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Comments: I have been really pleased with this racquet which has a great feeling sweetspot. Because of the high swingweight you really don't have to swing it very hard to generate power. Groundstrokes and serves seem to hold their line better than lighter racquets which tend to fly on me more. Best of all the volleys have alot of stick and the racquet holds up great against hard passing shots at the net. Overall a great racquet. I'm kind of disappointed that Wilson stopped making this particular version. It was perhaps the most popular womens racquet on tour last year. So thats the rap on it that its a womens racquet, but in reality most of those women are pretty darn strong since this racquet has a swingweight equal to what most of the men use anyway.
From: Chuck, 2/12

Comments: Put some Luxilon BB Alu Power 16 on this stick and it is amazing. Some people say that this is a "women's racket." Not true. It is the most amazing racket I've ever played with. I think the best aspect of it is the racket head speed it adds to kick serves as well as topspin forehands. It did need an over grip though, I chose tournagrip, because the grip it comes with is a bit slippery.
From: Denis, 1/12

Comments: I have been using the Wilson Hammer Line (now Tour editions) since the 1990's and have played with every iteration, Hyper Hammer, Hammers 5.2, 5.8, H-Tour, n-code, KFactor KTour, and now BLX. All have been 95 inch heads, 16X20 string beds, 10.2 oz. and 2 points HH(head heavy). I am an experienced player and have enjoyed the consistency and improvements in each model. My current sticks are BLX Tours with the same specs. I enjoy the feel and power each of these editions provides, and the BLX adds yet another level of power with good feel. I use NXT Tour 17G string, at 56-58 lbs., to give me maximum power without the attendant stiffness when headed for higher tensions. I will grant that this is an intermediate to advanced players' tool as it works much better with a controlled fluid stroke to which the player generates the power, and with sweet spot centered impact, the most is delivered for power, depth, control and spin. The BLX technology produces a crisp firm impact, while also giving the proper amount of touch and/or power as desired. Years back(early '90's, when the technology began to change for power very rapidly - leaning toward thicker, lighter racquets) before using the thinner beams, I had developed a bad case of tennis elbow using a Wilson Profile widebody and have as stated - stayed with this type of frame(thin beam 95 inch head) with no incidents since. Power can be easily generated on serves and groundstrokes as needed or desired, and there is also touch, control and ample pop for good consistent volleying. I highly recommend this racquet, even though I am admittedly biased.
From: Mark, 10/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour 17G, 56-58 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This racquet is amazing. Once I first started hitting with it I could definitely feel the difference between my old prince 03. It give much spin, control and power.
From: Dillon. 07/11
String type and tension: Kgut, and babolat RPM blast
Headsize: 95

Comments: I have been using the ncode ntour two and I decided to buy a new frame. I played so well with the ntour so I ordered the BLX version. I must say this racquet has a lot more feel than the ncode and felt like it had more control so all and all it is a great update.
From: James Craig. 6/11
String type and tension:60 rpm blast
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I've been using Tour racquets my entire playing career, starting with the HTour. This is by far the best racquet in the Tour series. The nTour was also an amazing racquet but the BLX Tour is simply the best. I hit with heavy topspin and this racquet is just perfect for it.
From: Anon. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This was the first Wilson racquet I had demoed in a while (my last Wilson demos being Kfactor Ktour and Ksix.one Tour). I was mildly disappointed at first, most likely due to a smaller headsize than I have lately become accustomed to, but after a few minutes I found my range and started feeling more confident with this racquet. However, the confidence only lasted until I had to hit a backhand. I was shocked at how pathetic my one-handed backhand was with this Wilson, considering that Henin used it in the past. This may or may not have been affected by the fact that I generally use poly and the demo was strung with synthetic gut. Eventually, I was forcing myself to barely roll my backhands in and wait for a forehand to smack. Despite my general disfavor towards this racquet, I will admit that the spin generation came as a pleasant surprise. I expected the 16x20 string pattern to be better suited to flat hitting, but since the pattern starts higher up on the racquet face, it ended up being about as open of a string pattern as my AeroPro Drive GT. Serves were decent, but the heavy swingweight did not allow for my wrist to fully pronate without some lingering pain at the end of the stroke. At the end of the day, I resolved that this was a splendid racquet for some, but certainly not for me.
