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Comments: Can't believe these are gone! Bring these back as these are the most comfortable shoes on the court I have ever worn! Break-in time is non-existent, and they're comfortable for this 4-5x a week player on clay and hard courts. They wear well for people who have flat feet, but you may need insoles if you have an arch. Bring them back! Please.....
From: Elaine, 5/15

Comments: Bring both the mids and regular cut of this shoe back! It was the best and only mid cut shoe that worked and looked good. Why do the shoe companies do that? They have a great shoe that people are hooked on, discontinue it and don't replace it with anything even close. No other shoe company has or had a mid top or a shoe with this one and the Glaciator's stability, good looks and durability. Bring them back, please!
From: Carolyn, 3/15

Comments: The more I wore these, the looser they got. I guess the leather got so stretched out and cannot wear them any more.
From: Kimura, 9/14

Comments: Don't mess with perfection. I can't remember when I wore another shoe. I'm ready to buy my next pair (or two)!
From: Dale, 9/14

Comments: The only tennis shoe I can wear -- please tell me K-Swiss is going to continue to manufacture and sell them. I am a 69 year old 4.5 player.
From: Gail, 6/14

Comments: I have been wearing these shoes for about 10 years. Love them because they are shaped like my feet (vs. pointed toes) and I can feel the court with my toes (vs. a pointed toe shoe). As I am aging, however, would like to have more cushion to protect joints. If I could have this shoe with more shock absorption, it would be perfect! Now looking at other brands, but can't find one that feels as good as these for "court feel." Any recommendations?
From: Barb, 1/14

Comments: I have been wearing this shoe for the last 12 years. I love this shoe and I can just take them out of box to play in them. For the first time I am going to buy and try the Big Shots -- I hope I have not made a mistake. However I do have a new pair of Ultrascendors just in case.
From: Claudia, 12/13

Comments: I purchased these shoes on line about 3 months ago. I live in New Zealand and this was the first time I had bought shoes from the USA. I was spoilt for choice by the variety so went with these because they are the most popular according to the website. I must say they are the best tennis shoes I have ever had. I am 60 years of age and have played tennis consistently for many years. Have recommended them to many New Zealanders and also told them about Tennis Warehouse.
From: Pauline, 7/13

Comments: I have been using this shoe for about 6 years, now. The support is great and it helps me keep good balance on the court. I have used the K-Swiss brand since the 80's and the shoe never fails to perform. I also have a pair of Defiers in Black. It's a good shoe, but it feels a bit 'stiff' compared to the Ultrascendor, which provides the ultimate comfort, support, and balance.
From: Sylvia, 12/12

Comments: After reading the comments from others, I bought this shoe. I need a wide toe area, and this shoe is excellent. I also need a narrow heel area. I need to wear a medium weight sock and tie the laces tightly to keep my heal from slipping. I play 3.5 doubles three times a week all year long. I run a lot and find this shoe to be stable. I will buy this shoe again.
From: Vicki, 3/12

Comments: I have lost count of how many pairs of these shoes I have owned. Estimating it's between 18-25. I play approximately 5 matches a week, plus 2-4 hours of training. No foot issues and I attribute that to the Ultrascendors. I love the light weight combined with firm support. My only complaint is I am so tired of the white and navy. Would love to see it it in just plain white. Seldom wear navy anymore. I really wanted to try a different KSwiss shoe just to get away from the navy color, but don't want the extra weight so will order once again this shoe.
From: Judy, 10/11

Comments: Great shoe! I wore it right out of the box and played. There was no stiffness when wearing, blisters or other negative foot effects. This shoe keeps your foot cool even on hot Florida hard courts. The shoe has very good arch support and ankle support. I have had plantar fasciitis, a broken foot and bunions, and I will buy this shoe again. It's comfortable and grips your foot well.
From: Den, Orlando, Fl, USA. 4/11

Comments: These shoes are the best tennis shoes I've ever owned - and so reasonably-priced as well - in the 20 years that I've been playing tennis. I will say that I can imagine it is not as comfortable for some people as I have a high arch and I really appreciate the arch support of this shoe. My feet feel stable and well supported, and they are lighter than a lot of other tennis shoes out there. I found that it fits true to size, and I have relatively narrow feet. Great pair of shoes!
From: Anon, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have never put an athletic shoe of any sort on my foot that hurt so bad. I think it would hurt less if I played in dress pumps, they are that bad!!! I am so disappointed as these were highly recommended by my mother in law. I don't know how anyone can call this shoe comfortable or light. It hits the sides of the top of my foot and digs into it, and they are most certainly not light. Much heavier than my old ones. I wanted to take a step up from adidas. Wish I'd saved my money.
From: Doris, Atlanta, GA, USA, 12/10

Comments: For years this shoes has served me, I play lots of singles and doubles. My husband wears the men's version of this shoe as well. Many gals here on the island wear them as well.....Let's hope K=Swiss never stops manufacturing them.
From: Floss, Hilton Head Island, 11/10

