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Comments: Decent racquet. Very hollow feeling. Serves were great with a ton of pace. Groundstrokes were weak. If you're playing way behind the baseline at times, you'll have a hard time hitting any winners. This to me is more of a defensive racquet. For those who play a lot of defensive tennis, this stick will help. If you're an aggressive player trying to amp up your offense, this sticks will do nothing for you. Overall grade a "B." Not bad, but not great.
From: Mark, 8/13

Comments: This one is the greatest raquet that Wilon has ever made. Brings an unmatched blend of power and spin in all of your strokes. From my forehand to my volley, I just overpowered my opponents. My first Steam 100 was a gift from my lady and I was so pleased that I ordered the second one right away.
From: George, 5/13

Comments: I demoed this racquet at my local club, and was sold on it. The racquet offers pretty solid strokes and is pretty speedy. I have a western forehand and at first had trouble keeping the ball low but eventually my forehand had a lot of pace and stayed at a good height. My backhands had a lot of zip, but enough to control. Loved the reach on the serve as well! But because of the unique feel, I recommend to demoing it first.
From: Tyler, 3/13

Comments: This is one of those racquets that you will either immediately like or immediately hate. Nothing in between because it plays really different from usual racquets. Personally for me, the serve is the best part of this racquet. It provides a lot of pop and good control. It has a ton of spin and a decent sweetspot. The racquet plays pretty soft and you need to hit quite hard to put away ground shots, or else you will have long rallies. My backhand was particularly good with this racquet. As far as control is concerned it takes some time to get used to the longer length, but after that it has excellent control. Just like Kvitova you will miss some shots not by inches but by feet. The margin for error is not that big with it and you do need to have well developed strokes to get the best out of it. Personally I immediately liked it and bought it. It has really helped my game. My suggestion for you would be don't go by good or bad reviews. Just demo it and then decide, because what I can promise you is that it is definitely worth a demo. Did I mention its super comfortable?
From: Sriram, 11/12
String type: polyester

Comments: I've just started demo'ing the Steam and find it to be rather useful when I do buggy whip shots and slices. I found that my serves are more precise and my kick serves kick higher. This racquet is a great transition from using beginner's racquets. You have great control, spin, and power in your hands.
From: Matt, 10/12

Comments: Disappointed to see that Kvitova's racket had the Wilson PWS, and the one for sale that I got had no PWS. It makes it a total different racquet. I would like to know where to get one? As for the racquet without the PWS, it is powerful light weight, with not bad control. I bet it would be a lot better and more stable with PWS. I know you can add lead tape but you would have to play around with it.
From: Calvin, 8/12
String tension: 58 lbs

Comments: Good power and spin. However, there's not much control. I believe a lot of the control issues are due to the low stability and hollow feel. I like to hit a heavy ball and I was not getting much stability out of this racquet.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: This racquet has good power and spin however not much control. I believe a lot of the control issues are due to the low stability and hollow feel. I like to hit a heavy ball and I was not getting much stability out of this racquet.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Tested it out of curiosity. Not much stability when hitting heavy. Less mobility than suggested by its weight and balance (maybe the extra half inch makes it less mobile than it should). The colors are "un pro" looking. On the up side, nice spin production. I am surprised that Gulbis uses this racquet after using a Head Prestige and Wilson Blade Tour and 98 models. Maybe the game is evolving differently and plow is not as important than spin production. I have been using a customized Babolat Storm Ltd. for over two years and very happy with it.
From: Eric, 6/12

Comments: Great racquet, nice spin and great power! I had great time with it. My backhand is great now and forehand as well. Recommended. From 1 to 100, I give 95.
From: Royi Lapid, 6/12

Comments: No serious player could use this stick in competition without adding like an ounce of lead tape to the frame and handle and if you have to do that just buy a racket with more heft in the first place. Probably good racket for 3.5 and under or juniors. Felt pretty powerful on serves however.
From: Chris, 6/12

