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Comments: I had a chance to demo this racquet, and I was skeptical at first to try it out due to many of the Prince racquets being too flexible for my taste. However, after the first hit, I knew I could make this my next racquet of choice. It had excellent plow through, good maneuverability and great control, even on my biggest hits. The only knock I had against this racquet, and it could have been the strings that came with the demo, is that it was very jarring when I missed the sweet spot on serves, literally to a point of being painful. Granted that was from fundamental errors I can fix, but other racquets weren't as jarring as this one when I missed. Still, I really enjoyed the demo and will definitely consider purchasing this racquet in the future.
From: Steve, 3/14

Comments: I think this racquet has some qualities a lot of different types of players would like. I've seen older men play with it as well as some teens on the high school tennis team. I liked it because of its weight and swing weight. I prefer to play with racquets close to the 12 oz. range but like to keep one in the lower 11 oz. range in case of fatigue. I liked this racquet because of its swing weight and maneuverability, even though it was close to evenly balanced. I did switch out the grip to a Wilson Leather Hybrid, which I prefer, with an overgrip. After a while I learned that I hit better with racquets that are slightly more stiff than the 58 flex rated Rebel 98. I'm a lot more consistent with slightly stiffer racquets. However, the flex rating on the Rebel 98 might be perfect for someone else. One other thing that was not a deal breaker but did notice was the muted feel. This has been mentioned by some players on the EXO racquets because of the port holes and can relate to what they are talking about. I strung this racquet with Luxilon Ace mains and Head Fibergel on the crosses at mid tension.
From: Bruce, 6/13

Comments: I used to play with the Youtek IG MP 16x19, and I can say that I will be switching to this racquet as soon as I get the money together. With the tension I prefer, my old racquets could not get any depth unless I overswung and risked everything on more shots. With this racquet, I found it so much easier to hit deeper and more solid shots. I loved how easy it was to hit strokes, and I could feel and place the ball so well. I plan to either string these bad boys with RPM or Luxilon Savage at 52 pounds for a little extra bite.
From: Micthell, 6/13

Comments: I did not demo this racquet before purchasing it, but am sold after the first hitting session. Serves, ground strokes, slices and feel were all crisp and solid. I found serving to be the most pure, was able to slice, kick and flatten out with good precision. Coming from the Head YT Radical MP, this stick is stiffer and heavier, but I could not be happier with the results. Currently hitting with Solinco Tour Byte, but plan to move to Alu Power Rough next.
From: Ken, 2/13

Comments: I switched to this racquet almost a year ago because I had arm problems with my BLX Pro Tour. I have had no arm problems since. The racquet is very maneuverable for fast action volleys at net. The racquet seems to play better the harder I hit it. Although it can create good spin I have less control than my BLX. The racquet is very flexible and has good feel on all shots.
From: Bruce, 1/13
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 60 lbs

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever played with. This Prince racquet was soft, powerful, and had tons of spin. The most impressive thing about this racquet came on serve, as I could spin it or hit it flat with pace. Aces were a breeze.
From: Chris, 1/13
String type and tension: Gosen Sidewinder 16g @ 55 lbs

Comments: I demoed the EXO3 for a set. I loved it, but it's not the right racquet for me. It was super soft, super fast, and gave great spin and control. But my shots were noticably shorter than with my 03 Whites. My regular hitting partner was teeing off for winners on any shot I didn't have perfect form and footwork on. If I was a better player, I'd have bought it without hesitation.
From: Steve, 12/12

Comments: My regular racquet is the EXO3 Tour. The Tour is very flexible, which is one of the features I really like about it. The balance is quite head light compared to the Rebel 98. The Rebel also has a nice flexible feel, although not quite as much as the Tour. I really enjoyed testing the Rebel. The feel is very solid and the extra weight in the head gives the frame a very balanced feel, which is good for both solid groundstrokes as well as volleys. I really like it with the Premier Attack 17. I haven't yet tested it with a poly. When testing a new frame, I also like to test it against other makes to get an idea of just how different the playing qualities are, and it there are any special benefits. The Rebel, when strung correctly, which is different from player to player, is a great all-around frame. Spin is very accessible, whether moderate or excessive. Drop shots and angled volleys work really well for the aggressive player. Returns don't tend to get pushed around even though the weight is on the light side. Serving was probably one of the best features of the Rebel. I really didn't have any negatives from this frame. The yellow paint job is really cool. I just wish the head was a little bit more round like the Tour, but this doesn't really detract from the playing qualities of the frame. A really nice Prince that will serve any advanced player well.
From: Hayward, 10/12
String type: Prince Premier Attack 17g

