Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Grip White Customer feedback

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Comments: Nice grip! It's not too thick, but a dense durable cushion you get from the gel. It reminds me of Sorbothane, a material that used to be used for grips now and then. It adds at least 1/3 of an ounce more than an average synthetic grip.
From: David, 11/12

Comments: I had a lot of customers in need of changing their grips and they were all stiff so I decided to try these out, I just received them today and I applied one on a Babolat racquet. It sticks very well and strong, tackiness is good, adhesiveness is good, and you have to b careful when you want to overlap the grip cause its very thin on the 1/8 inch for overlapping and if you're not careful the overlapping part will get bent to the inside of the grip, so watch that when you're turning it around the handle. The feel I must say is excellent! It is very very soft and that gel is a miracle for sponginess. I believe it makes the handle so comfortable that u dont want to even add an overgrip on it. Definitely try it out and the price is very very low for a 6 pack if you buy more. All over I would give it a 9.9 out of 10 and thats just because of the sensitive overlapping part which is logical to be thinner than the middle side of it. Im a stringer and a 3.5 player, and read all the reviews before I buy something and that's why I wrote this.
From: Ali, 5/12

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