice was much more stable but ball seemed really fly off the racquet for some reason. I liked this racquet so it might be my play or again composition, tension and type of string. The Warrior was very stable, quick and I was able to really get some nice spin on the ball. Serving was the highlight as I tend to, in practice, hit a high spin 1st server and then a power 2nd server. I was getting both serves in, in pairs, and the power serve had a big kick. Going to try to play again tonight and see if my initial thoughts hold true.
From: Tsandco, 5/14

Comments: I'm really clicking with this racquet! I made sure to wait for the honeymoon phase to pass before posting my thoughts so here they are: This racquet is the perfect swingweight for me. It's great on my forehand and slice backhand; however, I really struggle with my topspin on my 1hbh. The larger head makes it more difficult for me to swing my 1hander naturally. It's always been the case for me though with 100+ square inch head. This racquet makes every other one of my strokes so much better though, that it's worth it. The racquet excels on serve -- 1st and 2nd alike. The O-ports give this racquet a very generous sweetspot and it allows me to produce awesome spin. It is a little powerful so I have to string it with a poly hybrid in order to swing out fully and still keep the ball in the court. I'm still experimenting with string but I like BHB/Gosen Micro17 at 52/56 lbs the best so far. The racquet has a nice plush feel to it so I don't really feel like the poly hybrid hurts my arm (at least not yet). I like to swing fast but if you have slower strokes you can play with full synthetic or multi without any problems. I've always preferred smaller head sizes but on the advice of my tennis instructor I decided to buy a 100 headsize. He had recommended the Pure Drive but I was afraid of the stiffness so I went with the Exo3 Warrior. I'm very happy with my decision.
From: Pablo, 5/14

Comments: I got this racquet and it really made my game better! My serve goes a lot faster and my groundstrokes have been going deeper into the court with more spin. I have this set up with a synthetic gut at 60 pounds to balance the power and control. The feel is great, volleys seem natural.
From: Guilermo, 3/14

Comments: If you're like me and like to string your racquets with full polys at low 40s tension and don't want to add lead to your racquets, this is the way to go. Strung it first with a full bed of alu rough at 62 lbs and didn't like it. No feel and the ball kept flying on me after tension loss. Strung the racquet next with Pro Supex Premier Ace (stiff round poly type) at 40 lbs and loved it. Great feel, great control and spin. Similar power. Didn't even notice any tension loss. The ball didn't fly on me with this setup. Its crazy to think that low tension works with this but it does. And the serve is juiced up and more consistent now too. Gonna try it with Luxilon 4g next.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: After 2 weeks of coaching and playing with the Prince EXO3 Warrior 100 I have to say it is a really sweet stick. I have played with the Babolat Pure Storm GT for the last 2 years and wanted something with similar weight and stiffness but with a bigger head size and power for coaching. The Prince excels in regards to having a huge sweetspot (rarely ever feels like I hit outside of it) and it flies through the air so quick when wanting to crush some balls. Not sure if it is the port holes that help with these attributes but it feels nice. It is definitely more poweful than the Babolat and I dont lose any control. Serves don't seem to be as accurate as with the Babolat and I haven't seen a massive leap in service power, but I haven't had much time serving to really comment on this. Overall I believe it is a great racquet with very controllable power, easy on the arm, a very forgiving sweetspot, and stable for a lighter stick. It's my new frame for coaching and playing.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: Great racquet. Does have a lot of power, precision, and topspin. It helped in all areas of my game. The only thing is there is some vibration and lack of feel at the beginning until you get used to it. You can take care of the vibration with a good dampner. I actually use two and it works very well. It's definitely worth it to demo this racquet. I'm getting ready to buy a second one. I've tested all similar racquets including Babolat (that was a more stable and with less vibration) but none got close to Prince Exo3's performance.
From: G, 2/13

Comments: After testing this frame, it plays best for me with open ports at the top and string hole grommets on the side. I strung mine with gut in the mains at 62 pounds and used a poly in the crosses at 57 pounds. Amazing frame. Better feel and more power then the black. Incredible combination of power and control when you use the right grommets and string.
From: Paul, 2/13
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Don't know why the reviews complain about a lack of feel even with a poly. I'm using a soft poly without a dampener and it is legit. Love serving and putting plenty of spin on my ground strokes. Volleys are 'spinny' but accurate. Really good tweener frame.
From: James, 2/13

Comments: Don't be afraid to customize this. It's fast and whippy for the modern game. It suits an aggressive baseliner who is big on spin and wants a big serve. I originally had it strung at 55/53lbs with Big Banger ALU Power/Wilson NXT Tour. It was very comfy, spinny and powerful. However, it favors two-handed backhand players and would need some lead at 3 & 9 to be more consistent for a 1 hander. This racquet is worth getting if you're big on customizing. It's almost as though Prince has released this one as though they were expecting people to tweak it. I jacked mine up in weight to 13.86 oz with Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17g at 54lbs, and now it's monstrous!
From: Michael, 10/12
String type and tension: Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17g @ 54lbs

