Wilson Pro Staff 95 BLX Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought this racquet 1 year ago and I'm just now posting feedback. I have read so many negative comments about this racquet which are not justified. Remember, Pro Staff racquets are low powered, control oriented and are designed for players who can create their own power. They are not designed for slow, powerless strokes for those who like a full bed of poly. I own the PS85, PS90 Blx. 2014 PS90, and this racquet. I have tried multiple hybrid setups in all my racquets but now use only gut. I only use this racquet when I'm playing weaker opponents because the sweet spot is slightly bigger than the PS85 and PS90, because I tend to take bigger cuts at slower balls. This is a good racquet when strung around 58 lbs. with gut.
From: William, 9/14

Comments: Best racquet ever! Loads of spin, control and maneuverability. The only thing that it lacks is power. Just restring it with a powerful string.
From: Zach, 9/14

Comments: After years of playing with the Pro Staff Tour 95 Hyper Carbon I thought I would get what I thought was the newest generation equivalent. Tried this racquet out for a few matches and was a bit dissapointed. It did not have the crispness as the hyper carbon, had less power, had a tiny bit more spin and therfore a bit more control. Overall, wasn't the worst racquet I've played with, just was expecting a better feel when I swung through the ball, instead I got a hollow twang feeling, not what I expect or want when hitting a Pro Staff.
From: Kevin, 8/14

Comments: Incredible raquet for a tennis player that has good technique and timing. I personaly like thin and heavy frames and play a bit with the string tension and lead tape that will give the final flavor. I have been playing with Wilson Pro Staff 100, but now I will be transitioning into the 95.
From: Pablo, 7/14

Comments: I just got this racquet today strung at 50 lbs with Wilson Extreme synthetic gut. It is a low powered frame with strings that would trampoline in other power racquets, so this seems to be the best combination. Slice is awesome. The weight balance feels very close to the Wilson 6.0 Pro Staff that I demoed for a week. I am keeping this one.
From: Nick, 6/14

Comments: I bought this about a year ago. Initially, I had it strung at 60 lbs with RPM Blast. Low power and no feel. Restrung it with Lux Big Banger at 48 lbs and it definitely improved the racquet. Relatively small sweetspot but if you hit it right, you get fantastic directional control. Still a bit low powered on serves and you definitely have to have a long swing to create enough power. Put some led tape on it at 3, 9 and 12 (a total of 9 grams). With all the adjustments I can say it now has decent power but I had a few iterations to get there. Although the frame is not that stiff (RA of 62) you get a lot of vibrations if you miss the sweetspot (next option would be to restring it with Kirschbaum Pro II which is softer than the Big Banger). I moved on since it gave me elbow and shoulder problems.
From: Alex, 6/14

Comments: I had this Prostaff 95 racquet for about 2 years now and finally decided to give my feedback. Enjoyed playing with it for about 1 year and 4 months before trying some other racquets because I felt that it was low powered and I tend to get bullied against heavy hitters when returning serves. After trying other racquets such as the Head IG Radical Pro and Yonex Ezone Ai98 (which I liked too), I decided to resurrect this Prostaff 95 by adding lead tape (total 9 grams, 3 grams each at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock). Tested this old-time favorite racquet of mine (5 hours of play so far) and was pleasantly shocked by how powerful and stable this weapon felt in my hands when serving, returning serves, rallying, etc., while not losing its qualities such as its touch, feel, accuracy, comfort, etc. It is strung with Topspin Cyber Twirl 17, tension at 53 lbs. Sure glad I experimented with adding lead tape. My racquet now weighs 346 grams or 12.2 oz. Fantastic racquet for those who like racquets that are less stiff. Buy it while in stock!
From: Vic, 4/14