From: Patrick, Charlotte, NC, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ Mid Tension
Headsize: 95 sq."
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: A good racquet for an aggressive player who likes all areas of the court. I had it strung with Babolat Tonic Gut at 58 lbs. I had never used a full bed of gut before, and I noticed that it took a lot longer to "break in" than with other new string jobs. With the groundstrokes, this racquet helps me get the ball deeper and hit with a little more power, while maintaining control, but nothing spectacular. I also wish it had a little more topspin, though a string change could probably fix that. On both shots, cross-court works best with this racquet. On serves, this racquet is overall good, but sometimes I want more. I like it on the kick serves in terms of consistency, but again, more topspin would be helpful to make the ball jump off the court more. Flat serves come with ample power, and slices have good bite, all with easy targeting ability because of the lightweight. On volleys, I found the racquet surprisingly versatile. It was good for hitting the low droppers as well as putaways, and is very maneuverable. Coming back from shoulder surgery, I would say that this is a comfortable racquet, and one that has helped me get back into my groove. I find it particularly useful for people who like to come into the net on occasion, or people who play singles and doubles; because of it's good performance on serves and volleys.
From: James, Sacramento, CA, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic @ 58lbs.
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: I hated this racket from the get go, but persevered stubbornly and now after 2 months I love it. Changing from the ncode blade 106 was not easy as both rackets have great attributes. The biggest difference in my game now is that I can really hit out with some good results. Touch and feel are good and power levels no different to the bigger blade. I actually played with the factory strings and only just delivered the rackets to my stringer so I guess I will have a different experience when I use them again...
From: Achilleas, UK, 02/11
String type and tension: Prince SG Original 17g
Headsize: 95

Comments: I've been using tour rackets my entire playing career, starting with the HTour. This is by far the best racket in the Tour series. The ntour was also an amazing racket but the BLX Tour is simply the best. I hit with heavy topspin and this racket is just perfect for it. There's a reason why one of the best women's player in history, Justine Henin, is using this racket.
From: Jake, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Poly 57 lbs.
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Really a surprising playtest! Before I tested this, I used a Babolat Pure Storm GT. I was looking for control at the time. The Pure Storm gave me the control, but I had to sacrifice nearly all of my power component. I had to swing for the fences and work hard just to get the ball deep. So I decided to start playtesting some player's racquets with more power. I tried the Head Youtek Prestige MP, Wilson K-Blade 98, and this racquet. The Prestige was good, but a bit heavy for my liking. I liked the Wilson blade a lot too, but I think this one is more arm friendly. And now to the racquet itself. There were two things that caught me by pleasant surprise, the power, and the comfort. When I had a chance on a forehand or a backhand, I was rewarded so much by attempting to rip it for a winner, especially crosscourt. When I was just focusing on keeping the ball deep, I had no trouble with my current swing speed, somewhere between medium and fast. Even when I was in a defensive position, I was able to generate depth on conservative swings. For a racquet with a 340 swingweight, I was swinging away comfortably with this frame. For me, the comfort with this frame is unmatched. The flex is great, and the feeling on groundstrokes was cushioned, but great plow through and feedback, with the impact feeling of a heavier racquet. Also like a heavier racquet, the racquet felt rock solid, excellent stability. The control and spin were also great; the accuracy of my shots supplemented the power greatly allowing me to dictate play with consistency. On the serve, the power on groundstrokes was also present. My favorite serves were the flat heaters; spin serves took a little more time to dial in. Comfort has been an issue with me on the serve, with previous shoulder injuries, but this racquet felt great on my shoulder. The power on overheads and volleys made me more confident at net. Now I see what everybody means by the versatility of the Wilson Tour line. I didn't have to make any adjustments; it fit right into my game, but added the power I was missing. I can't wait to purchase one of these, and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a powerful, arm friendly player's racquet.
From: Brandon, Sacramento, CA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I played with this racquet for three weeks and returned it. I wanted a spin-friendly racquet and that was not it. I couldn't get any spin with the same exact stroke as I had with my old pro open.
From: Noah, Miami, Florida, USA. 08/10
String type and tension: 16x19

Comments: This is a very versatile racket just like I have heard. Its swingweight is easy but it still has enough stability for hard hitting.I have found that the Tour can do everything well, providing power and touch when you need it. Don't be afraid of the 95 headsize because this racket plays just as well as a 100 sq inch head. All said this is truly a great racket for 3.5 players and up, I have found a stick that I feel very confident with knowing that it will perform well and have no surprises.
