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Comments: I purchased this racquet untested on the basis of its head light specs, swing weight and open string pattern combination. The racquet I received stated 12 points headlight in the frame but there is no way it is 12 points headlight. I checked the balance point and got just over 32cm -- around 6 points. Very disappointing. Is this poor quality control from Wilson?
From: Alan, 9/14

Comments: This raquet has a solid feel and gives you the ability to control your shot and have lots if power. It hits a solid serve if you hit the sweet spot in the middle. Overall I am very happy with this raquet!
From: Jacob, 6/13

Comments: I really liked this racquet when I demoed it, but prolonged regular use revealed it generates a lot of vibrations. These vibrations kept an injured forearm from healing, proof of that came when I switched off this racquet to another almost exactly the same but that doesn't generate bad vibes, continued playing ,and over a few weeks the forearm thankfully healed. As good a racquet as it felt during the demo, I would not recommend this racquet.
From: Erik, 5/14

Comments: My new weapon of choice. I previously used the Dunlop 500 4D tour. The Wilson has less power than the Dunlop (due to its head-size) but feels amazing when you hit it right. Volleys feel great with the Six.One. My favorite shot with this racquet must be the slice. The ball stays low while having a great pace. Make sure you have the right string for it. I prefer using a poly since I'm typically hit a flat ball. A must demo racquet!
From: Kelvin, 1/14

Comments: This is definitely one of the best racquets that Wilson has produced. I have been playing for around 20 years and I am have switched between Head and Wilson. Tried the new Head series and found that though it is great for flat shots, topspin is an issue and it is not as easy at volleys. This 16X18 is just perfect and gives you the extra pop and great control. Played with the Babalot Duralast string and the feel is amazing. You might feel it is a bit heavy at first, but in a couple of days you will get just amazing control.
From: Sumanth, 10/13

Comments: I play college tennis. I switched from the Tecnifibre Tfight 325 VO2 Max to this. I personally love the balance on it. I feel like I can swing as hard as I want and not hit it too hard due to most of the weight being in the handle. It is a heavy racquet compared to others, so make sure you can handle it. Overall, I can't really find anything to complain about it. Personal string of choice for me is Babolat RPM blast at 52 or 53 lbs. Highly recommend!
From: Arie, 10/13

Comments: After demoing this racquet for two weeks, I decided to stick to my old one, Head Youtek Radical MP (unfortunately, it's discontinued). This one is too heavy for me. Due to the weight, I wasn't able to generate topspin well and my arm was getting tired. Also, it was not as accurate as the denser pattern. If you are used to using a heavy racquet, I would recommend this one.
From: Abe, 10/13

Comments: I've stubbornly stuck with my Volkl Quantum Tour racquets for the last 10 years and was fully prepared to go ahead with the Volkl Organix 10 after a recent demo. I was convinced to try a couple of Wilson sticks too however (this racquet in 16x18 and the Blade 93) and WOW, am I glad that I did! This racquet and I just "clicked" from the first hit, finding stability, plowthrough, tameable power and plenty of control on all my shots. Serving was arguably the most impressive quality of this racquet for me, and I found myself blasting the flat serves faster than I have in years. Picked up 2 of these sticks and never looked back -- absolute bargain at their current price of $119!
From: Richard, 9/13

Comments: I recently picked up some Wilson racquets. Never thought that this model would make me go crazy especially with my side spin serves and forehands. Although it's a little heavier than my previous Dunlop Biomimetic 200, I really enjoy the follow through created by this racquet. Strung it with a hybrid with Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 in the mains and Wilson Extreme Octane in the crosses. Really makes my day whenever I play. Congratulations and thank you Wilson for the awesome racquet.
From: Kelvin, 7/13

Comments: Having played tennis for 25+ years and demoed/used over 250+ racquets, I would say this is the 2nd best of all tennis racquets currently on the market, next to Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90. This is the best serving, volleying and most powerful racquet on the current market. Good for single-hand backhand. I use it with a low powered Polyster string otherwise the balls would fly out. My score out of 10: Serve, Volley, Power, Comfort, Stability: 9+; Touch/Feel, Returns, Slice: 8.5; Control, Groundstrokes, Topspin: 7.7.
From: Saravan, 7/13

Comments: Great racquet. Strung with Luxilon 4G at 56 lbs and was in heaven. Felt so amazing compared to my old Pure Drive Roddick GT+. Unfortunately the grip got way too slippery when my hand gets sweaty and it slipped from my hand when serving on the first day.
From: Andy, 7/13

