Wilson Six.One 95 BLX (18x20) Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a great racquet! It is stable and solid feeling, even with a stiff poly in it. I strung it at 54 lbs with Kirschbaum Pro Line X and it feels great, but probably strung it a little tight. I am going to try a multi in it next and then maybe go down to about 52 with a poly next. Solid with every groundstroke, every serve, and every volley! I don't think it is all that powerful, but the weight of the racquet will actually do a lot of the work for you, especially on serve. Kick serve with the string/racquet combo was wicked. I never tried the 16x18 pattern to compare, but love the 18x20 pattern none the less. Great solid racquet that deserves a playtest!
From: CF, 10/14

Comments: My son does like the feel of this racquet, but he has broken a total of 4 of these. It appears Wilson will not warranty a racquet that has a cracking issue in the throat on each side at the base of the string bed if there are scratch marks on the top of the head. ALL 4 have cracked in the same spot and while serving. 2 were warrantied and 2 were not. I guess we will have to switch if he breaks the other ones we bought. It's a good thing they are cheaper now.
From: John, 10/13

Comments: I got this racquet not too long ago and I love it. My strokes have become smoother, I'm hitting better balls, and my serve is looking better than ever. I switched from the Babolat Aero Pro Drive and this racquet I believe this is better.
From: Ben, 8/13

Comments: I tried a demo of this racquet to compare it with my 2010 Wilson BLX Six One 95 16x18. My game is old style, flat shots with little topspin and continental grip on almost all shots and serves. This racquet increased the accuracy and placement of my serves and I enjoyed that as it is the strongest part of my game. It has slightly less power and feel compared to the 16x18. The TW review of this racquet has nailed it right in other aspects of comparison. I prefer the extra pop and power on 16x18 as I need it at my age so I will stick with it. Thanks to all the folks at TW for an excellent demo program.
From: Dushyant,6/13

Comments: I didn't like this racquet. It was way too demanding and the spin potential was extremely low. I feel like it would be best suited for a 5.0 player that likes that bang the ball around the court flat and hard.
From: Evan, 2/13

Comments: I got a demo of this racquet along with the Juice Pro and Pro Staff 90. Having played with the previous version of this racquet, there was a noticeable upgrade in the maneuverability, but there were also times where the frame felt less stable for me. The Pro Staff 90 had a much more stability and it seems that all of this generation of Wilson play lighter, so this one just wasn't my favorite. Still a good performing racquet with a decent weight.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever owned. I switched from a lighter KFactor and I hit like I never hit before. I could control my serve and hit it harder without changing my swing speed all that much. olleys have great placement and this racquet is all around a great racquet for good players looking for good control and spin.
From: Matt, 9/12
String type and tension: Babolat Duralast 16g @ 56lbs

Comments: I found myself in love with the Six.One 95 series after playtesting the BLX edition for a entire year, but found I just didn't like the 16x18 string pattern on the other version of this racquet. I researched around and searched hard to find demos of this string patterned version, but it was rather difficult. I took a whim and bought it anyway. Amazing choice for me. I loved every single aspect of this racquet, from it's easy maneuverability to the rock solid stability from the baseline. Even though it had a swingweight of about 333, I found I could pretty much move it quickly anywhere I needed it to be, and with that, I could also crush balls with that extra little weight. At 12.3 ounces, it really plays more like a 11.8 ounce racquet. Super solid on all shots, especially serve and volley, and I could generate some nasty second serve aces with this bad boy. The 18x20 string pattern does give me tons of bite on the ball without the ball flying on me like in the 16x18 patterned version, and I really enjoyed hitting all different types of shots from all over the court. I do feel like if you string the racquet too high it might shrink the sweet spot, but even with lower tensions in the low 50s to 40s gives you excellent control, just as much control as if I was using a 60 pound tension. Nice, deep pocket from the sweet spot, and I can have nothing negative to say. If I had to knock something on it, I would say that I really wish they'd make a pro Staff box beam version of it, and that they'd ought to use pure leather grips for these sticks. But this is yet another solid update, and I've been very happy with them for longer than any other racquet now.
From: Michael, 8/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum P2 Red, 52 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: WOW! I've tried all of Wilson's top pro racquets and this tops them all in every category. I was amazed! It has very good power when needed, great spin, and it is very comfortable. Ball placement on serves is a breeze. It has the most control out of any racquet I've ever tried! Very Impressive! The only thing I would recommend to Wilson is that they bring back the K-Factor carbon and get rid of this BLX Amplifeel nonsense. It makes the racquet feel weird and less connected to it and the ball. Overall this is the best racquet on the market right now.
From: Greg, 7/12
String type and tension: Gamma Professional 17g @ 58 lbs

