Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: From the first 10 minutes of hitting, I could tell I wouldn't like this racquet. The strings interacted with the frame in a funny way and the head felt floppy, less plow through. My slices and volleys became floaters and the amplifeel dampened the feel with the ball (it was supposed to filter the feel, not completely numb it). I switched back to the BLX Six One.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: A racquet of almost perfection. The feel is incredible, the racquet flows with your movement so you can hit a fantastic shot. It is not the most powerful racquet I have used, but the control and spin makes up for it. Who needs power to hit winners when you can hit crazy side-spin drop shots and wicked topspin shots to win points instead? Love the paint job as well, the gold/white/red combination is so exquisite! Legendary racquet.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I am a a long time user of the K90 16x18. I am a 5.0 player and when I was given the chance to demo this racquet, after about 15 minutes of hitting I finally gave up on it because it does not compare with its "ancestors."
From: Thomas, 4/13

Comments: Everyone should be advised that Federer has lead tape added between 11:00 and 1:00, or 10:00 and 2:00, depending on variations of individual frames, to these racquets. I did this to the frame I demoed recently, and found it superb. I had previously tried the last version, and found it too dead, but this new model has enough of the feel of the old 85, with a bit more surface area and power, to make it right on the money for a classic style player who likes a heavier weapon with maximum control. I play Volkl PB 10 mids now, with lead in the heads, and they are similar. If my Volkls wear out, I'll replace them with this new Wilson. Love it!
From: Rob, 3/13

Comments: This racquet is a disappointment in comparison to its predecessors. While its overall weight is similar to the BLX 6.1 Tour, it is more head light and offers a less solid feel. Yes, it is more forgiving and easier to weld, but it does not give you the combination of power, precision and feel that the older versions did - in particular the Pro Staff 6.0 85. I might be wrong, but my guess is that Wilson has opted to 'popularise' its Federer racquet for commercial reasons. But in appealing to a broader range of players, something is inevitably lost. If the Pro Staff 85 feels like a sports car, the current Pro Staff drives like a family sedan. I am an advanced player, hitting middle age, and have played with Pro Staffs for over 20 years.
From: David, 3/13

Comments: I am a new 4.0. Playing at this new level, I found myself often being over-powered by seasoned 4.0's, mostly by heavy shots causing my forced errors. I used to do this to others at the 3.5 level. I have never played with a racquet more than 11.5oz, so i decided to try this 12.6 oz one. I found the results interesting. While I lose my offensive power somewhat, others do not over-power me anymore. This is a very good defensive racquet, especially when dealing with heavy shots.
From: Sean, 3/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and a long time Redondo Mid user, but I was flirting with the K90 for a while on and off with love/hate feelings toward it. My shoulder couldn't handle the weight and after hitting with it for a set or two, I had to lay it down for the much softer Redondo. Then the Wilson BLX came around and there where claims that it is a bit softer, but still pretty close to the K90. So, I tried it and it was a bit better. Now, instead of 1 or 2 sets, I can play for 1 to 2 days. I started hitting the gym a bit more frequently and paying a lot of attention to the back of my shoulders (reverse flyes in particular) to strengthen my arms and when I started playing with the BLX I realized that my shoulder problems were completely gone! After that, I was able to play exclusively with it, and haven't used the Redondo for a year. Last summer, I finally got a demo from TW of the PS90 and even though I think it was strung with full poly and in the mid 50s, it was as comfortable as what I string my racquets up at (a poly at 48 pounds and a multi in the crosses at 55 pounds). I added 2 grams at 3 & 9 (like my BLX has) to have them even and it felt extremely comfortable and still very powerful with great control. Basically a copy of the BLX, but with a touch more comfort. I also felt the plowthrough was a bit easier. I have bought my own PS90 and it is being strung as this is typed. My first impression and a more thorough comparison will come in the future.
From: Fedja, 2/13

Comments: I have had this racquet for a year and have mixed feelings about it. For the flat hitter (like me), favors the flat style (little wrist movement, flat swing path). The heavy weight of the racquet residing almost completely in the handle discourages any kind of wrist involvement in the stroke. The plowthrough is incredible and you get unbelievable pace on shots. I also found this racquet very easy to hit accurately. On the bad side, this racquet is incredibly hard to maneuver. With all the weight in the handle, you have to prep early if the incoming ball has good pace. This also makes net play very difficult. I find myself frequently hitting "late" due to the time it takes to prep a stroke. The serve is also difficult. The lack of maneuverability of the racquet makes the wrist snap difficult. On serves, I also developed some elbow pain trying to get the racquet moving fast enough to encourage a natural whipping pronation. If you have very strong forearms and excellent timing, then this racquet could work for you. Otherwise, pass this racquet up. There's a reason that Roger Federer is only player on the tour using a racquet with specs like this.
From: Rick, 2/13
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut mains / Babolat RPM Blast crosses @ 52/48 lbs

Comments: I am K90 user currently. Previously I played with the Pure Drive Roddick GT and then switched to the K90, and I was so impressed by the spin, control, and plow through and instantly it just became my companion till these days. I got to have a chance to try the BLX PS 90 and I noticed that TW gave such high scores on this and some stated it is similar to K90. My first hit with this racquet I realized it is completely different from my K90. It's not a horrible racquet but it lacks plow through and power campare to K90, so I put lead tape on. It still did not have enough plow through and I was really disappointed with this racquet. TW scored the higher power and spin than K90 but in my opinion it's not even close to the K90. You really have to create the power your own, especially the backhand side which was horrible. If you are big fan of the K90 and since it is discontinued you might be looking for similar racquets, but this is not your choice. I think the Volkl PB 10 mid or Head IG Prestige mid are your choices.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I demo'ed this for several hours for a few days. Going from the BLX 6.1 Team was a big change (smaller head size and much more weight). I add lead tape to my Team racquet, but the Tour 90 was still a jump up of about 30 grams. Being 42 yrs old and a 3.5-4.0 player, I would never purchase it because the Tour 90 is designed for a better and younger player than me. It was strung with some Luxilon strings (not sure which), but I agree with a lot of the others in that I would string mine up near 48 lbs to get more pop. I did put 6gr of lead tape across the 12 o'clock to increase power and raise the sweetspot a little bit in the string bed. Overall, I like the racquet because the weight and headsize forces you to concentrate on your stroke and technique and timing. Like a lot of other players and reviewers out there, I really hope Wilson releases a similar racquet (straight box 21-22mm beam, strung 340gr, strung 9pts HL) version of the original ProStaff 6.0 95.
From: Michael, 1/13
String type and tension: MSV Co Focus Hex @ 52 lbs

