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Comments: I've been through four pairs of shoes since April 2013 and I think I've finally found the shoe of shoes. To add a little history, I started out with the Babolat Propulse 4 and nearly lost a toe nail due to the horrible fit. I also developed severe calf cramps during play as I realized I was crunching my toes while trying to secure my foot in the extra-wide forefoot. I later purchased the Nike Air Max Cage and popped the air unit in the heel after 2 months. With the warranty voucher I received from Nike, I purchased the Nike Vapor Tour 9 and blew through the outsole/midsole in 4 months. Mind you all this was done playing on outdoor hard court surfaces. Tired of less than durable shoes, I decided to try out the Wilson Rush Pro. I liked the color (white/red) as it really paid homage to Wilson's logos. From the beginning I knew this was the shoe for me. As mentioned in other reviews it had a nice plush heel cup, ample room in the toe box and a secure midfoot -- I can see this being an issue for the wider foot. Stability is always an issue for me as I tend to roll my ankles very easily, but I found the lateral support to be amazing with no hint of instability along the pinkie side of my foot. I'm not a toe dragger but there is plenty of rubber along the front. Traction was excellent with just enough 'give' to slide into a short ball without blowing a knee. Ventilation wasn't an issue for me, as I play in the hotter, warmer locales of Southern California. The fit is excellent right of the box and no break-in period is needed. It's low to the ground and really feels fast in it's own right for being a slightly heavier shoe than the Nike Vapor Tour 9. Outsole durability lasted me 5 months with roughly 4-6 hours of hard court tennis a week. However, the best part of the shoe is the 6 month outsole guarantee. I submitted my shoe for a warranty replacement and in less than two weeks I had a new pair of shoes delivered right to my door step.
From: Ray, 11/14

Comments: I previously wore the Wilson Tour Vision II, which I loved. The fit of the Rush Pro is similar but the feel is completely different. The Rush Pro feels well cushioned but the shoe is extremely stiff, particularly in the forefoot. Wilson built in a large plastic piece on the outer portion of the shoe which makes it much stiffer. I've only used this shoe twice, so it may loosen up a bit, but in the meantime it is punishing my feet a bit. This will likely be a very durable out sole, but right out of the box it offers less grip than the Tour Vision II. Why or why must shoe companies continue to discontinue excellent shoes, thus driving customers to search for other brands?
From: Jay, 11/14

Comments: These shoes fit my feet great without my custom orthotics (which I must wear). For some reason, when I put my orthotics in them, it causes the heel end of the shoe to become loose when I walk, and the shoe feels as if it's slightly coming off. I had to return them because of this. I've not experienced this issue with any other shoe or sneaker, with putting my orthotics in. My guess is that the front end of the shoe is too tight (from inside top of shoe to bottom/top of insole).
From: Linus, 10/14

Comments: Very comfortable and great fit out of box but would highly not recommend if you play everyday, which I do. Six weeks of durability is max with this shoe if you play every day.
From: Paul, 9/14

Comments: Wore this shoe around house for several hours a day before hitting the court. Only played a couple hours, but must say it is the most comfortable tennis shoe I ever used. Despite my foot width being slightly wider than recommended for size, there were no rubbing issues, no soreness, and it was just the perfect height for the heal. But mid-foot is cut narrower, so I had to wrestle to get them on. I have never worn a Wilson shoe before. Odor level 3 or 4 on scale to 10, so not too bad -- wouldn't mind having that as the only negative of this shoe.
From: J Mark, 6/14

Comments: This shoe is quite similar to the Nike Courtballistec. I have had these for 2 weeks and everything is good. Good grip, good fit and it also lighter than a Barricade. I will recomend this shoe to anyone. Good shoes!
From: Fred, 4/14

Comments: Agree with JT's review from 2/13. Got them today and have to send them back. They are too narrow in the midfoot. Kept them on to walk around the house for about 15 minutes, and there was no doubt for me, my foot was aching. Still aimlessly wandering through shoes after the Barricade 2s went away. Really like the feel of the Asics clay court shoes, but reviews of the hard court shoes talk about leaving marks all over the courts. Can't have that. Guess I'll quit tennis.
From: Brad, 3/14

Comments: These shoes are one of my favorites. I was wearing the Barricades and they were okay but the cushioning stinks. But these Wilsons will provide you with the right shoe size and the cushioning, and these shoes are great for toe dragging when you are serving the shoe fits very well and that it will go a long way. These shoes are great for playing in tournaments if you are a player that is very aggressive and the shoe has great grip. I definitely recommend this shoe.
From: William, 3/14

Comments: Nice and light for quick movement. However, too sticky on indoor carpet surfaces and I have rolled both ankles.
From: Thomas, 2/14

