Wilson Pro Staff 100L BLX Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: Not worthy of the Pro Staff heritage. Bad feel, no control, definitely not recommended for 4.5+.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: After purchasing one of these I immediately went back and ordered another after practicing with it. This stick is amazing! I strung it with Luxilon Savage at 54 pounds and it's a beast. I can hit out fully on the ball with lots of power and spin an it dips into the court. Also the control and placement is right on point. If your looking for a precise, powerful, and maneuverable stick you won't be disappointed with this.
From: Brayden, 5/14

Comments: Wow, Wilson Prostaff BLX 100L, it's just too great for me. I've used it for 3 months -- some people use lead tapes, but I don't -- I'm enjoying this very light stick plowing through the baseline with spin and power. I'm just an unseeded player from the Philippines.
From: Earl, 5/14

Comments: I purchased this racquet after playing with a Head YouTek Speed Lite for 3 years. I found that racquet to be so light in fact that it lacked punch or drive when I was at the baseline (great for net play though). I wanted something that was still light but that would allow me to plow through ground strokes and especially maintain speed coming from my opponent. TW recommended this racquet and I love it! I'm a 3.5 (4.0 on a great day) lefty, 5'2" with a two-handed backhand. I picked this racquet also because I played for years (in the late 90s) with a ProStaff. I have to say, this racquet is fantastic. Allows me to plow through, gives me excellent spin and allows for a lot of pop on my service. It takes some getting used to for sure, and sometimes my forehands are erratic (they probably are regardless of the racquet!) and hard to control, but I think that will come with time. I highly recommend this for an intermediate player with a medium-fast swing speed who doesn't want a hefty racquet. Also, I paired it with Wilson NTX Power 17 strings and found them to be a great match.
From: Laura, 3/14

Comments: Been using this racquet for 7 months plus and I'm still digging it. I have added some lead strips at 3 and 9 o'clock, and a leather grip to increase pop and stability. Stringing it with Champions Choice, gut in the mains, ALU for the crosses. Really a fabulous setup for this racquet (gotta use string savers to increase longevity). Good power, control, feel are all there.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Love this racquet! Light but with low power.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: A good racquet -- light weight and very versatile. Although I preferr more weight and thus added a few ounces using lead strips. The light frame gives massive spin on groundstrokes and on serves. At the net it has alot of feel and makes it easy for me to execute decent drop shots and also really knife my slices. After coming from the much heavier Wilson K Factor Six.One 95, I can say this was a worthwhile switch and it looks darn cool!
From: Dane, 1/14

Comments: Love this frame. Low power, great control -- I thought it would be too light and unstable, but no issues at all. Playing better than ever with it.
From: Josh, 11/13

Comments: I commented on this frame about a year ago and I am still playing with it. As I mentioned in my original review, this racquet needs a bit of weight. I added exactly one ounce and my strung frame weighs 11.7 ounces and has a 334 swing weight. It's still a bit headlight. Adding weight under the leather grip, in the throat and at 3 and 9 o'clock works for me. I also have weight added in things like a Gamma vibration dampener and one of those Wilson elastic bands that covers the grip tape. Overall, the quality of the frame is just OK. I'm careful with my racquet and yet paint seems to be chipped off in some odd places. The grommet strip is too short in two of the holes. The white frame is not my favorite color and I wonder if anyone could put a pro PJ on it. Black would be preferable to white. Heck, even dark green or grey would be better. This racquet can be a players frame in the right hands. I suggest you figure out your ideal swing weight and ask Tennis Warehouse to modify it for you if you are uneasy about adding weight. I had them match my second frame to the exact specification as my first (favorite) frame. Oddly, I still prefer one frame to the other. If you are planning on buying two, I suggest you ask TW to try to find two with the same RA stiffness.
From: Anon, 10/13

Comments: My previous racquet was the Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX (first edition with black paint). I have had that stick for a year and a half. I loved it, but the weigt of the racquet was too much for my arm, especially when I was playing six sets in a row during tournaments. When I bought the Wilson 100L BLX, I was afraid that it will be too light for my game and my forehand would be weak. Surprise, surprise -- that wasn't the issue at all. Power is there, control is there and best of all it is a pleasure to use. I love this stick. My game is better in all aspects with it, especially my serve.
From: Adam, 9/13

Comments: I have been playing with the BLX PS 100 for just over a year now. I still am so happy with this frame. It really has no weaknesses. I especially love the touch for soft drop shots. I've tried a few other frames like the Babolat PD and some Head frames, but the Pro Staff just feels like home. I have a little lead tape under the handle to give it a touch more weight.
From: RM, 9/13