Comments: Great control and spin generation from the baseline, but not as touch/feel oriented of a racquet as I was expecting. Although touch shots took some extra time to master, the control I feel I have over the ball is now very high because of the spin production of the racquet. Serves seem to lack pop, but kick serves are very effective thanks to the open string pattern. This racquet excels at net with great pop and maneuverability. This is a great choice for a 3.5-5.5 who likes to take an aggressive swing, but is looking for a plush, comfortable feel.
From: Zach, 9/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour 17g @ 56 lbs

Comments: I just put away my Wilson 95 Tours. The Warrior is my new weapon of choice. Groundies are excellent. My serve took a little time to get use to but it's cooking now. Volleys feel solid and the spin I'm getting on everything is awesome. My wife is a 4.0 player and she tried it out and loved it. It's very comfortable to hit with and provides great depth and pace. I need to buy 2 more now. One more for me and now one for her!!
From: Tom, 8/12
String type and tension: Prince Beast XP @ 57 lbs

Comments: After much searching, testing, I finally got this racket. I was an admirer of the Warrior in its original version, the one used by Rafter. Now, I tested this baby. Once. Here are impressions. Visual: classy, black, white and silver. There are metallic details that give a different air. Strong, firm. Beautiful. The baseline: exactly what I was looking for: power control. Since the Rebel 98 has control with power, if they understand me. This Warrior help even in the rallies, balls deep and heavy. Targeting easy change of direction ibid. Spin: Very good. Not as much as the Rebel 98, but almost. Slice: SENSATIONAL. The best racquet I've used to slice. Effects fast, strong and deep. Better than 90 BLX. Serves: have to adapt, but it is fast and heavy, I can say that beats the PDR. I did not feel a John Isner, but almost! Volleys: very effective at net, gave me confidence. Smash: idem, powerful. Comfort: I found very comfortable. I have some pain in the arm, a legacy of the PDR. The Warrior is firm without being harsh. I believe that all who seek power to control, with touch and comfort, should try this racket. A great alternative to Pure Drive, Extreme, Instinct, Juice, Steam, etc.. For a long time I did not like that much of a racket in the first test. If the pain in my arm to leave, she is my racket (finally) for 2012.
From: Carlos, 5/12

Comments: It feels like awkward and forced. Had up to 16 grams of static weight variance, frustrating. Felt buzzy. A bit to bright on the cosmetic front.
From: Charles, 4/12

Comments: Honestly, it was a let down for me. But that is because I am really bias because I had extremely high expectations for the racquet's play based on the spec and I really loved my EXO3 Tour to begin with. The racquet was too light and head light for me. My the balls were definitely a lot easier to hit with this racquet. I didn't need to force in the tricks shots that I always go for. However, it is not enough force for the consistency with the game. But I am sure that if I play with it for a month I could fully master it and play with it the way I like it to. Plus I love to customized my racquets, so I could do that as well.
From: Will, 4/12

Comments: After owning this racquet for a month, I decided to add 4" strips of 1/4 lead tape at slightly above 3 & 9 o'clock positions (on both sides of the ports). I had two areas that I was trying to improve: 1) I found that on overheads, that I was coming through the swing a little ahead due to the head-light balance and ports combined, and 2) volleys seemed a little weak at times. The lead tape solved both of these issues by slightly tweaking the weight in the racquet head. Others may not find this necessary, but for me it improved this racquet overall by about a third.
From: Tom, 3/12

Comments: After reading the description of the Warrior on TW, I just had to play test it and I immediately fell in love with it and decided to purchase it. I can vouch that this is indeed an impressive racquet loaded with comfort and feel. It perfectly suits my game and would suit anyone looking to dictate play from the baseline and hit those deep heavy punishing balls. I do often rush the net but volleys are pretty solid as well. It was also easy to produce kick and slice serves. What I loved the most is the comfort of the racket. I used it for 4 hours of play one day and my shoulder and elbow were not even remotely sore. That's outstanding to me considering that I have played with an Aeropro Drive GT for just a couple of months. The EXO3 Warrior is more maneuverable, flexible, user-friendly, and comfortable than the APDGT. I have been playing the best tennis of my life ever since I owned this racket. I am not suggesting that this racket is a cure for tennis elbow and it may not be the racket of choice for everyone, no racket will ever be. But this is most definitely the racket for me and I think it's well worth a demo for 3.0 players and above.
From: Joe, 3/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18, 56 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I got to play 2 sets today with the warrior and it's a nice racquet. Wasn't as whippy as I thought it was going to be and it felt pretty solid stock so I don't think I would add any weight to it. The beam is a little thicker than I would like and it the racquet does feel a little large and clunky. For some reason the hoop looks bigger than other 100" racquets. The racquet has a nice combination of power and control. Not quite as powerful as my Becker, but no slouch either. Spin was easy to get with the very open pattern and round shaped head. I hit some nice kickers with it, but couldn't get the same pace as normal on flatter serves. Feel was in the middle...not too flexy and not too stiff. Really liked this racquet from the baseline. Groundstrokes felt good and you didn't have to work too hard to maintain depth. Volleys were very good and the racquet felt nice and solid on punch volleys. I think this racquet could fit a wide variety of players and would be a great choice for 3.5-4.0 players. I think this is a nice upgrade from the EXO3 Black and White.
From: Jack, 2/12

