Wilson Tour Ikon Silver/Black/Red Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought these shoes 3 weeks back and have used it a few times. Overall, I like the look and the light weight, but for some reason these shoes feel very uncomfortable on the heels (it almost feels that the cushion level is not uniform which is what causes the pain). I'm not sure if others have experienced the same issue.
From: Alex, 1/13

Comments: I purchased a pair and wow, they are great. What a bargain. I played 4 sets of doubles in them this morning and they were quick and well-padded.
From: Jeff, 12/12

Comments: Very comfy shoes, and I wouldn't mind wearing these for every day use. As for stability, it lacks a bit, probably due to its softness. I can't rate durability since I haven't used them that long yet, but for $40 and a 6 month warranty I don't think you can go wrong. But if you're looking for more stability and durability for a bit more I would get adidas. But again, not bad shoes for the price, and they are the best I've seen from Wilson.
From: Kevin, 12/12

Comments: I agree with the other comments. The shoes wore out very very quickly and I am also extremely disapointed in Wilson.
From: Fransua, 8/12

Comments: The pros are that they fit true to size, require almost no break-in, and are very comfortable. The cons are that unfortunately, probably what makes them so comfortable also leads to their greatest drawback, lateral stability. I find the boot just way too soft on these, and my foot tends to move when the shoe doesn't. I also found the outsole to soften up very quickly, and move under the shoe. I was coming from the adidas barricade 7's, and after going through my first pair of these in about a month, I will be returning to the adidas. I would recommend these for an older, less mobile individual seeking comfort. For 4.5+ tournament players, I would seek a more rigid shoe (like the barricade's)
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: Overall, this is a wonderfully comfortable and supportive shoe, but after playing this week and noticing some slippage on the court, I turned the shoe over and saw the same worn outsole as Matt and Paul described. My Prince T22s weren't nearly as comfortable, but the sole wore much better. Looks like I'll be turning these in for a new pair under the 6- month durability guarantee.
From: Chris, 6/12

Comments: Awesome shoe! Great comfort, support and traction. Relatively light considering how much cushioning and support they provide. Like an adidas Barricade with a more snug fit. Way to go Wilson. This is a home run ball!
From: Chuck, 5/12

Comments: Great shoe! Much more comfortable than previous Wilson shoes - a true pro level shoe. They feel great right out of the box and still have a 6 month durability guarantee on the outsole and the toe guard! Wilson is stepping up!
From: Josh, 3/12

Comments: Huge upgrade over their previous shoes. The red and silver is sharp! The best part of this shoe is you don't notice it! Not too heavy, not too soft, not too stiff. Solid shoe!
From: Matt, 2/12

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