Comments: This is an interesting racquet! I bought it without demoing it and I bought is based on specs and reviews, all of which combined to make it all the more interesting of a racquet. I strung it with hybrid Kirschbaum Pro line 17 and Gosen Micro 17g at 53 lbs. First of all, I read these reviews and heard of TW review that it is low powered. It is, but my current stick is the Vokyl Powerbridge 9 which according to TW University, my stick has lower power. However, when I hit with them both, the PS 95 seems to have less power. But it swings with more ease. I think this is due to the fact that it is more headlight than my PB9. That being said, both are maneuverable racquets, but PS 95 is a little more whippy (maneuverable) and feels lighter. Sweetspot is small, especially with new strings but opened up more as strings softened and loosened some. Tip of racquet is way low powered and sends bad negative vibrations on balls up at the tip. Serves lacked power, moreso than with PB9, but I could literally put them anywhere in the box I wanted. But serves really lacked power! Slice backhand was sweet. Spin was average. I like the racquet and will continue to play around with strings, tensions, and lead. My daughter plays with blade 98 and she can whip this around nicely due to low swing weight. If I dont like it I may give it to her and let her see how she plays with it. Maybe more racquet head speed will help her game!
From: CF, 4/14

Comments: My specs: Wilson sensation 17 string at 52-54 lbs. 3" strips of lead at 3 and 9 o'clock of racquet head. My stroke style: full, long, medium speed. My first impression about this racquet is how comfortable and flexy it is. With these specs I feel it's powerful enough and very stable. As for control, this is a very sharp and responsive racquet, that could be unforgiving in less experienced hands. This racquet is a pleasure for tennis elbow sufferers but demands full/sharp strokes from its bearer. Otherwise balls will lack spin and depth. This is my opinion based on my own specs and strokes style.
From: E.H., 4/14

Comments: When I first played with this racquet, I strung it at 60 lbs with Wilson Sensation. It turned out to be a mistake. I couldn't finish off points due to the low power of the racquet, and it was very unstable and uncomfortable when you don't hit the sweet spot. I have decided to restrung it with wilson NXT Tour (power) with 50 lbs, and I must tell you -- it's a different racquet! Very maneuverable, easy to swing ,comfortable, and finally, I can produce power.
From: Matthew, 4/14

Comments: This is by far the worst tennis racquet I have ever purchased . So under powered and it lacks stability. I noticed the lack of power from the first hit. My serve speed has drastically decreased. my groundstrokes are not as deep as they were before. I had customized it with lead at 3 and 9 and lowered the tension of the string to 54 lbs, still no change.
From: Feliciano, 3/14

Comments: I have had this racquet since the day I started playing tennis (i.e. for almost 18 months) and have enjoyed its dampened response as opposed to the stiff sticks out there. I'm just a casual club level player and now want to improve power and spin in my groundstrokes as well as serve which is difficult with the Pro Staff 95 BLX. I would like to play with similar swing weight (i.e. not more than 306).
From: Anant, 2/14

Comments: I find this racquet to be the perfect frame for a skilled player. This is why I find that the PS 95 BLX can be very deadly at times, but also a handful at other times when I'm not on my game. When I'm on, it is deadly precise and extremely stable both at the baseline and the net. It also allows you to serve with incredible precision. Unfortunately, I do find it be a very low-powered racquet. It does give me some problems when I'm pushed back and with high, deep balls as well. Also, the racquet head is a bit small and the sweet spot could be bigger. That being said, if you are sound fundamentally, I think this racquet can do it all. It is up to the player. I would also recommend stringing it at a lower tension to compensate for the power loss. I started at 55 lbs, then 50 lbs and settled at 48 lbs. It's truly an amazing frame when you're on your game. Demanding, but amazing. Strings: Babolat RPM Blast, 48 lbs.
From: Eric, 1/14

