Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar String Customer feedback

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Comments: Put it in a Wilson 6.1 95S, even though I don't demolish my strings very quickly -- I wanted to try it. Strung as recommended, put some soft string in the crosses at 49 lbs, mains with Kevlar 18g at 40 lbs -- i.e. rather low. Super solid feel, nothing mushy, as so often with poly strings strung low. Not harsh at all, but very good control, not only in length, but also direction of the ball, very similar to my 6.1 18x20 strung with a Luxilon Alu Power at 49 lbs. Spin is on the same level as Wilson Revolve, but no snap back (strings move a bit and don't snap back). Good sound, too. Only a low thud. Highly recommened.
From: Andrew, 11/15

Comments: Amazing string. I have used multi filaments all my life (mostly NXT Tour or Technifibre X One) .. And Ashaway blows me away. The firm (and thin gauge) Kevlar mains gives a very crisp feel and bites the ball really well and I have definitely played a notch better, being able to change directions when I want to. The crosses soften things up to create a very unique feel. Will a firm poly main/soft multi cross give a similar result? Perhaps yes. But I can't be bothered trying numerous combinations when this Ashaway set up works so well. And the price is also great value. I haven't had any problem with durability yet despite the thin gauge. I am a traditional player with moderate top spin and a slice backhand. Put in my Babolat Pure Strike at 54 lbs main/ 56 lbs crosses.
From: Mark, 12/14

Comments: I have to admit -- I have used all different kinds of strings like Black Widow, Luxilon and others. Nothing can beat this string! I strung my racquet at 72 lbs with my original Prince Graphite and it has a wonderful feeling with lots of control!
From: Lito, 11/13

Comments: I tried out these kevlar strings for the first time the other day, and they didn't quite live up to my expectations. One positive thing i will say is that the ball comes off of the string bed very consistently, you always know where the ball is going to land, good control. These strings are low-powered, which is a positive or negative depending on the player. I thought these strings would be low powered with good spin which would be my preference, but was disappointed to find they don't have good spin despite their low power. Stiffness wasn't as bad as expected, not any stiffer than your average poly in my opinion. Durability wasn't all kevlar is brought up to be, lasted me about 15 hours of hitting with long fast strokes and heavy topspin. I am currently using Babolat Pro Hurricane, and would recommend them for someone looking for a low powered, spin oriented string, not these. I also find that Pro Hurricanes are more durable than these strings. Basically I find these strings are a deader, less spin friendly, and less durable version of Pro Hurricanes. I am a 5.5 player and play about 20 hours a week.
From: Joe, 6/12

Comments: I have been experimenting with strings due to being a chronic string breaker because I hit with heavy topspin generated with big swings. I am a 5.0 player and not even poly strings have lasted more than six hours and the poly strings gave me tennis elbow. I strung my racquet at 46 lbs for the Crossfire mains and 51 for the poly crosses (Wilson Enduro Pro) and couldn't believe how tight it felt but also stiff. It played great though. I have since lowered the mains to 40 lbs and the crosses to 45 lbs and it still feels tight but plays great. Mega topspin, bite, control and power. I am very excited about the setup and how it plays. Next stringing I'm going down to 35 lbs for the mains and 40 lbs for the poly crosses, and I'm sure it will be perfect.
From: Dave, 10/11

Comments: I am an ex-All American College player and current top 5 player in the 5.0 in Florida and I vouch for this string. I string the Kevlar at 55lbs in the mains and put Tourna Big Hitter Rough 17 g in the crosses on my AeroPro Drive (55 lbs on both). I get so much spin with that combination!! More than Babolat RPM!! Tremendous crisp feel, spin and and touch. If you mix the kevlar with a soft poly or co-poly string you will get an extra foot of drop on your shots comparing with Synthetic Gut in the crosses. This combo might hurt your elbow if the flex rating on your racket is below 70.
From: Marty Ace. 5/11

Comments: Excellent Value and Playability. This string I used in Babolat Aeropro Drive GT +. It makes more spin and good control. My shot is almost always in. I strung @ 54/59 lbs. the problem is got a little too stiff. I have an elbow problem and it makes my elbow hurt more. But from the stand of playability this string is worth a try...
From: Chandra, Pekanbar, Indonesia, 02/11