From: BK, San Jose, CA, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Big banger and Wilson Sensation at 55lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have had this stick for about 6 weeks, I used to play with a HEAD FLexpoint, and I demo's every stick that was close to the Flexpoint and even ones that were different. First on the groundies, forehand is solid both top spin and if you are a hacker like me, slice, in fact you can generate both spins very nicely. As for the two handed backhand lot of topspin is generated. Volleys, they stick nicely, and the drop shot, I had a lot of trouble pulling those off before, with the BLX, I am surprising a lot of opponents. This is a good stick for control and a bit of pop. The serve - I can put a bit more slice, and/or pound a flat one. Overall - to date am 8.5 out of 10, only issue is on the forehand - I shank a few more balls - this could be driver error too.
From: Jeff, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 07/10
String type and tension: Wilson NXT - 55
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: I have used all Fed's racquets since 2002. K90 feels a bit heavier for the same spec. I switched to the BLX Tour in February. True this stick requires sound technique, but the results are amazing. Volleys are just superb and I find I get more oomph on my serves. I lent it to a former doubles ATP player and he was amazed by its control and crispiness. I feel it is closer to the N90 and more maneuverable than the 2 previous models. I admit though I can hit bombs with its equivalent lighter style (95 Team).
From: Sam, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 7/10
String type and tension:Wilson Hyperlast 19, 55 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Just changed to BLX tour from low powered heavier headlight SW 300 non-Wilson. I tried this racquet and a demo event in November and really liked it. I was a little nervous when I read the specs, thinking 340 SW would be hard for me to handle. Feels great. I'm still getting great topspin and better power, not having any trouble with maneuverability. The grip does feel a little bigger. I might re-grip with something less cushy.
From: anon. 02/10
40 F 5'4"
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Current Racquet: Boris Becker Pro, 4 1/2" grip, customized to 320g/11.3oz and 3 points headlight, rubber band dampener, one overgrip, Luxilon BB ALU Power 16L mains @ 56 pounds, Yonex Tour Super 850 16g crosses @ 56 pounds
Style of Play: 4.0-4.5 all court player; full western forehand grip; two-handed backhand; heavy topspin and slice from both sides; medium length strokes; fast swing speed
Hours of Play: Approximately 5.5 hours of doubles and 2 hours of singles
Initial Impressions: weight felt a tad light compared to what I'm used to, could tell it was head heavy, definitely a longbody (uh oh, head heavy and extended length...not a good first impression to this standard length/head light tennis racquet guy), weight and balance made for a nice feel to the racquet, liked the 22mm width, open string pattern a big plus, looking forward to getting it out on the courts---a racquet out of my comfort zone so I'm pretty excited
Groundstrokes: This racquet is extremely solid off the ground and overall a great racquet from the baseline. The extra length with the lower overall weight leads to a solid feel that seems on the flexible side compared to what I'm used to with my normal racquet. The flex seems to be in the 62 to 64 range but I'm not sure how much of that is due to the flex of the racquet and how much is due to the extra length causing the flex to seem lower. Maneuverability isn't a strong suit of the racquet but once you get the racquet moving through the hitting zone you have amazing control. I was able to go down the line or cross-court with almost pinpoint control. I am truly surprised by how much I like this racquet (which is way out of my comfort zone and one I'd probably never think about demoing) when banging it out with a big hitter. The power is a little on the low side but I love the fact that I can take a huge cut and still have the ball remain in the court. The feel and results with my groundstrokes remind me of all the things I used to love about playing with the Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Classic. Although entirely two different animals, they really play very similar. Topspin is excellent with 'dippers' at the opponents feet pulled off with ease. The slice, although low going across the net, didn't seem to have the bite I was expecting or hoping for with the open string pattern. Topspin lobs are very effective although I seemed to have to prepare a little earlier than normal because of the extra length and balance. Stability is well above average with the racquet wavering only slightly with balls hit near the end of the racquet. The feel of the racquet on groundstrokes with regards to weight, width, and balance is rock solid; no hollow feel here. Overall I am extremely impressed by this racquet on groundstrokes with topspin and control being my favorite characteristics off the ground.