Comments: I play with the Six.One ProStaff 95 and it is a low powered flexy stick with good control. You can drive deep balls but they require a longer, fast, full swing. Very comfortable stick to play with, but requires effort and footwork to get the most out of it. Despite being a little weighty, it is very maneuverable. I slice very well with it and spin is no problem. The sweetspot is on the small size and there is no power in the upper hoop. The flat serve is heavy with good strokes and legs. The spin serve is pretty good; kick serve is difficult to hit consistently. Volleys were ok. This one benefits from a touch of lead at 9 and 3. I don't recommend 16g poly, I found 17g to be much better at mid tension or as a hybrid. I have had the best results with Wilson NXT at59 lbs.
From: Paul, 1/14

Comments: This racquet was designed and built perfectly. If you play good tennis, look no further.
From: Alejandro, 9/13

Comments: I have had this racquet for 2 months. I swithed from the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick because I wanted more control and consistency. The specs of the racquet seemed to be perfect and I thought I would add some lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock, but I tried without it first. I played a small tournament with the new racquet without practicing with it. I won the tournament, so here are my thoughts about the racquet. You have to hit with a full swing and put a lot of power into your shots. Placement is excellent, it is not so easy to over hit. Due to the open string pattern, the ball gets insane spin especially on slice. I didn't see much difference but my opponents did and they suffered with my backhand slice a lot. Now I am beating opponents I used to loose to. I think the miracle is the racquet head speed with the combination of the headlight balance. Disadvantage is a small sweet spot. But what power comes when you hit flat shot cross court! You have to concentrate on clean execution. This racquet makes you a better player. I recommend very soft strings for the mains and an arm friendly poly on crosses. My setup is 23/22lbs NXT tour/MSC co-focus. Amazing feel.
From: Martin, 7/13

Comments: I have had this racquet for about 6 months now, so I'm gonna do a little review for you guys. Picked up this racquet coming from a Head Microgel Radical MP, I loved the feel of the racquet so I had to get it. I started out playing with it and one thing I loved was the consistent power. There was not much risk of the ball flying off the court as the racquet is so low powered so the unforced errors out of the court were a bit lower for me. This racquet is very hard to use. You need to be very focused and sometimes can be very frustrating to play with. As much as the shots out of the court are minimized the shots into the net are maximized, sometimes you can over estimate the power of the racquet and expect it to just bounce off the frame but no, this racquet really does expect you to put every ounce of power into the ball, and sometimes this can be problomatic on slightly more touch shots. The smaller head size is also difficult to play with, which also creates a lot of errors. There are days when I feel like I am playing amazingly with this racquet and days when I feel like I am the worst player ever to step onto a court, my standard of play can change from amazing to terrible within one or two points with this racquet! Up until a point I was playing very well with the racquet but afterwards I had about 2 or 3 weeks break from tennis, came back and it was impossible to play with. I waited weeks and weeks but I just couldn't find a decent rhythm with it. So I decided to bring out my Head Microgel Radical MP and adjust my grip a little more semi western/western. The results were a lot better my shots were more consistent, I was playing better and everything just seemed easier again. I really want to love this racquet but I don't think it is for me. I may take it out and have another hit with one last time to see if I can re-gather some of that love I had with it before my short break from tennis but I feel like the lower power, inconsistent standard and small sweet spot really limit my capability as a player so I will probably go with a 4.5/10
From: Chris, 7/13

Comments: I love this racquet and the control when you take full swings is amazing! I switched from the Blade 98 18x20 which was also another good control frame but I wanted a racquet with more weight in the handle and not as much in the head. I am using Gosen poly and synthetic for my strings (I was using Luxilon but it was getting pricey and the Gosen was alot cheaper).
From: Jake, 7/13

Comments: I am currently looking for a slightly lighter frame than my Pro Staff 85. Hence I am trying out lots of racquets. Reading the specs and looking at the box frame I thought this would be the one. However I found it to be too light and it transfers an excessive amount of shock into your arm. It feels very much like a toy. Maybe you could add weight to it, but easier to move on to another frame for me.
From: John, 6/13

Comments: Originally, I strung this at a 56/59 lbs split with ALU Power in my mains and Sensation 17 in the crosses, but it was really lacking power. Dropped the tension 5 lbs and added some lead tape and now its perfect!
From: Evan, 5/13