Comments: Lightweight, easy to swing, easy to play with. Lots of comfort and spin. Power is muted due to the light weight and low mass. Due to its lightweight, it is unstable on mishits and shots outside the sweet spot, and against big hitters. Shots within the sweet spot are solid. Add 5-10 grams of lead to 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock for more stability and plow. Groundstrokes were a little unpredictable on flatter shots, but excelled on slice and topspin. 1st serves were good when going heavy and flat, but the racket excels when you hit with pace and spin. Kick serves can jump up high and force weak returns. Demo was strung with NXT 16, so there was no free spin or bite.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: To update my previous review with this racquet, it is ugly. Serve are very powerful and easy to control. Volleys are not that solid because this racquet is not too easy to maneuver around the net. Groundstrokes are ok. Overall, just good on the serve for me.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: This racquet is ugly looking but works. It is stiffer than the Wilson Blade. There is more power on serve, less power on groundstroke compared to the Blade. Volley are good, not great, but just as good if not better than the Blade. Handles are longer so easier for two-handed backhands again compare to the Blade. The reason I compare to the blade because it is build just like the blade. Did I buy this to replace my Wilson BLX Blade? Yes, I did.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I just got this racquet and I love it. I used to use the Head MicroGEL Radical but it just didn't suit my playing style. The Babolat Pure Drive was a bit to powerful, but the Wilson Steam was just right. I'm getting a lot of power and spin. I'm very happy I got this racquet even though it doesn't look the coolest, it's a great racquet.
From: Harry, 4/12

Comments: I love this racket so much! I came to buy this racket just after demo'ing it only once. I had broken my previous racket, the Wilson K Tour 95, and this felt very different, but in a better way. I'm a left-handed big server and I hit with a lot of topspin on the forehand, but have one of the flattest backhands that one could possibly think of. This racket was the perfect serving racket for me, and I tried the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95, and the Wilson BLX Six. One 95, as well as the BLX Tour, and still felt this racket to be perfect for precision, power, heavy spin, and superior balance while hitting shots. I was able to hit flat when I needed to with my forehand, and volleying felt quite natural as well. The potential spin one could create with this racket is unthinkable with almost any other racket, except for the Juice Pro and Juice 100, but I still went with this racket just because it felt comfortable, and offered me power that I previously lacked to my forehand. I use Luxilon Adrenaline as my strings, and feel I can get both power and spin with it using this racket. A great racket, I would recommend to all players, but feel it is suited for the 4.5 and above! =)
From: Yat, 3/12

Comments: Very good racquet. Forehand, back hand, volley and serve were great. I just have to adjust the slice of my one hand backhand. I played with it 4 times and I found that's remind me the Hornet OS from Prince. I've played with a Pure Drive Team Plus since 2006 and this is the first racquet that feels similar in my hand. The only complaint, is the grip size seems 1/8 bigger than normal. Maybe it's the shape, not the size of the grip.
From: Guy. 3/12
String type and tension: Synthetic gut, 62 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Easily the best racket I've picked up in some time. (And I demo rackets with regularity.) This racket is obviously designed to go head to head with the Babolat Pure Storm (just as the Juice is intended to take on the Pure Drive). Similar weight, beam, and string pattern. As a former Pure Storm owner, I can say unequivocally that the Steam outperforms the Storm in virtually every category. With the Steam I've been able to add racket head speed to my game (note the lighter swingweight between the two sticks) and this has resulted in loads more spin and control, and thus confidence in my overall game. With the Steam I was also able to add an easy (i.e., not forced) 10 mph to my serve. Groundies and volleys both felt very solid with a very nice flex felt from the racket on contact. While the headsize is listed at 100, this is a "small" 100. That is, it plays more like a 98 sq. inch head and it never felt bulky like so many 100s I've played with. The beam itself is a joy to hold (strange as that may sound), much like the one found on the current Wilson Blade. As for the paintjob, I don't quite get the disses. I really rather like it, and it's certainly different than the bulk of what's out there.
From: D, 3/12
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Horrible paint job, but serves, return of serves and volleys were great. In fact, I was surprised at the amount of pace on serves I could generate. I also agree that this is what the BLX Blade could have been, albeit with a little more weight and swing weight. I think I might have found either a replacement for my BAPDGT or, at the very least, a good backup.
From: Srvnvly, 3/12