Serves: Serving is the weakest area of my game so I'm always looking for a racquet that will add some pop, control, and spin to my serve. With this racquet I found one and a half out of the three. This racquet doesn't add any extra pop to your serve but the head heavy balance seems to help in getting a couple more miles per hour compared to a head light racquet with the same weight. As the real playtesters at Tennis-Warehouse say, "on serves you get out of the racquet what you put into it." Control is where this racquet really shines on the serve. With most racquets I tend to find myself aiming for the left/right/center third of the service box but with this one I found myself trying (and usually succeeding) to be a little more precise. With this new found control my favorite (and most successful) serves were the ones out wide on the deuce side and down the middle on the ad side. One area in which I am somewhat discouraged when serving with this racquet is in the area of spin. I was hoping that the open string pattern, light weight, and extra length would allow me to get the head moving quickly (with some 'oomph' behind it) and really get some outstanding kick on the ball. Unfortunately what I was expecting and what I got didn't match. There was some kick on my second serves but I found myself having to put too much effort into getting the racquet head moving that my control suffered. Overheads are excellent with some pop available and all the control you could ever want. Overall on the serve, this racquet is a bit above average but not outstanding in any aspect other than control.
Volleys: At the net this racquet is amazingly solid, offers superb touch, enough power to put the ball away, and the maneuverability isn't much of a problem. I thought with the head heavy balance this racquet might have problems with the quick exchanges at the net in quality doubles, but there were only a couple times that I found myself late on volleys (whether up high, in the body, or down low). It's not as quick at the net as the head light racquets I'm used to playing with, but it's not slow up there either. The head heavy balance seems to add a nice combination of stability and solid feel which allowed me to have a lot of fun playing the net (probably something I've never said before...I'm about 75% baseliner). My favorite part of playing with this racquet up at the net is the touch this racquet gives. While it plays a lot like the ProStaff Classic 6.1 from the baseline, the touch it gives at net makes it almost (notice I said almost) feel like the original ProStaff 85. Although it doesn't give quite as much touch/feel as the 85, it did give me a few flashbacks with the angles I got from this racquet. Volleys have enough power to put balls away pretty handily and at times I was surprised by the pop I got from the racquet when I was stretched wide. From the 86 score I gave this racquet up at the net, you can tell I am highly impressed.
Service Returns: Although not a big let down, the area of returns is one of the few areas I'm not overwhelmed with this racquet. I had a bit of a hard time getting the racquet moving on the forehand side (my weaker wing). In playing the ad side I kept finding myself very late on my slice forehand returns due to the extra length and swingweight of the racquet. I finally decided the best way to play the forehand return was to try and read the serve a little earlier and play an aggressive topspin forehand. After I realized this, my returns off that side were much better. As far as the backhand side, I am very impressed with the solid feel, directional control, and spins I was able to get and could really try to get on the offense with my returns. With the above mentioned characteristics I really had a ton of options when it came to my return, and really enjoyed trying out all those options, especially in doubles. Overall I would say this racquet is above average, but with the problems I had on the forehand side, I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a fantastic racquet when returning serves.
General Comments: I'll admit, when I opened the T-W box and found out that this racquet was a long body and head heavy, I was disappointed. But after the playtest I have to admit that T-W sending me this racquet was just what I needed. It's a racquet that's way out of my comfort zone but once I played with it I completely changed my way I thinking about longbody racquets and especially head heavy racquets. This racquet offers a lot of great playing characteristics that could make it a fantastic fit for a lot of different players and styles. It is rock solid from both the baseline and net, offers outstanding control, is a blast (due to touch/feel/comfort) to play with at the net, and has great spin potential. The only let downs (and they are minor) for me were that the slice wouldn't bite, and I was a bit slow on the forehand return. Other than those two items I feel that this is a top notch racquet with a great deal to offer for baseliners as well as chip and chargers from the 3.5 to 5.5 play level.
Scores in Various Categories: Overall: 83 Volleys: 86 Topspin: 84 Slice: 79 Returns: 78 Groundstrokes: 85 Serves and Overheads: 79 Touch and Feel: 83 Comfort: 81 Stability: 83 Maneuverability: 78 Control: 84 Power: 74
From: Talk Tennis User TripleB

Comments: My personal racquet of choice is the Wilson kTour, slightly modified from stock with the addition of lead tape at 12 o'clock. Strung with PSGD 16 with a one piece 'around the world' pattern at 54lbs. I'm a 3.5 woman (*gasp*, LOL) with lots of USTA league and tournament experience. My FH is my favorite shot, I have a 2HBH and I'm developing a slice.
