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Comments: I am an open level player. Prone to serve and volley. Big groundstrokes. I can only say I was dissapointed from the first match with this string. Couldn't feel more dead with this string. Control is a bit ok just due to the fact that the kevla is terribly dead and doesn't provide much action or feel or spin at all. After 12 hours of pure hitting, the string makes you work harder for the same spin and power. The cross feels absent. The cheaper Prince strings dont last long but feel much better. Wilson hybrids are better. I tried three Ashaway string sets and got fustrated to the point of cutting and replacing them after two or three sessions.
From: Theo, 10/16

Comments: I had been using the Crossfire IIs on and off years, and when i saw the Crossfire+ come on the market, I picked up a pack. They are nice strings and are fitting of there name as they provide slightly extra pop and spin compared to the Crossfire II's. I'll be using the Crossfire Plus's now for the for the forseeable future, they are fantastic strings for my game. I'm a 4.5 singles player using an Aeropro Lite GT. I'm a smaller guy at 5 5" and the lighter frame helps me generate more racquet head speed. I get my Aeropro strung at 55 lbs in the crosses and 50 lbs in the mains. The strings lasted me for a month and a half playing 3x a week. The strings are perfect for the racquet as the frame is a little powerful and kevlar strings dampen the power allowing me to take big cuts at the ball generating heavy top spin on my forehand and kick on my serve. If you dont swing very fast you probably aren't going to like these strings much.
From: Scott, 8/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and have used various Wilson brands of strings and have generally been quite happy with them. My experience using this Ashaway Crossfire was the same as the reviewer, Nhan. Good spin and control but nothing that is superior; in fact, playability is way too soft and takes significantly more effort to control the ball and although the feel may be easier on the arm in one respect, it made me work significantly harder to control the ball and the apply power. My impression was that the sweet spot was reduced significantly and strings seem to be dead from the get go. I will certainly not be using them anymore.
From: FST, 6/13

Comments: I used these strings in my Wilson BLX Blade Team (54 lbs main, 58 lbs crosses), and at first, I loved them. They provided tons of spin and good pop on my groundstrokes. My volleys were crisp and accurate. I could feel the strings gripping the ball. The main issue I had was with my serve. The strings put more spin on the ball than normal, even when I was trying to hit flat, so my serve dropped faster and hit the net often. I had to adjust and aim deeper to get it to go over the net. Once I got used to that, I thought I found my new strings. However, after playing about 4 times, the strings seemed to go dead (unlike what the other reviewer said). I no longer got the same pop on my groundstrokes, and my volleys weren't as accurate. To make sure it wasn't just me, I switched to my other racquet (same kind) strung with Wilson Hyperlast Spin at the same tensions. The pop and accuracy came back. The Wilson doesn't have quite as much spin, but seems to maintain its feel longer. I am a 4.0 doubles player who relies on finesse over power, but I still like to have some power at my disposal. Four times playing doubles seems like much too short of a time for strings to lose their feel.
From: Nhan, 6/12

Comments: I use a Babolat AeroPro Drive with these strings. To start off, always string kevlar 10-15% lower than what you would want it at. I strung the kevlar mains at 50 lbs and the synthetic crosses at 55 lbs. These strings with a Babolat gel dampener have given me no arm trouble. They are loaded with power, spin, and bite. Whatever I didn't totally like about my AeroPro Drive these strings improved upon. These strings are built like a tank. I am a heavy hitter and after over 10 hours of play these strings play exactly the same way they came and believe they will last me another 20 hours. I can't say enough good things about this string and I am glad to have found the perfect string for me.
From: Wil, 6/12

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