Comments: Surprising racket... The feeling is, let say, unusual. You can feel it "flex" when hitting the ball. The paintjob is also surprising, not any better than on photos. Maybe worse? That being said, it seems that my game improved a lot when playing with this racket. My serves, usually not my strongpoint, were spot on, for both flat and kick. On my groundstrokes, I was able to generate lots of topsin and slice, the racquet is precise, easy to swing, good for long heavy balls as well as for short angled balls. At volley, not bad, even though that's not where this racket was the most efficient. In a nutshell, I don't like that racquet (feeling, look, etc), however it happens to suit my game well (did not lost a single game against opponents that usually beat me). Will give it a second shot ...
From: Chris, 3/12

Comments: K Blade 2.0 is what this racquet should be called, yes it's light and sometimes flat shots don't work, but the free power and spin potential is way more important, the Steam doesn't make you work hard, and with that you can spend more time on placement and not at taking huge swings at the ball. Put some full poly on it and stability increases greatly, Steam is a must demo and in my opinion the most under-rated racquet of 2012. In short it is what the Blade 98 BLX should have been.
From: Michael, 2/12

Comments: This was a very unique session with this frame. I was demo'ing this in a rotation against the Yonex XI 98, Juice and BLX 100 pro staff frame. This frame I had to adjust to a bit since it has a bit more swing weight due to it's balance point. After the second rotation with the frame I really started to understand what it can do. You can really put some solid contact and weight on your shots with the frame. The swing weight can add a lot of power and control with your shot, but at the same time is extremely quick for returning serve. It also felt comfortable on my serve with a nice solid power feel. From the baseline I can really get good dwell time on the string bed and get good directional control and power on the strokes. I especially enjoyed the box frame construction on the frame and the boxiness of the grip, It was very easy to feel the bevels and make grip adjustments on the fly. A very good all court type of frame. Didn't have too much time to test it on volleys, but will try on my next session. An enjoyable play test.
From: Curtis, 2/12

Comments: I tried this racket about a month ago from a pro shop that was given several new 2012 demos. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe the Steam 100 incorporates Wilson's "AmpliFeel" technology in the handle. It's strange they wouldn't include it, as it would benefit the frame's lack of feel and lack of solidity that Wilson frames are typically known for. The Steam 100 also doesn't have Wilson's "PWS" at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock of the hoop. PWS would make a huge difference in stability, since the distinct lightness of the hoop creates instabiblity on mishits and against hard hitters. The frame shape of the Steam 100 reminds me of the BLX Blades with their sharp and edgy feel in the throat area, combined with a more rounded arch shape of the hoop.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Although, Wilson markets this as Nishikori's racket of choice. Nishikori claims he is using the Blx Steam Pro. Some images of his racket online reveals they are not the same. Well... That aside, I did manage to take this racket out for demo. Mind you, I took out the BLX Juice, and the new BLX ProStaffs at the same time for the ride. Coming from more player oriented rackets like PS 85, BlX90, and KPS88, this racket is too powerful for me. Found it very easy to maneuver but I was batting the fuzzy stuff out of the park. Now after checking my swing to about 40%, the balls landed safely in the court. Like all BLX 2012 models, the feel is great. Although I prefer the sound feedback of the prostaffs as they are closer to the rackets I am accustomed to. Nevertheless, I would place the Steam in the outer spectrum of new BLX's. As the most powerful and the easiest to maneuver, no surprising given the specs. The older players prone to joint pains would definitely appreciate this new Ampifeel technology. Being a 40 year old, a two hour match with the PS 85, although sweetest racket that she may be, will cause all sorts of aches in my joints for the next 2 days, but with the new BLX amipheel: nothing.
From: Anon, 1/12

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