Comments: I wore NB for years. I switched to K-Swiss and yes they are comfortable right out of the box. They are a "great" tennis shoe; well made, great arch support -- I'm about to order my second pair. If you have a wide foot and like arch support don't hesitate to try these.
From: Babs, Shrub Oak, NY, USA, 04/10

Comments: I am about to order by 9th or 10th pair. Have worn this shoe for several years. Always fits right out of the box, accommodates my orthotics and wears well. Suffered from plantar fasciitis and foot cramps before I switched to this shoe. I won't chance trying anything else unless this show is discontinued, which I hope won't happen.
From: Mary, Kalamazoo, MI, USA 01/10

Comments: Because of the positive feedback, I bought a pair of these shoes. What a mistake! The first time I wore them, my feet hurt so bad. I won't try them a second time. I talked with a woman who loves these shoes. She says her feet are wide; mine are narrow. Perhaps that's why these shoes fit poorly on me.
From: Emily, Teaneck, NJ, USA, 11/09

Comments: I am about to purchase my fourth pair! I tried other models from K-Swiss but the Utrascendor is the most comfortable. I have a high instep and they offer ankle support when running. I like that I have enough foot room to wear a lightly cushioned sock.
From: Carol, Lighthouse Point, FL, USA, 10/09

Comments: I tried this shoe for several years. I hurt my foot by my little toes on both sides. I also felt it was hard to move in it, felt like I might trip. I've since found a lighter shoe by K-Swiss that I like...The Natural.
From: Sue, CO, USA, 10/09

Comments: I had arch problems and a neuroma in my foot- after wearing these nothing hurts anymore and I play 4-6x a week in a 4.0 league- and I've tried many shoes. I love this shoe...will buy many more.
From: Connie, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 09/09

Comments: These were very comfortable at first and there was no need to break them in. After a while I kept rolling my ankle in them. It also inhibits rapid position changes. Otherwise if you make a swift turn or sprint it made me roll my ankle
From: Christine, Queens, NY. 6/09

Comments: I purchased these shoes after being a NEW BALANCE person. The shoes have great support and are very comfortable out of the box. I will buy another pair shortly.
From: Shari, Holland, PA, USA, 05/09

Comments: Cannot recommend this shoe at all. I thought I would give it a try with all the positive comments it had. But this shoe broke down after only playing maybe 6 times in them. The last straw was when I almost rolled my foot on an aggressive running forehand. When I looked at the shoe, it was visibly noticeable that the right side of the shoe was pronated. Yes - there is no break-in time with these shoes. But the extremely fast breakdown of the shoe is my concern. I also noticed that the arch support was very shallow. This shoe felt more like a casual walking shoe, not a tennis shoe. I am now wearing the Adidas Barricade and have found this to be much more stable (no rolling feet) and much better arch support. It still is very comfortable and has a generous toe box without feeling sloppy.
From: Melita Parker, Claremont, CA, USA 04/09

Comments: Can't get enough of this shoe. I have a wide foot and thin heel and my feet are never tired nor sore. I have heard stories of lost toenails and blisters and more and never have I experienced this with the K-Swiss. Have heard of people needing to break in their tennis sneakers....never had that problem with these. I buy a pair every year as I play 4 to 5 times a week....great on any surface as I play them all.
From: Pamelia, Old Lyme, CT. 3/09

Comments: 7 years ago I broke all the bones in my left foot. The bones healed, but one nerve is slightly in the wrong place. I have tried every high end shoe from Yonex, Adidas, Nike, and some of the other K Swiss shoes. The Ultrascendor low is the first shoe that doesn't hit certain pressure points causing immense pain. One day I played for 3 hours, went shopping and realized I had been wearing them for 6 hours without any pain or discomfort at all. The only thing I wish, being anal, is that they also came with red accents or plain white. I match outfits with socks etc. I'm from the old school and think most of the court shoes on the market today are really UGLY. Oh well, I will forgo fashion for comfort.
From: Nancy, Rowland Heights, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: These shoes really surprised me and I would definitely buy them again. I've been wearing Wilson for years but was disappointed by the recent replacement of the Tour I with the awful, clunky Tour II. While this K-Swiss Ultrascendor weighs the same as the new Wilson Tour II, the better cut makes it feel lighter on my feet. The toe box is not bulbous, so the shoe doesn't feel clunky. They did not require breaking in and felt like part of my feet right away. I have good court feel, but it also feels like there is more cushioning under the ball of my foot than with other shoes (I compared these to Wilson Tour I & II and to K-Swiss Ascendor SLT Leather). My only complaint about Ultrascendor and the Ascendor SLT is that they seem to make my feet sweat more than other shoes.
From: Rena, Great Falls, VA, USA. 1/09

Comments:Bought these shoes and could wear them out of the box no break in time required. I had bought New Balance D fitting + Prince but had no luck with them the fitting was too narrow. I have a very wide foot with arthritis on the ball of one foot (due to bike accident)These shoes are the best, good ankle support, light weight so comfortable - I am going to order another pair to have on standby.
From: Valerie, Cork Ireland. 12/08