Comments: Great racquet. Very solid feel. Reminds me of the good, old wood racquets, except with a bigger head. Doesn't hurt my elbow at all and I've had tennis elbow pretty bad. Good power, good control -- haven't run into a downside yet. Got it strung with Tour Bite Soft at 52. Highly recommended.
From: P, 8/13

Comments: My advice is to demo all the other popular racquets first (ie. I was set on the Babolat Aero Pro Drive+ or Pure Drive Roddick+), then demo the BLX PS 100L last. Afterwards, I was convinced the Babolats were way too stiff yet powerful. I was amazed at how much control I regained with the Pro Staff 100L despite the loss in power. But let's face it, power is nothing without control (even my arm & elbow thanked me for it). In summary, the BLX 100L passes my Goldie Locks Test.
From: Larry, 4/13

Comments: Great racquet. I used many rackets in search for the ideal one for me. I found the BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 to be the ideal racquet for my game. It doesn't have much weight and does have good control and is comfortable without affecting my arm. My 11 year old son got the first one I bought. His game improved significantly after using Babolat and Head IG Radical Lite and S.
From: Luis, 4/13

Comments: Fantastic racquet, great for somebody that has back problems, it allows you to spend more time on court due to light weight and your body does not suffer much! This is the main reason I made the change. Im executing incredible new shots after so many years of playing tennis! For some reason I can not explain it and I am making almost no double faults!
From: Pablo, 4/13

Comments: The feel of this racquet is sublime. Definitely worth customising. Added 15 grams/ 0.5 ounces to the handle, lead tape at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock, reduced the length slightly so that it is only about 2 millimetres longer than standard. Total weight with vibration damper is now 11.5 ounces or 326 grams. The added weight gives it enough plough through and stability against heavier hitters. Compared to Head Youtek IG Radical MP, it is a lot more solid but also a more forgiving racquet. Great spin potential, deadly slice, accurate and controllable. Can flatten it out at will. Tons of pop on serves. Love it.
From: Sean, 4/13

Comments: Best Pro Staff ever made! Best feel, control, power, and spin. If your'e at least a solid 4.0 baseliner or up, this frame is for you.
From: Jibran, 3/13

Comments: The Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100L is a great racquet. It allows you to have good top spin and is good for serving too. I had Wilson Sensation 17 string in my racquet with a tension of 58 lbs. It is a great racquet and good for players intermediate to advanced in skill level.
From: CV, 3/13

Comments: I've been using Pro Staffs since the wood Jack Kramer days. I've used a lot of the various models throughout my years. Now, unfortunately I'm older, but I still play competitively. The specs sounded perfect for me and they are. For a lighter frame, it still has that Pro Staff feel and control, which shocked me. If you need a little more weight, this frame is a great starting point. Try this frame, and do not let the lighter weight prohibit you. You will be pleasantly surprised.
From: E.V.H., 1/13

Comments: In stock form this racquet is too light if you like plowthrough. After watching the TW Video Review I was reluctant to try this frame. As an older player with a classic eastern forehand and one handed backhand, I tend to listen to Granville's assessments more closely than the young semi-western play testers. So, I was especially reluctant to give this racquet a try since I'm not a big "spin" player. I liked the 100sq.in. head, the firm (but not stiff) 65RA and the traditional box beam. Based on my ability to customize a frame, I knew that I could easy add an ounce of weight and evenly distribute it to keep the HL balance. Some lead tape and a TW leather grip/overgrip worked nicely. I was going to inject silicone into the handle but guess what? The handle is already foam-injected! Nice going Wilson. I also decided to throw caution to the wind and put a hybrid gut/synthetic string job in it. The words "buttery" and "precise" now explain the feel of ball contact. Groundies are awesome. Serves are smooth and powerful. Volleys are great. Don't shy away from this ProStaff if you know how to customize.
From: Mark, 11/12
String type and tension: Klip Legend mains / Tecnifibre NRG2 crosses @ 58/56 lbs

Comments: This new PS 100 gives you that special confidence that is needed to win points. It generated tremendous spin which makes the ball kick high, so you feel like you are Nadal. Ease of serve is one of the benefits of this stick. Have no fear, just hit as hard as possible with topspin and you will win the point. You have to play fearless and force the issue against your opponent, and the more force you put in, you will be rewarded accordingly.
From: Hrair, 10/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow @ 68lbs