Comments: This is a great racquet! You can generate a lot of racquet head speed for serves with this frame. It must be the port holes that allow the faster head speed. Ground strokes are very solid. Lots of access to spin as well. I've been having trouble with volleys lately, but I think that will come around as I get more accustomed to the frame. It could be me needing to adjust since I'm moving from a dense string pattern to an open string pattern and not being used to the extra ball pocketing.
From: Danny, 9/12
String type: Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase 17g mains / Luxilon Big Banger Ace crosses

Comments: I demo'ed a few sticks, and this one just stood out. I love the classic shape of the frame, and I know some people complain about the feel of the EXo3, but I actually kinda like it. It's a very soft and plush feel, which my arm and shoulder highly appreciate. The sweet spot is big for 98 inch size head, it feels great on groundstrokes, serves, and volleys, and overall is a solid stick. No complalints whatsoever. Whatever doubts people may have of Prince because of the EXo3/bankruptcy, give them a try, you won't be dissapointed.
From: Paul, 9/12
String type and tension: Synthetic gut @ 56lbs

Comments: I chose this racquet over the Radical and the Warrior. I lose my consistency a bit, but have been winning more with it. The only problem for me is it's weird flex. It is stable in the middle, but if the ball hits the racquet tip, there is a lot of vibration. The problem gets worse on serve. It's really beginning to hurt my wrist.
From: Amit, 6/12
String type: Babolat VS Gut mains / Head Rip Control crosses

Comments: I demoed the EXO3 Rebel 98 alongside the 95 as a comparison and ended up purchasing the 98 in the end. Both are awesome sticks and stand out with their own qualities, but the 98 is closer to my specs and feels a little more maneuverable as well as more powerful, without sacrificing much in control. As a comparison, the 95 produces a heavier ball if you can handle the higher swing weight, but is more difficult to move around. Both are awesome on serves, particularly with the 95 I was serving some true monster flat bombs down the T, I can't recall many other sticks that served much better; again at 12+ oz the weight is a tad too much and performance starts to drop for me after an hour or so. The 98 is also great if you want to go for the big heater, and spins nicely as well. Groundstrokes and returns felt very solid and crisp, again the 95 gives a heavier ball but I liked the forgiveness and free power of the 98 better. No problem spinning (back/top) or flattening out for a winner. Both have a nice buttery feel to them, but occasionally (rarely) I seem to hit a dead ball every now and then, the ball just drops on the strings with a strange hollow feel; it might have to do with the EXO3 large holes technology, not sure. At net, you can't beat the 98's maneuverability and that's one of the reasons I choose this frame over the other, volleys/overheads are just so crisp and precise it's amazing; the racquet has also enough mass to block back hard hit passing shots and allows for neat subtle finesse touches and half-volleys. I can totally see the Bryans switching to this model, perfect for a S&V type of player. Altogether I think Prince has come up with two beautiful classic frames, which is something I cannot say for their entire line or some of the models of the recent past. So well done Prince!
From: Ulrich, 5/12

Comments: There is easy power. Swings accelerate easily and the power seems to be just there (strung with Prince Premier Attack, I think). Wasn't enormously accurate direction-wise on forehands, but for depth the ball was almost always in, while the power didn't really necessitate having to go near the lines. Never had so many winners hit so near my opponent. Strangely, ended up having to adjust to a lesser western grip and that seemed to send the ball straight but then increasingly dipping at the end. My one-handed backhand was a struggle, though, as I really couldn't hit over 60% without blasting away the ball, some in, some out (though it did turn my old ineffectual 2HBH into something almost workable). Don't know if I could adjust to semi-swinging one-handed backhands. Slices were good. In a lot of ways the racquet covered up for and really minimized my errors, sending reach shots and shanks over the net and in.
From: Trent, 4/12

Comments: It does need a lot of customization to make it solid. I prefer the EXO3 Tours because they are slightly heavier but are way better. This racquet gets pushed around easily and the returns are poor with it. Although volleys are great and serving is not bad it just does not do enough in the other areas of the court.
From: David, 4/12

Comments: Best racquet so far in our personal history nothing more nothing less. Has everything is the right mix !!
From: Jim, 4/12

