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Comments: Think string isn't similar to Prince Lightning at all. It is very is similar to Prince Duraflex. This is pretty much the exact same string, but it might be a little more durable. Players who use duraflex will not be able to tell the difference. I would recommend it as a cross or in a full bed.
From: Ry, 12/13

Comments: Lively synthetic gut with a somewhat soft feel. After reading about the construction of this string on the summary page, I thought I'd give this string a try since I was previously a Prince Lightning fan (similar string construction). Strung this up as a cross with Luxilon 4G (mains) at 56lbs in my new Blade 98 16x19 and I guess my game is now too strong for this type of string. Octane has a pretty lively feel for a regular synthetic gut, which made it very tempting to press for winners from time to time. Serves and volleys felt the best with this string but my groundstrokes lost a bit of consistency and accuracy. Overall, the power of this string proved too much for my preference but I can see this string as a good option for players looking for a soft-feeling powerful string as a whole bed, an addition to a hybrid, or simply an alternative to Prince Lightning XX.
From: Shane, 7/13

Comments: Apparently Prince has discontinued Lightning strings and sold the rights to Wilson who is now selling them as Extreme Octane strings. The Prince Hybrid Hornet was pre-strung with Lightning strings that had a silver flake coloring to them. That string was very playable in that it had a little more power than the polys I have tried, and off-centered shots produced much less vibration. These strings also do not move as much as the synthetic gut strings (Wilson NXT) do. Obviously the polys never need to be adjusted after hitting a wicked topspin forehand!
From: Fred, 12/12

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