Comments: I had switched last year from a thick beam Kfactor KZen FX (lots of power, terrible control) to a Head MP Speed with a much thinner beam and closer specs to a player's stick, leaded up to 12+ oz. It had much better control, but I often missed the Wilson power, especially on hard-to-get reaches, where I'd wind up flicking a short ball back on the run for an easy putaway by my opponent. And at 49 years old, I am not getting any younger. So I recently demo'd a bunch of lighter sticks, including the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, Prince 03, and the newer Head IG Speed. It was obvious from the first demo that the PS 100 really stands out. This stick has an unusual combination of power on those shots where you need to reach and stab it back, but with tons of control from both sides when you have the time to set up and swing out. The amount of spin available is incredible, as others have mentioned. I put a small amount of lead in the bottom of the handle, and I am taking sets I never had a chance to be competitive in before. It is so gratifying to go for a backhand dropshot and totally trust that the ball will stop dead once across the net. I'm also finding that this stick does well with a full poly setup since it is already so plush feeling at contact, which is a big plus for me. With previous racquets I've usually had to go with multis for comfort. I'm planning on buying another one before the indoor season starts.
From: Anon, 9/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Flouro @ 52 lbs

Comments: Been using my POG OS for the past 3 years. Prior was using that I was using the Pro Staff 6.1 from 1998-2006. Then a few other player type frames. Our club now carries Wilson. I tried the 90, 95, and 100, and I liked them all. The 90 was a little too demanding but felt nice. The 95 was nice but nothing stood out. I figured the 100 would be way too light for me. At first hit I really liked it. Very smooth. If I needed more spin, it was just waiting there for me. I felt like I could nail forehands and backhands with spin easily. The 100 size head actually looks and feels much more like a 95. Surprisingly, I served fantastic with it. The lighter weight must have increased my swing speed and enabled me to place the ball where I wanted. My concerns against heavy hitters were quickly stopped. How could a light frame be so solid? Well, I bought the club's demo and ordered a new one from TW. At this weight, you can easily customize to your liking. I put some lead tape under the grip just to give it a bit more weight. Very pleased with this frame.
From: Seth, 8/12
String type and tension: polyester @ 51 lbs

Comments: This racquet has perfect control and power for ground strokes and is the best for volleys. I've had tennis elbow and my previous racquet was the Boris Becker London. This PS 100 is very comfortable for my elbow. Now I've got 3 PS 100 racquets. I recommend them to demo if your age is 45+ and you need racquet head speed.
From: Phillip, 8/12
String type: Tecnifibre Black Code 18g

Comments: I commented before on this racquet. I got some more time in with it and want to comment some more. I just bought my second racquet and will be buying a third. I'm coming back into tennis after being off for 20 years (played competitive from 13.5 yrs to 19 yrs old), and now I'm 38 years old and getting back into it. I've demo'd so many dang racquets and couldn't find the right one. I tried all the Babolats and all Dunlops. I tried different Wilsons including the Pro Staff 90 & 95 and although the control felt great with the PS's the power just wasn't there. The 95 might have been a bit better with a better string/tension as this was a really nice stick, but I must say, try the 100. I'm a 90-95 sq. inch guy myself but with the 100 the control is still great but it has the pop you want. It is a little light though. I'm going to put some lead in the grip and at 3,9, & 12 positions on the hoop but I like my racquets more handle heavy for volleys. I think the racquet is like 10.6 strung and I think if I can get it around 11.6-12 ounces I'll have the perfect racquet. Spin with the 100 is incredible (I've seen some guys say the power and spin is better with the 95 but I don't think they know what they're talking about). The 95 has more control. I'm using the racquet with RPM strings on one of the racquets which I'm not too thrilled about. The RPM has ok feel and nice spin but the Tour Bite is a better string. The second PS is strung currently with Solinco. I really am impressed with Solinco strings. The Outlast (reds) have an incredible feel (previously strung) and the Tour Bite is super spinny with good feel. I'm going to try the Tour Bite 18g and also a hybrid of the Tour Bite and Outlast. Serves are great. I'm booming in my flat serves, and slice and kicks are great too. My BH slice has great feel and spins the heck out of the ball. I can rip my FH with confidence because of the topspin. Demo this racquet, as its really nice, and even nice on the arm. By the way it has a nice white matte finish and box beam that looks incredible.
From: Jam, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast & Solinco Tour Bite @ 58 lbs

