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Comments: I have used the Crossfire II 16 strings for a few years. However, back then I was highly uninformed and decided to string these at 65 lbs. Bad choice. No string movement, and poor control and power. Completely my fault. Fast forward to now: I string these at the lower end of the tension scale of my racquet, 53 lbs. Power was improved, control was there, and I could more confidently hit my shots. I hit moderately hard, and these strings have lasted for a long time. Highly recommend for durability.
From: Brandon, 3/15

Comments: I have been playing with these strings for a couple of years, and have been happy with them, but have discovered that by dropping the tension on the string, they have been way better. My style is hard, heavy spin. I also have flat, slices and touch game, but it's kind of hard with these strings, until now. My history with this string, not knowing how these strings would play, I started with 60/63lbs, and it was way too stiff, so I kept dropping in 2-3 lbs increments and now I'm at 48/52, and my slice, flat and touch game is coming back. I have more pop on the 1st serve and more consistency on the 2nd serve since I seem to have even more spin and better touch. My crosses never break, and I hit hard, heavy spin balls. The mains stays until it starts to fray, and once the main starts moving, I know it is going to break and I restring. My next tension test is probably 46/52lbs. I used to play with a Prostaff 6.0 until those sticks shredded my elbow, so I switched to ProKennex 5PS E, and I love the feel but hated the weight, and now I am playing with the ProKennex Classic 5G. It's a great racquet if you have an all court game, but generally prefer to smack heavy topspin, and especially if you have any elbow pains.
From: Thinh, 10/12

Comments: It's interesting that barely any reviewers here commented on positive effects (if any) to their volleys. Or is it just hard serves, heavy topspins & flat forehands to their game? One clearly needs an all-encompassing volley game too in order to reach an all-court game status. This hybrid setup felt weird on my POG2 at 55 Vs 60lbs setup - lots of spin, gunshot sound of ball leaving the stringbed, & also lovely dinking balls over the net, catching your opponent unprepared. BUT volleys that I normally put away with ease & killer instinct, started floating on these strings! There's no trampoline/catapult feel+effect when punching/slicing/touch/stop volleys with this string. Ughhh. I'll probably give it more time or some exposure on my old trusty POG1987. Else it's back to co-poly+syn gut for me. That never fails:)
From: YungWei, 2/12

Comments: I was pleasantly surprised! I purchased a used racquet with these strings. I planned to hit with them once before I cut them out. These strings played great! They had good power and control which improved my serve and court depth immediately. I was concerned the "kevlar" would hurt my problem there either. These strings are worth a try!
From: James, USA, 1/12

Comments: I strung these on my Pro Staff 88 at 55 lbs. This string is not the most powerful strings out there; you really need to be able to supply your own pace. These are, however, EXTREMELY durable. They barely fray at all and the tension has stayed the same for months. As for playability, they feel good from the baseline, but they feel great serving and at the net. Serving and volleying with these is so much fun with this combo.
From: Andrew L. 5/11

Comments: I've spent over $300 trying to find the right strings. Finally I got smart and asked my friend, who by the way, kicks my butt 3 out of 5 sets all the time and he never changes strings. He said, "There are aren't any strings that are better for spin and power than these." I switched and now it is a battle!! I LOVE THEM!! I AM A LIFER!!
From: John W, Moore, Ok, USA. 5/11

Comments: To the Harold from Singapore: Try Iso-Speed Baseline spin string.
From: Kev, Sweden, 10/10

Comments: Durability wise: yes. Cons: the aramid main strings can hardly break. They fray and move, but NEVER break. It's always the synthetic crosses that break. The key disadvantage of this string is the synthetic crosses break too soon. 2nd disadvantage: string movement and loss of tension by the second singles match. I lost a match using these strings. I really couldn't control the shots, and after losing so much tension, the balls kept sailing long. I switched to Babolat pro hurricane, and they lasted longer, keep tension well and less string movement. But that's more costly. Any advice on cheaper alternatives to Pro Hurricane?
From: Harold, Singapore. 05/10

Comments: I'm not impressed at all. Kevlar was a joke. This brand says that it is for hard-hitting TOPSPIN PLAYERS. From that message, I decided to try it out. Well, not impressed, broke in 1 week. I thought I might have gotten a month out of these; well the fact is that these strings break faster than polys. Might as well stick with pro hurricane tour.
From: Jack, Boise, ID, USA, 04/10

Comments: This is the only string I've used so far that doesn't move at all, even after 2 weeks of playing. Great power and control, and I strung it at 57/59 on K Blade Tour and I don't feel any shock!! I don't think I'm going to change to any other string anymore.
From: Ooi, GC, Malaysia 3.0+ player 03/10