Comments: I put a leather grip and an over grip with lead on the handle to bring it to 12.4 oz that feels like 10 oz in mobility because of its low swing weight. Only downside is the low power on serves (that's my best shot), but the great control and spin with the touch and mobility along with stability and comfort made me think before switching to another one.
From: Mu-zika, 4/13

Comments: Here is what works best for me with this model: strung it with poly at 24/23 kilos - finding out that this combination is well suited for all four seasons in my region. And, like all other commentators below, add about 10/12 grams of weight - 1 or 2 grams at the top of the head at 12 and 10 in the handle and the frame started to feel even lighter and I've never been happier with my game. Enjoy!
From: Vesko, 4/13

Comments: I upgraded to the Pro Staff 95 after using the Pro Open 100 and Pro Ltd 110 which were too powerful and I wanted more control. I demo'd the PS 95, PS100, Six.One 95 and Blade. I really liked the Six One 95 the best but the weight (12.2oz) was too much. The 11.5oz HL weight seemed perfect for me. I am happy with my choice - I get excellent control and maneuverability from it.
From: Jay, 3/13

Comments: I really wish they would come out with this model in an 18x20 string pattern with all the same specs. The 18x20 Six One 95 is just slightly too heavy for my taste. Since they discontinued the BLX Pro Tour, I've been trying to switch but im gonna pass on this unless they come out with the same model in an 18x20.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I got 2 of these at my club. The first one's specs was correct and the racquet felt a little flimsy in the head especially when hitting flat shots. The second one came in at 11.8 ounces and a much heavier swingweight. It seems to be around 340. I checked under the bumper guard and grommets as well as under the grip and inside the handle and they look to be identical. I love the second frame. It's so solid and plays like a mini K Pro Staff 88. I may have found frame of my dreams. Add some weight people, because this thing is meant for it.
From: Patrick, 2/13

Comments: An old school player's racquet built for the modern game of tennis. The second I started demo'ing this latest version of the Pro Staff 95, I immediately thought of the old 6.0 95 version of this racquet (one of my personal favorite racquets of all-time). This racquet has the classic controlled Pro Staff-like feel with some added modern-day vibration-dampening technology (Amplifeel). Me being a young/fit tennis enthusiast, I had to give this revamped classic a try! This version of the Pro Staff 95 plays solid from the baseline, despite the modern-day spinny players I run into from time to time. This racquet allows me to plow through any ball I choose with reasonable pace, spin, and great accuracy as long as I hit a well-timed long, fast stroke. The racquet is also solid at the net, particularly when I want to place a volley or put-away to a certain spot on the court with some authority. On serve, I found myself being able to hit and place flat, slice, or kick serves consistently where I wanted as long as I put in the effort when using a well timed relaxed serve motion. Lastly, this racquet is actually great for touch shots to due the level of control it brings to the court. I was able to execute lobs and drop shots almost at will with accuracy and consistency. Bottom line, I believe that the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95 is an excellent choice (or at least worth a demo) for a 4.0+ level player with a long yet fast stroke style who likes to play from all areas of the court. They will enjoy the consistency and accuracy of this stick more than any other attribute as long as they are relatively fit as well as patient when they choose to be aggressive. Those are just a few reasons why this is now my new stick of choice!
From: Shane, 1/13
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line X 1.25 @ 52 lbs

