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Comments: Interesting racquet because it is easy on the arm but hard on the stamina. It is ideal for a fit, experinced player with elbow issues.
From: Johnny, 1/14

Comments: This racquet has laser precision. It's soft on the arm, which is also highly important to me. After trying various models, this racquet is by far the best of the bunch. I use Gamma Live Wire XP strings at 56 lbs.
From: Rod, 9/13

Comments: Very nice racquet, takes a couple weeks to get used to it, but you will love it the longer you play with it. I was looking for something with better feel and control, coming from a Babolat Aero Pro Drive and Pure Drive which I felt lacked in the control/feel department and are very stiff. I tried a few racquets but none have offered so much comfort and precision. Very good racquet for net play and touch shots. My swing instantly improved as I learned to generate my own power and control it. I think this is a great racquet for 4.0 players or better looking to improve their game. I think I will stay with this frame for very long time!
From: Marko, 8/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and I played with a demo version of this racquet to compare it with my current racquet (Wilson BLX Six One 95 16x18) and the Wilson Six One 95 18x20. I found the power to be too low for my game on all strokes and serves due to soft flex. If I were to switch to an 18x20 pattern I would pick Wilson Six One 18x20 or even Head Prestige Mid 93.
From: Dushyant, 6/13

Comments: This racquet has a very nice feel to it. Low power combined with a high amount of control allows you take control of the points. Because of the low power, touch shots are easy to execute, and because of the control, aggressive shots are easy as well. It has a heavier feel to it, so good preperation helps. Serving is effective due to the ease of placement, volleys are solid and the racquet is stable against heavy hitting. I'm a 4.5 player and string mine with Luxilon ALU Power at 47 lbs.
From: Scott, 6/13

Comments: After playing with this racquet for 6 months now I have come to enjoy the weight and feel tremendously. At first, it was slow going getting used to the higher swing weight but my patience paid off. The racquet is low in power which enables me to hit aggressively without fear of over hitting. And, for the same reasons, touch shots can be executed reliably. Serves are very consistent. Volley's are stable due to the weight and service returns can either be blocked back or taken early. I play first strike tennis so the more powerful racquet tends to hinder my play by making me apprehensive when going for it. I like to string it with gut in the mains at 52 lbs and Kirschbaum pro line x at 50 lbs.
From: Gustave, 6/13

Comments: I've played with this stick for about two months now and love it. I'm a 5.5 league player and this stick is the best I have ever played with going back through 35 years of tennis for me. It is not for anyone without developed stokes and solid technique. I did play with the Babolat Pure Storm LTD for the past three years, but switched to this after a few of the Babolats cracked from a lot of play over those years. I hit with a lot of variety and this stick can do it all, but is probably more suited to flatter strokes. It is capable of big topspin, but it does not come as easily as with others sticks. What it does have is incredible feel and control. I am not string sensitive and usually string it with any 17g multi at 57 lbs
From: David, 4/13

Comments: My current racquet is a Prince EXO3 Tour 16x18 which I like very much. I tried the Rebel 95 the other day and my first impressions, in comparison, are that this racquet offers more control and lower power, with a very solid feel to it. Blocking back volleys and heavy serves are effective due to the weight. My swing speed was slower and early preparation with a more relaxed swing was required on my part. I would be a little reticent to play someone who hits very hard without time spent playing with this racquet first as I feel I will be late with my swing and hitting a tad short. On the other hand, playing against a pusher was rewarding, as I could stay in a rally longer, and then step in and hit a winner off a short ball without over-hitting it. The control, plowthrough and feel are my favorite aspects. I am a middle of the road 4.5 player.
From: Fred, 12/12

Comments: Great stick. I'm a tall, thin guy who loves to hit big, and this racquet has everything I could possibly want. One can get a tremendous amount of spin as well as power if they put in the necessary effort by using their legs. In regards to the 95 inch head size, I was a little skeptical at first but there were no issues in switching from a Babolat Pure Drive GT which has an 100 inch head size to the Rebel. The feel is really very good and is very dampened. It does have that funky Prince feel, but after a few hours on the court with the demo, I got used to it and actually have grown to like it. Some people have brought up the fact that they lose some power on ground strokes and serves due to the low flex or whatever, but I do not believe that this is the case. I retained the same amount of power as the Pure Drive and I actually got more spin as an added bonus when switching to the Rebel. I really did not have an intention of the switching from the Pure Drive to the Rebel, but my Pure Drives were stolen and the Rebels make a more than adequate replacement. Lastly, I used to have tennis elbow issues and shoulder problems. In fact, I tore some muscles in my rotator cuff when playing tennis, and I have experienced no pains at all when using the racquet. Anyway, one thing I must say is that I shanked an overhead on the very tip of the racquet and the frame cracked on the beam due to the vibrations. I have contacted a Prince rep and am waiting for a replacement and I hope that I do receive one. Otherwise that will be a shame, I will not be happy, and Prince would have lost a customer. But overall, this racquet is excellent, and I like it many times more than my Pure Drives. I currently own two Rebels and I'm happy with the investment. (Except for the fact that one broke. But, one should be on the way from Prince, so I am happy).
From: Gibbs, 7/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code mains @ 52 lbs / Prince Syn Gut w/ Duraflex crosses @ 55 lbs