Comments: Great all around stick. No weakness for all court players. Big serves, lots of pop when needed, good access to spin, as well as great at the net when playing doubles. All around winner. Strung with a full poly or hybrid with Poly mains. KBaum Pro Line X 16G is my current favorite while Volkl Cyclone mains with Isospeed Professional Classic crosses plays great also. Mid to low 50's tension.
From: Mesa, 6/13

Comments: Not close to the control, feel or heavy ball production of the Volkl Pb 10, Volk C10 Pro or Wilson Tour 90. I first had it strung with Wilson sensation then Wilson NXT Control.
From: Gatiep, 5/13

Comments: I recently tried a demo racket to compare it with my 2010 Wilson BLX Six One 95. My game is old style, flat shots with little topspin and continental grip on almost all shots and serves. I found that this racquet has less plow through and less feel compared to the 2010 version I play with. I thought Amplifeel was supposed to enhance the feel but it seems to have done just the opposite! So I am going to stay with my current racquet. Thanks to all the folks at TW for an excellent demo program.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: I tried this racquet and the 16x18 open string pattern gives the ball a lot of pop. I also strung it with a hybrid of natural gut and poly and I really thought it didn't take much to get the ball to go a good distance just from slightly hitting with it. I have mixed feelings about the serve because I am used to a denser (18x20) string pattern, so I felt I lost a lot of feel when serving.
From: Darrell, 5/13

Comments: Disagree with anyone who says this stick is only for advanced players. I'm a strong 3.0 player and I found that the specs of this stick really helped me slow my stroke down enough to get my shots under control, while providing more than enough plow through and spin potential. The weight is something you must get used to, but the headlight balance helps tremendously. This stick is a stinger on serve and volley, but I can hang with 4.0's on groundies with it too. It's a great, great stick. The only caveat is that you will get tired faster with it at first because of the extra weight. But, my arm is beefcake after only 2 weeks!
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: Wow - just got back from a three hour hit with this stick. Friend demoed it from TW with green poly strings, he hated it so I thought I might give it a try. Truthfully, I'm over-awed by this one, it feels almost too good. Perhaps I shall awake to find that I was dreaming, or worse, find that I've made a Faustian pact with the dark gods of tennis, trading glory on the courts for the price of my eternal soul, or something. The power is ridiculous; is this a player's racquet? Well the control and feel tell you it's not a Babolat. While it is not the most control oriented frame I've tried its pretty decent. The feel is just lovely, comfortable, crisp and plush all at once, a seeming impossibility. Did I tell you its also really maneuverable? Seriously. Stable? Absolutely Monty. Volleys? Great. Spin? Wicked. Slice? Good. You can pretty much do anything on returns. I do have one problem with the racquet though; really awful cosmetics. I'll deal with it somehow.This is my next. Should mention for full disclosure that my usual weapon is a KPS 88 so I am used to wielding an oak log.
From: Matt, 3/13

Comments: For some reason, this version is more powerful than the previous one, while still having great control. It also has a bit less spin potential than the BLX (black and gold). I need to put a poly like RPM Blast in the frame to tame its power, otherwise I often hit long.
From: Dave, 3/13

Comments: This racquet enables explosive, fast swings and shots with decent control. Did anybody compare the racquet length? I see it is around 3mm shorter than previous versions.
From: Denys, 3/13

Comments: This racquet's weight is at the upper limit of what I can comfortably swing these days. But I keep coming back for more. Why? Because of its compellingly addictive mixture of mass, maneuverability and thunderous plow- through. It reminds me of why I always return to heavier racquets after being pushed around by lighter ones. I found TW's specs to be in the ballpark of my own experiences with this racquet. Comfortable flex and sufficient headlight maneuverability. I fully agree with TW's playtest observations that the 16x18 pattern is very lively - I found it hard to control on forehands; it is definitely a responsive frame in this respect. I am now tempted to try the 18x20 as a result. The stock Pro Hybrid grip felt greasy and slippery however the bevel feel is excellent and I hope the protruding butt flare will continue in future iterations. I also wish the next version will feature a Blade-like menacing black cosmetic as befitting a serious player's stick as this.
From: Maxxply, 2/13