Comments: I agree with a lot of previous reviewers and players, I need to get this racquet restrung with my own strings at a lower tension (48 lbs) to find more power and pop. The demo I had was strung at a higher tension which lowered its potential power (given its lower weight and thinner beam). I personally loved the old original ProStaff 6.0 95 racquets from the 1980s. With more flex and light weight, I need to play around with adding lead tape. I added 6gr along the 12 o'clock which help with increasing the swingweight and stability. I'm still debating whether or not to purchase it. I'm currently playing the Wilson BLX 6.1 Team racquet which I really like (once I add weight to my own personal weight, SW and balance liking). Personally, I would like to see Wilson tweak this racquet for 2014. (1) release a copy-cat model of the original 6.0 95 or (2) slightly tweak this version with a slightly thicker beam (say 19-20mm) to add a little bit more stability and power, and increase the stiffness from 62RA up to 64RA for increased stability (especially when hitting the ball higher in the stringbed). I also would swap out the stock buttcap with the Wilson non-6.1 buttcap. It's rounded and slightly bigger than the buttcap on the Tour 90 and ProStaff 95. I find the rounded buttcap on the ProStaff 100 and the Team racquet a lot more comfortable, but that's just a personal opinion. If you know what you're doing, I personally like the overall lighter weight because it does allow you to customize it by adding lead tape to bring the racquet up to your preferred weight, swingweight and balance, etc. The paint is also very glossy. Most likely, you'll have a lot of trouble getting lead tape to stick to the frame and stay put during play. The red and gold paint is very glossy. I had to take some fine sandpaper and rub the sandpaper along the frame to take off the gloss (which screws up the nice look of your frame). If you add lead tape in the 12 o'clock, you should remove the bumper guard and then add your lead tape there between the frame and bumper guard (the way Federer and Priority One do it on his frames). I also added about 12gr of lead tape under the grip - that's fine. I know glossy frames look shiny and new, but like the others, I still prefer the matte finish paint jobs. Maybe the gloss enamel helps reduce chipping, scrapes and scratches, I don't know. I play with the BLX 6.1 Team and didn't have the same issue with my leadtape and the frame, but I did have trouble getting leadtape to stay on the BLX ProStaff 95 and 100 models (along the red/black/yellow paint parts).
From: Michael, 1/13

Comments: This is a fantastic all-around racquet. It's great on forehands and backhands, and has a great amount of spin with the 16x19 string pattern. It has great feel and maneuverability at the net and feels solid on volleys. The only down side with this racquet is that it is not as solid with slice backhands as a racquet with a 18x20 string pattern. I would give this stick a 9 out of 10. Great racquet!
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: The paint chips easy as it is very glossy. However, that's not a bad problem when you consider it's the only one I found. The frame itself is light enough to do, and basically any mods you want to bring the swingweight and balance to where you like. I found it had a pretty good deal of power which seems to be contrary to what everyone is saying. It's a great frame, and I have been waiting for a stick like the Tour 90 with the sharp edges for some time and here it is. It does not disappoint, this is a must demo. I will certainly be stocking up on a few more.
From: Brad, 10/12
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation mains / Luxilon ALU Power crosses @ 52 lbs

Comments: I like this racquet. It gives good power, control, and good feeling as long as you get Wilson NXT and string it at 48 lbs. I have tried it at 42, 45, 48, 55 lbs.
From: Jin, 10/12

Comments: Dare I say that I could never have made a mistake buying this racquet. It suits me so well. I played my first match with it today and I simply crushed the opponent. I play at University level (probably NTRP 4.0 or 4.5). I have strung my racquet with RPM Blast at 57 lbs which seems to be working great. My serves have improved a lot (hit 6 aces in a set today) and forehand groundstrokes are so great! Above all, the racquet makes a sweet sound when hitting the ball which feels great as well! Thanks to TW team and their fantastic videos for helping me choose this racquet!
From: Shashwat, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 57lbs

Comments: I love this racquet. It suits me well. I have no pain playing with this frame. I strung it with WeissCannon Turbotwist 23/22 kg and it's perfect for me. Switching from a more powerful racquet you see how low-powered it is. But, after adjusting in 2 months I forgot about it and with that tension it has a lot of power. Tons of power to finishing the action everywhere you want. It has very good spin and control, but what is most important is the feel. Mine is 337g with string, overgrip and dampener, with a 32 cm balance and 311 SW. It's stable enough, and it has a really comfortable sweetspot in a 95 sq. inch head. In my opinion injures are not the racquet's problem. It's bad technique. Especially when you try completely different frames. I had a TE but when I changed my serve technique it disappeared a few months ago.
From: Willi, 10/12
String type and tension: WeissCannon TurboTwist 1.18 @ 51/49 lbs

