Forten WrapTac O-Grip (15 assorted) Jar Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought the 15 pack and they are great. I will buy these always now.
From: Ryker, 2/15

Comments: It is tacky, provides little cushion and stays clean. It is a lot cheaper to comparable grips like Wilson Pro & Yonex Supergrip. If you sweat a lot don't use it.
From: Ken, 4/13

Comments: I think this is one of the best grips out there and the price is super affordable, if your hands are moist and sweaty this is a great buy!
From: Ray, 5/12

Comments: Pretty decent stuff! I use Tourna grip because I like it thin but they shred in 2 sessions. I bought the Tourna tac which stops shredding but not as thin as the original. I moved to Yonex Super Grap which lasts forever but it's thick. Finally I gave this a try. This wrap looks like a toy, so I ordered a pack of 3 to try. I'm pretty impressed. It's thin, does not shred and lasts reasonably long. I bought this 60 piece jar - hopefully it will still perform in humid conditions and wet hands.
From: Wksoh, 11/11

Comments: I use Tourna Grip Original because I like thin but it shreds. I finally tried a pack of Forten and I am pretty amazed by it. It is as thin and does not shred. I have yet to try it in humid weather where I come from to see how it handles wet hands. We'll see.
From: Wksoh, 10/11

Comments: The best grip I've ever played with-it's really amazing and cheap!
From: Max, Germany 10/09

Comments: This grip is absolutely the worst grip you can buy. It loses its tackiness in about 2 games, and flies out of your hand when you hit volley's or serves. I had to replace it in about 2 days because it was so slippery. The only good thing is the thinness, it won't build up to much.
From: Drew. 4/07

Comments: I think it's underrated. Pretty firm, I had no problem with sweat on this grip, doesn't shred or anything, lasts long... but there's nothing that special about the grip either. It's an 'OK' grip.
From: Jihoon, Honlulu, HI, USA 05/06

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