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Comments: This is my favorite replacement grip, and I've tried a variety of ones from Wilson, Babolat, Gamma, Dunlop, Volkl, Pacific & Gosen. I always come back to Wilson True, because it is comfy without being too soft, is tacky without being sticky, and maintains good feel of the racquet and bevels. It also lasts for a while, especially in dry or indoor conditions. The only downside is that it is not super-absorbent, so those in high humidity may need a more absorbent grip. All the same, it has medium absorbency, enough to last a set, then you can switch to your backup racquet with dry grip. I hope Wilson never discontinues this one it is the best!
From: Jim. 6/11

Comments: I love this grip. I live in NE Florida with high humidity and this grip maintains its tack twice as long as other grips I have tried. It is also really comfortable yet with no loss in feel. It works so well for me that I don't use an overgrip.
From: Mark, St. Augustine, FL, USA, 11/10

Comments: I have tried thick, more absorbent grips, but they all made me lose feel for the racquet. This grip is very thin, and not too "cushiony", which is great for feeling your shots. It can get slick if you sweat a lot, so I sometimes use a thin overwrap (which doesn't detract from the racquet "feel" at all).
From: Kevin, Centennial, CO, USA, 08/10

Comments: Great grip, but it does not absorb sweat well.
From: William, Perth, WA, Australia. 5/10

Comments: Fairly good grip until the hands start to sweat. Good tack, comfort, but all that goes away after your hands start to sweat. It becomes extremely slippery. Recommended to those without sweaty hands.
From: London, Ontario. 03/10

Comments: I sweat a lot and have played a lot of different humid climates. If you play with this grip right out of the box it's good. But put a few sets on the grip (after it gets a little stained) and it's slicker than a duck's back! Tournagrip is still a good choice for overgrips.
From: M.Lee, Alexandria, VA, USA, 12/08

Comments: This grip is very absorbent and the tackiness lasts at least a month! Highly recommended!
From: Keith, Grand Rapids, MI, USA. 7/08

Comments: Great grip. Lasts only a month, though. I still highly recommend it!
From: Milen, Canada, QC, Montreal. 5/08

Comments:I agree with Anon here, felt way too bulky with over grip (in this case Wilson Pro). However by itself, it was great, long lasting (3-4 months) and felt very tacky. However yes, when your hands start sweating, it wont hold on.
From: Rob, 04/08

Comments: Excellent grip! I've used this for about 4 months now and don't see myself switching. It's a perfect blend of tact, absorption, durability. I highly recommend this grip.
From: John, Williamsburg, VA. 2/08

Comments: This grip feels good; however, moisture absorption is very poor. In hot weather, this grip becomes very slick and slippery. I used it once and took it off. I do not recommend this grip for hot weather conditions or if your hands sweat a lot.
From: John A, South Australia. 2/08

Comments: This grip felt too bulky when under a Tournagrip. The handle-size was too thick for me, and I didn't really like the bevel feel. I prefer a bit more rounded grip-shape. I replaced this grip that came on my racquet with Unique Next Level, perfect fit for my hand.
From: Anon, Marysville, Washington, United States. 1/08

Comments: I am loving this grip, although I still think the Head Hyrdosorb feels slightly better. This grip is tacky and soft and so nice and thin. I don't use overgrips and my hand almost doesn't sweat. I haven't had that much play time on my K95 yet so I am not sure about the durability, but it seems like it will last quite long.
From: Jason, LA, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: I went from the micro-dry max to this grip and it was night and day. Playing in Florida during the summer, you end up soaking a grip to its core in an hour or so. This grip remains firm, and tacky through the whole session I play, sometimes over two hours. The more I sweat, the better it feels. I really recommend this grip if you are looking for a replacement.
From: Justin, Naples, FL, USA, 08/07

Comments: I agree with Alex, Arcadia. I had tried a lot different grips but this one give me more self-confidence to my game. It's soft enough to feel. With out vibrating or numbing your hands while I hit heavy shots, it's great to use under your over grips to cause it's not too thick like the other. I'm loving it.
From: Hai, Rome, GA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Love this grip! I've tried to so many and until finding this I used to mainly use gamma hi-tech. True has a nice tackiness and the tackiness lasts much longer. I can't use overgrips, I tend to tear them up after a few hours so finding this stuff is wonderful!
From: Maury, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/07

Comments: I am so in love with this grip, it is the best. It's much better compare to Babolat Synthetic Grip. Babolat Synthetic tends to wear off easily, it turns slippery afterwards, but true grip last longer. I found this one from Wilson Npro Open X racquet...It is just amazing. Thank you tennis warehouse too. I bought two of these and I'm looking forward to buy some more.
From: Sigit, MPK, CA, USA, 01/07

Comments: I really like this grip. It's soft and has not too much or too little tackiness. It's pretty thin though, not a thick plushy grip. Also, I'm not sure how it stands with sweat absorption since my hands don't sweat much.
From: Clint, Houston, TX, USA. 10/06

Comments: This is a great grip to use under your overgrip, however, stand alone it is not tacky enough for me and slips a lot. I put Wilson Pro Overgrip over my True Grip and it feels wonderful. With the overgrip it has a good balance between hard (like leather is) and soft. It is also very absorbent. I recommend this grip only as a base for your overgrip, but not if you use it stand alone.
From: Alex, Arcadia, CA, USA 07/06

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