Comments: My favorite racquet of all time was a ProKennex Boron from the late 1980's. Thin beam and great feel. I used this as my reference when selecting racquets and hence used the Wilson Blade 98's for two years, then went down the line of the Rebel 95 for a couple of seasons, and now I currently have Donnay Gold 99's. The commonality of all these racquets was the thin beam and balance. I was happy with these and yet I felt something was missing from each one and hence kept changing. I now realize what was missing! Youth! I was trying to play with instruments which were designed for players who had muscle fibres which did not fatigue. My reference was from when I was 20 years old!. At 50+ years old I have to act my age and I cannot swing the players racquets around like I use to. I have been the proud owner of two Prostaff 6.1 100's for a month now and have enjoyed every playing minute. It has the feel and power I was looking for but in a lighter package. The racquets are forgiving on the body (lower tension) and have given me a new found confidence in my game. It's amazing when you find the connection to a racquet. Each and anytime I pick them up they feel great just holding them! Inspiring!
From: Kevin, 7/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough @ 54 lbs

Comments: I did a quick review a few weeks after I got mine. Now it's been 2 months and 3 tournaments and I am in racquet heaven. I have 3 of them now. On 2 of them I put a narrow 4 inch long strip of lead tape on both sides of the handle. The feel is so wonderful. I've never felt this confident in a frame in my life and I am a 57 year old 4.5 singles player! When you have this much confidence you just play better! So much touch, so much spin if you want. I've never served this well in my life. The true test was tournament play. This is where I can doubt everything!!! Especially if I start getting behind. My 100's are the opposite, I feel like I can win myself back from a hole. Try this frame. If you want a little more weight, just add a little led tape. I'm thrilled.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: Great feeling racquet...a lot like the Pro Staffs of yesteryear. Not as powerful or accurate as the PS BLX 90 perhaps, but the enlarged and more forgiving sweet spot and lighter weight are a fair tradeoff.
From: Mark, 7/12
String type and tension: Wilson Champion's Choice @ 55/54 lbs

Comments: Let's be honest. I used to be able play well with a 90 square inch racquet, and the weight at 12+ ounces was not a factor as I was mobile and agile. But at 52, I have to accept that I am slower and less able to manuever a smaller stick. A single digit handcap golfer will tell you that he does not need cavity backed irons and can play a blade. Similarly, in tennis, a young player and/or one who is a 4.5 can play with a less forgivng stick in order to get pinpoint accuracy. This is where the PS 100 comes in. You get the ProStaff feel in a more forgiving frame. You will lose some power and accuracy, but that is the trade off. I have mine strung at 54 with full beds of Babolat 17 gauge gut. It's a great combinaton. Returns of serve, ground strokes and serves are strong. The lighter weight translates into more manueverability at the net. If you have the skills and/or the benefits of youth, go with what makes you a better player. But if you are a 3.5+ player, think about using a stick that does maximize your advantage and improves your game as you lose agility.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: Ok here's my last comments after demoing 14 different racquets. I'm coming back to tennis after an 18 year break after I quit playing after my first year college due to "life" intervening. Always played with the Dunlop Max 200g Pro's. But now wanted some more technology, mainly in the form of power. so I tried all the Babolats. I liked the Pure Storm the best due to it having the most feel of the bunch & good power, but still not for me. The others (Pure Drive, Aero Storm, and Aero Pro) to me weren't great. All babolats have tons of power but lack in the control field (for me) and killed my arm due to the super stiffness of the racquet. But if you can harness the power then good for you...you'll be hitting the ball with lots of spin. Ok next, Dunlop. My choice as a youngster and teenage teenie bopper and was really hoping to stick with them. Demo'd the new Bio Max 200g, 300 Tour, 400, 400 Tour, and the 600. Hated their new line up. Good spin, good pop and better feel than the Babolats as a whole but something didn't feel right with any of their racquets. Even the hot melt had more feel than the Biomimetic stuff. Sorry Dunlop. Ok Wilson. Prostaff 90,95,100 and BLX 95. Wilson Prostaff's 6.1 had the old feel I was looking for. The 90 & 95 just didn't have the pop I wanted. The 100 was the best out of the bunch for me, which is strange since I usually like the smaller head racquets. Great power, feel, control, and spin. Seemed to have different gears. Power was there when it was needed even with the light weight and the control was always there. Serves had really good pop, and my arm was good after playing. Backhand slice had ninja slicing power and control. Just a really good racquet all around. I'll be buying two and adding a little lead tape to the handle, 3 and 9 positions, then bury me with these racquets. Sorry Dunlop I joined the evil empire and it feels so good!
From: Jam, 7/12
String type: Wilson NXT