Comments: The demo I tried before release (thanks TW) was amazing! The retail stick...no way! Wilson has the weight of these racquets coming in all over the map. That and the fact that the weight is slightly more than the previous BLX and K90, yet the swing weight is less? Why? Give us back the K90 with a touch of butter, and please no Amplifeel gimmicks and metal rods in the foam of the handle to compensate for racquets coming in way under weight. 12.5 oz strung, 333-335 swing weight, no gimmicks! I added lead to the stick to get it back to spec, but it still came around too fast. The swingweight was just too low given the weight of the racquet.
From: Michael, 1/13

Comments: Great stick, but I had to modify the grip a little bit with sanding paper. The grip size is L3 but it feels slightly bigger than other L3 grips from other brands. But hey, every racquet I have has some customization. Furthermore, I love the weight and control.
From: Ton, 1/13
String type: Signum Pro Hyperion 1.18mm

Comments: This is a fantastic racquet for a 4.0 or up player. As a player with a lot of power, I wanted a heavier and more controllable racquet than my former Aero Storm GT. My father has an old Pro Kennex Copper Ace and the head size is about 85 sq. inches, and after hitting with that for a month, I demo'ed this and 2 other racquets and fell in love. The control and strength I am able to distribute with this racquet is unreal. It is worth the top dollar price. It is also very stylish because of its classic look. However, if you frame a lot and you're using a head size of 95 sq. inches or higher, don't even breathe next to the racquet, as it will most likely be frustrating playing with this racquet due to the small head size.
From: Lucas, 12/12

Comments: I like how the racquet plays with a few tweaks here and there. Personally, after adding a few weight strips on the head, I felt even better control, especially on aggressive slice shots. In my opinion, nothing compares to the 6.0 85. Overall, this is a fine product for the open player!
From: Bane, 12/12

Comments: The quality control on these frames is rubbish. The weight and balance is all over the board. I tried 3 and they were all miles apart.
From: Christo, 12/12

Comments: I agree with V.N. on his earlier posting about the butt cap. The same thing happened to me recently and I had just shipped back the racquet back to TW last Saturday. I bought a PS90 in Jan, loved it, as it was easier to swing without losing much of the great feeling of the K90. So I ordered a second one from TW in April. But the swingweight was way off so I had to return it for an exchange. The TW technical staff tested and verified it was indeed out of range of error and gladly shipped me a new one in early May. This time the new one felt about the same as my first one. I was happy, but not for long because at some point in the summer I started to feel that the end portion of the handle was loose and moving during play. To my surprise, I discovered the butt cap was almost falling off when I was changing the overgrip Last week. Three of the four staples have failed to hold the butt cap to the handle. This shipment of Wilson racquets definitely have quality control issue. I am waiting for words from TW.
From: Mike, 11/12

Comments: Unfortunately the butt cap of this racquet of mine was removed or taken off during my game. It made me sad experiencing this. I hope Wilson will reply to me and explain it. I have been using all of Federer's racquet and upgrade everytime he changes his racquet. This is the first time I've encountered this problem.
From: V.N., 11/12
String type: Wilson Champion's Choice

Comments: Wilson 90" head size racquets have been the only reason that stops me from switching to MP racquets. The feel, precision and plowthough are irreplaceable. I disliked the BLX version for its cosmetics and "buffered feel". I stayed on with US K90 for quite sometime but it was getting heavier and too demanding over the years along with my inevitable aging. Thank you Wilson for launching this BLX PS version that put all things together in a user-friendly way. The improvement on SBH is evident in terms of faster swing, more ball-bite and spin. I did try the 95" version but it was something very different and surprisingly less powerful. If you like K90, keep it for practice/training and use this new version for matches! Enjoy!
From: J.T., 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic+ mains / Feel crosses @ 54/52 lbs

Comments: I confirm the assessment that Nik placed on 10/12. This is the perfect racquet for a 1-handed backhand. It has improved my topspin and flat backhand immensely due to the slightly lighter swingweight when compared to the k90 and to the previous BLX. It cuts through the air quicker than those. I'm able to prepare way faster. What we lose in plowthrough we gain in ease of use and increased racquet head speed. The touch and feel are outstanding, especially for dropshots and volleys. This racquet is a benchmark.
From: Daniel, 11/12
String type and tension: Wilson Natural Gut 16g @ 48 lbs

Comments: My favorite Wilson Tour so far. It doesn't feel quite as sweet as the 85 and doesn't plow through the ball like nCode and kFactor, but it blends well the fast feel of the ProStaff 85 with more stability and larger real estate of its 90 sq" offspring. This leaves room to add some lead (I have ~2.5g total a bit above 9 and 3). As with other wTours a soft main like natural gut or multifillament with poly crosses really brings out the best of out of this frame.
From: Anton, 10/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 mains / Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power crosses @ 55/52 lbs

Comments: I initially didn't like these frames and got rid of them after a month. I went back to my trusty k90's. A year later I purchased them again and stayed with them and now I love them. This is the perfect racquet for a 1-handed backhand. It has improved my topspin and flat backhand immensely due to the slightly lighter swingweight when compared to the k90. It cuts through the air a bit quicker than the k90. I'm able to prepare way faster. It's basically a more user friendly k90. Not as much plow through but close enough. What you lose in plow through you gain in ease of use and increased racquet head speed. Compared to most other frames on the market it's still got a huge advantage in the plow through department. I couldn't be happier.
From: Nik, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut mains / Luxilon Big Banger crosses 48.5/44 lbs