Comments: HORRIBLE! I have a wide foot and thought these would be good. After reading the reviews, I was convinced they would work... They are HORRIBLE! My feet are in the worst shape they have been in years and I can't even walk around the house in these. Both big toes have split nails and this is after wearing only 2 times. Do not buy these if you have a wide foot or are used to New Balance shoes.
From: Kathy, Pennsylvania. 12/08

Comments: I love this shoe. I've been wearing Prince shoes because they are heavier. I need the weight to help prevent rolling my ankle. This shoe required no break-in. It's a bit less heavy than the Prince shoe but stable enough that I feel comfortable just wearing a sleeve on my ankle to help with preventing ankle rollovers. I will be buying this same shoe the next time I need a pair. Hopefully, they won't be discontinued by then.
From: C, Atlanta, GA, USA, 10/08

Comments: I absolutely love this shoe, and I have tried many. I am in my 10th pair after 7 years of wearing them. Very comfortable and lightweight with great maneuverability. I drag my toe at times while serving, and these shoes have worn the longest over others I have tried. I play 3.5 singles and doubles on both hard and clay courts several times a week year round.
From: Yvette, PA, USA. 3/08

Comments: I bought this shoe based on the great reviews. It is comfortable right out of the box. When I played in it, I noticed my foot shifting around inside. I have a wide foot but I tightened the laces as much as possible and hopefully that will help. It feels a little like my toe is dragging on the quick changes of direction but maybe I'll get used to that. K-Swiss shoes point a little too much in the toe for me. I prefer a slightly squared off toe box because it doesn't leave anything to drag. It flexes nicely though and feels pretty stable.
From: Ellen, USA, 03/07

Comments: I love this shoe. I cannot tell you the horror stories I've experienced with others I've tried- including losing a toenail!! (it grew back!). I played 5-6 times per week and got support for my weak left ankle, tightness in the toe box and cushioning where I could play a two-hour match and my feet felt great. No slipping inside the shoe, and side to side motion is firm and flexible. I'm onto my second pair and couldn't ask for better.
From: Lori, Melville, NY, USA. 1/07

Comments: I love this shoe! I'm probably on my 8th pair. I hope K-Swiss doesn't stop making it. It fits like a glove and I wear orthotics and there is never a need to "break" it in. One shouldn't have to "break" in shoes. It is also light weight and has great support for lateral movement. I play 4.0 doubles and singles, usually 5 or more times a week on hard courts. I usually get about 3-5 months out of the shoe depending on how often I play. The toe area wears thin but the rest of the shoe holds up very well. I highly recommend this tennis shoe.
From: Barbara, Denver, CO, USA 02/06

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable, but I have a narrow AA foot so the width makes my foot feel like it is lost in the shoe. It is VERY hard to move quickly in left to right motions, but it is sturdy and the laces are better than Nike's. I have 6 pairs of this shoe and I like the fact that it is true to size, not like Nike.

Comments: I'm on my 4th pair. No need to break-in this shoe. Comfortable on the first day. Wide toe-bed, good for high arches, and excellent for speed and 'happy feet'.
From: Helen, Annandale, VA, USA 11/05

Comments: I am on my third pair and about to order my fourth. I love this shoe. Very comfortable (I have a slightly wide foot), light, sturdy, and allows great movement.
From: Pauline, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 10/05

Comments: I was in mourning as K-Swiss recently discontinued my favorite (and only) tennis shoe, the Glaciator, but this shoe (the Ultrascendor) is terrific. It has a lot of stability and doesn't break down after a few wearings, but is not as stiff as the high Glaciator (silver stripes) which I tried unsuccessfully. I'm on a 3.5 team and play doubles and singles on hard and Har-tru. I am about to order two more pairs so that I'll be happy for quite some time. (I like to run and the shoes are firm but flexible.)
From:Loo (Lauren) City, State, Country: New York NY USA

Comments: This shoe does not come close to the Ascendor GS. K-Swiss has probably lost a long time customer because the Ascendor GS is no longer available.
From: Michelle, Greensboro, NC, USA.

Comments: I have worn both Nike and adidas shoes for tennis in the past but tried the K-Swiss on the recommendation of a specialty store owner. The fit is good (I wear orthodics, flat feet) and it doesn't seem to be a very heavy shoe, which is good because I like to serve and volley (3.5 singles player).
From: Maria, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 8/04

Comments: I found this shoe hard to move around the court in. I play singles and had a hard time switching directions in this shoe.
From: Bev, Austin, TX, USA. 10/03

Comments: I love this shoe. In fact I bought 3 pairs! I have a high arch and it is the only shoe that gives me enough support. It wears well and doesn't slip.
From: Barbara, Lynchburg, VA, USA. 5/03

Comments: The KSwiss Women's Ultrascendor is a very fine tennis shoe. I can compare it with Head and Fila shoes. It compares well with my other favorite, the New Balance.Very stable in all directions, supports the foot well, no friction, well-made and light. I like the way the laces stay put. I play 3.5 singles and doubles hard court several times a week with lots of net play.
From: Terri, Boulder Creek, CA. USA 9/02

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