Comments: I am on the hunt for a little more forgiving racquet then my Pro Staff 6.0 85. So I took this one out for a test drive. On the forehand, I found it to be uncontrollable. I could not swing out on the forehand with out it sailing long. I had to shorten my swing up a lot and still struggled with the forehand stroke. On the backhand, I use a 1-handed backhand and this shot was very solid. The head size and power of the racquet made it very easy to hit nice topspin and slice backhands. On the serve, the power of the racquet and head size gave me some more MPH's. Control was very good as well. On the volleys, it felt muted. The racquet did not have much pop on the volley. I am just used to a racquet with much more pop on the volley. Overall, this racquet might be more geared to tweeners. I found good power with this racquet. However the control was lacking on some shots. The racquet was also very arm friendly for those with arm issues.
From: John, 7/12
String type: Wilson NXT 16

Comments: I've played my best tennis with the K-factor 6.1 95 model, however its weight, in addition to my poor technique (i.e. hitting the ball late at times), led to tendonitis in the elbow. I moved to the BLX 6.1 95 Team model and was able to continue playing without out too much loss of feel and power. For my birthday, I bought 2 BLX 6.1 100s, and used a hybrid of NXT control/Luxilon ALU Power in one and Luxilon ALU Power Blue alone in the other. Both stringing patterns were very good and responsive. BOTTOM LINE: It is a very good racquet. However with the lower swingweight, it lacks feel especially on the forehand side when I try to hit a penetrating cross court drive. It becomes more difficult to control compared to the BLX 6.1 95 model. It may be too light for the advanced player with modern technique (i.e. western type forehand which generates heavy topspin). This racquet certain does excel in the the serve, volley, and overhead arena; it is very easy to maneuver.
From: Ken, 6/12
String type: Luxilon ALU Power Blue

Comments: Been playing a Babolat Pure Storm for the past two years and have loved the Racquet. Once I found the optimal tension, 53 pounds, and string, Solinco Tour Bite, I really had a weapon. I noticed that my volleys, especially transitional volleys, were 60-40. With the Pure Storms 98 inch head size, I figured it was my level of play thus NOT hitting the sweet spot and executing perfectly. I began to consider 100 inch racquets. After playing a match with the demo, I was sold! While I did not like the string in the demo - it was a Wilson string that moved around a lot - I could NOT miss anything! I ordered two from TW and played with them yesterday in a USTA match. Serving and volleys were great but I could not control my forehand - odd, given that is my most dependable shot. After thinking about "why" and talking with my pro, we both agree that 53 pounds in 98 square inches, is much different than 53 in 100 square inches. I will cut the new strings out and re-string to 55. Only "complaint" (hard to do because I already love this racquet), is the center dot on the inside of the frame is off one grommet. When I strung the first racquet, this through everything off and cost me a new set of strings. The other racquet is fine and I have marked the defective one. If you live in Richmond, don't buy this racquet! I need the advantage! :)
From: Brad, 6/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite 17 @ 53 lbs

Comments: Awesome racquet, it has tons of control and with the new amplifeel technology it feels amazing on the arm. Its fast and light weight but very stable, and if you're a net player it is awesome you end up putting balls away quick and cleanly. Surprisingly has a ton of power not to much but not to little with loads of spin. I have it strung with a full bed of Wilson NXT 17 black multifilament strings awesome there are just so smooth and clean. But over all this racquet is my favorite and I'll invest in some of these very soon.
From: Collin, 6/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 17, 58lbs
Headsize: 100

Comments: Great stick for power and control! Also provides easy access to topspin, sliced backhands, and kick serves. At the same time, I was still able to generate a lot of power on my first serve. This racquet has a very refreshing old school feel in this era of jacked up power racquets. Strongly recommended for advanced 4.0's and up. I also give big props to Wilson for staying true to the integrity of the Pro Staff. Overall, this racquet is a must hit for anyone seeking a nice blend of power, spin and control. Great customer service by Tennis Warehouse as well. Racquet was ordered on a Tuesday and was on my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon.
From: Chris, 6/12
String type and tension: Wilson NRG, 57 lbs

Comments: I demo'd this recently along with Prince Exo 100 Tour. I loved the feel of both effortless power and control at net. The solid feel on ground strokes had balls going deep with pop. I'm currently playing with Volkl 98. I am going to make the move to this wilson frame.
From: Walt Jones, 5/12

Comments: Played with a top player today (who is probably hitting at 50% of his capacity) who hits the ball pretty heavy. The light weight shows up and simply can't handle the ball. I had to switch back to my BLX 95. Against club players, mind you, this racket is fine.
From: marc, 5/12