Comments: I love the pace, spin and accuracy this racquet produces. Heavy shots are easily re-directed due to the mass. Volleys and serves are improved with the added weight. (Coming from a Babolat Aeropro Cortex) My single handed backhand is more powerful and accurate. I think this racquet is a tad bit stiffer than what I would like, but my elbow seems to be adjusting to it. This racquet definitely makes me concentrate more on my shots and I seem to be playing better because of this.
From: Don, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17g mains / Babolat XCel 17g crosses @ 51/53 lbs

Comments: I'm a big fan of Federer. I've played with this racquet for 4 months now and after the first 2 months it was fine. I had a little wrist and hand pain and it would usually go away after a day. But day by day the pain got worse close to the 3rd month. It wasn't only me, but other players had this hand pain too. The new Amplifeel technology feel is too much for me. But, it's still an amazing racquet from Wilson. I loved it so much, I just don't want wrist pain.
From: Shane, 10/12

Comments: I came from a Prestige Pro and I love this racquet! When you hit it smack on the sweet spot, you get a forgiving feel with clean power and nice spin. The only problem you may have is when you try to hit really hard. When you try to pound the ball, especially on a first serve, you might pull your shoulder because of all the weight.
From: Mikel, 10/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power @ 50lbs

Comments: I must note that the Tour 90 family has always made the best of my strings. My usual setup seems to remain crisp and lively for longer then when strung in my Dunlop 4Ds. Also, anyone who throws a backhand slice or two into their rallies will tell you that this stick is an absolute joy for doing just that. Personally, I miss the weight that accompanied the K Factor version, but I've come to appreciate the added maneuverability in this BLXPS update.
From: Alec, 10/12

Comments: I got this racquet 3 months ago and it's still alive. It produces a lot of spin and control. If you also prep your forehand long enough you can hit it with a ton of pace. It's a great slicing racquet and feels amazing at the net. I fount myself making volleys that I never pulled off before (half-volley). I have a play style that likes to hit low over the net and this racquet totally supports my style. The backhand is sick with this thing though. I have a two-handed backhand and this is my best shot. Like my forehand, it's nice and low but with more pace. I found myself able to hit a topspin backhand with the same power as a flat backhand. I usually play against a guy who has low topspin strokes too and found myself not having much trouble getting his low bouncing balls back. When serving, this thing gives you power and control. The weight isn't too much to worry about if your 12 years+ of age. I would recommend this to a person who likes to hit heavy topspin balls low over the net.
From: John, 9/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power 16L @ 55lbs

Comments: I was a bit skeptical due to the weight, but I went ahead and tried one anyway. I used a full bed of multifilament @ 54lbs. Right away, my 1-handed backhand was much better, along with my volleys, serves and overhead. However, my forehand seemed to have gone fishing or something! I strung it with hybrids, with the poly in the mains and multi in the crosses for the second stringing, and my forehand was much better. I switched from a Wilson K Blade 98 since I felt it could not handle the power of heavy hitters and I was right. The weight of this racquet is quite useful when dealing with heavy hitters. I agree with the rest of the reviewers that the racquet makes you follow proper technique. It's definitely worth a demo if not anything.
From: BK, 9/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Spiky Shark mains @ 54lbs / Gamma LiveWire XP crosses @ 52lbs

Comments: Having played tennis for 25+ years and demo'ed/used over 250+ racquets, I would say this is the best of all tennis racquets in the current market. That is why the greatest player of all time uses it. I have used all Pro Staff 90 versions and this is the best. If you want to play your best tennis or improve your game, play with this racquet and you will be happy with yourself.
From: Saravan, 9/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Natural Gut 16g mains @ 53 lbs / Luxilon ALU Power Rough crosses @ 50 lbs

Comments: This is a great racquet. You must be willing to hit the gym to play with this stick though, and if you don't it will become heavy after 2 sets of play. I am 5'10" and 152 LBS, and this racquet has allowed me to really plow through the ball while hitting with solid spin. I have a one-Handed backhand, and the stability of this frame is exceptional. A++
From: Dennis, 9/12

Comments: Great racquet. My favorite of all the Wilson's ever! Fantastic control in all areas of the court. I string it at 52 pounds on the mains and 53 on the crosses using hybrid strings. Spin, power and control. Super excellent for talented, average to professional players.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: I had the PST 90, couldn't quite handle it but loved the appearance. I skipped the entire Ncode technology. I loved the KF 90 at first hit. It had a small sweet spot though but the best thus far. I tried the KF 88, and wow! Ka- pow! Nothing compares to it in the plow through department and its brute serving prowess (but nailing the tiny sweet spot at 70% accuracy for me, is too much to ask. I am simply not good enough for such a great stick). I skipped the BLX. And now, the BLX PST 90, wow! It is essentially the same with KF 90 except I can't substantiate how it felt to be much more powerful compared to my beloved KF 90. Serving accuracy with scalpel-like precision is just like KF 90 but noticeably more powerful. The feel is dampened. The slice is even better than the KF 90. Volleys are also better. The overall package just had been tweaked to the next level. Hard to say if it is the best ever but it definitely topped its previous iterations.
From: Kevin, 8/12

Comments: In terms of aerodynamics this racquet is like a bus. It does not cut the air and that makes it feel slow. Besides that, it feels heavy after the first 45 minutes, but it has a very nice feel when striking it right, with great power, plow through and directional control. It felt very good on slices and spin considering the head size. Not my choice however because of the poor aerodynamics and weight.
From: Alberto, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power @ 48/46 lbs

