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Comments: Just like a few reviewers have stated, the Wilson Tour Red 9 Pack Bag is really small, and I would add not really well designed. It has only two compartments. One gollywhopper compartment in which you could put probably about 6 racquets without covers and the other would hold 2, maybe 3. But there is no middle section for all the other stuff you would carry if you are a tournament player, like extra clothes, jump rope, towel and extra shoes. My daughter wanted the bag because it matched her BLX Blade 98 Pink and Black. She really only needed a 6 pack bag so this one worked for her now. But after I looked at it, I almost sent it back because I thought they sent me the 6 pack bag. The Babolat 9 pack bag is a better bag and even the other Wilson bags have the extra compartment in the middle, but this one is small.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: I purchased this Wilson Tour Red 2012 15 Pack Bag and immediately returned it. The last series of Wilson bags that were good quality were the K-Factor bags (2007 era). There's been a significant decrease in quality to BLX (2010 era) and BLX Pro Staff (2012 era). I still have my Wilson K-Factor bag from 2007 and it has held up well. Also, there's no separate drink container on this bag in comparison to K-Factor. Poor quality both from construction and design, Wilson.
From: John, 7/12

Comments: I got the Wilson Tour Red 9 Pack Bag and its so small, if you want a 6 pack, get the 9 pack, go a racket size bigger than the bag you want! I had to return my 9 pack. The 15 pack is perfect for me because I wanted a 12 pack.
From: Anthony, 5/12

Comments: Wilson's new large backpack, simply stated, is awful!! The side pockets are absolutely useless! Wilson opted for a "fashion statement" instead of engineering a functionally sound backpack. It's obvious that they were more concerned with the looks instead of making sure it worked. The zippered pockets have zero/zilch/nada depth so there is no real storage except for the bag's main compartment. Have fun finding anything important you place in that cavernous pit!
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: This pack pack bag is fabulous. It was perfect to lug around my racquet, a snack, a drink, and tennis shoes. Plus, it offers nice back support. This is surely worth buying and it appears to be long lasting. I give it an A+.
From: Brittany, 4/12

Comments: I bought the 15 Pack Bag and am very satisfied. The major features are readily apparent and similar to most other large bags, but it's the little details that set this bag apart from the rest. First, the materials seem very durable and sturdy. Some bags seem to be "single-ply" with fabric panels that are just one layer of nylon. The material almost feels quilted. It's beefy and makes the bag hold its shape well, even when it's empty. The zippers have huge pulls and combined with the bag holding its shape well, operate flawlessly, even with one hand. The two little outside zippered pockets are perfect for valuables and cell phones. One is even lined with a fleece-like fabric. Finally--a cell phone pocket that won't let a phone flop out or get scratched up by other gear! Why this isn't standard on all bags is beyond me. I might have put the backpack straps on the top side or included a shoulder strap, but those are minor quibbles. This bag has me wanting to sell most of my others.
From: Stephen, 4/12

Comments: This Wilson Tour 6 Pack Bag is ridiculously small. It can fit IN my old 6 pack bag. I need to return it. I struggle to get 4 racquets in it. I don't see how it's physically possible to get 6.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Got the Wilson Tour Blue/White 15 Pack Bag and it is brilliant! Love all the room that is available for my racquets, towel, food and drink bottles. The large accessory compartments for clothes, shoes, etc. is also a welcome addition. The Thermo Guard compartment is fantastic to protect my racquets from the extreme heat we get in Australia and the with the Moisture Guard compartment, I can chuck some wet clothes or a cold drink bottle in there without having to worry about my other gear getting wet. The bag is also very comfortable to wear with the backpack straps and does not feel bulky at all when transporting it to and from the courts. Would recommend this bag to any player who likes to take a lot of stuff to the court.
From: DC, 2/12

Comments: I love the Wilson Tour Blue/White 9 Pack Bag, but it's strange it doesn't come with a shoulder strap.
From: Tim, 2/12

Comments: This Wilson Tour Blue/White 9 Pack Bag is the 3rd bag I've ordered over the past couple of weeks and the ONLY one I will not return... Exactly what I was looking for. It's big enough for the rackets I carry, plus room for extra clothes and a jacket/towels, etc. and it has great "side" pockets... I like them because you can separate things vs. having all your small stuff in one side pocket like some of the other bags. Another plus with this bag is that even though it's large enough, it's not a huge/bulky bag. Very pleased with this Wilson 9pack with the Thermoguard/Moisture control pockets and with TW customer service returning/swapping the other bags.
From: R White, 2/12

Comments: I love the 9 Pack bag. Fits all my racquets in one compartment. The other compartment is for water and other things. It has 4 other smaller zipper side compartments that I can store everything I have for my game. I absolutely love this bag. Great buy!
From: Max, 12/11

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