Comments: These shoes are fantastic. I've been a long-time user of Prince shoes (most recently the Rebel 2), but my favorite lines are all discontinued now and I don't care for their current offerings. I tried the Rush Pros on a whim and wish I'd tried them sooner. They have a glove-like fit and are lighter but just as stable as the Rebel 2. Great traction and no ankle rolling. Also, some brands like Nike and Asics have too pointy of a toe box for my feet, but the Rush Pros are just right. Highly recommended!
From: Dan, 1/14

Comments: Wore these as part of the TW Wilson wear test and thought they were excellent. Durability is amazing, much better than any Court Ballistecs and almost as good as the Barricades and this shoe is far lighter. Comfortable, stable, with good grip I really liked these shoes. Only downsides are -- ventilation was only okay (I've worn much hotter shoes though) and the heel cushion was slightly too soft as I prefer a little firmer. Even so, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair of these Wilson shoes and they are by far the best all round shoe Wilson has released in years. With a 6 month wear warranty and the great durability you're gonna get 12 months of secure tennis out of your $120 which I think is excellent value. Great job Wilson!
From: Carl, 11/13

Comments: Fit was very good out of the box. I have a fairly wide forefoot and there is plenty of room. Soles have great grip. Found them very hot though -- not enough ventilation. I agree with the previous comment about the stinky odor. Haven't had this particular smell in other Wilson shoes. Overall, the shoe performs well.
From: Allen, 9/13

Comments: Great shoe, but I'm finding some serious stinky foot odour that I never had with the Barricade. Perhaps all of the plastic versus leather as part of its construct? Anyone else finding the same issue?
From: Jason, 8/13

Comments: I'm wearing these shoes right now and really like them. They are a comfortable shoe and seem to be very durable. This shoe offers more flexibility than the Barricades and is made much better than the Courtballistecs. Players who want a performance shoe, but tend to tear through shoes should check these out.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: My experience is completely different than that of the other reviewers. I have found these shoes to be terrible. My previous shoes were the Wilson Tour Vision II model, which has been discontinued. The fit of the Rush Pro is nothing like the Tour II, nor is the comfort. Sizing appears to be a half-size smaller than the Tour II, and there are pressure points in odd spots. Cushioning is much less than that of the Tour II, and my feet hurt after longer hitting sessions. (My feet even show some bruises, which has never happened before!) After a little more than a month of use, I am shopping for a new pair of shoes. To me, these shoes represent $120 flushed down the drain.
From: Greg, 7/13

Comments: I'm quite new to tennis shoes, but I have tried many other sports shoes including running shoes, hiking shoes, etc. Before I tried on these Wilson Rush Pro shoes, I tried on many of the newer brands that are out now, Nike, adidas, Babolat. I am a weekend tennis player and I thought the new Nike tennis shoes were too flat, like my running shoes, with the addidas Baracuda I could feel the pain on the heal and the eyelets were digging in. The Babolat shoes were too tight around the toes and too bulky and felt like rollerskate boots. The Wilson Rush Pros were great straight out of the box, no need to break these in and the support was enough to improve my game and my general movement. And they look cool as well, which is a bonus these days. A lot of the other tennis shoes can be a little too much in your face. I would recommend these to any tennis player pro or otherwise, as they really allow good movement and support and have just the right balance between speed and support, which so many tennis, running and training shoes seem to get wrong these days.
From: Paul, 5/13

Comments: Best shoe ever!
From: Dan, 5/13

Comments: Just got these and broke them in today. Nice and comfortable, great fit, and the support is nice. The Tour Ikon shoes killed my feet as soon as I put them one, these are plush, and great traction also. Way to go Wilson.
From: Hal, 4/13

Comments: I've had these shoes for about 4 weeks now and think they are excellent. Probably the best tennis shoes Wilson has ever made. The inner sleeve makes the shoe fit like a glove. Excellent support throughout (and I've been using various Adidas Barricades since 2004) and the mesh in the middle gives good ventilation. I got the neon green ones as I got tired of having the same shoe (Barricade) as everyone else on my tennis team. I felt the pinching that others mentioned but after wearing them for an hour, the shoes loosened up and felt perfect.
From: Jan, 4/13

Comments: There are several qualities to this shoe. Love the way they fit right out of the box, like a glove. The sole design is great and it is a very stable shoe. What sold me on it was the comfort when I first put them on and the extra arch support. I have been wearing the shoes for almost two months and they are still very comfy, although, the sole is starting to wear through. I play nearly 3 ours every day on pretty grippy hard courts in the desert. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone who takes their movement on the court seriously.
From: John, 3/13

Comments: Would be an amazing shoe if the midfoot was wider to match the wide and plush forefoot. Instead it pinches the midfoot and arches, just like Jason says in the TW review. Past Wilson shoes were often wide-foot friendly, this one is for those with more narrow feet. Bummer.
From: JT, 2/13

Comments: This shoe follows through on what Wilson is all about. Right of the box the shoe is extremely comfortable with stability on the court. It's very similar to the Tour Vision II. I would highly recommend it.
From: Matt, 1/13

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