Wilson Rush Pro White/Lime Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I have always worn Wilson shoes and was looking forward to this new design for me. I do not like the fit system in the front of the shoe and it does not have adequate cushioning on the top part of my ankle so then I developed a recurrent blister on the front of my foot that I have never had before. I can no longer return them and will just have to buy another shoe. Very disappointed.
From: Natalie, 1/15

Comments: Love them! They are easy on the feet and I play in them for both hard and clay courts. Very light, not heavy like many tennis shoes.
From: Joe Ann, 9/14

Comments: These shoes have pros and cons for me. They were a bit tight in the toe box and I believe that contributed (among other factors) to the development of bunions. I wanted the durability but maybe the material is a bit stiff and they are not so flexible. Not being able to return them, I tried stretching them out a bit and there is a small piece of leather on the top that I believe stretched enough to make them work for me. The pros are that I can move around the court well, and they are low to the ground. They probably will last a while and I don't think I will get my usual hole in the toe from dragging my foot. They are a little bit clownish looking, but not bad. I just wish they were less stiff and wider in the toe box like the last pair of Wilson shoes I purchased. I wear them every other time I play to give my feet a break so I had to dig up an old pair to not have to buy shoes again.
From: Anne, 5/14

Comments: Really wanted to love this shoe, it's such a nice looking shoe and lightweight. After wearing Prince T22s for 7 years, I ran into trouble not being able to find them here in Montreal, Quebec, and also wanted to try a more lightweight shoe. Unfortunately the Wilson Rush Pro just doesn't have the same cushioning and I've ended up with knee problems after just 3 weeks of wearing them. I've ordered a pair of T22s from Tennis Warehouse, and hope that my knees will heal quickly.
From: HM, 4/14

Comments: I had high hopes for these shoes as I identified somewhat with other reviews posted -- but these are going straight back as the material at the back is uncomfortable that even when I tried them on and took them for a "trial" steps on carpet they hurt the back of my ankle at that sensitive spot. They look good and the cushioning seems as if it might be nice, but this is not something I'd be willing to see if it would break in as it could cause injury or too much pain in the meantime. Went with the gray and white "regular" Rush instead.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: I have a high instep -- one foot more so than the other. I don't care for the compression effect of the built in sock in these shoes. Also, there is a bit too much toe room and this roominess, I think, is amplified by my high instep. This isn't a bad shoe, it mainly suffers from being compared to the discontinued Wilson Gran Tour (my most perfect shoe of all time). I really need to try shoes on in the store, but I like TW prices and convenience.
From: Gretchen, 12/13

Comments: Most comfortable shoe I have worn in years. Bought my regular size and they fit perfectly -- narrowish heel and plenty of room in the toe box. Not a lot of cushioning, but enough to be comfortable. Feels light and extremely stable moving around the court. Also they breathe well -- my feet don't get at hot as they did in the Tour Vision. Will stock up on these before Wilson "updates" them and messes them up.
From: L, 10/13

Comments: Wilson generally runs larger in sizes for me. Usually I'm a 7.5, but with Wilson have been a 7. That being said, the Rush Pro 7 were too big for me (even with adding insoles). For the first time my movement suffered because of the shoes and I've struggled with blisters and sore feet. I'll be trying a 6/6.5. These shoes have potential with the right fit.
From: A, 6/13

Comments: These shoes were comfortable until I started playing and moving on the court. The toe box, especially on the right shoe (for me) runs very small, so much so that I have no skin left on my pinky and fourth toes. After 2 hours of singles, I could barely walk. I have narrow feet, and my favorite shoe is the Nike Breathe Free 2. Wanted to like these, but have to donate them and find a better shoe for me. I'm an open level player.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: I've had these shoes for a week now and they are simply the best! Great support and cushioning. Very breathable. I also tried on the Wilson Rush, but found the Rush Pro is much more comfortable, and definitely worth the extra cost. I have been getting plenty of compliments on them also. Would highly recommend!
From: Cathy, 3/13

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