Wilson Ripspin 17 String Black Customer feedback

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Comments: This string made a huge difference in the performance of the Wilson Six.One 95S. I originally demoed the 6.1 95S, but hated it. I didn't notice any more spin and thought the racket lacked feel and power. It was strung with some generic hybrid setup from the racquet store (and probably strung at mid-tension near 54 lbs). A good friend of mine purchased the 6.1 95S and put in this Wilson Ripspin 17 at 45 lbs. What a difference. I did notice more spin and more power after just 10 minutes of hitting. Just the strings (and much lower tension) completely changed my thoughts on this new wilson string and the new wilson 95S racquet. I currently play with MSV co-focus hex (1.18mm) and have been using this string for about 3-4 years now. It's absolutely my favorite. The only down side is that the Wilson Ripspin strings ($150) are twice as much as my MSV strings ($75) for a reel. I do notice more power with the MSV. Like all other strings, I'm guessing (but cannot confirm) that you get slightly more power and spin with the 17 gauge strings, as compared to the 15/16 guage strings of the similar Ripspin series. I was very impressed that I may consider purchasing a set or two of the Ripspin 17 to put into my current racquets to get get a much better side-by-side comparison of the ripspin vs. MSV. My racquet is the 2012/13 Wilson Six.One team racquet (not the current white one).
From: Micheal, 2/14

Comments: I love this stuff!! Great string! My new favorite. Nice power and spin.
From: MP, 9/13

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