Comments: I demo'd this frame and loved everything about it. The weight is not to light, not to heavy with room for customizing. The balance feels perfect for me. The power level is interesting, it's like you can control what ever power level you want. Want to nail the ball? Just give it a little more umph and it goes, soft shots with no problem. I love the feel of the handle. I see no short comings with this stick, which is unusual for me. Very nice all across the spectrum. A great looking frame as a bonus.
From: Rod, 5/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG 16, 53 lbs

Comments: Before choosing this racquet I demoed Babolat, Head, and Wilson racquets. Like others have said this stick has an amazing balance between spin, control, and power. If you are demoing racquets make sure you add this one to the lineup it's well worth the try.
From: Jeff, 5/12
String type and tension: Polyfibre Black Venom, 59 lbs

Comments: This racquet has no lack of power but does not kill it either. It gives you a nice sense of control without having to wallop the ball to get it to go over the net. It has good spin without having to try too hard. And it has a moderately stiff frame that gives you a feel of control over the ball. I don't even need the dampener I have on it, it's just a comfort deal.
From: Seth, 5/12
String type: Luxilon ALU Power

Comments: Hey guys! Ok, so I'm a 3-4 times a week club player, who has been using a Babolat AeroPro Drive for the past few years. What a mistake. My love for Rafa blinded me into using this racquet. It is a great racquet, just not for me. I demoed this Wilson and immediately felt connected to it. I am very anal when it comes to the feeling of the grip (because I use a Western), and Wilson really nailed it with this one. Wilson has started using a flared butt cap on this model and some others, and it just melts into my hand. The result is that I now have a weapon when I step out on court. I can place the ball wherever I want to with this stick, and spin is second to none with the open 16x18 pattern. The weight is slightly under 11 ounces, but the feeling of the maneuverability you get is so worth the trade off. Besides, you can easily slap some lead on it if you choose. I am using Babolat RPM Blast 16 at 57 lbs, and would go even lower next time maybe 55lbs. I might also experiment with strings, as it would be nice to get a little more feel. It is not the racquets fault, just the full poly bed. I cannot strongly enough recommend for anyone thinking about having an accurate and maneuverable stick to demo this racquet. It has changed my game, and given me new zest for the sport. This is a dream stick, and a must try. FYI, I have tried so many sticks including all the Babolats, the Wilson Pro Staff 90, 95, Wilson Steam, Wilson Juice, Prince Rebel 95, 98, Dunlop 300, 300 tour and I just had to have this one. The Wilson Juice 100 is also awesome I have to say and it was a tough choice, but this just felt like an extension of my hand. I hope that helps, and enjoy this magic wand of a stick.
From: Dan, 5/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16, 57 lbs

Comments: Having used most versions of Wilson Pro Staff 95, K Factor 95 and BLX 95 for over 20 years, I would say that - for a lightweight racquet - it feels solid and offer the traditional Wilson feel. Fair enough the balls are not heavy but the bigger 100 inch head, plus the traditional Wilson feel adds to accuracy which help you win more matches. The spin created is very good and it is useful against young kids who play with lots of top spins these day. It is perfect for die hard Wilson fans who have lost a step or two thus necessitate a bigger racqet to compensate.
From: Marv, 5/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code 18, 53/51 lbs

Comments: Wow! This is a great racquet. I felt like my game sky rocketed. Although there is a downside I felt like the head guard was to thin I already trashed my old head guard in about 2 months.
From: Tristan, 5/12

Comments: This is among the most solid-feeling lightweight frames I've hit with. It was comfortable and predictable on all shots, but on volleys it was outstanding. Felt like I couldn't miss. It was strung in the middle with straight Wilson NXT 16, which felt just right. I don't think full poly or even a poly hybrid would work very well, as it would negate all the feel and ball pocketing. Love the new slightly flared butt cap. It makes the handle seem bigger than it actually is, but once you get used to the subtle flare, you won't want to go back to the old style butt cap. Now for the downsides, which all racquets have. The top 1/3 of the head was a little weak and unstable on mishits. This could be fixed by beefing up the frame width in that area. The open string bed is excessive, and it causes the strings to move around and notch too quickly. With a 100 square inch head, it should have a 16x20 or 18x20 pattern.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: A great stick! In fact, the more complete racket I have used so far. I loved it the very moment I saw it, demoed it and now it's proven me right! The serve, spin, drop shots, rallies are all amazing! It generates power by itself, yet light weight. Good job Wilson, It's AWESOME!!!
From: Godwin, 4/12