Comments: If you're looking for durability then you should give these strings a try. I only bought 4 sets and they last me a whole year. It has great power and control. I played these strings with Babolat Pure Storm, Drive, Aero and Control. They all play fine. My flats are about low 90s and my second is mixed with slice, kick and a.Twist, and man I couldn't find another string to match up with these. They are also pretty cheap. Btw I play with heavy topspin. T.P approval.
From: Tommy P, SJ, CA. 8/09

Comments: It seems that I'm on a quest for durable strings. If you are anything like me, your fed up with strings that claim they are ultra durable and then break within a few matches. Of course they are a little stiff (that's what you'd expect from kevlar), but these strings are quite durable. These last me around 3 weeks worth of play, whereas other "durable" strings last me a couple matches. So if your ultimate concern is durability, give these a try.
From: Nick, Florida, USA. 08/09

Comments: I have been breaking poly mains a lot so decided to try these. They definitely last a long time but mine seems to be too loose. I strung 53 mains and 57 crosses on my Wilson six on 95x racquet. I'll try a 55-60 next time. It is somewhat harsh on the arm but hits very well in the sweetspot. You need to use a shock dampener for this.
From: GC, Burlingame, CA, USA, 05/09

Comments: Very good strings. Lasted me about three months. Holds tension well but is a little harsh to the arm.
From: Maxwell, San Diego, CA, USA. 8/08

Comments: I'm a heavy top-spinner 4.0-4.5 player. I switched to these after reading all the comments (and breaking my previous strings every 6 sets). It took two sets for me to get comfortable, but now I'm completely sold. I've gone 8 matches and the feel has remained the same. I love the top-spin I get out of these strings. Seeing just how long these are lasting I'm going to experiment with the Crossfire 17 and 18 to see if I can get more feel with good longevity too. If those don't last nearly as long I'm quite content to stick with the Crossfire II.
From: Sid, Mountain View, CA, USA. 7/08

Comments: Great durability. I string at very low tension (48 lbs or so) using this string, and unlike a synth gut, you don't get the trampoline type effect "boing"!, which you also get with poly once it loses tension. You just get more dwell time and ball pocketing, and it is still easy on the arm.
From: Bill, Commack, NY, USA, 03/08

Comments: On 2/07 I wrote about this string being so perfect to start and then becoming "fast" after a couple of weeks. Jon at my club solved the issue. Once the outer coating of the mains gets cut or notched by the crosses, then the mains start to slide and move on their smooth core. So this movement is not caused by tension problems but by wear. For me, I need to restring as soon as this happens if I want to preserve the wonderful feel of the new strings. By the way, I feel I need a slightly heavier racquet with this string; it makes the racquet feel so light! I use some weights.
From: Denys, Hong Kong. 3/07

Comments: I am 56 and changing from squash to tennis. Learning heavy topspin on ground strokes and slice on serve. I play about 4 times a week and it lasts a month or so. But I play this because of its wonderful combination of power, spin and control. It has a crispness when newly strung that sounds/feels quite different to any other string. Most expensive string in our club shop, unfortunately. I do find that the crispness goes well before the string breaks (starts when the notches become noticeable - about half way through its life usually), and it feels a bit soft then even though tension seems ok.
From: Denys, Hong Kong. 2/07

Comments: I'm 16 and I'm about a 4.0-4.5 player. I use massive amounts of topspin and pace (about 130 on the first serve, 110 with a big kick on the second) and this string lasts me at least a month and a half or MORE. Only down side is that they are a bit stiff.
From: Ben V., Amherst, VA. USA 07/06

Comments: These strings exceeded my expectations. Great control & power. Only downside is they sound when you hit the ball, more of a ping than a whack.
From: Chris, New Jersey, USA 05/06

Comments: I am a 5.5 player that has been using these strings for over 10 years now. I won't play with anything else! Incredible durability, power and spin.
From: Elizabeth, Charlotte, NC, USA 02/06

Comments:Probably the best feature about these strings is that they allow me to carry only 1 racquet. That's a good thing considering the going price for my stick of choice is closer to 200 bucks. My wife certainly appreciates the need for only 1.
With these strings, they WON'T break until they are severely frayed, but which time you will know they need to be replaced. And even when you think they're going to break, they last a few more matches. Control and feel are average and power is above average. I'll be using these strings until I win the lottery, and probably beyond.
From: Jeff
Bellevue, OH, US 11/05

Comments:its quite a good string, very durable. Can be a bit stiff at first...but give it some time. It'll become softer, without loosing too much tension. Control is good, and it is spin friendly. I go through them in 3-4 weeks playing around 3 times a week but I am a hard hitter with lots of spin, otherwise it should last longer.
From: jake
melbourne, victoria, australia 11/05

