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Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: Using it on my second Prince 100 Tour (18x20) strung at 56 lbs. The other 100 Tour was strung with the X-one Biphase 18 (also at 56 lbs) which I wrote a short review on it's respective page. Similar to the 18, ball pocketing is great and spin is obtained more from techniques. The power level is a little less compared to the 18, which is expected. The feel and crisp however, is much less apparent in this 17. It is a good string no doubt. However, for me using the 100 Tour with flex rating below 58 and the feel everyone described as "mushy/soft/different" lack of crispness could be a deal breaker at this price point. There are many others multis that can give the similar results. If you are not a string breaker, I highly recommend the 18, else a firmer racquet may reap more benefits out of this 17.
From: GW, 2/15

Comments: I have been playing tennis for 30 years. I play from the baseline and hit topspin and play mostly on clay; I play indoor in the winter. Hybrid this with Luxilon Adrenaline in the mains and X-One in the crosses -- fantastic! The best of both worlds. I experimented with natural gut in the crosses but I'll go back to Biphase! My current string of choice.
From: Mishell, 11/14

Comments: This string is the perfect replacement for natural gut without the heavy price tag. It has "gut-like" feel with plenty of ball pocketing. I'm not a typical string breaker. I play 3 to 4 times per week and have had this string for almost two months. I believe this is perfect for my Wilson K-Factor Six.One 90 Tour (16x20) strung on the mains at 48lbs and the crosses with Top Spin Cyber Flash at 44lbs.
From: Chan, 7/12

Comments: Every now and then I get this great idea that I should try another string. I catch myself reading reviews or comments and get curious. But every time I go back to Tecnifibre X-One Biphase...I wonder why I strayed away. X-One hits with the right combination of feel, control, power and consistency for me. Some people say it goes dead after a short amount of time. To me it plays better and better right up to the breaking point. Only thing I have against the string is that it plays a little stiff the first hour or two. Gamma Professional is the only string I have played with that might play a bit better...but considering the cost, I'll stay with X-one.
From: Rondall, Glen Burnie, MD, USA. 8/07

Comments: Without a doubt the best synthetic string on the market (and better than some natural gut). I'm a racquet stringer and use to recommend Wilson NXT 17 to my serious playing customers. In the last year from my recommendation they're all playing with Tecnifibre x-one Biphase 17 now and everybody's happy.
From: John, USA. 11/06

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