Comments: This racquet is a nice combination of PD type power and player's racquet weight and stability. It's the best serving racquet I have used. Maybe a tad too much power but still controllable.
From: Noah, 1/13

Comments: A great stick that allows amazing access to spin. My serve is also much improved with this stick. With my old racquet I got maybe two aces a match, but now I get 6-15. This stick also allows me to hit great angles and has great touch and feel on volleys.
From: Matt, 1/13

Comments: This is a great racquet, but slightly different from its predecessor, the BLX. Not only in terms of feel (because of the Amplifeel technology), but the new one is less forgiving. The reason is the head size is narrower (yet a bit longer) than the BLX, so the racquet plays more like a 93 sq. inch head size than a 95. I have the two racquets and I measured them.
From: Dave, 1/13

Comments: Unadvanced/intermediate players, this racquet is not for you. It's super powerful, yet has monsterous control. If you swing slow, this is definitely the racquet for you.
From: Austin, 1/13

Comments: I used this for a couple of weeks last month and it has been great because it fits with my all-court game style. However, I was a bit disappointed with the power I was generating. I hope that Wilson will have a high beam version of this great stick.
From: Will, 12/12

Comments: I demo'ed about 6 racquets from TW and this was the best by far for control, topspin and accuracy. I came from an old K Factor 90 16x19 and this is my first 16X18. I tried the 18x20 but could not control it and the lighter weight racquets hurt my arm after a few sets. Probably because I was trying to push the racquet too hard to make it move. I hit a very hard serve and forehand and use a lot of topspin. Where before I would sometimes hit 6 to 12 inches beyond the far baseline my opponents now watch (thinking it is going out) the ball hit 6 to 12 inches inside the baseline. Excellent topspin. After playing with it for maybe 12 hours over several weeks, it gives you the feeling that you cannot hit the ball beyond the lines. Oh, and the 48 lbs tension is not a misprint, as Wilson only reccommends minimum of 50. It works with the RPM and the 18g. The demo was mid range at 55 and handled well, but with the string and tension I am now using it is even better. If you like to use a heavy racquet then you should like it.
From: Charles, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 18g @ 48 lbs

Comments: I much prefer the previous version. The butt cap/grip on this version protrudes outward and feels strange. I know there's metal bars in the grip and I didn't like it. This version also felt lighter and less smooth. I hope they re- release the first BLX 95.
From: Steve, 10/12

Comments: Just got my Wilson BLX 6.1 (16x18) racquet, and it plays beautifully!! I have been playing on most of the player's racquets with moderate success. My dilemma was getting a racquet heavy enough to handle hard hitters while still very maneuverable at the net, but finally, this is the racquet! I don't know what Wilson figured out, but this thing is the best Wilson racquet I've ever owned, and I've owned most of them from the PS 85 to the P88 and the Federer Pro Staff 90 and 95's and everything in-between. I played with the previous version of this racquet and found the swing weight too heavy for me to be quick enough at net, but not with this one! It is very quick, still has ample weight and you can put the ball on a dime. As much as I love Wilson, this is definitely the best. I took the demo to my (ATP) coach along with several other racquets. He had me hit and picked this one over the rest because of the stability and solid power. Give one of these a try, if you are a 3.5 or above, as this could be a big game changer!
From: Terry, 9/12
String type and tension: V-Max @ 54/52lbs

Comments: I really liked the old BLX Six One 95 so when the new line came out this spring 2012 I bought 3 of them. What a mistake. The racquet is so heavy even after swapping in a lighter handle, over gip, strings and no dampener, it is still extremely unwieldy. Unfortunately you can't do much to help an over weight racquet. Giving up on it after 6 weeks of trying everything.
From: Jon, 8/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line 18 gauge, 55 lbs

Comments: It's a good racquet, but after playing with it for a while, I found it is too heavy for me, and sometimes with the 16x18 pattern you tend to hit shots with no control. If you have an arm or shoulder problem I don't recommend this racquet. I found the Six.One Team is the best, as it has everything, with great power and control and comfort.
From: Hussein, 8/12
String tension: 55 lbs

Comments: I can't believe the praise this racquet gets! The most I've seen. I guess "to each their own". I demo'ed this racquet on a lark. It was very boring, also it was like I had to fight to find the sweet spot, and if I missed the SS the ball would still go over, which I didn't like, as it wasn't a controlled shot. Perhaps it's because I'm used to the best racquet ever, the PS BLX 90, I hit the SS of the 90 always, so it goes exactly where I want it. One thing though, my serve was MONSTEROUS with this racquet. Just my 2 cents.
From: Mike, 8/12
String type and tension: Wilson Natural Gut @ 60 lbs