Comments: A bit stiff at first, but once you get use to it, quite playable. Play twice a week, lasted for 2 months. The tension and elasticity lasted longer than other stings I've used. Other brands may feel better during the first week or two, but since I can only afford to restring when the string breaks, this string is the best over 2 months period.
From: Ali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 06/05

Comments: Very durable, very good control and very good top spin. Very solid feel. The best string I've ever used.
From:Boyd, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 05/05

Comments: I have been using this string for over 10 years, I have also tried everything from Gut to Luxilon Big Banger and I cannot change. I consider this string in my Dunlop 300G to be my perfect combo. I actually do hit heavy topspin and YES I do actually wear through the KEVLAR within about 5 weeks! I do normally restring every 2 weeks just to help keep the texture on the mains fresh. It also gives me great confidence to hit out on all my groundies! I recommend these strings 100%
From: Mark, Groveland, CA, USA. 9/04

Comments: The best all around string I have ever used. Durability and control is second to none with great playability.
From: Corey Malveaux, Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 08/04

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and used to snap my strings every week, having switched to crossfire, it last about 2 months. It has really helped me save money without losing much playability from the strings. Great!
From: Joe, USA. 08/04

Comments: I have used the Ashaway Crossfire for 3 years now. I tried the Crossfire because I tend to break my string every 2-4 weeks. The crossfire string has a lot of durability but I think it doesn't produce a lot of topspin and doesn't have a lot of power.
From: Jason, Mustang, OK, USA. 07/04

Comments: I am a 4.0 player. I've been using the Ashaway crossfire for over 10 years now and I must say they are very good. I am basically a baseline player who likes to put a lot of topspin on my forehand and backhands, and I usually put a lot of spin on my second serves. Previously, I would have to restring my racquets at least once every month, but after using the crossfire, I'd play for at least 4 months before breaking the strings. It's slightly expensive to get where I come from, but it's worth every penny. (In the States it's so cheap!),
From: Zoe,KT, TRG, Malaysia. 06/04

Comments: Playing for 10+ years about 4.5. Used to be a serve and volley hitter, with age that's mellowing into more of a heavy flat hitting to moderate topspin from the base with tendency to rush the net. Tried couple synthetics and guts in my time and settled on crossfire II in the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1. Doesn't shift & gives enormous amount of control. I strung it over 65lbs and it takes it without complaints, now stringing softer. I had a couple strings that had a better 'touch' to them but they were loosing tension or breaking to quickly to bother. I don't think it's a good string for somebody who wants the racquet/string to generate power for them or look for exceptionally soft feel.
From: Tony, Switzerland, 6/04

Comments: I strung racquets for 15 years. I tried just about every string during that time. I'm a 4.5+ and have been playing about 30 years. I'm a serve and volleyer on hardcourts and use a semi-western forehand with moderate topspin. My backhand is hit either flat or with some underspin. This string is an excellent product. Let's not even discuss the excellent durability. I'm touting Crossfire II's playability. This string gives an excellent feel and 'pop'. It is better than most of the Gamma strings I've used. At the price, it is the best string bargain on the market. Don't worry that it's not a popular brand, it's good stuff. The final thing that I will mention is that this string does not move around much. That is important with all the open string patterns used on today's racquets.
From: Ed, South Windsor, CT, USA. 4/04

Comments: I have been using these strings for a year now. I hit with a lot of topspin and play about 3-4 times a week. I am very happy with the performance of these strings.
From: Aditya, Huntsville, AL, USA. 3/04

Comments: This has much better feel than other pro blends, and is better on the elbow. It has nice spin, as I have a heavy topspin game. This is a nice combo of durability and playability.
From: Erik, Normal, IL, USA. 1/04

Comments: I usually break my strings around a week after getting these strings they last me more than 3 weeks. The Ashaway Crossfire II is not as stiff as the Prince ProBlend and also gives a lot of topspin. I get more power and control off these strings they're worth what you pay for.
From: Long, Newark, CA, USA. 10/03

Comments: I'm a heavy top-spinner and kick-server, before using the Crossfire II string, I always broke my string in around 2 weeks time. Since using the Crossfire II , my game has improved. I have more control and power. This string is fabulous and it hasn't broke for about 6 months.
From: Kevin, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia. 5/03

Comments: I could only get two matches at the most on my previous strings. The Ashaway Crossfire II are the only strings to take me beyond the two matches. Also incredible topspin with very good power & control. I'm a lifer.
From: David R. Law IV, Petaluma, CA. USA 10/02

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