Wilson Spin Cycle 16L String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the most accurate crisp poly string I have yet to play with. It is a little stiffer than what I like considering I have had tennis elbow issues before but it is still softer than most polys I have played with. I can hit very good angles with this string. Good durability. Usually I have to rip it out when the grooves are about 50% deep. Ball bite is excellent which may explain why I'm able to get better spin and control for angle shots. Decent power. I actually like the strings better once I break it in and the more I play with it the better it feels. Maybe there is some tension loss but that may be why I like it better because it is not as stiff like when freshly strung at 55 lbs on my Wilson Pro Staff Classic 95 4.2si. I use this string for my matches and make sure I break them in before each match.
From: Franklin, 11/14

Comments: This is a solid shaped poly with decent feel and durability. Lower powered and probably should be strung down a few lbs to get pop that one would get from other polys. Good string from Wilson.
From: CF, 3/14

Comments: This is a very good poly, probably most similar to Volkl Cyclone Tour in that it is a soft textured poly which feels comfortable, has medium power, and pockets nicely when strung with lower tension. I'm now using the Steam 105S at 49 lbs, so durability is hard to evaluate. On this frame, I haven't gotten more than 4 hours without it breaking, but that is about the same as Cyclone, Cyclone Tour, Enduro Pro, and maybe a little less than Lux 4G. Oh, and it is the easiest string I have ever strung -- practically no coil memory! For the price, I'd probably buy another half-reel if I weren't looking for something more durable to go with the 105S.
From: Ty, 1/14

Comments: I have a full bed of this strung at 45lbs on a Dunlop Bio 100 (90 square inches). This string at this tension provides a very plush, non trampoline hit. It pockets well while the edged string puts amazing shape on the ball, especially on backhand slices and topspin lobs. I don't feel a need to hybrid with such a comfy hit and good spin at the same time. Soft and accurate with volleys too. This is a good poly for all court shots. A full bed stays in place with very minimal string movement.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: A real diamond in the rough, in terms of popular co-polys these days! Being Wilson's only shaped polyester string so far, I had to try it. I have hit w/ spinny strings in the past (like RPM Blast, Black Widow, Zo Twist, Cyclone/Cyclone Tour, etc.) and I think that Spin Cycle rates right up there with my previous shaped poly testing experiences. Wilson Spin Cycle generates a load of spin when taking big healthy cuts at the ball. Feel is relatively soft (compared to most polys) and ball-pocketing felt pretty plush as long as it was strung at 55lbs or lower. However, tension and playability felt dead in about 3-4 weeks worth of playing (played about 3 times a week for 2-3 hours at a time). Underrated poly for sure, but definitely a gem in the string world. A reel of this is only $60 by the way!
From: Shane, 9/13

Comments: This is a great string, but Wilson advertises this as a durability string. However, we are only getting about 2-3 hours of life out of it. Not so durable.
From: Dana, 7/12

Comments: I now have this string in two racquests, one that I strung and a new racquet from TW that they strung. The string had a lot more flex during stringing then I expected, quite a bit more then the Big Hitter Silver Rough that I frequently use; however, the string during play is a beautiful crisp feel with lots of control. I have it at 55 and 53lbs in my two totally different types of Yonex frames and totally love it....this string is now my favorite, hands down.....and I have tried about 15-20 shaped polys.
From: Kevin, 6/12

Comments: Great access to spin, still has pop but not to much similar to sensation in feel, but brittle and easy to break. All in all great string I would highly recommend it.
From: Taylor, 3/12

Comments: I used this string in my prestige MP, strung at 57lbs with syn gut crosses, during the demo period a few months back. It has a very nice feel to it after it has broken in (about 30 minutes of hitting). Comparable to a twisted version of luxilon savage. Pros: good balance of spin and power: enough spin to keep it in the court on aggressive shots but powerful enough to keep the ball deep on defensive shots. Easier to string than most "twisted" polys. Cons: a little stiff during break in period; ugly color.
From: Brian, 2/12

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