Comments: I have been using this racquet now for 4 months and it took me a while to get the right strings and tension for this racquet. I originally had Wilson NXT Tour 17g at 58 lbs, but the racquet was way too lively and I couldn't keep the ball in the court consistently. I bumped the tension up on this, but it didn't solve the problem. I am now using Wilson NXT 16g at 58 lbs and I have much better control, and still a tememndous amount of power. It can be very frustrating trying to "dial in" the right string and tension, but once you get there this racquet is a powerful weapon.
From: Barry, 7/12

Comments: I started with the 18/20 string pattern in the previous BLX version - which is a great racket. I felt however that I could use a little more "pop" (especially in cold/damp/slow conditions) and decided to give the 16/18 version a try. It is certainly more lively and seems to suit my playing style more than the 18/20. I benefit from the extra spin potential and "pop" on pretty much every type of shot - with a minimal reduction in control compared to the 18/20. A really hard/flat hitting player may prefer the 18/20 - but unless you are a devoted 18/20 player I would suggest you try the 16/18. I would also say that the new paint job looks really nice. The only issue I had was finding the correct spec. Fortunately the shop was well stocked and after looking at 2 frames weighing in at 357, 1 frame at 343 - they found 1 at 348 which was close enough.
From: Simon, 5/12
String type and tension: Silver String mains and Klip Excellerator crosses, 53lbs
Headsize:95 inches.

Comments: I have used the Six-One 95 model for a few years now. First the NCode, tried the K-Factor but didn't like it because the balance felt more head heavy than the NCode, then the 2010 version (red/black). The 2010 BLX model was more like the NCode and that is what I have been using for the last two years. This 2012 version, to me, feels like Wilson has gone closer to the balance of the K-Factor. Even though this new 2012 version is supposed to be an update to the 2010 version (red/black), the balance feels more head heavy to me. In other words, the 2010 red/black version feels more headlight and more maneuverable. Other than that though, this racquet has great feel. You really do feel the ball better in your hand, perhaps because of the new Amplifeel technology in the handle.
From: Anon, 5/12
String type and tension: NRG2 17g, 52lbs
Headsize: 95 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I am a 4.5 USTA league player with a good track record in first doubles. I bought two of these racquets a week ago, after demoing them a few times. I was going from a Wilson Blade Tour strung with a full bed of a soft poly, and I was looking for something with more spin and pop (after being on the receiving end of guys with open string patterns using Babolat RPM Blast). This racquet has so much potential, but I haven't dialed in my strokes yet. I don't regret buying this, as I know that in a couple of weeks, the 'investment' in time, adjusting to this racquet, will pay off. I strung it with Kirschbaum Proline 2 at 50 lbs. Will string next time at 57lbs, will report results. Positives: backhand slices and volleys dialed in immediately. Negatives: serves don't have the control/feel as they did with the Wilson Blade Tour. Balls fly when I don't consciously come over the ball on my topspin strokes. I definitely don't need to muscle the ball as nearly as I did with the Blade; this is something that I need to remind myself. This racquet has incredible feel, the balance is fantastic, slices are very predictable. Just need to dial in the topspin shots.
From: Anon, 5/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Proline 2, 50 lbs

Comments: This is a very nice racquet. It is very easy to swing. I thought it had amazing feel and liked it the best on groundstrokes.
From: Zul, 5/12
String type and tension:Dunlop Black Widow, 52 lbs

Comments: This is one great racquet. The 16x18 has unlimited spin and pace at your fingertips. Awesome touch and feel, volleys and serves like Wilson sticks are famous for. Do yourself a favor and try one and you will be glad you did.
From: Mark, 5/12

Comments: Wilson has always made a solid players frame and there are several reasons why top professionals and good club players use Wilson exclusively. They know how to produce comfortable and stable frames. This version is slightly more maneuverable than the previous version. Wilson is superior to Babolat because of the combination of comfort, power and control. This 6.1 can be used by any relatively strong player, as it is just over 12 ounces strung. The weight helps players counter the hard ground strokes a serves of your opponent. I have tried many lighter frames and I keep coming back to Wilson. If you can handle the weight, you will be rewarded.
From: Mark, 4/12

