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Comments: I want to mention that this racket is very head heavy, not very good for a higher level player. It will help the younger player who needs help getting some power, but I did have good success with this racquet and I have 3.
From: Mikey, 2/14

Comments: Agree about the grip -- this is the worst part about the stick. It's too thin, not cushioned enough and slippery, to boot. So yes, it does run small, not big. I put an overgrip around it, and now the size is right and the tackiness is there too. Otherwise, a great racquet -- nicely balanced, spin-friendly, relatively easy on the arm, especially if you're have a one- handed backhand.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Great racquet, but the grip on this racquet does not run big, and the grip is not thick, it is thin. I don't know what TW is talking about. Actually, I should've bought a grip larger, but I made it up by changing the replacement grip for a thicker one, so it's good.
From: Dave, 11/13

Comments: This is just a quick comparison of the new 2013 Six.One 95L to the 2012 Six.One Team. The 2013 version does not have the double hole grommet technology. Wilson introduced this many years ago with the KFactor Six.One Team racquet. The grommet holes are twice the size of standard grommet holes, allowing for the strings and overall stringbed to move slightly more. To me, I find the double hole grommet size adds a little more power and more spin, with just a little loss of control. I just got my hands on the new 2013 Six.One 95L which I assume is supposed to replace the previous "Team" model. The new version does not have the double hole techology. Personnally, it takes away from a lot of the power and spin potential, since the racquet is a lighter weight to begin with. If you're a previous 2012 Team owner, you'll most likely need to add weight or drop string tension another 2-4 lbs. to get the same playing characteristics as your team racquet. Other than the grommet size, the racquets are fairly identical. The 2013 95L felt slightly stiffer in flex, but I'm not sure if that's because of the reduce stringbed movement. Just FYI.
From: Michael, 10/13

Comments: I have a Wilson BLX Six One team since 2009, I was very happy with this racquet until I tried the Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT, it added a few grams but I felt it about the same weight, a couple of months ago I was practicing and put my Wilson in action and I felt so much control compared to Babolat, based on that I bought the new Wilson Six One team and today I'm more than happy. I feel plenty of control again and have enough spin, the weight is ok, so I gave some rest to my Babolat. String type and tension Babolat RPM Blast at 60 lbs, NTRP Rating strong 3.5.
From: Cesar, 8/13

Comments: I really enjoy this racquet, I've been playing with it two times a week for 5 months and I can't wait to start customizing it. I found it very maneuverable but also very stable at the net. I definitely think adding a bit more weight to it will add some plow through and would help. I really enjoy the open pattern and find it very controllable compared to the new Blade 98 16x19, though that racquet would work fine as well. I feel like the Team has a different feel and that's what I like. On serves, the racquet gives good pop and kicks are decent. This is an easy swinging solid racquet, and like most Wilson racquets that I've switched to, the more you use them the better they feel.
From: Jeremy, 5/13

Comments: I added 1/2 ounce to the handle and another 1/4 ounce split between 9 and 3, bringing the Six.One Team's static weight to just under 11.5 ounces. The racquet is sublime -- softer, more maneuverable and bigger sweet spot than the Six.One 95, but with more than adequate power and plow through. It's also very arm-friendly, a welcome trait coming off 3 years of using a Pure Drive. I am very pleased with this racquet and it responds well to customization.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: Unlike many other racquets in the 290 to 300 gram weight category, this BLX Six.One team racquet plays like a heavier, more solid frame. My groundstrokes and serves are more consistent with the Six.One team. I have also been able to generate a good level of power with Volkl Power Feel II strings at 53 lbs. This frame is definitely worth a test drive if you are a 40 something baseliner hoping to keep up with younger players. My USTA rating is 4.5.
From: Marc, 4/13

Comments: I had owned my prior Wilsons for 14 years and needed an update. I tried several racquets including the BLX PS 90 and 95 and also the BLX 6.1 95. While those racquets were nice, the PS 90 and 6.1 95 were too heavy for me, the PS 95 was a bit underpowered. The BLX 6.1 Team was just right - great maneuverability at the net, I love serving with it, it has reasonable power on groundstrokes. I have since purchased a second and third, and have added weight to make them 325grams, which adds a bit of plowthrough, while maintaining the maneuverability. I think this racquet is a great option for those who find the heavier Wilson racquets a bit too much.
From: Rick, 4/13

Comments: The feel, control, and power with this racquet is awesome with the right string and tension. Swing speed is very important at 4.5+, this racquet delivers and will build confidence in your shots and your game.
From: Lee, 4/13

