Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Grip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: This product allowed me (a chronic arm problem guy used to using high 50s/low 60s flex racquets), to use a Babolat. Enough said.
From: Anonymous, 7/16

Comments: Coming out of the package, the rubber isn't what you are used to. It's very dry and feels like sandpaper at first. It takes a while for the rubber to break in to get rid of that rough feel. When holding it, you can feel the gel when you squeeze it. It does legitimately dampen the racquet quite a bit. If you're using a dampener, you might have to play around.
From: Aspharr, 6/16

Comments: Interesting grip. I'm not a huge fan of Wilson grips because they tend not to hold up very well (cushion-aire), but this one seems very different. The gel seems like it has enough cushioning without being to soft like most comfort grips. Heavy and on the slightly thicker side with almost a dry rubber like feel. I will update when I complete a full playtest.
From: William, 4/16

Comments: I love this grip. Outstanding combination of supreme comfort, dry feel and durability.
From: Srikanth, 5/15

Comments: Nice replacement grip. Makes my racquet a little bit more head light. It is also durable. I use this on my Steam 99. I am a 4.5 player who hits flat groundstrokes.
From: Mario, 7/14

Comments: I have this on one racquet and a Comfort Hybrid on the other. I noticed that one of the racquets became more head heavy than the other. I then found out that this is about 15 grams heavier than d Comfort Hybrid. I actually prefer this one over the Comfort Hybrid. I will buy this one instead. Best replacement grip I have ever used. Very comfortable and very tacky. Like! Like! Like!
From: Arvin, 7/14

Comments: Love it, recommend putting overgrip over it, but it is great! Absorbs vibration so much better while being cushiony.
From: Justice, 3/14

Comments: I really like this grip a lot, I've tried different brands of other so-called cushion grips like Babolat, Prince, and Wilson's Cushion Air Sponge grip, but this grip by far beats them all in terms of squishiness, texture, and softness. It does provide a heavy damp feel to the racquet though and a muted feel, so if you don't like that, then it is just based on preference. Personally, I like the dampened feel on my racquets. It really does help with shock, definitely recommended it for keeping the elbow and wrist injury free based solely on the grip.
From: GJD, 9/13

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