Just picking it up, I could tell it was heavier (or a heavier swingweight) than I am used to. Though, in my last round of demoing, I tried plenty of heavier racquets, so I was eager to try this out. Also, my pro and I have plans to further lead up my kTour once I straighten out my serve (with the purpose of adding some weight for comfort and stability).
Volleys: The first stroke I hit with the demos were volleys, and this remains my favorite shot with this demo. I enjoyed the extra stability and weight at net, and my volleys were deeper and more solid with the proto. Thumbs up on the volleys.
Groundstrokes: Initially I really enjoyed this racquet on groundstrokes. Like I said, I'm wanting more weight on my kTour. As time went on though, I found I would sometimes spray DTL shots wide because I was late on my swing (I have a loopy swing, particularly on my FH). I've worked very hard to correct that lateness, and it seemed I just wasn't getting the racquet around soon or quick enough. I got good depth and spin, but not anything significantly different from my kTour. The racquet felt really comfy on my 2HBH...and I would say my cross-court 2HBH was my best shot with this racquet (along with volleys). Didn't hit too many slices...will try to correct that on WED. So, there was some good, some bad...let's call this even Steven on the groundies.
Serve: I liked the demo the least on serve. I really had to work hard on swinging faster (something I struggle with anyway). When everything was spot on, the serve was great, but that could be said of any racquet! Thumbs down on the serve.
It was actually during serving that I put it down and picked my kTour back up to finish clinic. Because of that, I have not yet hit any returns with the demo. I will correct that WED, and hopefully coerce some poor soul on the court to take some pictures. As I said earlier, picking up my racquet after hitting with the demo made me realize that I play my best with the kTour. Might have to pick up a few more! It felt like 'home'!
Overall, I found this racquet to be very stable and very comfortable on impact. I had good depth and good control on my shots, but not as much power (probably because my swing was slowed down a bit from the weight).
In my mind, I'm still a bit biased, because I believe I have a BLX tour, and I'm a big fan of the whole tour line and lineage. When I first got my kTour, the one thing that bothered me was my serve. But for me, there were also a lot of things that needed to be fixed technically that a certain racquet would help, but also mask at the same time. So, I went with the kTour, fixed the serve (or, am still fixing the serve)...and feel vindicated by my choice of going with the kTour rather than some of the others racquets I tried out when I was personally demoing.
That being said, there were some things I did really like about this racquet. I have one more session on WED, and I'm going to try to stick with it the whole time, which means getting those returns in there, and also playing some competitive singles points with it (I had already switched back to my kTour by the time we got to that in my previous sessions. I suppose the ego wouldn't let me *not* play with my own racquet when we were keeping score!).
From: Talk Tennis User TOPAZ

Comments: Groundstrokes: The feel was fine, with decent spin. However, I could not control the ball consistency on either my forehand or my 2hb. Strangely, 1hb flat drives I could control well, as the frame seemed nicely balanced for those even though I don't normally practice the shot.
Due to the balance being a little off, my hand was coming around faster than the tip, so that my timing had to be perfect to hit a good shot. Before continuing the review, I decided I needed to do a small tweak to give the frame a fair shake. I added lead tape 1g at a time to the top of the handle (about 7.5" from the butt) until the balance was right. It only took 4g to do the trick. (Adding mass here slows down the hand and speeds up the racquethead).
With the balance tuned, my targeting was very good on all groundstrokes. As long as the ball was not coming at me very fast, I had good accuracy. However, when I tried to step in and take harder shots on the rise, the racquet felt too unstable for me to get the type of control I'm used to (as I'm used to a much higher SW).
Volleys: This was an unpleasant experience for me. The grip size (between 4-1/4 and 4-3/8" was 2 sizes smaller than I am used to. And because the racquet was much less stable than my usual racquet, I had to grip the handle extremely tight to have any control on my volleys. My wrist was getting sore. The frame seemed to be much hotter in the lower part of the stringbed compared to the upper half, making it very difficult to control speed of the volley. I really felt that the racquet needed more handle mass to be worth anything at net. However, I did like the feel and control when I tried tried to stick a firm high fh volley with lots of pace.