Comments: After about a full year of playing with the new red/white team version, I just can't say enough about how much I love it. The double-hole gives more spin and more power with less effort and a much bigger sweetspot compared to similar racquets. The thinner 20-21mm beam doesn't catch and hook the ball (like the thicker beam racquets do) when you contact the ball near the frame. It's slightly stiffer than the previous versions (which I prefer) and thus offers a little more control, given its lower weight. Wilson, if you're listening, please create a similar racquet that's 20 grams heavier (309g static unstrung weight) that makes the unstrung team racket about 6-7pts HL. I find the "stock" Team model too light for my taste. Something in between the weight of the Six.One 16x18 and the weight of the Team version (but please keep the double hole grommets and 20- 12mm beam). The new "rounded" butt cap is awesome and a lot more comfortable than the previous "flatter" version. The rounded butt cap creates a "knob" feeling in your grip that I really like. I hold onto my racquet lower (like Federer) and that "knob" really sits in the palm of hand nicely. This racquet is one to seriously demo. Make sure to put your preferred strings in it to give it a proper comparison. I think you'll be very surprised how much power and spin it's going to offer, but understand that you'll probably have to customize it by experimenting with lead tape to perfect the overall weight, balance and swingweight. Personally, I add 24g underneath the grip and then another 6g at the 12'oclock position to add more weight in the upper hoop.
From: Michael, 12/12
String type and tension: MSV Co-Focus Hex 1.18 @ 52 lbs

Comments: This is a great racquet with a good swingweight. It's almost the same as the old version, but this is better.
From: George, 12/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Rising Star @ 60 lbs

Comments: I switched to this racquet from a K Factor 16x18 after playing with it for a couple of years. The main reason was that I could not handle the hefty weight of the K Factor any longer. This racquet allows me to accelerate on my ground strokes and generate pace and top spin. For a light racquet, it's pretty stable at the net except when I play against hard-hitting 4.0+ & 4.5 players. I added 2.5 grams at the handle and that seems to help with stability even more. I am able to hit spots with my serves and ground shots and I like the extra power the racquet gives me. I am struggling a little on my backhand slices compared to the K factor. I play mostly doubles and the racquet handles well at the net. Overall, it's a great racquet and one that you can customize given the low weight.
From: Adonis, 11/12
String type: Babolat VS Gut 16g mains / Babolat RPM Blast 17g crosses

Comments: This is one of the best racquets I have tried in a long time. I have been playing for over 30 years and have demoed 100s of racquets. I was looking for a softer alternative to the Wilson Pro Open and tried this. It is one of the most neutral, pleasant hitting racquets out there. It is stable, has decent power, maneuverable, and provides great feedback. If a beginner asked me what racquet to buy, this would be my first choice. I intend to buy this eventually for two reasons. First, to use as a learning tool (because of the great feedback), and secondly, just for the joy of hitting. It will put a smile on your face. However, it will not likely be my go to racquet for matches soon. I think it will be the Pacific Xfeel Tour which plays closer to my Wilson's, but with a little more comfort.
From: Howard, 10/12

Comments: I find this racquet super-maneuverable and surprisingly stable. I took to it right away and it gave me the feeling of being able to react faster to all shots. I could really generate head speed on serves and overheads, and I could impart a lot of spin to my groundstrokes. The only downside is that I found I could be a little too quick pulling shots wide as I got out front, and I found myself wanting to swing on my volleys, leading to some errant shots. As someone else noted, it is just a very fun racquet to play with and one can be much quicker with it without a huge sacrifice in either stability or control. I would say it helped my volleys, serve, and overhead without a doubt without compromising my ground game. It was also easy to whip into sitters to impart spin on put away shots.
From: Peter, 10/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16g @ 56lbs

Comments: This is a very nice racquet, and easy to use. I play with the BLX Tour 95 and was thinking about switching. I will stay with the Tour, as I think the Tour beats it all around. The biggest drawback for me was the much lower swingweight, although the 16x18 is an improvement over the last model, which opened it up to 3.0-7.0 players.
From: Michelle, 9/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 @ 57lbs

Comments: I use the heavier 95 edition of the Six.One line, but one day my strings on my last remaining racquet broke and I was stuck at camp without a racquet to hit with. I borrowed the Team edition from my club and brought it out to hit with for a day. There is a huge difference coming into this version. The lighter weight and SW allowed me to really get around the ball and generate huge whip on my groundstrokes, particularly on my stronger one- handed backhand, and allow me to really swing over the ball and get some wicked spin and pace on the ball. Serving with this racquet was hilariously fun, as I could hit crazy twist serves and some fun slicers out wide with great effect. At net, it performed great, allowing me to hit nice angles and have great feel. Overall, power was decent, control was the same prestigious standard for a Six.One, and the new open string pattern really livened up the racquet. It gave it just that little extra pop needed to compete with the beefier, heavier racquets. However, the low SW gave the racquet a bit of instability, and the feel of the racquet was a tad less solid than the heavier racquets. The replacement of the Wilson Pro Hybrid with the larger cotton base grip was also a downside, as it further reduced the solid feel of this racquet. I feel like it is a bit string sensitive to tension. Go too high, it pings a lot and the pocket becomes nonexistent. Overall, it would be an excellent racquet to customize, great from the get go, and another great job from Wilson.
From: Mike, 9/12

