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Comments: I really like these grips. However, the tack seems to vary with the color. Don't know why that would be, but the grey has the best tack, more so than the black or white.
From: Beth, Chicago, Illinois, 10/10

Comments: Interesting to read the comments. Usually I've been a Prince overgrip lover, but I was given a pack of these at our pro am and loved them. They are the thickness and feel I like and tacky enough so my racquet doesn't fly. I've really enjoyed using them.
From: Jenny, Charlotte Area, NC, USA, 10/10
NTRP rating: 3.5

Comments: I tried this grip and didn't like it so much. Has a sticky feel to it when holding the racquet. Wilson overgrip perforated is much better.
From: Ram, Penang, Malaysia 10/09

Comments: Best overgrips I've used. Had been using the Pro Overgrip but they became slick or wore through after a few sets. This overgrip has a little more tack and more durability. Can get 3-4 matches out of a grip. Use white and gray on my Kobra Tour and FX.
From: Rogerfan, Irmo, SC USA. 10/09

Comments: Loved it. Even though it was very tacky, it was still cushioned enough. Really good.
From: Maie, USA. 7/09

Comments: The gray Profile-O grip is great. I play 6-7 times a week and find that I do not have to change this grip every time.
From: Dennis, Boca Raton, FL, USA. 04/09

Comments: I have purchased this grip twice, and both times, many of the grips disintegrated when I removed the plastic tape to put it on my frame. TW was good to replace, but the replacements did the same again. When it does not disintegrate, the tack is great, but 2 out of 3 crumble like one of the other posters mentioned.
From: Wesley, Frisco, TX, USA. 3/09

Comments: Yeah, I love this overgrip...but get the black. Not only does the white get dirty quickly (of course), but I have had several of them turn to dust when the plastic strip is removed. Not good. I have never had it happen with the black, however. I'm staying with it because it has the tack and texture that I like. I don't like a smooth overgrip...so Wilson Profile Black is for me!
From: Chris, Wilson K Blade Tour User, Clearwater, Florida, USA. 1/09

Comments: I had bought the white profile over grips and they completely crumbled when I tried to put it over my grip!! I like this grip but now I'm starting to regret buying so many of them...I hope all of them don't do that.
From: Taeson, NY, USA, 11/08

Comments: I am a junior member of the ATP tour and I love this overgrip. It's really soft and it doesn't soak up the sweat from my palms.
From: Michael, Sydney, Australia, 08/08

Comments: This grip completely sucks. It's nowhere near as good as the regular Pro overgrip, really lacking in grip and didn't feel very tacky. I thought it would be the "profile" version of the PRO over grip, WRONG!
From: Mike Danger, 4.5/Head:Pro Tour, Denver, CO, USA. 8/08

Comments: Amazing overgrip I love the tack on it and the feel is just great.
From: Shawn, 06/08

Comments: I don't recommend this grip if you're searching for a durable grip. It's a little too tacky for my taste and slightly less tacky than Wilson X-Tra Tack!
From: Albert, Montreal, QC, Canada. 6/08

Comments: This is great over grip. Nice tacky feel and cushioned enough. I would recommend this to any one
From: Ryan, Dayotona Beach, Fl. USA. 5/08

Comments: The Wilson Profile Overgrip is the best overgrip I have ever played with! It's very tacky and lasts somewhat a long time. After about 2 days of play, the grip will lose some tackiness, but will still have some. The texture of it is nice.
From: Dave, Atlanta, GA. 5/08

Comments: There is a nice texture to this grip. It is pretty tacky, but slightly less than the Wilson X-tra Tac. It's also thinner than the Wilson X-tra Tac.
From: babar, Burke, VA, USA. 2/08

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