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Comments: It has a wide toe box. They are comfy but don't have much arch support. They feel low to the ground but that said, these are my third pair so I guess they are working out!
From: Rae, 12/12

Comments: After defecting to New Balance for about 4 years I'm now back to the QT Scream. I wore these shoes for about 6 years and then went over to New Balance because the 800 series was available in a WW size and seemed to provide more support.
Now I'm back to the QT because New Balance has totally changed their 800 line (the 803s & 804s are made with a new last) and no one (including me) seems to be happy with them.
I pulled the QT Screams out of the box and loved them all over again. This is a good shoe for people with wide feet. The toe box is roomy, but the heel cup is narrow. I wear custom orthodics so the lack of support is not an issue for me. I also agree with the reviewer below who says that they have a "to the ground" feel to them, at least compared to the NB shoes I wore that felt like you were standing on a bit of a platform.
From: Kimberly, East Lansing, MI, USA, 02/11

Comments: I have tried other shoes over the years. I always come back to these shoes. I now know better than to change. This shoe has the wide toe box, and narrow heel I need for fit. It is lightweight, and wears as well as the more expensive shoes. Thanks for stocking my favorite shoe.
From: Debra, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I have been wearing these Prince QT Scream Low shoes for years. I have tried other models in Prince. They can't compare in comfort. I can play all I want, and never have sore feet. For a while I thought they wouldn't have them anymore; that was scary!!! Keep making them.
From: Donna, St. Pete, Fl USA 03/10

Comments: I've been using Prince Scream QT low for many years. Great shoes! Very comfortable for wide feet. If you like the "to the ground feel", these shoes are for you. They do wear out rather quickly.
From: amt, WA, USA 09/09

Comments: I've been buying the Prince Scream QT Low for five years now, and I am pretty happy with it. Very comfortable. Would not want to try another style. I hope PRINCE will continue to make it as I know it is very popular with women.
From: M. Critides, Herndon, VA USA. 8/09

Comments: Love these shoes (mid cut). Why can't I find any more mid cuts. I have looked everywhere. Please, please bring back the lady mid cut shoe.
From: Barbara Manuel, Dayton, Ohio, USA. 06/09

Comments: I am about to buy another pair of these after trying a newer, "fancier" Prince shoe. I'd bought two pair of the QT Low before and found that, although a little clunky, my feet never felt tired or sore and never had any issues with ankle support. (I tried the mids and they literally rubbed the outside of my ankles so raw they would bleed during matches and I returned them. Tennis Warehouse was great about it.) I like that the bottoms are so stiff, I think that's what really protects the bottoms of my feet from the heat and constant pounding. I play 4x week, about 8 hrs, and found these to be just as durable or more so than more expensive shoes.
From: Sarah, Suwanee, GA, usA. 6/09

Comments: I have worn these shoes for about 5 years and LOVE them. Wide toe box, low back/heel support that keeps from rubbing my ankles, the do wear out rather quickly. I play about 10-12 hrs per week on hard courts, still, the best shoe I've ever worn.
From: Renie, Chas., SC, USA. 05/09

Comments: These shoes are the best! Ample width at the toe, and very comfortable. I do, however, wear orthotics with it as I am over-pronated. But I have been wearing them for five years, and I am glad they decided to keep 'em. Thank you, Prince! :)
From: Mevelyn, San Diego, CA U.S.A. 05/09

Comments: At first I loved these shoes. They fit so comfortable right out of the box. I have a wide foot at the toes, and they do not cramp my feet at all. I also have very high arches. These shoes fit my high arch perfectly. Unfortunately, they wear out very fast. I play 3-4 times a week and they showed wear after less than a month. They have no warranty on wear, so this is the last pair I will buy. I am now trying to find another that fits so well.
From: Linda, Key West, FL. 6/08

Comments: I've played a week in these shoes and am very pleased with them. Very comfortable with good support. Other tennis shoes have tended to be too wide in the toes and with these I simply tightened the shoestrings and it's been fine. The only thing I would change is they scuff easily on the front toe of the shoe. There are red and green marks there from the courts I've been playing on.
From: Beth, Raleigh, NC, USA, 05/08

Comments: I was very disappointed when I tried these shoes on. They were not generous in the toe box and I felt like I was unstable- fearful of rolling my ankle. I quickly sent them back. I have not found a shoe I love as much as the T-9 roadster!
From: Karen, Carrollton, GA, USA, 04/08