Comments: Excellent value and playability. I wish I had this strings when I played college tennis. Our team used the 16g instead and is not the same. I try the best polys out there as a main set up and found this strings to be a better value. Poly strings are nice, but they lose tension very quickly and don't last as long as Kevlar. The secret is to drop the tension by 10 to 15% lower than a main poly string and to mix it up with a soft 17 or 18g string. I mix it with the Wilson enduro tour 18g on my Wilson K 90 tour at 50lbs. I get the same amount of spin as any poly string, but with a crisper feel and more control on flat shots.
From: Martin, Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA, 12/10
NTRP: 5.5

Comments: I'm a college player with a Boris Becker 11 racquet, leaded up at 3+9 and above the handle. I hit flat and/or with lots of spin, depending on my opponents, and I love to play the net. I'm an all-court player. I've tried just about every string set-up out there; Black Code, Tour Bite, Polylon, Hyperion, X-1 Biphase, NRG2, Live Wire, Sonic Pro, Silverstring, Scorpion, Turbotwist, Thin Blend, NXT Duo, Red Code, the list goes on. Nothing is overall as good as Crossfire 18. Some of those strings can match it on some characteristics, but they don't have the playability (since kevlar doesn't go dead), control, feel, spin, bite, power, touch, and durability all in one package that this one does. Highly, highly recommended. The only one that plays better in most characteristics is TF Black Code 18, but that one doesn't last as long.
From: James, Newark, DE, USA, 09/10

Comments: About 15 years ago, I used nothing but Prince Durathin 18g on my full string bed while playing in high school and college. I was sad to see Prince discontinued that string a number of years ago. Honestly, I've been looking for something similar ever since...and I finally found it. This is excellent string for sure. I don't have the arm to play this in my entire string bed now, but mixing this in the mains, and a high quality synthetic in the crosses such as Tecnifibre NRG2, X-one Biphase, or even a Gamma TNT2, produces excellent spin and bite on the ball. I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about the spin generated with polyester based strings. I've used many polys from Luxilon (my favorite), Babolat, and even Volkl. But if I want max spin, I aim for 18g Kevlar based string in the mains and an 18g premium synthetic in the crosses. No poly can product this type of spin...18g poly or not. No, it's not the easiest string for the arm. Neither is polyester based strings. Give this a try and see what you think. I string at 62. Nothing feels quite this "crisp" as plowing through the ball with this setup.
From: Jason, Warsaw, IN USA. 09/10
Racquet: Head Microgel Radical MP

Comments: Been switching several strings since and finally back to my original string, which is Cross Fire. True enough that the hit gives more bites on the ball which makes you do less unforced errors. I will stick to this string until the better ones come.
From: Ong, Malaysia, 08/10

Comments: I strung my Six One Tour with these strings at 51 and these strings provide good feel and excellent control as well as spin. I will definitely use these string again in the future.
From: anonymous, France. 6/10

Comments: All (control, bit, no loss tension) excellent, but very, very dangerous for your elbow. I recommended string less 50 lbs.
From: Jorge, Bogota, Colombia, 05/10

Comments: I use a Babolat Pure Storm LTD, 95sq", I am a full swing, open stance western forehand player all around 4.0+ player. I strung these strings at 55lbs mains and 65 crosses(syn. gut I string @65lbs all around). The 18 gauge is great. Strings stayed in place, flat serves increased speed, I felt like the kick serves were being push a little out but I might not have been use to it. Ground strokes were solid had bite, I like the noise they make, it was like a muffled whack. Overall I love these strings. I am going to switch to these strings.
From: David, RSM, CA. 3/10

Comments: I used 50 lbs tension for mains and 60 for crosses. This is working well as I get both good spin and plenty of power. The feel is not as soft, but after getting comfortable, the strings perform better than I expected. They also don't move at all, which has been a problem for me with other strings.
From: Randy, Cheshire, CT, USA 01/10

Comments: I first discovered the Crossfire in its 16 gauge form (and left a comment for that string) and have since moved to these 18 gauge strings. I used to break the synthetic crosses in the 16 gauge, but it took a heck of a long time and usually there was a lot of tension loss in the crosses. With the 18 gauge I'm breaking the aramid mains first, but it happens a little earlier when the strings haven't lost much tension so I basically lose the string exactly when it stops playing well. I play with a tension of 53x56 lbs (mains x cross), prince O3 tour MS, heavy hitting, top-spin 4.5 player.
From: Sid, Mountain view, CA, USA 10/09

