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Comments: This racquet has very good feel -- I'm very impressed, however, very disappointed with the durability. Our son has gone through 2 identical racquets in 6 months. They all have snapped at the top of the handle.
From: Chris, 9/13

Comments: This racquet lets me swing as fast as I want and my balls land inside the court with no problems. This racquet is a sniper rifle -- you can blast every spot on the court with ease. If you dream it, this racquet can do it. Spin it in or blast it in with a flat shot, it behaves like a ping pong racquet on the net (thin frame and head light give you superb mobility) and serves are great too. I had it strung at 57 lbs with Spiky Shark 17g. If you want to improve your allready decent game. This racquet will help you do so.
From: Art, 4/13

Comments: This racquet is very nice. Don't let the lightweight specification throw you off and make you think that it's not a solid frame, because it is. The open string pattern enables you to hit a lot of topspin off the forehand and backhand side. Not to mention that the racquet is also light (and a tad bit headlight) so you're really able to whip through the ball effortlessly. For me personally, my serves lacked a bit of pop, but the spin was there, so that helped me at times. It's extremely maneuverable at the net. Volleys are easy to put away, but the lack of weight really calls for you to catch the ball out in front or to step into the shot if you really want to put it away. Another spectacular thing about the racquet is that it's really easy on the arm. I tend to have wrist problems, but it never really occurred when I started using this racquet. My only complaint is that it's not as forgiving or produces very low- powered responses on off-centered shots.
From: Justin, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour @ 55lbs

Comments: I'm really enjoying this racquet. I used the old version Rebel 95. I liked it, but it was just a tad heavy. I then went to a Wilson K Blade 98, which was a great racquet, but with a poly string it was an arm killer. The Rebel 98 has very similar weight and balance specs, so it was a super easy transition. This is like a much more comfortable K Blade 98. The control on volleys was much better than the Wilson for me. Despite almost identical specs the Prince feels quicker at net. The more open 16x19 string pattern a bit spinnier too. This is a great playing, arm friendly stick. This racquet deserves a bigger following.
From: Jack, 10/12

Comments: The 95 is much more of a player's racquet than the 98. More solid coming off the frame, power is controlled and a less springy response. I used the Prince Beast at a low tension as a point of comparison in both. You do need a faster swing with this stick but it is much more maneuverable than the 98.
From: David Baird, 5/12
String type and tension: Beast 16, 55lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet has a very nice feel to it. It makes all my shots feel crisper. My volleys are spot on, and my ground-strokes have a bunch of topspin. Overall I'd highly recommend this racquet. No wrist problems also with this stick! (54lbs tension is nice).
From: Nathan, 4/12

Comments: Very comfortable racquet - Volkl level comfort. Easy to swing, so playing up at the net was a breeze. Not stiff at all. Nice control. Reminds me of the Microgel Radical but lighter. I like the 16x20 on the Rebel over the 18x20 pattern on the Head. Reasonable on the baseline but I've had better success serving with a heavier stick. Presently playing with a co-poly but will change up to a hybrid next time.
From: Tim, 3/12

Comments: Amazing racquet, great feel, able to produce any shot possible.
From: Sarthak, 3/12

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