Comments: I've been a avid follower of the Six.One 90 for many years, starting as a 13 year old junior and continuing till now, and I've used this stick on and off through development of my game. This newest edition brings back the crisper, sharper feel from the K Factor version with a more subtle BLX damping, resulting in the best feel I've ever had from the Six.One 90 without need for dampeners. I felt like this edition of the racquet was faster and lighter feeling than previous versions of the racquet, which really allowed me to get even more whip and pocketing through the sweet spot, which I really enjoyed. The lower swingweight did effect how the plow felt, but it was still evident with the heavy, 12.5 ounce weight simply crushing the ball at impact. The amount of power, stability, plow and comfort were still dynamite, just like previous versions, but I found there was a easier access to spin and maneuverability that really benefited the attributes of this racquet, and a larger sweet spot, which resulted in more forgiveness. Still best used in the hands of a stronger, more precise player, but I found this edition really opened up the spec to a wider audience, with the lower swingweight really making the racquet feel lighter and faster, I was actually surprised by how light it initially felt. For strings, I felt it needed crisper strings for the best effect, soft co-polys and really plush synthetics really made the racquet feel mushy and muted. I'm used to the 90 square inch headsize, having played with mid sticks since I was 10, but for tournament play, I had to go with the classic 95 for that added forgiveness. Still, I decided to buy one in the future, and perhaps even make the full switch when my technique gets even better! Great job Wilson!
From: Yang, 8/12
String type and tension: Solinco Vanquish, 52 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Amazing racquet loaded with control. Ball pocketing is precise and generating racquet head for topspin is easy. I find that I can vary my shots with this racquet, switching between high-arching topspin or flatter shots with ease. Many people say it has a low power rating, but I don't find it a problem. You just have to relax your entire arm, accelerate really quickly, contact in front, and extend your follow through (watch Roger). But you need to be disciplined with this racquet. You need to be set for all your shots and follow the ball with your eyes closely to ensure contact with the sweet spot. The feel is livelier than the BLX SixOne Tour, but without the unwanted vibrations in the K factor version. Overall an incredible racquet if you know how to use it.
From: Indra, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 57/55 lbs

Comments: Great stick if you have the stamina for it. I played my first set of doubles and there is nothing like it. I hit heavy serves and deep volleys, and had pinpoint accuracy on ground strokes. By the end of the 2nd set though, my arm was getting tired and the weight of the racquet just got too much. I love the shots that I can make with the PS90, but will try a lighter, smaller frame like the HEAD Prestige Mid.
From: D.H., 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage @ 55 lbs

Comments: It's nice. It feels more like 11.5oz but stable like a 12+oz racquet. As long as you make decent contact, spin is very easy as well. The control is an A+ and power is decent. Very nice.
From: Courtney, 8/12
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone @ 55 lbs

Comments: This racquet has completely blown me away. After trying out the BLX, my playing climbed to another level. To be honest, I was unsure of what to expect, because I prefer balanced, light racquets, but after trying the BLX Pro Staff 90, this is my new favorite. I am a heavy hitter, eastern forehand, and a continental one hand backhand, and this definitely improved it greatly. I recommend it for anyone that needs to improve on their serves, but most importantly, I recommend it if you lack control.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: I'm a big fan of Wilson 90 sq. inch racquets and this one is really crisp on shots and the swingweight is the big factor why I bought this one. No dampener and did not change the leather grips this time because I want to feel the bevels, unlike in my previous Wilsons. Excellent!!
From: Oliver, 8/12
String type and tension: Wilson Natural Gut 17g mains @ 55 lbs / Babolat RPM Blast 17g @ 53 lbs

Comments: This Pro Staff is quite the lovely racquet. Ever since I changed my backhand into a one hander and I changed into an eastern forehand grip my previous Aeropro Drive Cortex Racquet just didn't suit my game play style anymore. I changed from a topspin abuser and topspin lobber to an attacking hard hitting flat shot player. The stability and control this racquet offers is amazing, however you have to do your part in making this racquet and yourself amazing. My forehand and backhand have become more solid and penetrating and serves are more accurate and controlled with just enough spin, power, and speed. Results like these is something that I expected from a racquet that Roger Federer uses. Just like other user's comments of this racquet, it forces you to perfect your form or else your usual lucky shank shots that might go in land out. In my opinion, this racquet requires a more offensive play style instead of a defensive. You can't wait for the opponent you go against make an error, but you make the winning shot or make them force an error. If you can generate your own power, then this perfect is right for you. Its quite the solid racquet so a vibration dampener isn't really necessary but just put one if your having arm problems. I strung this racquet with RPM Blast in order to give me the same topspin that I had with my Aeropro and if I want to topspin abuse time to time. It is a little costly but its worth it.
From: Stephen, 7/12

Comments: I demo'ed this racquet several times and was very impressed with it's pinpoint accuracy and solid frame. It's like an extension of your mind and eyes that can generate lazer shots but it does not ever forgive even the smallest of errors. Everything should be good in order to work this racquet and I wouldn't recommend it for most club players (including me). I hope one day I could get to play at this level though, as I'm sure it would be fun.
From: Ken, 7/12

Comments: Just like everyone else has said, this racquet is all about control. I'm a relative newbie and have had people keep trying to tell me that this racquet is too advanced for a 3.0. This is nonsense. I've played a bunch of racquets lately and nothing else I've hit with is as rewarding as the PS 6.1 90. It is definitely not the most forgiving stick, but when you hit it in the sweet spot it does precisely what you tell it to do. It's stable, it's decently maneuverable at net and the weight gives it a lot of plow. You don't need to kill it to get a good shot. The only problem is that $199 is too dear for me. Keeping an eye out for a lightly used one.
From: Eric, 7/12

Comments: This racquet is simply amazing. First time I hit with hit, I was not impressed, as it felt "bouncy" like a trampoline, with little to no control. After 20 minutes, I stuck it back in by bag and continued on playing with my Dunlops (Biomimetic 300). A month later, the strings on both my racquets broke, and I finished playing with this racquet. After 30 minutes, I started getting used to the feel and everything started going in. I thought I should give the racquet another chance. I changed the strings as recommended on this site (Wilson Champion's @ 55lbs )and oh my gosh... what a miracle! Every praise for this racquet on this site is absolutely true. The one hand backhand is amazing, the volleys are solid, the serves go where you want, pinpoint. I would argue the racquet is actually very forgiving (as long as you are not late) because of its weight. If you merely swing in the right direction, even the shanks drop in. The returns are incredible too, and it is an excellent, excellent defense racquet. I found the string pattern to give me more "bite" on the ball, as opposed to denser stringing where I feel the ball is "sliding". It allows me to play with the various spins. This racquet is pretty much for every level, as long as you keep your eyes on the ball and keep your feet moving, it will catapult your game up. I bought a second one and it is now my racquet of choice.
From: J.P., 7/12
String type and tension: Wilson Champion's Choice @ 55 lbs

