Wilson Rush Pro 2.0 Red/Black Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Good shoes. The comfort and cushioning are not up to par with Nike Vapors for example, but they're sort of like the Zoom Cage shoes in that they're not ultra heavy nor ultra light. Rush Pros are right in between with a nice balance of support, durability, and traction. I think they're better for people with wider feet and for those who don't need a lot of arch support. I have high arches but never had any problems with the support. I'm looking forward to trying the next Rush Pro iteration!
From: Brian, 11/16

Comments: Re-entered the court recently after a long layoff, after years of playing my old knees couldn't take tennis any more, now playing pickleball. Just ordered my 2nd pair of these Wilson's. They fit me great, good wear, good support, comfortable footbed. I started with the Asics Gel Resolution 5. Thought they were made poorly, could not keep the tongues from sliding to the side of my foot no matter what I tried, very uncomfortable footbed. Wore like iron (wished they'd worn out sooner). Tried the Prince Warrior, thought they were good shoes but just didn't fit my foot well. Too wide in the forefoot, kept jamming my toe in the front of the shoe. Tight laces and thorlo socks did not help.
From: Bill, 7/16

Comments: Love these shoes. I read about the poor arch support, but I've never had problems with the arch of my feet. Also, most upcoming shoes these days are taking away the loops for the strings, and they are actually pretty easy to create/apply one yourself (do this after the six month warranty expires, as not to violate the terms.) The biggest buying factor for these in my case is the amount of movement I can have with my ankle and Achilles area. I love to have shoes that won't jab these parts of my foot, as I love moving around and pushing off at angles from a split step.
From: Patrick, 5/16

Comments: Uncomfortable because of how the upper bent across the top of my foot when I would get up on the balls of my feet. Shame, they are nice looking shoes.
From: Tom, 5/16

Comments: This shoe caused so much pain in my feet. I do not recommend it for players that can and will move all over the court. It felt great when I tried it on. The design is sharp. But on court, the arch support is poor. The lack of tab/loop on the tongue (for laces) causes the tongue to slide down and bunch up (a constant adjustment). I developed ankle and heel pain because of the lack of support around the back of my foot.
From: FletcherJames, 10/15

Comments: Shoe fits well and is comfortable, but more difficult to put on due to the lack of tab on the tongue to prevent the tongue from sliding into the shoe.
From: Lin, 9/15

Comments: I had to send my shoes back after my first match. The right shoe's tongue slid down about a inch during playing. The left side was not as bad but also started this annoying behavior. At first, I found the fit and comfort enough to pull the trigger for a match play. Disappointing to say the least.
From: Highmountainrider, 8/15

Comments: Great shoe all around. There is one thing I felt worth mentioning. If you play in the hot sun, the shoes tend to get hot. They feel like they absorb the suns rays and it really makes your feet hot. I started with the Red/Black but will try another color since they are a perfect fit.
From: Tony, 3/15

Comments: Nice colors! But, the shoes are light, with not much arch support. Very thin tongue with minimal padding. I don't recommend these for court warriors.
From: Mike, 2/15

Comments: Here is my initial fit and feel: Fits like a glove with no break-in time. The Achilles collar and heel cup hold the heel in place very well with no slippage. Width of the forefoot was perfect for my foot (medium width). When laced, shoes feel very supportive and comfortable. The anchored tongue felt comfortable with the right level of cushion. Arch support was slightly less than desired. The sole of this new Rush Pro is very flexible and supportive. This is the biggest change from the previous model, which was a lot stiffer. The lower to the ground feel is very welcomed, but doesn't come at an expense of cushioning. After spending 8 hours on court, my feet felt less fatigued than I normally feel in Asics/Adidas shoes. This shoes has an improved ventilation system. There is some room for improvement here. Stability and lateral support is great. This is one of the strongest features of these shoes for me. Heel support is excellent. I wish there was a bit more arch support. This is the highest performing Wilson shoe I have ever tried. Huge improvement! Well done! The grip of this shoe is another excellent feature of this shoe. I don't slide around the court, like some of the players do these days and rely more on small explosive steps for acceleration and deceleration. I feel like I can take off and stop on the dime, while there is some sliding and slipping while performing same cuts in Asics. Very well done Wilson. This shoes has a more expensive look to it than previous Wilson models. I got the Red/Black version of the shoe. The black molding with graphite weave is a nice touch. The rear part of the upper (red) has the expensive look of shoes that sell at this price point.
From: Jimmy, 12/14

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