Comments: Switching from Dunlop AG300. The Rebel98 plays like a player's racquet without weighing 12 ounces. More stable on miss-hits than AG300. I also have wrist/arm issues - the Rebel98 is the first frame which allows me to play with a poly without suffering the consequences. The feel is not as precise when compared to Prestige or Diablo, but considering that this is a tweener frame, one shouldn't complain.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: In the middle of a demo, so far I like the racquet really good with serves and forehand. I needed to tone down my one handed backhand but was perfect with the two handed style, but thats on style of play. I would prefer more weight on the head for plow through.
From: Will, 3/12

Comments: I demoed quite a few racquets and this new offering from Prince really stood out. I love the 98 inch size which allows a little more area for fast net exchanges but still offers the control of a players' frame. The EXO design is truly unique in that it provides a huge sweet spot and great stability in off center hits. The frame also has a little flex in it which I feel adds to its power and comfort. I think this is a very versatile racquet and would be an excellent choice for players rated 3.0-5.0. Well done Prince!
From: Rob, 3/12

Comments: Great frame a lot more power than I expected, yet no problems keeping the ball in the court. Very easy on the elbow and the spin is unreal, I must of hit seven topspin lob winners. I would say this will be the racket of the year for 2012 great job by Prince. I think any level can use this racket, so take it for a test.
From: Andy, 2/12

Comments: Took a little getting used to - has more flex than my current racquet (dunlop 300 bio.tour). Was initially hitting past the baseline, but after a few minutes I found the 'zone' and started making great accurate shots. Provided good topspin, slices. So far, it's a terrific racquet, nice flex, great comfort, provides excellent plow through, really nice feel and maneuverability at mid-court and net. Totally different than previous rebel which felt mushy. Haven't served with it yet -- will be the final test.
From: Seralee, 2/12

Comments: This is one of those frames that immediately feels good in your hands. Plush stringbed, nice sweetspot, good mass and plow. Prince did an excellent job of right-sizing its Monfils frame. Trade in your stiff Babolat widebody and find out what it feels like to really plow into a ball and have 100% confidence that it will go in.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: This rebel is an awesome player's racquet minus the heavy weight. Friends say that the ball still plows through the court with the weight and spin, but it's much easier on my arm. I demoed this racquet with the Beast strings (17) at about 60 lbs. I wouldn't hesitate to drop down to 48-53 lbs and let the equipment do all the work. Super precise and plenty of feel. Highly recommended. Ranked junior players LOVE this stick.
From: Rhandy. 1/12
String type and tension: Beast 17 @ 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've been a Prince Tour user for the past 7 years currently using the OZone Prince Tour and was keen to demo the EXO3 Tour after reading all of the reviews. But I tried this Rebel 98 instead and have to admit liked it a lot more than I was hoping I would. My groundstrokes were immediately more penetrating and had more bite. This racquet is proved easier to whip through the air and I was threading the needle on every passing shot and was comfortable trusting the depth on my groundstrokes when grinding the baseline rallies. Slice too was excellent. Volleys are very crisp and were as forgiving as all EXO racquets are. However the lack of weight did not provide the same plough through could disappointed people that really love driving their volleys. The EXO3 technology made this racquet very comfortable and I would recommend a trial for anyone who has enjoyed hitting with the Wilson Blades but want something with a bit more grunt and a lot more comfort. More effort was needed when defending heavy shots but this was to be expected with a lighter racquet and I don't believe you would get bullied with this frame.
From: Ozimandias, 12/11

Comments:I just bought this racquet. I am very impressed so far. I actually like it better than the EXO3 Tour, seems more sold on returns. Super comfortable and it was very maneuverable despite the even balance when strung. The closet racquet in performance I've played with is the Wilson BLX Blade. For me this was quicker at the net (lighter swingweight), and I did I mention, super comfortable.
From: Doubles.Player, 12/11
String type and tension: Gosen OG Micro Sheep 17, 56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: First off, the power is low, in fact, very low. This racquet is really just incredible. It has the same feel as the rest of the Rebel series with the spin and sweet spot of the 98 head size. It works best with high tension synthetic gut or the Prince Beast. The racquet is also very lightweight and maneuverable, a quality not found in low powered racquets very often. Overall, buy this if you need a racquet with a better feel because it is just fantastic.
From: Colt, 12/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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