Comments: The racket generates more spin than ANY other racket I have played with or demoed (including Babolat Aero Pro Drive). Even with synthetic strings the racket generated a ton of spin, which to me was really surprising. The racket is really light and excellent for net play. Its very easy on the arm and you wont get fatigued easily. Cons: You cannot put the balls away unless you hit will all the strength you have or place it very very accurately. The rallies can go on forever. The serves too will not zip away as they would if you were using a regular 11 oz plus racket or so other 10.7 rackets like wilson KBlade Team or Prince.
From: Krishna, 4/12

Comments: Wonderful racket for middle age mens and also for ladies. The maneuverability allows for hitting any type of shots you can imagine. Since it is a Prostaff, the control is still excellent. Yeah, you don't hit a heavy ball, but how often you blow someone off a court with a heavy ball? Never. But you rule by moving the ball around the court at will. Those who are not very fit and standard club players will be scrambling. The light weight can create excellent ball speed and make your opponent chase after wide balls, thus opening the court for you to finish off the point easily. Volleys may float a little bit if you don't have good preparation but if you are skilled, early preparation will still reward with excellent net control. Anything hit over the head is easy because of the large sweetspot and light swing weight. What is not to like? Those who like heavy stable racket and hitting thick heavy balls go some place else. Those young and 6.0 pros won't play with this. But those majority advanced club players not too young anymore, who understand good ball placement, good ball speed, try this out! You will feel revived once again. Control, control, control, you are in control of the points! Just remember, this is not a good rallying racket because it will be too light. But it is an excellent racket to play during a match especially for those who found a players racket a bit too demanding.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I purchased this racquet because I am an average height woman but on the thinner side. I am at an intermediate level and don't generate a lot of my own power since I don't have a huge full swing. Consequently, I need a racquet that is able to provide some power assist, along with being an average weight (to a weight on the lighter side) but one that is not so light that it gives me too much feedback into my arm. This is the perfect racquet for me. I found that not only does this racquet give me the added bit of power that I need, but I still retain very much control to my shots and against other very heavy- hitters, the racquet remains stable without a lot of vibration or twisting against a heavy ball. I may lower the tension a bit to try 55-56 lbs. but this is a matter of personal preference. Overall I think this is an amazing racquet and it has definitely improved my game! Great job, Wilson!
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Play with this stick for 1 month now. For age 35+, 4.0 level to advanced players, this is well worth a demo. Offer added power from full stroke but still have the control and excellent feel. Groundstrokes offers good power and spin. No issues dealing with hard fast balls because 100 head compensated with a larger sweetspot. Serving is a breeze. The only thing on the weaker side is maybe volley because there is not much weight behind the racket but with decent technique and again, its 100 head, it can knife the ball back with ease. It does not play as light as the weight of the racket and I think the trend is going with lower swingweight for better racket head speed, especially when being stretched out wide. The racket also plays comfortably and is not stiff at all so no issue for those with arms problem. I am 40 at 5.0 level and plays both singles and doubles with full accomplished strokes. Thanks Wilson for adding the 100 to the Profstaff line. You should found a market segment here and please keep this product spec into your future offerings.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Just finished a demo session with this stick and was impressed. I prefer a lighter quick swing speed type of frame. Very pro staff dampened control feeling frame. Almost even balance. A real pleasure to get through the hitting zone with little to no effort. With the light balance it's really easy to deflect heavier shots hit at me. I was literally able to hit half volleys from the baseline as shots were hit back to me. I usually have a bit of an issue getting a good up and over kick on topspin serves. With this frame it's super easy to get the 6-12 o'clock swing on balls. Tons of control and spin. Coming from more wider frames, I do have to make sure I have very clean stroke production to maximize the benefits from this frame. You can't get away with laziness or it will be a short depth type of shot. Very impressed with the frame and glad they made a lighter high control classic beam type of frame.
From: Curtis, 2/12