Comments: This racket is great! I love the feel and precise feeling I get when hitting ground strokes with this. There were some issues with stability of volleys but the crisp feeling was great. The best part of the racket however was the serve. The spin off serves is amazing and the maneuverability contributes to that. Overall this is a great racket.
From: Victor, 5/12
String type and tension: Beast XP 16, 53lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I loved the previous versions of this racket and have now gotten used to the newer versions, but I miss the heft and overall spec of the old one.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: This frame is solid and made for precision. If you have the right sort of game not based on pure power, you couldn't ask for a better feeling racquet. Amazingly stable and predictable this Rebel has it all (except perhaps for it's cosmetics) and is a real improvement over the previous model, which isn't always so. Volleys and half volleys, overheads, serves and returns (have I missed anything?)'s all there. The flex is friendly and it's weight is a plus without being too burdensome (if you want more weight, you can always add, but never subtract). And finally there is the Exo system which allows for greater string bed response and feel. In short, a real winner from Prince.Well done!
From: Jeff, 3/12

Comments: Interesting frame. Did not feel good at first, at least not like the first Rebel 95. I added a leather grip and some weight at 3&9 o'clock and things starting clicking. If you're accustomed to the Prince feel (as I am) this frame is the perfect blend of everything. Swings like a mid (compact) but due to the o-ports, has a much bigger and sweeter sweet spot. After adding some weight I'm loving everything, serve, groundstrokes, volleys, slices. Good job Prince!
From: Peter, 2/12

Comments: Very surprised with this racket. Had hated how the previous model felt; seemed dull and unforgiving despite having a higher swing weight and stiffness. This new model being much more flexible I thought would only be more dead. Gotta say, this version is really making me consider switching. Ground strokes are very solid and I can really swing out on the ball without at much gear of it landing way long. Serving is a breeze offering power if you Putin the work but spin serves really stood out to me. Offers plenty of pop on all shots and some wicked slice as long as timed correctly. Overall this racket has Renewed my faith in prince, Great Job!
From: Luke, 1/12

Comments: The new Rebel has lots of power with pin-pint accuracy and stability all court. It can generate explosive serves and service returns, but maneuverability is a little bit of a concern at the net though. Overall, the Rebel is best for serious advanced players with developed strokes who likes swinging hefty rackets.
From: Joseph, 1/12

Comments: I think Prince got it right this time. It has a nice balance and feel to it. When I serve there was a great pop coming off of the strings plus it had a lot more power then my previous racquet. I think anyone that gets this racquet will be very satisfied and happy with the results. I have not found a racquet like it yet.
From: Lamont, 1/12

Comments: I just got this racket about a week ago, and I am loving it. I was using the old rebel before. I have been hitting with it for about 10 hours now. Overall it still feels some what the same as the old rebel 95. It has a nice sweet spot, has more power and spin than the old rebel. The 7pts headlight spec is helping with the power, spin and the serve as well. The only let down is the maneuverability of the racket. It is some what less maneuverable than the old rebel 95. I also noticed that my ground shots are landing deeper but long at times. All I needed to do was tweak my swing a little and a little more footwork was needed to fix that. At net it still feels about the same as the rebel 95. All in all it is a great racket.
From: William, USA, 1/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage Black full bed, 51 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I was very excited about this stick before it came out. I love the Prince Tour 100 racquets for their power, spin and sweet-spot but I don't like the feel of the racquet without the grommets. That is one of the main reasons that I don't use the Prince Tour 100 as my primary racquet. I was hoping that the new Rebel 95 would give me more feel while retaining the power and whippiness of the Prince Tour 100. I have used the new Rebel only for a few weeks but so far it has not lived up to its expectations. This version is lighter (12 oz./340.19 gm/swing weight 331 gm vs 12.3 oz./349 gm/ swing weight 337 gm strung) and more flexible than its predecessor (56 vs. 60) and thus is more forgiving. It is also a little more head heavy (7 points vs 9 points head light) than the previous version. Overall it is more maneuverable and easier to swing and players who liked the old Rebel 95 but felt it was a little too heavy will most likely be pleased. When hitting sweet spot seems very small especially for an O3 racquet. My groundstrokes did not really explode off the frame. I had to put a lot of effort to get my usual depth and topspin. The serve with the Rebel was the same story as the ground strokes. It made me do all the work but I was able to hit all my spots. I definitely did not add any MPH using this stick but may have lost some. The volleys felt good especially when compared to the Prince Tour 100. The racquet overall has a better feel than the Tour 100. For me the new Rebel 95 was good in all areas but excelled in none. It is a little too light to really hit through the ball and while it is more flexible and forgiving than its predecessor,it does not produce the topspin or power that I associate with the Prince Tour 100 O3 racquets. It is not a very good looking racquet. Maybe changing the string set up will make the racquet play differently but as far as first impressions go, the new Rebel was a let down.
From: Steve, 12/11
String type and tension: Mains: Head Rip Control 16 (60 lbs), RPM Blast 18(65 lbs)
NTRP Rating: 5-5.5

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