Comments: I'm starting to get some really good wins on the board with this stick. Amplifeel is the best!
From: Lukas, 6/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Adrenaline Rough @ 62 lbs

Comments: This is one of the best racquets I've ever used coming from the K-Blade Tour and the Pro Staff 95(2012) all those have perfect control and this one has the most power without the need of lead tape.
From: MZ, 6/12

Comments: The major noticeable difference from last year's is the lower swing weight. It almost feels like a completely different racquet, so if you have the older version, don't think that the newer one is just a small upgrade. The newer one is more maneuverable, and swings faster despite having the same weight. Not certain what the Amplifeel was suppose to do..I didn't notice any big difference in terms of vibrations between this year and last year's version.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Wilson managed to add more control and maneuverability in upgrading last year's BLX. My shots feel crisper and more powerful, yet more solid and controlled. I've tried every iteration of this racquet for years; this and the Hypercarbon 6.1 are by far my favorites. Huge upgrade over last years' BLX.
From: Av, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16

Comments: I tried this racquet for a few days. It is very solid with amazing control. For me the swing weight/heft was too much. I could not generate adequate racquet head speed.
From: David, 4/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16 gauge, 57 lbs

Comments: I've played every version of the Wilson 95 dating back to the original Prostaff Kevlar 6.0 95. I've had my love affairs with various versions over the years, but nothing like the new 2012 BLX 95 version. I picked up three of them to replace my KFactor 18 x 20 versions after hitting with a demo stick for 5 days. The rackets felt identical to my Kfactors in weight, but they were much more solid and less harsh on mishits. The Amplifeel certainly does its intended job on cutting down on vibration. My groundstrokes on both sides were crisp, volleys were extremely solid (even touch shots) and I was able to pick up 6 more mphs on my serves. All the benefits (plus more) of my KFactors without the need for added lead tape. These sticks will not be leaving my bag anytime soon. Thank you Wilson Sports!!!
From: Mike, 3/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Monotec SuperSense 16L, 54lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I bought this racquet last week as a replacement for my K factor 95 18/20, which has been my go-to stick for several years. That racquet was strung at 70 lbs with a different hybrid duo (I don't r4member which). It's time to restring that frame, so I was interested in trying a new mix. The BLX frame is strung at 65 lbs with Lux in the mains and NXT in the crosses. After two long sets of play the racquet/string combo plays a bit better than the K stick. The first half hour of play the frame played too stiff, but by the end of play it was feeling great. All the Six-1 95's I've played with don't give you a lot power, but at 6' 2" and 200 lbs, I generate a lot of power on my own. I'm a 74-year-old 4.0 player,and I love the control and touch from these frames. I can generate a lot of topspin, my slice backhand is really effective, and the stability at net is a real plus. All said, this is a great racquet, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs control and stability and who has adequate power generation
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: This is by far the best racquet I've ever played with. I just switched from the BLX Six One Pro Tour 90 and before that I was playing with the Babolat Aero Pro Drive. The unstrung weight of the Federer racquet is 339g where as my new stick is at 332g. Even though the difference is only 7g, it honestly feels like a 30g difference. It has the advantages that come with a heavier stick but the maneuverability of a light one. More depth and easiness to hit my backhand slice, more pop on serve, my forehand is simply devastating with this racquet, there is nothing I don't like about it. Really, if you're serious about purchasing a solid racquet with a great feel, you've got to pick this one. I'm still in awe after one week of having it!
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I've had this racquet about a week and it is the bomb! Very stable frame and it is the best performing racquet I've ever used for my backhand slice. Excellent for volleys as well! I could generate plenty of power on my serves with this stick. I have it strung with Genesis Typhoon at 59 lbs and it feels very crisp! Has a great combination of control, touch, and enough power to hit outrights from the baseline. Go get one and see for yourself!
From: Brett, 2/12

Comments: I just switched to this racquet from the babolat pure drive roddick gt because I was seeking a racquet with greater control and much less power. This racquet allowed me to hit a nice flat ball when I wanted to but I also had the feel to get it deep with a lot of topspin on defensive shots. I would only recommend this racquet to players with a full,fast swing.
From: Bob, 2/12

Comments: This is an absolutely superb frame. It has a more full feeling to it as well as not being quite as stiff as the previous iterations of this frame. Plenty of power on demand for when you want to really drive the ball but also easy to use in defensive positions as well. Killer serving. I'm getting two of these as backup to my nCode 6.1 95 18x20 frames because, even though they are different, they are equal.
From: Matt, 2/12

Comments: I just switched to this racquet from the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT because I was seeking a racquet with greater control and much less power. This racquet allowed me to hit a nice flat ball when I wanted to but I also had the feel to get it deep with a lot of topspin on defensive shots. I would only recommend this racquet to players with a full, fast swing.
From: Bob, 2/12

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