Comments: I bought this along with the Head Youtek IG Speed 300 here in Hong Kong, and from picking it up right away I felt the racket was balanced (a tiny bit head light) and very easy to swing. On court, it fared well on all aspects of play, and my favorite was the forehand (I use a continental-eastern grip which is halfway in- between) where I could really swing at the ball (with its low swing weight) and power it with spin and speed. Serves were easy because of the light weight and balanced head (unlike the Speed where I found it harder to serve because of the head being a lot lighter than the lower part of the frame) and volleys were easy to reach cause of the maneuverability. It was also very stable when hitting against heavy hitters. The new amplifeel technology with a dampener really reduced the vibration coming from contact with the ball and the large sweetspot really helped make the racket very forgiving. I used Luxilon Alu Power strings on 52lbs of tension (lowest) and it has matched the racket very well. I love the performance and its classic look (the cosmetics was one of the things that attracted me to this racket)and it was absolutely well worth its price. Definitely a all-court player's racket and very stable and comfortable while providing maneuverability, spin and power, I would say this is a MUST demo for all lighter racket players who like balanced rackets. P.s. (The flat beam on the frame does not make a difference although it may be a tiny bit less aero-dynamic but literally makes no difference at all.) <-- This was raised by a fellow reviewer of this racket above.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Based from my demo racket, I could say that this racket has improved the accuracy of my serve. I can get easy access to spin and I could also maneuver the racket really well, thanks to the thin beam. Normally rackets with 21mm beam will be heavy and in the 12oz weight but this one is below 11oz strung, which makes it maneuverable and I could whip the ball with it. I played a competitive 3 set match with it and my arm and elbow was just fine after the match. I did not use a vibration dampener so I could have a better feel. The best asset of the racket is the control that it can give. I was able to hit hard and my ball lands before the baseline. It is a little forgiving on mishits and during my match I had several mishits but I could not remember feeling a strong vibration. For volleys, it gave me control but I have to hold it firmly against a hard hit ball. I would recommend this racket to intermediate to advanced players who has a medium to full swing. Kudos to Wilson for making this racket. I am considering in buying one.
From: Almer, 2/12

Comments: I just finished demoing this racket yesterday and bought it today. Along with the pro staff 95 and juice pro I was very surprised that this racket stood out among the 3 of them. I quickly noticed how spin production came very easily and just like other reviewers have mentioned this frame felt very forgiving on my arm and I felt free to swing away. Yes it's light but it lets you produce power through swing speed. This is a great racket and recommend this for everyone to try.
From: Max, 1/12

Comments: I just got this racquet and immediately fell in love with it. As a 4.5 player, I suffer from a lack of swing speed that is needed to produce a lot of power that some of the heavier, low power racquets demand. I was attracted to this racquet by not only what I consider to be it's good looks but also its power and swing speed ratings. The racquet almost effortlessly glides through the air. As long as I generate a moderately full swing the racquet generates massive spin and depth on both forehand and backhand. As mentioned in other reviews, it is also very forgiving in mishit shots. I experienced no control issues. The lighter weight improved my serves and made volleying easier. Overall I think the comfort level is great for me. I highly suggest those with a medium swing speed give this racquet a shot. Only regret is Wilson does not provide a dampener with this $199.00 racquet.
From: Wayne, 1/12

Comments: I demoed the 6-1 100 and the 95 today. Both racquets were strung at 57 lbs. The 95 required hard fast strokes to get good spin. It sort of felt like hitting with a board. Then I tried the 100 version.... Wow, lots of pop on my serve. Deep top spin shots were easy to obtain. Lobs, best I have ever hit. Volley, were great. I ordered two today!!!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: LIKES: solid feel on every shot, controllable power, stability, comfort, big sweetspot compared to the new Six.One 95, nice Wilson "thwop" sound when you hit the ball, zero wobble in the head, able to play flat or with spin, the new handle system feels solid and should be used in all Wilson rackets. DISLIKES: white paint job, chunky frame shape does not seem aerodynamic, strung weight is light, stringbed makes a 'pingy' sound on contact if you don't use a vibration dampener.
From: Mark, 1/12

Comments: I demoed this and the Steam and one thing that I noticed with the pro staff is that it has quite a bit more control. It has around the same power as my 6.1 90, but is way more forgiving. Only downside I found was the lack of stability on hard hitters, but that comes with the light weight of this stick. Overall I'm definitely going to consider getting this one because of its control and forgiving feel.
From: Derek, 1/12

Comments: I demoed the prostaff blx 95 and 100 on Jan. 7th 2012. First I want to say that you definitely get more power with this racket than the 95 pro staff blx. The head allows you to get more stick on the ball for volleys and serves are solid with this racket. I would say though that the ball can sail on you if you do not have the string tension tighter than 57 pounds. You lose a bit of control with this racket. Swings with this racket have to be controlled or the ball will just fly on you. I had to reel in my ground strokes and take a medium swing instead of a full swing. I like the depth when you hit the ball deep because the topspin pushes opponents back with this stick. Overall I would say a seven out of ten for this stick and for the 95 pro staff a nine out of ten.
From: Brian, 1/12

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