Comments:Brilliant racquet. Delivers deep punches and access to insidious spin in a thoroughbred frame. Excellent stability and dampening. To harness the 16 x 18 sting pattern to your advantage I suggest control oriented strings. 17 gauge strings will likely be too lively, even at 58 psi, and you may find it difficult to keep the ball within the court, and the mains will almost certainly snap prematurely. Wilson's NXT Control 16 gauge strings are proving to be an excellent marriage for me so far. But moreover, this racquet is optimal for hybrid stringing (ideally thin comfort oriented multi-filament crosses with durable control oriented co-poly mains).
From: Saman, 4/12

Comments: I demoed this racquet for about two weeks and in the end I am left with fairly positive feeling. The biggest plus factor of the racquet for me was the great feel. I felt as though I could manipulate the ball very well, which worked on short angle passes and volleys. Another plus is the spin this racquet generates. While it can't compete with the likes of the Babolat Aeropro drive or head youtek speed mp (my last frame), it has the second highest spin of the 95 sq racquets I demoed ( behind the Dunlop biomimetic 200 lite). Even without a closed string pattern control felt spot on. I didn't even realize I lost 5 sq in head size because the sweet spot was not hard to find. My only negative is the heft. Although this makes the racquet stable enough to stave of big hitters, it makes you have to swing out and hard to generate pace on serves, ground strokes and overheads. Overall though it is a good frame for big hitting 4.0 or 4.5+ players who can generate high swing speed every time and want feel, spin and stability.
From: Phil, 4/12

Comments: I just demo'd this racket. I am currently playing with the K-Factor and this racket is an improvement. The head of the racket is lighter and more weight is towards handle of racket. My serve and forehand have more pop and my backhand is better as the lighter head makes it easier to get through zone and handle the high shots. I will have to go out and purchase this racket.
From: Barry, 3/12

Comments: WOW! Wilson got it right! Great feel! The added stability in the handle is great and the butt cap is slightly bigger than the BLX so your hand sits on it more comfortably. Great colors too!
From: Josh, 3/12

Comments: I am a 5.0 + tennis level player , I was just amazed when I played with this racquet , especially my serves and volleys WOW. I was like a different player on court, all these years I wasted playing with other racquets. My flat serves, kick serves, slice serves, just unbelievable, lots of power and control and feel, volleys, solid, deeper with great feel. To be honest with you, could not find anything bad about it. Just amazing, my ground strokes are perfect, the only bad thing about this racquet it does not come with a cover !!!
From: John, 3/12

Comments: I am 50 years old and been playing tennis for 30 years, I am 5.0 + level player, tried all kinds of racquets, started with wilson, then you name it, I played with it. Decided to switch back to wilson, finally ended with the Wilson BLX six.one. Guys, I was not paid by wilson or anybody this is the best racquet I ever played with, it's a secret weapon. After a lot of experience, I think wilson make the best tennis racquets in the world, just find what suits your game. Also I might add, even 3.5 level players will enjoy playing with this Racquet. Just demo this racquet.
From: Roger, 3/12

Comments: I am from France and I have played with two of the BLX (including the previous version) and this stick is much easier to swing! Serves, forehand etc.. Amazing feel and touch! Thank you Wilson. Note : I must take the string tension down a little bit, because the racquet has lots of power.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I am a 5.0 player, this is the best Racquet I ever played with in my life. Every shot in my game improved at least from 20% - 30 % , especially the serve and volleys, amazing control and feel, very solid, easy on your arm, I make shots with more ease and control than with other racquets. Great power and spin, its just a perfect Racquet. I recommend it strongly.
From: Hussein, 3/12

Comments: I am so impressed with this racquet! It does everything really well. The serves are terrific -- very easy on flat serves and kickers. One handed back hands are great with this racquet compared to many other top rated racquets I've tried. Note: The racquet has lots of power so you may need to string it slightly tighter than usual. It feels lighter than the previous version which is great! Thank you! You simply can not go wrong with this racquet. I just bought two.
From: Ken, 2/12

Comments: I hit with this racket for the first time today and wow, was I impressed. I usually hit with the k factor version of this racket but this version seemed to feel much better on the groundstrokes specifically. And because it is after all a six.one the volleys were a dream and the serves were spot on. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a great stick. It was strung with sensation at 57. I'm a 4.5-5.0 level player.
From: Anon, 2/12

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