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Comments: I got the BLX Tour 95 to replace my BLX Team (white and black, 104 sq. in). This racquet has the same solid feel, but is a bit more head heavy. Control and feel are great. At $99 this is probably the best racquet for the dollar that you will ever find.
From: David, 5/13

Comments: I bought this racket thinking that it would be like my old one! But when I used it, I didnt like the way it hit, theres not enough power. But other than that, it is an okay racquet.
From: Eric, 3/13

Comments: This racquet is really great! It is on the softer side with plenty of feel. After 3 days of practice I was able to hit flat shots. Dont get me wrong, this racquet has plenty of spin, but I am more of a flat hitter and except for my second serve, I prefer speed before spin. The grip is far bigger than I am used to. Only down side is that the Wilson BLX Tour 2012 is just on US market and I am in Europe.
From: Jan, 3/13

Comments: Great racquet, better than the previous model and similar to the Ncode N Tour II. It feels very solid on the groundstrokes, and I can hit flat shots and spin shots at will. If you have good groundstrokes but don't like heavy racquets, try it. The even balance makes it a little bit harder on volleys. It takes a little bit more effort to move the racquet, but overall once you adjust to that is more than fine.
From: Antonio, 11/12
String tension: 55 lbs

Comments: Perfect combination of power, stability, spin and weight. Excellent feel for a light weight stick. I demo'd this along with the AeroDrive, PureDrive, and Blade 98. I found this suited my game absolutely perfectly. I have a sensitive shoulder, with neck problems and have trouble finding the acceleration through a swing at 31 years old that I once had as a D1 college player. This was the perfect DOWNGRADE from my Wilson ProStaff Classic. It kept an excellent sense of feel and placement. I fell on this racquet after not feeling totally comfortable with the Steam or Babolats. TW's review of this is dead on. I found the Tour to be better than both the Steam and Juice. I feel as though the Tour might be overlooked, maybe because it has a smaller headsize at 95 then what is the trend these days. It plays like a 100 sq inch, with all the benefits of maneuverability, pace, spin and control.
From: Mike, 8/12

Comments: Amazing control and power. A great transitional racquet that takes you from the baseline to the net to finish off the point. Even though it's light you've got to have good movement or you'll be late. The head size is still only 95 sq. in. This is a player's racquet that is forgiving. Very well rounded.
From: Seth, 8/12
String type: Volkl Power Fiber II 16g mains / Dunlop Comfort 16g crosses

Comments: I demoed this racket along with the Wilson Steam. I liked it better than the Steam, it felt more stable, the power and control are about the same. I wasn't totally sold by this new BLX Tour racket. I currently use the NTour 2's and also have some KTours, and even though they are all very similar, I still like it better the steady and compact feeling of the Ntour 2's over this new BLX Tour.
From: Rick, 4/12

Comments: I demoed this one, and it felt really nice. Not much has change from the previous BLX Tours. This one has a lighter swing weight than the previous BLX Tour(blue/orange) The power and spin potential were top notch. But, I prefer rackets with high swing weight from the 330 to 340 range. At that range the rackets feel extremely solid and have great power. My favorite in the Tour line is still by far the BLX Tour(blue/orange). Besides the paint job is not that bad like some reviewers have said. What's important is how a racket feels, and plays, not the cosmetics. Cosmetics will not win you matches. Nice racket overall, but I still prefer the previous model.
From: MorbidAngel, 4/12

Comments: I enjoy the BLX Tour but will buy this racquet without even trying it due to the lower swingweight. The specs are close enough I don't need 2 racquets and will adjust quickly. I didn't mind the old paint job, but I should say I have a bright orange tennis bag.
From: Michelle, 3/12

Comments: I bought this to replace the blue/orange BLX tour. I don't know who thought of that paint job, but it's hideous. Anyway, this paint job is so much better with orange as the primary color (like all other Tour racquets). The balance is a bit different on this one that the previous. This one feels like it has a bit more weight to it then the other one. But all the other characteristics are there and I love it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this. This could be the best racquet of the Wilson line right now.
From: Max, 3/12

Comments: This is one great racket and I'm glad Wilson redid it with a new paintjob. Many female pros used this racket the last few years but anyone can use this racket (meaning guys too like Kei Nishikori). It's such a stable ball striker stick and hitting flat or with spin is so enjoyable. I was about to buy the old blue/reddish-orange model but now will get this one. So happy they didn't discontinue the tour 95 with the arrival of the steam and juice model. Try this out with full poly at a lower tension and enjoy the results.
From: MS, 3/12
String type and tension:kirshbaum proline II, 45/47lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

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