Comments: These shoes are the best! I order two pairs a year since I play four to five times a week, year around, indoors and outside. I have worn this brand for the last five years. They fit my wide front foot and can lace tight for my narrow heel. There's great support for lateral movement and plenty of cushion so my feet never get sore, not even in tournaments.
From: Marla, Loveland, Colorado, USA. 11/07

Comments: These shoes are GREAT! I'm on my second pair and it's almost time for a new pair. They are comfortable, light, and just feel good to play in. They don't wear down until a little over 6 months. When they do they begin to bug certain areas, but other than that I would recommend them to anyone. I already did to one of my high school teammates (she's my doubles partner).
From: Eva, Prince Goerge, VA, USA, 02/07

Comments: I had a hard time finding sneakers that were low in the back because I have had a problem with my Achilles tendon and most of the other brands were to high and hurt me when I would be moving backwards. This sneaker solved that problem and I have been wearing this brand for around 5 years now and it is the only kind that I will use! I usually play around 5 hours a week.
From: Cindy, East Freetown, MA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Prince Women's OT Scream Low are the best shoes I've ever had. I have wide, flat feet and had a difficult time finding the right tennis shoes for me. I am an NTRP 3.0 and play about 6-7 hours a week and the shoes last about six months. Now I am very happy with these tennis shoes!
From: Bona, Washington DC, USA. 9/06

Comments: The Prince Scream QT Low and the Mid are the best shoes I've ever had. Over the past 4 or 5 years (maybe more) I've worn these almost exclusively. I've occasionally tried others but I've always come back to the Scream QT (never wore any of the others more than a few weeks before going back). Tried the new Scream 2, which is supposed to be the same on top but the sole is different and I don't like it.
From: Naomi, Sacramento, CA 08/06

Comments: These shoes are so comfortable to play tennis in. They have great traction that helps you stop when you need to in order to get to the ball on the court. They have great arch support and are also very nice for jogging!
From: Lidiya, Santa Barbara, CA, USA 07/06

Comments: I just bought these and after playing twice in them, I developed a blister near the side of the right heel. The side seam back there was rubbing against my thick socks and even wore down the sock on that side.
From: EK, Vancouver, Canada 04/06

Comments: I'm going back to this shoe after making several big shoe mistakes. I tried to save money by buying almost anything on sale, but my feet are now killing me. I have huge callouses over blisters on both feet and my bunions are aching. I play about 10 hours of tennis a week, and I've learned the hard way that the shoe may be the most important piece of tennis equipment for me.
From: Lynn, Clarkston, MI, USA. 03/05

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I ever had. I just bought my fourth pair. They are light (unlike some K-Swiss shoes), wide enough in the toe box, high enough in the arch, and support the ankle.
From: Dido, Basking Ridge, NJ, USA. 3/04

Comments: These shoes look cool, but the soles of the shoe wear through very fast. I have had these shoes for 4 weeks, and I have already ran through the bottoms of them. Other than that they are comfortable and light.
From: Mitch, Rochester, NY, USA. 1/04

Comments: I have worn Prince shoes ever since I bought some whilst on holiday. These have been the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The only problem is I can't get them easily in the shops in Britain and I would like to appeal to Prince to stock them here so they are available to everyone.
From: Celeste, Hertfordshire, England. 9/03

Comments: I recently purchased a pair of Prince Scream tennis shoes. I measured my foot as requested and it indicated that I purchase a 9 med, the size I have worn in all other brands. I tried them on, and they felt comfortable. I went out to play that day, and my right foot "sloshed" around like it was 2 sizes too big. I cannot wear these brand new, worn for 1 hr, shoes. Even with 2 pair of socks, the right foot is huge (especially the heel.)
From: Judy, Georgetown, TX. USA 1/03

Comments: Prince Women's QT Scream Low are the best shoes if you have wide feet. I have a tough time finding shoes that don't leave my feet red and sore around the bunion-sensitive areas. I've worn all different brands of shoes and my feet have never felt more comfortable. Now that I've found these I'm never going to buy a different shoe!
From: Kimberly, East Lansing, MI. USA 7/02

Comments: My feet were aching when I went to a local sporting goods store in search of new tennis shoes. I had easily worn out another pair of New Balance tennis shoes and had gotten blisters during a local tournament. I tried on several pairs (Nike, New Balance, Wilson, Adidas) but as soon as I put on these Prince Women's QT Scream Low shoes, I was in heaven. I wore them the next day, played two sets of doubles, followed by two sets of singles, and my feet felt great! Now that I have found them on this web site, I plan to order several at a time.
From: Jill, Winter Springs, FL. USA 6/02

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