Comments: Aggressive, topspinner, baseliner and some volleys, I used this for Slazenger Nx1, 58/60lbs. Excellent feel off the ball on topspin and serves. Generates wicked curves. Getting my elbow a bit sore but worth it in terms of my game's performance.
From: EG, Manila, Philippines. 3/09

Comments:I've used this string for the past year, I like it, use it as my primary string. Benefits: 1) nice firm feel, great control 2) durable and holds up tension 3) good value for its price.
From: Herman, Chino Hills CA, USA. 12/08

Comments: I tried in this in a Redondo MP at 60 lbs/mains and 58 lbs/crosses and it firmed up the frame just right. Spin and power are great and the 18 gauge really opens up the string bed and gives more spin. No arm or shoulder pain. I can swing without hesitation and place the ball much better than with any other string I have tried.
From: Bill, Wakefield, MA, USA. 12/06

Comments: This string rocks when in a hybrid with 17g or even 18g synthetic crosses. Great control, and spin potential, and a more forgiving string bed then full poly. Best thing is, you do not have to break them in and have that short window of good playability like poly.
From: CQ, Foster City, CA, USA. 11/06

Comments:I purchased this string after going through many sets of Stamina 17 in 2 hours. I was stringing racquets all the time. Now I string the 18 Kevlar in the mains and Stamina 17 in the crosses. I like the way the string hits. If you get the tension right it is not bad on your arm and the spin is really good. I agree go 6 lbs less on the mains. I did not do this the first time just to see how stiff it would be, and it is really stiff. For synthetic I would string at 64lbs, with the hybrid I string the mains at 57lbs and the crosses at 63lbs, which feels best for me. The string does have a dead feel, but after you play with it a couple of times you get used to it. Also, experiment with the tension to get the best feel for the strings. These strings last me about 7-10 days or 4 to 5 matches, which is a lot better than 2 hours. I would definitely recommend for string breakers, as you will get the playability and durability out of the 18 gauge. Tension loss is minimal and when these break it is ready to be restrung anyway.
From: Anon, GA, USA 07/05
Wilson H Tour 57mains 63 crosses

Comments: I'm an advanced aggressive all-court player and when I see an opportunity to approach the net and close out a point, use a penetrating top-spin forehand approach shot, or a one-hand backhand slice down-the-line while closing in on the net. Once at the net, I also require a touch, feel, and use of angles for a put-away shot. The Ashaway Crossfire 18 handles with tremendous feel, control, and power, and sure enough, also suits my penetrating transition game. The string is very durable and does not lose its elasticity and lasts a long time, even when peeled to the last thread. I use the Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Classic (Graphite/Kevlar) racquet, and I string at about 62 lbs.
From: Victor, Belmont, CA, USA. 3/05

Comments: I am principally a power player. I need to maintain tension for control on groundies, without sacrificing punch on the volley. For me, it's always a trade off, high tension, stiff strings, for groundies, and little work from strings on volleys. With the 18 gauge Kevlar, I get the consistency I require. When I marry the Kevlar with the Gosen AK 17L, I get the feel I require for drop shots, volleys, and easing up on the stroke for depth (letting the frame swing itself). I've been using the Luxilon Timo 18, and I really enjoy it. However, I'm using a 102 square inch frame. For 110 and above, I suggest the kevlar 18 with a softer, 17 gauge as an ultimate combo.
From: Brant, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 10/03

Comments: This string bites the ball to keep it in when you use heavy topspin. In addition, it's all great of the backhand slices and volleys. Players in the courts ask me how I can hit the ball so hard and keep the ball in. Of course, I wouldn't let them know since I play them every weekend. I recommend for topspin players to try and use it. You'd be surprised the improvement on your game.
From: Raymond, Dublin, CA, USA. 8/03

Comments: Great string, I like the muted sound when the ball came off the racquet. Excellent for serving (really!). My first serves went from 105mph into the 120's range with great accuracy. With a two handed backhand, you will love it. Hit as hard as you can and ball still drops inside the base line. Give it a try! I used the Head i. Prestige 98sq XL, @ 62lbs.
From: Linus, San Jose, CA USA. 7/03

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