Comments: This stick is definitely different from all previous Pro Staff versions. It swings heavier and head heavier, quite a deviation from the previous head-light balanced feeling. It generates a ton more spin on kick serve and great for a precise and aggressive game play. It's pretty much catered for Roger at this stage of his career. However, the downside is a less than desirable defensive game. Still adjusting to the stick, I basically need to rewire all the defensive topspin cross court forehands to aggressive cross courts or short angled forehands. Just like FedEx's game plan in 2012 Wimbledon final against Murray. And I was wondering why Federer would take so much risk and the kinda weird down the line forehand re-direct. Now I have tried this racquet, I understand why he was doing that. It's basically a trade off of the defense for offense.
From: Peter, 7/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough @ 45 lbs

Comments: This is the best raquet ever made! The weight is perfect, the headsize seems little but its perfect...all is perfect! Wilson has improved the touch with the amplifeel technology and it's perfect for the players that have his own power looking for control and stability. And the cosmetics are just killer, the best cosmetics in the market. Very recommended raquet.
From: Alejandro, 7/12
String type: Head Sonic Pro 17g mains / Wilson Sensation 17g crosses

Comments: I bought this racquet after playing one year with a BLX 90. It is so different. The weight and swingweight are differents to the BLX model. The PS 90 is more maneuverable than the last model. I think that if you have a traditional forehand you will prefer the BLX (old), but if you have a modern forehand with spin, you certainly like the PS. My BLX has 373 grams (with overgrip) and the PS 90 has 355 grams (with overgrip). The swingweight is 343 to BLX and 321 to PS 90. The stability of these two models are pretty good. The feel is enhanced in the PS, but I think it's not because of the AmpliFeel, but because the composite and directions of graphite layers. The power is so good, and the sweetspot is excelent. It has a blended of qualities with 90 and 95 SQ inches in a control frame. It is my racquet of choice and I already bought another.
From: Rogerio, 6/12
String type and tension: Weiss Cannon Scorpion @ 55 lbs

Comments: Don't listen to those who say "This is only for advanced players". I am just starting my 11 year old son in tennis and I started him with a 85 inch head, just like I had when I was young. We have both tried the PS BLX 90 and it's perfection, you can place your shots wherever you like, BUT you must learn the fundamentals.
From: Michael, 6/12
String type and tension: Poly mains/Gut crosses @ 45 lbs

Comments: This racquet is phenominal if you like to take the ball early, spend alot of time at the net, or demand pinpoint control over all else. It offers more feel than the BLX90 and has a more uniform flex than the K90 with equal feel. Do your sprints and don't be lazy like me and this racquet will reward you with satisfying winners.
From: Jason, 6/12
String type and tension: Tourna BHBR 52lbs. Last 2 mains and last 2 crosses 60lbs.
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I read reviews on this site suggesting that the latest model of this BLX 6.1 tour racquet (white/red) had a different/lighter swing. I believe, based on the published numbers and my experience side-by-side with the previous BLX (Black/Red) and this new model, that the swing/weight/balance is the same. What appears to be materially different is the feel. I replaced the grip and you can see the composite bands in the grip. I prefer the newer racquet as it is not as dull feeling but that extra feel appears to be the only change I can detect. All in all a better feel and since I've always liked the smaller head size this racquet works perfectly for me as it demands that I use good form and gives good feedback. It was enough of a difference to invest in a couple of the new models. Based on my string wear pattern, I typically hit in the sweet spot the majority of the time and I notice the occasional frame shots occur at the top and bottom of the racquet where the dimensions are the same to most every other racquet (as opposed to the sides). In effect the smaller head size isn't that big of a deal. The smaller head size accentuates the string feel and tension (good or bad). Since the head is relatively small, appropriate loose tension is essential to any sort of power. Once you get the tension right, you don't need to swing hard - its all in the timing. Control with a looser tension is not an issue. Those used to large racquet heads with less demanding weights may not appreciate this racquet. I like the hybrid Luxilon ALU/Babolat VS Gut combination in this racquet but have also used Signum Pro Hyperion or similar straight up at around 50-52 lbs.
From: Bill, 6/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU-Power mains 52lbs, Babolat VS Gut crosses 55lbs
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have found this racquet to work best as a tennis instructor. If you already have sound footwork and strokes, this stick will provide the feedback you need to stop you from getting lazy. Most of today's frames are forgiving and allow you to have assets that you really don't have, but are simply provided to you by the racquet. Of course most people will argue that they do in fact have these skills. But when you hand them a racquet that makes them create their own pace and doesn't permit them to be late and out of position, the truth is revealed. Most sticks allow you to be late, off balance, jammed up, slow your serve stroke down, take your eyes completely off the ball, and still play solid tennis. This racquet provides direct feedback and gives you exactly what you put into it. When your footwork sucks, you are not rewarded. When your serve stroke is slow and lazy, you are not rewarded. You can't block a serve back and have it go over the net at 65 mph like it does with most Babolats. So the real question for people considering this racquet is "do I want to improve my game, or do I need a racquet that makes me play better than I am". Most will choose the latter, but then their faults will be exposed when they play someone who can see those things in your game and blow holes in your tennis ship.
From: Richard, 6/12

Comments: I use to be a fan of 100 sq. inch racquets that were a little lighter and could let you generate the max amount of spin. The Aero Pro and the Roddick were a great stick for me because at college level tennis you have to go for more winners than normal, and those types made it deadly. This one though was amazing for me. I have the strength for power now, and the control and feel this gave me was superb. I recommend this for people who have mastered fundamentals and have exceptionally good footwork.
From: Royce, 5/12

Comments: Love this racquet! The racket has very good spin a litte more that the k-six one 90 and power is pretty easy to generate with good timing and acceleration. Two handers give this stick a try! It is not just for a one handed backhand!
From: David, 5/12