Serves: I was able to place the serve decently. But the power level was significantly lower than with my own frame despite the more powerful strings. I couldn't seem to swing fast enough to make up for the lack of mass. Spin was ok, not great. Spinnier strings would have helped here.
Conclusions: Again, this seems like a decent platform for me, but the weighting is all wrong for my all-court game. Likes: Versatile medium flex, Matte black paint job with minimal graphics. Dislikes: Too light in upper hoop (lack of stability and dead upper stringbed), too light in handle (made net play uncomfortable and difficult), balance unplayable for groundstrokes without tweaking. I'm ok with the flex, headsize, and beam width. I think if I weighted it up to my preferred specs, put in my preferred string, increased the grip size, tuned the balance, and perhaps shortened it 1/4", I would feel confident using it in a match.
From: Talk Tennis User TraverlerJam

Comments: Background I'm a 48-year-old 3.5 player who started playing five years ago. I play mostly doubles. My strengths are net play, then serve, and then lagging far behind are groundstrokes. I tend to like as much spin as humanly possible, as hitting spin on groundstrokes and serves is more likely to bother opponents at my level than blasting flat groundstrokes. I will trade pace for spin any day. I have a full swing, but I tend to be inconsistent and erratic, which explains the whole 3.5 thing.
Current Set-up I play with a Babolat Aeoropro (the old one, no cortex). My strings are a hybrid of gut and either Spiky Shark or ProLine II. I don't know the tension I use, but I doubt it is extreme. The test racket seemed slightly smaller and narrower than my racket. The frame also seemed thinner. I couldn't tell whether it was heavier than my racket; I didn't hit with my racket today.
Excuses I have a crack on my index finger, a bad knee and the flu. I wasn't moving too well, and I was having trouble with my grip because of the crack. I won't hold the racket responsible for any of this and will instead try to focus on the few shots I hit with reasonable technique. I am afraid I do not have a deep understanding of things like "swingweight," but I'll do my best here.
Impressions I hit with my son for just 20 minutes, all groundstrokes, mostly FH. I plan to hit tomorrow for 2 hours. I was surprised by how badly I hit with this racket. It felt very unforgiving. Any small error in technique was punished by a bad shot. First problem is that the sweet spot seemed small, so I was getting a lot of off-center hits. I decided to pay a bit more attention to the ball and keep my head down. The off-center hits decreased, but if I was a bit out of position or my technique lapsed, the result was a ball with nothing on it (spin or pace). Second problem was the lack of spin. I hit some FHs with a SW grip, and I would normally expect that to give me some nice topspin. Nope. The shots seemed flatter to me than with my racket. Third problem was difficulty penetrating the court. I was watching, and many of my balls landed near the service line unless I gave them a lot of air. I decided to focus on hitting a more penetrating shot by doing everything correctly -- shoulder turn, watch ball, transfer weight -- as best I could. Then I was rewarded with a nice drive to the opposite baseline. But oh, the effort and work this required! Fourth problem is that I started feeling some discomfort in my elbow almost immediately. I never have elbow problems, so this was a surprise. I think it was the off-center hits. I noticed in the car afterward that I could feel the muscles on the backs of my arms. Nothing extreme, but definitely something I wouldn't value in a racket. As I said, I will play with my ChickStick again tomorrow and provide more information, especially on serves and volleys. As things stand, I am afraid I would not buy this racket. I was pleasantly surprised with how I served it. It felt very smooth, and I never made bad contact. I don't know why it felt so comfortable -- swingweight? My serve had the usual amount of pace and spin. I'll bet some sweet strings would have produced even better serves than my preferred racket.
From: Talk Tennis User CindySphinx

Comments:Groundstrokes were similar to my K6.1 team, but more pop and more spin. Enjoyed hitting with it, but probably not enough for me to switch over to this because I prefer the feel of the tighter 18x20 stringbed of my own racquet. This racquet was better at the net for me due to greater pop/spin. Had good control and I felt I could rip at most balls. I hit better serves with this racquet than my own (K6.1 95 team). It had good placement and better spin (more open string pattern). Seemed to have a little more pop as well due to stiffer feel. I think i hit slightly better returns with as well...probably due to slightly greater pop/spin.
From: TT Username: HYOGEN

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