Comments: I agree with Tim (below). I started with the PS 100 and did well with that stick, so I figured I'd advance to the PS 95. Upon using the PS 95 for a brief period, however, I developed bad wrist and forearm soreness. I tried a gel grip and softer strings, and still could not overcome the harsh effects of this racquet. I was really disappointed. I switched back to the PS 100 with a Shock Shield grip and NXT 16 Max strings at 58 pounds and have been painless since.
From: Andrew, 10/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Max 16g @ 58lbs

Comments: This is a good racquet. Most of my friends tried it, but they did not like it. I like this racquet because it's low powered and it is better suited for my game since I generate my own power. The only problem I had with this racquet was that when I bought 2, both felt so different. You can actually feel the change in swingweight and overall weight. Now I have to get it customized at a local tennis shop so they're both the same. But besides that problem, this racquet will help your game improve and help better control your shots.
From: A.M., 9/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow and Babolat Revenge @ 55 lbs

Comments: Great combination of spin potential and precise power. Plays best with a little extra lead at 12. It feels comfortable at first, but over time I developed discomfort in my hand from using the PS 6.1 95, even when stringing it with gut mains and a soft multi cross. I believe it may have something to do with the new Ampli-Feel technology. Wilson has inserted metal bars, or "shanks", in the grip which are visible when you remove the butt cap. While they may increase feel in my case they caused significant hand pain with extended use forcing me to move on to a new frame.
From: Tim, 8/12

Comments: Great racquet. I really liked the small headsize, the control and feel that I didn't get from my old Babolat. It does have low power, which means that I have to string my racquets at 50 pounds, while my old Babolat was at 60.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: This is a good racquet from Wilson. However, it must be strung with a multi or a very soft poly for it to be usable. I first strung this up with Lux Savage at 58lb, after that 55lbs and lastly 52lbs. The racquet was low powered and the off center hits were extremely jarring. The overhead is hard to control too. I also developed elbow and shoulder issues. I was ready to give this racquet up until I set it up with a multi (Pacific Powercraft, 55lbs) and the Shock Shield replacement grip. The result is amazing! It turned into a very comfortable racquet. I suspect the stringbed plays a majority of the role here because the gel in the grip is quite worn out already but the racquet still feels great. I migrated from a customized Ncode Ntour 95 and ProKennex Black Ace93. The BLX PS6.1 95 swings lighter, has better control and feel. The power is very good, especially on the sweetspot. The one thing I dislike is that it is one of the crappiest racquet head bumper guard designs ever! So narrow that the racquet scratches easily and so thin that sand easily gets inside but easily comes off as well because it is easy to peel open.
From: Loo, 8/12

Comments: Personally, this has been may favorite racquet so far. I've been playing tennis for 2 and a half years now and have a 4.0 level. I'm currently 14 years old and have developed a giant passion and love for tennis. In my opinion, the way you swing the racquet has nothing to do with what kind of racquet you have unless you have one that weighs 10x more than what you can swing with. This racquet has great control and spin. I never really get tired of using it so I have no idea what people are talking about when they say that they get tired when swinging or that it doesn't cut the air fast enough. But if I were you, don't take my opinion for it. Just demo the darn racquet!
From: Michael, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough @ 55 lbs