Comments: General comment on the 6.1 90, not specific to the latest version. I started playing tennis 3 years ago, and K-90 was my very first racket. This racket demands correct technique, and that made me learn tennis with correct technique. I don't buy the argument that this is for 5.0+, but yes, you can not hit the ball just anyway you want, like the way you can do with larger head size rackets. You hit it correctly, the racket will reward you with deep, penetrating shots, which can be generated with ease (using the weight of the racket, and not from the arm power). For volleys, this demand careful execution, but if you hit it, it destroys the opponent. I can feel the difference in the quality of the shots, coming against me, when an opponent has this racket. It always felt heavier and more powerful. Only, thing I felt negative about this racket is, it doesn't help you while you are on the run and defending, and want to get the ball back somehow, with a somehow shot. This racket demands each shot to be a proper shot. Whenever I considered switching the racquet to a larger head size, I eventually came back to this, because I was missing the touch, feel and the confidence in attack which this racket gave to me.
From: Arun, 5/12
String type and tension:Solinco Tourbite, 54lbs
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I was never a believer that a racquet could improve a person's game so much until I tried this. Consistency and shot placement are amazing! The weight of this racquet creates great plow through, while it is balanced headlight just enough to keep it maneuverable as long as you are preparing your shots decently early. I will have to say though, it can be a workout playing with this racquet. It takes some strength to make it through a long match (but maybe I'm just a bit weak in the arm). Good form and early preparation are required here, but don't let that scare you away. These are things you should be working on anyways. As far as 90in heads go, this is the only one that has ever tolerated my sometimes not so great form or last minute preparation. I used to think these 90 square inch racquets were for 4.5+, but I think its friendly enough to try earlier than that
From: Robert, 5/12
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut 17

Comments: I would recommend this racquet for anyone with great fundamentals. This stick handles a one-handed backhand better than any other racquet out there. Any good player with an eastern forehand and a one-handed backhand will love it. It might not be as good for a player with a heavy topspin forehand and a two-handed backhand due to its small head size but you definitely have to demo it to find that out.
From: Stefan, 4/12
String type and tension: Luxilon M2 Pro

Comments: The swing weight is great! So much easier to move around than the previous versions. Could use more feel like the old K-90 though.. Thank you Wilson!
From: Sammy, 4/12

Comments: I have played with this racquet for about 3 months now, but I had to switch back to my old BLX 90. The "feel" is quite excellent overall, compared to the old BLX. However, I had great difficulty controlling my groundstrokes, especially my forehand. It definitely swings faster than the old 90s, KFactor and BLX, and I could not compensate for this by going to stiffer or tighter strings or adding lead tape to the grip or the head or the throat. Overall, this is probably a great stick for someone who has never played with the 90, since it feels lighter and easier to swing. But for a devoted Federer 90 fan like myself, this stick did not work.
From: Pedro, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS gut in mains/Luxilon Alu Rough in the crosses at 55 and 53 lbs

Comments: Love the racket, easy to swing, great great solid feel, easy topspin, control, excellent serves, sharp volleys, a warm up is almost unnecessary. It feels fantastic. If you are used to big, stiff, lightweight frames you will enjoy the easy control, spin and power after adjusting to the weight. It actually helps you become a better player. You still have to move your feet!
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Love this stick. After playing with my beloved K90 and now in my mid-30s, the lower swing weight and some modifications has brought back the spin and maneuverability. I lost slowly over the years. Feel like my game has been revived again. Hopefully newer models come out with a swingweight no lower than 320g in future.
From: DawggKu, 4/12

Comments: I know. I know. This stick is very demanding. This racket is for 5.0 and above, and blah, blah, blah. But, believe me: this racket is simply AMAZING. This is the easiest 90 inches of the Tour versions ever made by Wilson. It combines the benefits of the K Factor with the feeling of the BLS version. Stability, plow through, spin, control: the racket has it all i said. It allowed me to be very agressive in all areas of the court. With it, I won two tournaments in a row recently. Love it. Love it. Love it!!!!!!
From: Leandro, 4/12

Comments: I have this BLX Pro Staff 90 for a month now. It definitely feels softer and swings faster than K90. I have played with K90 for 4 years and still love it. I bought one BLX90 a year ago but rarely used it because it lacks the feeling of the K90 although it has more power. Now I love this pro staff version even more. That it is easier to swing than K90 became very obvious to me during a recent early morning hitting when the air was still a little chilly. I can't explain, but I guess this has something to do with the swing weight under that condition. I plan to get a couple more.
From: MJ, 4/12

Comments: The mass of this racket in terms of quality control varies considerably from one unit to the next. If you happen to get one on the heavier end of the spectrum, you better be ready to either hit the gym or switch models. This is not a toy and younger players thinking of purchasing this stick because of Roger should stop while they're ahead. This is a demanding racket physically and technique wise. Most pro's don't even use 90 square inches. To reap the benefits of this stick means that you need to work out routinely or be just plain "big" in general. Anyone who's under 6 feet on average needs to compensate with stronger arms and very good strokes. The shocking thing is that this is probably one of the heaviest sticks on the market right now but in professional standards, it is considered medium as there are many players that lead over 360+ grams. Not trying to discourage anyone by any means from trying this racket, but don't expect it to be an easy task if you're below 5.0.
From: Alex Clayton, 4/12

Comments: Well, I can backup what most others have said about this racquet. Not as much plow through as past models. Coming from the K90 which many consider the best of the tour 90 frames, this thing is like a feather! Ok, well maybe not a feather but the swing weight feels much lighter and the ball just doesn't penetrate through the court as much. Much easier on the arm though, if that's what your looking for.
From: Jeb, 3/12

Comments: I was using Pure Drives for almost 3 years, and I got tired to the lack of control, and losing matches for this reason. Then I saw the BLX version of the Prostaff 90 on sale, and as a RF Fan, I went for it and I love it!!!. I got the new one like a month ago, and I must say its a very maneuverable stick. It took me like 3 months to get used to the weight and the dynamic, but theres no way back. It helped me to improve all my shots. Now im controlling really hard topspin and flat shots, serve and volleys this thing is a hammer. You need a long full swing, but thats kinda the point of training, improve everyday, and this racket is the perfect weapon for that!! Just Loving it!
From: Oscar, 3/12

Comments: I have the previous version of this racquet the Wilson Six.One Tour BLX and considered moving to this new version based on the raving reviews here. But I was very disappointed by this new version. The old one had more power and the ball travelled with a lot of weight. The new one has a lot less power and I had to put in a great deal of effort to hit with power. Also I felt it lacks the maneuverability that the old one had. I had more control, power and maneuverability with the old version than the new one. Want to return this now and buy the old version again.
From: Faraaz, 3/12