Comments: Just like TW described, very comfortable and plush racquet to hit with, while at the same time offering some improved feel over the Black and White entries. Prince have done a nice job wit this update. The swingweight is pretty light, yet this stick plays very stable both at the net, and against heavy hitting from the baseline. I found the power to be surprisingly high given the low stiffness rating, but this could have been due to the type of string in the demo. The one thing I noticed was that the stringbed seemed pretty consistent with a lack of unexpected flyers that I have noticed with other Speedport and EXO3 frames. This is a great all-arounder that is especially rewarding if you have arm or shoulder tenderness to contend with. I actually demoed the new Babolat PD at the same time, and that racquet began to tear up my shoulder so I had to put it down. With the Prince I had zero soreness even after an extended hitting session. Highly recommended!
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: For over a year now, I've played with Prince Black, but I've been hitting with the Warrior 100 for a couple weeks now. So far, I have very much enjoyed the Warrior. As you would expect, it is very close to the Black, but whereas the Black always had a certain lack of feel, I believe with the Warrior I can feel the ball on the face of the racquet more. It seems like I have a little bit more control of my spin and depth and I've yet to experience the occasional flyer that still showed its face from time to time with the Black..
From: Clayton, 2/12

Comments: Welcome back Warrior! I played with the Triple Threat Warrior in high school, and really got used to it. I always thought it was slightly underpowered, but it made up for it in control. This new Warrior combines the feel of the old Warrior with the updated technology that gives it plenty of power with tons of spin! This is an extremely solid hitting racket. It has the best feel of any racket I've ever hit within my 15+ years of playing tennis. It is extremely forgiving, and is GREAT all around the court. It is the best blend of power and control that I can find. I am between a 4.0-4.5, with all of my shots centered around spin. I'd say I swing moderately fast, but a majority of the power comes through spin, as I rarely hit flat. It's better all around than the Aeropro, with a lot better feel. I felt I could hit slightly better slice shots with the Aeropro, but the difference is negligible. I can't say enough about this racket. It is a great all-court racket with an exceptional feel and tons of power, spin, and control. I can see any competitive tennis player between 3.5 and up benefiting from this frame. Well done Prince! I hope you guys make this racket for a long time to come! NOTE: I ordered 2 of these and neither came with a head cover. TW was kind enough to send me out two spare covers. Let this be a heads up, however!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Wow nice improvement over the Black, very quick through the air, like all the Exo3s, I have been trying the newest Babolat Pure drive plus which has great plow through but is harder to get moving and maneuver. More secure feeling than the New rebel 98 which I liked as well but was too light for me. The Warrior requires a full swing and I added lead on the head as I did not like it quite so head lite. Many people won't want/need the tape. Full bed 0f MSV Hepta twist 1.20MM at 53 Pounds and pre-stretched yields a ton of power and spin. It replaces the black as my teaching stick and is easy on the arm. the grip size seems small for a 3 so I built it up and with a wrap and it's perfect. Kick serve is amazing with the MSV, but with the ports I restring often playing a thin gauge. It feels amazing with Full Gut at 58lbs.
From: Sandy, 1/12

Comments: Great all around. The Warrior 100 is a big step up form the Prince exo3 tour 100 16x18 that I played with last year as far as power goes. However if you're looking for maximum control on your shots the exo3 tour series is still the way to go. The warrior 100 is great by the net because of its thicker beam which makes it more stable and it is probably one of the most forgiving racquets on your body that is on the market. As a Prince sponsored player I have play tested all the new 2012 racquets and I find the Warrior 100 to be my new weapon of choice. With a racquet head of 100in2, a power level of 1000 and a stung weight of only 11 ounces, The Warrior 100 makes a great choice for any player 4.5 and up.
From: Chris, 1/12
String type and tension: Prince Beast/Attack Hybrid 17g, 57lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Warrior, come out and play! Go back to basics in form and preparation and you've got a powerful tool here. Plenty of spin, ample amounts of power and maneuverability makes this racket a formidable weapon on the courts. Great for 12+ years old until solid 4.5 players. It works and it does its job well.
From: Randy, 1/12
String type and tension:luxi, 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

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