Wilson Sublime Replacement Grips Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the original type grip for my Wilson Blade 98S racquets. Its padding makes it comfortable, for my tastes anyway, and it simply has a good "feel" and wear to it. (Or at least, it used to.) I bought a half-dozen Sublime replacement grips, all at once. The first 3 felt great, just as I had expected. But the others sat in my closet a few months (they were in their original packaging) before it was time to re-grip my racquets. These last 3 grips essentially fell apart -- each grip stuck to itself in the packaging (I guess, absorbing moisture out of the air?). I tried re-gripping my racquets anyway, but the cushioning fell apart as I was wrapping one of them, it looked like cottage cheese in my hands. I got the other two grips on my other racquets, but the padding eroded away completely within one set of play. I will buy this same grip again, but will not buy more than I will need in a 3-month time frame. From reading other reviews, I get the feeling this has happened to other players, as well. This has never happened with other grips I've used (on other racquets). Does Wilson know about this? I am a high school junior; an all-court player with a one-handed backhand -- the equivalent of about a 4.5 adult player.
From: Caleb, 4/16

Comments: The black grip has a different feel than the white one. If you want a softer grip then go with the white one. The black one feels firmer and tackier. I use the white one on more humid weather, while I use the black one during drier months.
From: Ali, 9/15

Comments: Great grip. The white one feels even better at touch than the black one to me.
From: Anonymous, 3/15

Comments: In normally arid Northern Nevada, I find the moistness of this grips surface nice because my hands get dry. In a moist climate, I can see where this grip might be like holding a salamander. It has an excellent blend of cushioning and feel though (revealing the grip bevels) and doesnt blister my hands like leather on a PS90/PS85. It has tapered edges so it can be wrapped flush or with ridges.
From: Scott, 1/15

Comments: Horrible grip. The edges of the grip are very thin and tend to flare up. while they feel soft, they're very slippery once any moisture comes into contact with the grip. If your hands are anywhere close to sweating, it will start to slip. Never thought I'd see grips this cheap come with a flagship racquet.
From: LK, 8/14

Comments: I like the feel of this grip but after just a couple of matches it starts to unravel at the butt end. I know it was properly put on and I would not recommend this grip to any high level player.
From: Rick, 8/14

Comments: I put this on my Steam 100 racquets and it is perfect. This is a great replacement grip.
From: George, 9/13

Comments: One of the best grips I have seen! Came on the Wilson Blade 98 and I love it.
From: Sue, 8/13

Comments: Since I use the Yonex Supergrap overgrip, I cannot comment on the exact feel of the grip directly (so please keep that in mind). Keep in mind that if you switch out grips, it will immediately change the racquet's overall weight. Overall, I was satisfied with the grip and it gave me a very similar feel and the perfect balance between comfort and firmness. This grip is poly with a cotton base, but much firmer than the previous Wilson performance hybrid (that was also cotton based). That Performance Hybrid has much larger perforations and felt a lot more spongy as compared to this Sublime. I prefer something that is a little more on the firmer side so that I can still feel my bevels underneath the overgrip. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with and very happy that the grip also comes in white. Good job on this one Wilson.
From: Michael, 4/13

Comments: This grip came stock on my BLX Blade 93 and it might just be the worst grip I have ever used. It becomes slippery in just 10 minutes of play.
From: Andrew, 2/13

Comments: Best grip I've ever used! It stays tacky and will not slip! I'm not sure how Wilson pulled this off! I normally use their Pro Overgrip, but this feels so much better that I don't even need the Pro Overgrip. It out performs anything I've ever played with. WOW!
From: Craig, 1/13

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