Comments: Demoed this racquet a week ago, I've already put in an order for 2, very solid racquet, especially on groundstrokes when playing heavy topspin players, surprisingly powerful on serve, particularly spin serves.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Fantastic. Great when you are in the groove. Very solid contact from all areas of the court. Great topspin, slice, flat, volleys, overheads, serves, returns, ridiculously great in every dimension. This allows you to be defensive and offensive with less effort. You still need to have good foot work but the fun is knowing you have the competitive advantage with this racquet. It may take a few hours to get used to having so much control and power. The racquet can do so much of the work for you. You will especially love serving with this one. I did not like the last two versions. This one is much easier to hit with, more fun, faster swing speed.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Heavy as hell!!! But the racket gives you ultra control over the ball. Volley, you will be unbeatable!
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: One word - AMAZING - if you are a K90 fan that would like to have the K90 a bit more user friendly without lose the feeling and stability you're on the right place. This racquet does everything very well, so you need to be in shape to arrive with good footwork in all ball, but you will be reward with a ball with tons of spin and weight. Do a favor for yourself, buy it and will be very very happy. A lot of feedback here telling that this is something between K90 and BLX90 are so right, this is a perfect racquet.
From: Juliano, 3/12

Comments: I just demo-ed this racket few weeks ago and switched from Price immediately. All I would say about this recket 'this is next generation racket' when in right hands can do all the magic. Headsize is bit small compared to others which often my make shots to mishit, however, one would gets used to it after few days. I can certainly see big improvement in my serves.
From: Imran, 3/12

Comments: Like the previous models, this is a player's stick meaning that there is minimal forgiveness to miss hits, a demanding static weight for racquet stability, and last but not least, an endurance challenge for those seeking to play long matches. This racquet in the right hands has the potential to hit every type of shot with effectiveness and pinpoint execution. Although heavier than it's 95 counterparts, it is easier to move around at the net for punching, penetrating volleys. You really have to be in great shape and possess great technique to reap the benefits of this racquet. Don't purchase it out of false bravado. I would really only recommend this to 5.0 + players.
From: Mike Lee, 3/12

Comments: I wanted the six one tour 90 a couple of years but at the store told me that this bike was very heavy and demanding. When I saw this year I thought about buying it because instead of BLX 90 I was using the six one 95 16x18 BLX. I have the Six One 90 BLX Prostaff a couple of days, and the shots that I thought they would stick on the frame are now ultra precise and controlled shots, volley drops as if nothing, better one-handed backhand. Finally, do not be afraid of the racket by what they are told they have to try it just to know it.
From: Carlos, 3/12

Comments: This racket got both of the K-Factor and BLX version of the 90 that Federer use. This racket got much more feel than I expected from a BLX brought back some memories of the K-Factor, but much more stable like the BLX after playing with all 3 version of the racket, this one is best so far by feel/stability. This racket got slightly a bit more pop than BLX version of it. The control and precision is supreme. Only thing is bad about this racket is the Paint Job, looks weird, the BLX version looks much better, but I can get over it. I notice the pace on my shots have increased more while I still get the same amount of control/shot making. This racket totally good choice.
From: John, 2/12
String type: Babolat RPM and Prince Beast Poly
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I was happy when Wilson launched the Wilson Pro Staff 88, since I grew up learning tennis with the original Pro Staff 85. The PS88 is great but has a little sweet spot. I wanted to try the new Pro Staff Six.One 90 based on the Six.One and BLX attributes. The first thing I noticed is the balance, simply amazing. The racket is on the heavy side, but with its balance you don't really notice it. Second, the control is impeccable, the ball will go where you want it go. Third, this racket is scaled (in size) correctly, not too big not too small. This is not a racket that generates power, you will need to supply that. Overall, I give this racket 9/10. Unfortunately, the strings on the demo broke after 30 minutes (came with Wilson NXT). I will demo this racket again to test my serve. If it performs as I think it will, this will be my next racket.
From: GXC, 2/12

Comments: Amazing. Great way to improve your tennis with this racquet. Solid from any and all areas of the court. It may take some adjustment but all worth the effort. Most people make excuses for lousy footwork/fundamentals and buy new stuff. This racquet is simply astonishing when the user has some skill. With strong fundamentals you will play better with this one. You will have more fun hitting balls with control, spin and power.
From: Anon, 2/12
String type and tension: VS gut 56lbs
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is an impressive update of previous blx 6.1 tour 90 frame and I have to agree with other guys that this is a different racket and not a paint job. The feel is different and of course better than BLX. After almost two hours of hitting with it, I realized that I was getting more power, more precision and was feeling maximum stability. It is a high level frame that I recommended if you want more feel and more control. For sure with the combination of luxilon and babolat xcel at low tensions I had a fantastic 2 hours practice with it. Left the court very impressed.
From: Stefanos, 2/12

Comments: Not a fan of this latest iteration. Was using the K90 and tried the BLX when it came out and didn't like it. Too muted and not enough feel. Tried this new frame and I actually liked the BLX better. K90 still the best by far. This stick is not solid, has even less feel, has no plow through, and plays at least in my hands like a spinny control frame. I even tried adding weight at 3 and 9, and still didn't like the plow through. With the K90 in my hands it feels like a weapon, this frame feels like a toy.
From: Nik, 2/12

Comments: This is an impressive update of previous BLX 6.1 tour 90 frame and I have to agree with other guys that this is a different racket and not a paint job. The feel is different and of course better than BLX. After almost two hours of hitting with it, I realized that I was getting more power, more precision and was feeling maximum stability. It is a high level frame recommended if you want more feel and more control. For sure with the combination of Luxilon and Babolat xcel at low tensions I had a fantastic 2 hours practice with it. Left the court very impressed.
From: Stefanos, 2/12

