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Comments: I was playing with Wilson Extreme Synthetic gut and I liked the feel, power and price. Only problem was that it was loosing tensions (and control) very fast. Now I have been playing with SGX for several months and like it better, than Extreme. It has a little less power, but much better control, which is most important for me. Durability is also better, I do not need to move string back after hitting spin shots. I am using it at 59 lbs and I am 4.0 player.
From: Alex, 7/13

Comments: I put SGX in my Prince and it hits like a dream. Plenty of bite, control and power. Great feel and touch. Hitting more winners than ever. Going to get my other 2 Prince racquets strung the same.
From: Mark, 7/13

Comments: SGX plays quite close to a poly string. It's comfort is similar to soft poly, perhaps a bit better but not much. It doesn't have good ball pocketing and power (Wilson Red Alert, also a dollar more expensive than synthetic gut, and is much better in these terms). Spin is average, but the not-so-good power helps player to make bigger cut thus can create more spin. Durability is surely better than multifilament string but I'm not sure to what extent since I will cut the string soon. I'm using Dunlop Biomimetic 100 (90 sq", 16x19, Europe, stock), strung the SGX at 55lbs mains and at 52 lbs crosses. I love multifilament strings, but try to look a more durable one. For comparison I use the Red Alert on Wilson K-95 (95 sq", 16x18, Asian, stock) strung at 58 lbs in the mains and at 55 lbs in the crosses. As for me Red Alert is a much better string.
From: Stanley, 6/13

Comments: This string is an overall okay string, nothing that really stands out, the thing that bothered me was the color - the black is actually a light gray color.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I put this string in my Aero Pro Team 2012. Great in spin, has some power, very cheap compared to my VS touch strings. I won 2 trophies in USTA in the past 3 months playing with AeroPro Team with this string. A problem came along after using it in 3 months. For the first time, I developed tendonitis. At first, I thought, it could be the way I hit, but I never really changed the way I hit - finally I figured out that this is the string that caused my tennis elbow. I have always played with VS touch, PHT, RPM, Addiction and Premium LT Prince. I have to cut this string asap and replace it with a REAL arm friendly string.
From: Marijade, 3/13

Comments: This is a very good string. Being a synthetic gut, it is arm friendly. The string also provides a great deal of spin. I have been "painting the baseline" with my topspin forehand shots. Further, the string provides plenty of pop to my shots. The string has yet to break after several hours of playing. And you can't beat the price. Highly recommended.
From: Gil, 9/11

Comments: I tried it in a hybrid (crosses) setup at 58 pounds and I found I had a lack of control on the forehand side on medium and hard hits. I also struggled at the net. The only thing great was the slice.
From: Andre, 8/11

Comments: Great strings! A good, durable substitute for a gut/poly hybrid. This string offers plenty of power and a ton of spin effortlessly. I am a defensive baseliner who doesn't mind taking an aggressive position on the court when the opportunity presents itself. Great for players looking for a durable string that offers plenty of spin without sacrificing good, consistent depth.
From: Alex, Chicago, IL, USA. 4/11

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