Comments: Just an amazing racquet!!! I've just switched to this racquet after a year of using the Six.One Tour and I must say the improvement was big. Since the Six.One is very heavy in comparision to this racquet, I felt my forehand acceleration improved a lot, allowing me to hit more winners from the baseline and in my approaches to the net. My serve got a lot more spin and power and my backhand slice is going deep into the baseline at a very low height. However, the racquet seems to be very low powered at the moment. I'm hitting my two handed backhand so I'll have to make some changes in order to raise the ball. I must say if you are the type of player like me who loves to hit the backhand with a lot of topspin, this would be the racquet for you.
From: Alfonso, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage Black 16L @ 55 lbs

Comments: I was one of the first people to demo this model in the very early months of 2012 since my coach had the models coming in early for his customers to try out. A Pro Staff version of the Six.One 95 had been on my mind for a while, so I was very excited to try out this stick. It was initially quite lighter than my standard racquets, which are around the 12 ounce range, so I had a bit of a adjustment period to the lighter frame, which I thought would be a benefit to obtain more racquet head speed for my game. After trying on and off it for about 4 months, I'd have to say I'd have pass on this one. There are some amazing benefits to it for me however. There is a very unique feel from a small sweet spot, inside the actual sweet spot (if you can get what I'm saying) that was absolutely incredible, it occurred most on overheads and serves. It had a endless pocket and amazing power to it when I found it, which was one of the most unique aspects of any racquet I've played with. The racquet itself was very whippy and spin friendly, and I found a lot of racquet head speed when I was going for big shots. However, I did find that it lacked stability from the baseline and most notably: Plow. With a swingweight of 306, it was very maneuverable, but this came at a heavy price; I could not crush balls from the baseline at all, and if I tried, I would be rewarded to a very unstable shot. At net, it performed better for me, I found it to have much more stability at net than from the baseline and easy precision. Serves were pinpoint accurate, but again, I couldn't really get my big flat serves out of it, although for kick and slice it was amazing (really whippy again!). I really enjoyed this playtest, and even though I didn't quite feel like adding a whole ounce of lead tape to this racquet, I really enjoyed playing with it. If Wilson could make a Tour version of this racquet with 12.3 strung weight, a option between a 18x20 and a 16x19 and a swingweight of about 330, then I'd be ecstatic! Good initial job though!
From: Michael, 8/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum P2 Red, 52 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've jsut started playing tennis last April 2012 and my first racquet was the Wilson KSlam K Hybrid with Babolat PHT 17 strung at 58 lbs. I was very good on my top spin shots and the ball really curves down the way I want it, and my playing mates all comment on my good rate of progress I attained and how fast I learned. My only problem is my serve is crap and so are my flat shots. Then came this racquet around July and I personally picked it for my self as a gift. I chose this over the 90 because I think I'm way too inexperienced to play with an advanced racquet, and I was right. For the first week this racquet stayed in my bag and I've done nothing since the first time I used it, as it was way too heavy (my old racquet is 9.5 oz compared to this 11.5 oz) and the headlight balance doesn't seem to fit my fast, hard swing style stroke using a semi western grip. Then the event happened when my PHT strings went dead and I was forced to play with this racquet and adjust to its game. AND THE WOW HAPPENED! For almost 3 games of adjustments I think I found out how this racquet works. IT'S INCREDIBLE!! I can hit ACES with my serve (and I learned the proper technique of serve with this racquet), my flats are improving, and I can still hit that top spin ball curving shot that I'm used to. I now have adjusted to the stiffness of the frame, the heavy and light head balance and everything seemed working, THIS REALLY DEVELOPED MY GAME!!! and I've not installed any lead tapes yet. Bottom line, WANT IMPROVEMENT?? GET THIS!!! I rate this 9/10 only for the low powered downside but hey, I'm control oriented so its fine!
From: Pasitimus, 8/12
String type and tension: Wilson Stamina Spin 16g @ 55 lbs

Comments: I'm updating my previos comment (5/12), and I have to say that this racquet is wonderful. You just have to get used to the low power, and if Wilson added 0.3 oz to it it could be my choice for the next 10 years. It's just close to perfect, but tell Wilson make a new 11.8 oz one.
From: M.Z., 7/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Pow

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