Comments: Just got this beauty, and I absolutely love it, combining the best of the K-factor and BLX models. It is not just another a paint-job, it is a must buy!
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: This racquet is simply amazing. After just one hour of hitting with it, I made the switch from my Aeropro drive GT. It has great control, and power (if you generate it on your own) and the spin was surprisingly good. Even though it is a heavy racquet on paper, the swing weight is not that great and doesn't hurt your arms after playing with it. I have tried the K-factor version of this model and at that time that racquet was simply too heavy, but this new version doesn't feel like a rock in your hands and is very maneuverable. Not regretting making the switch. One word of caution though, the 90 headsize makes it tough to get the best out of your game so I recommend it to only players 5.0+.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: I have got total of 47 rackets. Few years ago i switched to wilson. I think this is one of the best rackets i have ever played with next to original prestige 93. This racket is all about feel. You need to work for the shots. If you bear with it, it will pay dividends :) Make sure you buy more than one.
From: Saeid, 2/12

Comments: This racket is definitely an offspring of K-factor 90 and previous model BLX. More stiff than K-90 and lighter feel than BLX.
From: Lukey, 2/12

Comments: I have the last 3 models using the same string and tension, and this racket plays totally different than previous models. The feel is great, the pop is amazing. Wilson took the best of the k90 and the BLX 90 - you will love this stick, I notice better power and control.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: This is probably the best version of this racquet to date and those who have always played with this frame will be very happy it. I, however feel that it plays like a very old frame that has been continually rehashed over and over again (not that there is anything wrong with that). There are many more modern and refined racquets in the market than this one.
From: Tom, 1/12

Comments: I bought the first one in town. Compared to the prior BLX the "feel" is much improved. Compared to the 90 K-Factor there is the probably more feel and more control and stability. One thing, however, it appears to swing lighter and faster. So I will probably have to either add some weight to the head or hit my forehand with more of an extreme grip. My first day out today, and I am very impressed!
From: Pedro, 1/12

Comments: Just received this racquet and was a little surprised. I currently play with stock BLX tour 90's and am used to their weight and balance. This racquet arrived strung in the box at 343 grams.....much, much lighter than my tour 90's which are both around spec of 359. (I'll give you a little under 2grams for my thin string) Swing weight is 323 compared to close to 340 on older models. Had no ploughthrough and got knocked around by hard serves until added lots of lead tape and now it feels fine.....Wish they would have little better QC. Or at least include a couple of packs of lead tape with the racquet.
From: Bob, 1/12

Comments: I owe Wilson an apology. When I first saw this frame and the specs my immediate thought and comment was that it's the same frame with a new paint job. But I was wrong. This new frame does swing a little lighter and does not feel as muted or as soft as the BLX 6.1. For my game this racket is very nice. The control is tremendous and it plays bigger then it's 90 inch head.
From: David, 1/12

Comments: This racket totally rocks! It feels like the k six one tour and blx six one tour combined. I felt proud that I bought this racket!
From: Albert, 1/12

Comments: I absolutely love the feel and control of the Wilson Prostaff Blx 90. The performance of the serve and volley is much better than the original blx tour 90 that I have. It has the same amount of control and feel, close to the Wilson K factor tour 90. For that I am very impressed with this racquet. Wilson has done a good job adding in the Ample feel which allows me to feel the ball and connect to the string bed of the racquet. Play this racquet on a hard court for about 2 hours or more with my friend. If you want to work on the volley and improve your technique. I recommend to anyone from intermediate to advanced to give this racquet a go. This racquet will make you work for it on the court. If you are consistent, this racquet will reward you in some of your game.
From: Mike, 1/12

Comments: Unsure about the feedback from Anon about the Amplifeel rods. The rods are not accessed within the trap door of the butt cap but mounted flush with the handle. It's impossible for this to come apart as the grip would hold it to the handle if it failed. I have removed the leather grip in favor of the K grip. Racquet play closer to the older K Tour; love the control!
From: Anthony, 1/12
String type and tension: Wilson Champions Choice, 57 lbs
Headsize: 90 sq im
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Got the demo this week and played 3 sets of tough doubles today. My shoulder survived with my surprise since I haven't played with such a stick since the n code tour 90. Considering the non-poly, not-so-nice strings this demo came with, I found this racket to be very solid as it did much of the work for me. Way better than the previous BLX model, and yes it somehow feels to be more maneuverable. Still getting a rhythm on the serve, but all other strokes came quite easily after about 30 mins of warming up.
From: Joe, 1/12

Comments: Currently doing a demo of this racket from TW. I've been playing with BLX Six One Tour and improving my game quite considerably. So wanted to try the new one. For me, this racquet felt like the BLX Six One Tour except the paint. This has exactly the spec as the Pro Staff Six One 90 as well. But various sites including Wilson.com and TW says different balance and TW official reviewer says the sweet spot is larger and racket is more maneuverable. For me, the new one felt like the BLX Six One Tour except the paint.Is this a marketing technique by Wilson? If both rackets weigh the same unstrung, how can the new one strung weight differ by an ounce? Watch the strung weight for both the older and the new, you will see this difference on many of the sites. BTW, TW folks are the best for any tennis gears.
From: San 1/12

Comments: I use the BLX Federer 90 tour, and I demo'd the new prostaff BLX, I love the way it feels. It is a bit more lively coming of the strings than the older version. Very smooth, controlled racket. I recommend it very highly and plan on buying a few very soon. Great for the more advanced player.
From: Dana, 1/12
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Love love love love this racket! Have never been a huge fan until now since switching to a one handed backhand a couple years ago. Tried this frame out as a hitter for a while and am contemplating making the switch. Ample feel on every shot as well as allowing crazy slice. serving is a dream as long as you're providing some power. Racket plows through the ball effortlessly. Couldn't ask for a better update. Also, love the new cosmetics!
From: Luke, 1/12
String type and tension: spincycle/sensation control, 55lbs
NTRP Rating:5.0

Comments: Had this demo since November 2012. After an extensive demo 3 weeks 4 hours a day, the racket made some rattling noise. Source of sound was from the handle. Opened the trap door, there seems to be a rod size of 1/4" dia x 1.4" long. Apparently it became unglued from the injection. Took the rod out, the racket played like a dream, albeit a bit lighter. Three weeks later, the handle broke off. Went to the pro shop, got a replacement demo. Same thing started to happen. Took out the rod. Finger crossed, the handle has not yet broken. Hope it was a quality control issue and not synonymous with this particular model. Greater feel, greater maneuverability and power than Blx 90.
From: Anon, 1/12

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