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Wilson 100 Year Pro Staff 95 Package (3/8) Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: Wow! What a beautiful racquet. I'm tempted not to even string it up so I won't damage the beautiful paint job. The bag is pretty nice too, although it will only hold two raccquets with the foam insert removed. Three nice interior pockets for smaller items, and maybe room for a small towel. Not sure if i'll use the bag, but it is pretty cool. Overall, is it worth the money? For me, yes, although I'm not on a tight budget so I can afford to splurge on some things. As for playing, next to the Six.One 95S, this is my favorite stick. Lacks the power from the Six.One but it just feels great, especially at the net.
From: dblsplayer, 7/14

Comments: I just got this racquet yesterday and oh my god, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever held. The cosmetics are amazing, the red is ridiculously shiny, and the black is very nice as well. The case is a little smaller than I expected and the protective foam casing is kind of useless, It's not very feasible trying to get the racquet back into it. The strings share the same wow factor that the racquet itself does, and the over grips are really comfortable. The Pro Staff 95 line happens to be my favorite so as for play-ability it's definitely some of the best around, especially if you're looking for a classic crisp feel. If you're someone who collects racquets or just want to have the coolest looking one on the court while still having amazing play-ability, this set is well worth the price.
From: Zach, 6/14

Comments: Our local pro shop got this one in yesterday and they allowed me to take it out for a spin. I was one of the first to review the BLX Pro Staff 95 a few years ago so I thought I should do this one as well. I'm not sure there is much to distinguish this one (the new Wilson Pro Staff 95) from the somewhat older BLX Pro Staff 95. There is by specification a little different swing weight (new is 308 and the old is 306). The new one is made from Graphite, Kevlar and Basalt and the older one is just the BLX. I was really hoping that this newer version would be an upgrade from the original 6.0 95 -- perhaps 11.9 oz rather than 12.2, 18 or 17.5mm in a straight beam pattern rather than the 19mm in the 6.0 along with the same string pattern. But there just isn't that much difference from the BLX Pro Staff 95 of a few years ago other than the aesthetics of paint. On the court, I couldn't tell any real difference. The weight felt the same, the stroke preparation and ball hitting capability didn't really feel different at all. The set up for both was 4 3/8 grip, string was Babolat RPM 17g with a Babolat dampener and 3 grams of lead tape at the 3 and 9pm locations (PWS bumps). It's a nice stick. It feels good in my hand. But, so does the BLX Pro Staff 95. Why pay $209 when you can still buy the older one for $129 (as of today anyway). If you've got unlimited funds and tennis is your only vice (which describes all of us on this site, right?) then you can certainly spend your money any way you see fit. For the rest of us that have the tennis addiction but need our money to go slightly further -- then just buy the older stick while it lasts. You might look slightly outdated but the stick will play the same. I'm still holding out hope that they bring out an updated version of the Pro Staff 6.0 95 racquet someday. Skill level: 4.5 Style of play: eastern forehand and one handed backhand.
From: David, 1/14

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