Comments: Excellent racquet! Perfect combination of weight, power and confort.
From: Jeferson, 7/12
String type and tension: Gamma TNT @ 55 lbs

Comments: Update from my original comments a few months ago...... Still love the racket over the previous black/red team version, but I needed to add some more weight to it. I like the lighter frame because it allows me to customize. It might be a color thing, but it looks like the 2012 red/white frame looks a little thicker than the previous black/red model. The double hole (slightly larger grommet size) does add power and spin. I prefer the double grommet size over the standard, smaller grommet holes. I really hope wilson keeps this technology/feature in future rackets. I added four x 6" strips of 1/2" lead tape on each major flat side of the handle to add 12 grams to the handle side. I've been playing around with adding 6-8 grams of 1/4" lead tape at both 12 or 3/6 o'clock positions. I really wish Wilson made these rackets with the new, white pro hybrid grip instead of the softer, plusher black grip. It's a better grip that keeps the 6.1 line consistent.
From: Michael, 5/12

Comments: I recommend this frame. It is easy to maneuver at net on volleys, good power on serve and good control on groundstrokes. This racquet provides more balance, comfort and stability at impact. The feel and control is very good at 59 lbs and up. If you use a stiff string for your mains, then you should use a synthetic gut or some softer string for your crosses. The key to success with this frame or any will be the string type and tension.
From: Lee, 5/12

Comments: I love the updated version of the team racquet. It plays very close to the 2010/2011 (red/black) BLX team, but it does play a little stiffer (especially in the upper hoop area) and the more open string pattern of course. I softer "amp feel" butt cap with the rounder edges is a nice, more comfortable improvement. This butt cap with the rounded edges allows me to hold the racket lower on the handle. With the 16x18 open string pattern, you do get more spin on the ball, as compared to the previous 18x20 string pattern. Now the bad, (1) be very careful about pulling off your original grips. Most of the little black graphite fiber strips in the handle (part of the "amp feel" technology) pull out when you pull your original grips off. Keep a small bottle of loctite super glue/gel handy (and some rubber bands). When the graphite strips pop out, you'll need to glue them back in and them wrap the handle with your rubber bands for an hour. (2) Wear latex/medical surgical gloves when dealing with these "amp feel" graphite strips. I replaced the original grips on six of my racquets this weekend. The gluing is not the real pain, it's all of the small, micro splinters I had in my hands when handling these graphite strips. Honestly, I had to pull out seven splinters out of my fingers and hand when I was all done.
From: Michael, 4/12
String type and tension: MSV CoFocus Hex natural color, 1.18mm at 54 lbs

Comments: Highly recommend this racquet. Very stable and excellent control. I play with 3.5/4.0 opponents. Racquet enables me to swing out well on my strokes and keep the ball nicely in play. Feels like an extension of my hand. I switched from the Wilson nCode 2 Tour that I have used for 5 or 6 years. That is also a great racquet. However, I was seeking a stiffer frame and more open string pattern (as well as a new toy). I demo'd several of the new Wilson racquets, and this was the best for me. So clean and stable for play.
From: Rich, 4/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre poly, 57 lbs

Comments: For me this racquet is almost the same as the Wilson BLX Six.One Team 2011 model, but the only big diference is the string pattern. I recommend this racket absolutely.
From: Jorge, 3/12

Comments: Recently updated to the newest model from the old K Factor KSix-One Team and I just ordered the 2nd frame. Don't feel much difference in weight and balance (which is why I liked 6.1 Team to begin with). Definitely a bit more power, probably because of open string pattern. Immediate improvement on my serve (not my best shot), both in terms of power, direction, and ability to slice or kick the ball. Definitely a softer feel than KSix-One Team (that didn't have this basalt / amplifeel technology). Absolutely agree with the above comment about the handle feeling thicker (with the same 4 3/8 grip size). So I replaced the original grip with the thinner Head Leather Tour grip, as I always use an over-grip on top of it; now the handle feels even better than on the KSix-One Team. (Leather grip also added some weight to the handle, but that's just fine, as the racquet is not too heavy to begin with.)
From: Paul, 3/12
String type and tension: Natural Gut, 59 lb.
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: strong 3.5

Comments: This racquet was recommended to me as having the best pop, instant feedback and responsiveness of the new six-one BLX line...all true. It is light so I added weight in the handle, throat, at 3 and 9 and 12 to make it 11.8 and the racquet kept it's great balance and feel.
From: Eric, 2/12
String type: Gamma TNT 17
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This new 6.1 Team is a huge improvement over the previous version. It has more maneuverability, more power, more spin, and more feel. The only thing I didn't like was the grip as it was too cushioned for me. The grip size also seems to run a bit large. Excellent job Wilson!
From: Eric, 2/12

Comments: Great racquet with good swingweight, I thought that this is the same old version but...that amazing...!
From: Long Jr., 2/12

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